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2023 Best Christian Love Messages from the Heart

Love is a powerful force known to man. God is love and He expects us to express His nature.

We need to spread the love that has been given to us beyond measure.

Apart from displaying actions that show our love, we could express love through our words to our families, spouse, friends etc.

Below are 100 Christian love text messages that can be sent. Enjoy!

Christian Love Text Messages

The best collection of Christian Love Text Messages you can send to your loved ones.

1. Finding a woman is obtaining favour from the Lord. Having you as an exceptional woman in my life, I can say I am favoured and blessed.

2. I love you as much as Christ loved the church and gave His life for her.

3. Apart from God, I love you with the whole of my heart, soul and mind. You uplift me and make me soar.

4. God loved the world and gave His Son, which signifies that love involves sacrifices and I love you with the whole of my being and it’s worth it.

5. You are kind, caring and merciful which shoes you love God and value His principles. You are an amazing woman and I can’t imagine life without you.

6. I love you with your flaws and imperfections because Christ taught us the meaning of true love when he died for us while we were yet sinners.

7. I would willingly die for you if need be, just as Christ died for the world. It means I love you selflessly and wholeheartedly.

8. Perfect love casts out fear, I love you with the whole of my being just as Christ loved the world.

9. You are unique and irreplaceable, God’s own masterpiece. You fill my heart with joy and gladness that is always present.

10. You radiate goodness and kindness, a wonderful creature created by the Creator and a delight to the eye and heart.

11. My precious one, thanks for giving your all, just like Christ gave His all for us. You are wonderful and delightful.

12. I see you, the way God intended for me to see you, in His own image and likeness. You are an exquisite creature and a love being.

13. I know I know God because I am able to love wholeheartedly as I do. Thanks for teaching me the meaning of true love.

14. My dear one, my love for you know no boundaries just the love of God knows no boundaries.

15. You are a reflection of the true image of the Father with your heart of gold. You always find ways to bring out the best in others.

16. Precious one, I love you just as I love myself as the good Lord commanded and I wish you I the best in life.

17. Just as God’s love is eternal, I promise to love you till my last breath, till all fade away.

18. True love involves forgiveness. I promise to love and forgive you before any offenses, as the Lord commanded us to forgive 70*7 times.

19. God never quits or goes on break with His love, it’s consistent day in and out, so is my love for you.

20. I know I am only human, but I promise to try and love and love you as much as God loves the world.

21. Loving you is the next best thing compared to be saved and redeemed by God. You are awesome.

22. As my love for God increases, so does my love for you increases. My love is true and selfless.

23. As the love of God keeps me together, your love makes me appreciate humanity and find the good in living.

24. The deeper love is, the higher it goes and the farther it reaches, I learnt this from the Lord and my love for you is deep.

25. God’s love is the foundation of our relationship, which means we grow more and more in love daily.

26. My love for you is relentless and unswerving just as the love of God for us is. I love you forever.

27. I choose to love you till my last breathe just as God loves us for a lifetime.

28. My love for you is rich just as the Lord is rich in love. Keep being stunning and stealing my breath.

29. I am willing to give my all just to prove that I love you as the Lord left his all to show his love for us.

30. I know we’ve had our falling out and you hurt me deeply, but notwithstanding, I choose to love and forgive you totally like Lord would.

31. Despite your unfaithfulness, I choose to love you, forgive and forget the wrong done just as the Lord would.

32. I love you and care about you as well as I love and care for myself, you are an essential part of me as the Lord said.

33. We are one, a part of each other, I love you as well as I love myself. Live generously and be generous just as the Lord is generous.

34. Just as the love of the Lord never runs out, my love for you won’t run out.

35. Despite how much you despise me and consider me an enemy, I love you as well as long love myself just as God said.

36. I think highly of you and wish you the very best. Live generously and graciously just as God does.

37. May God bless you richly and cause goodness and wealth to never depart from you. I love you.

38. God conceived us in love and so I love you with all I have and all I’ve got.

39. Putting my life on the line for you would be the crux of my love for you, I love you the way God commanded us to love.

40. I love you the way God loved us, and I want to spend the rest of my life loving you as you deserve.

41. I see perfection in your imperfections cause we all go through the Refiner’s fire and get better.

42. I am committed to us, to our growth and development financially; emotionally; physically and spiritually till we are matured in God.

43. We are beloved by God, therefore, I know the best and right way to love and show my love for you.

44. I’ve learnt to soar above the stars and sail across turbulent seas because I have learnt to love as God requires.

45. I am able to sail the seven seas and survive the volcanoes of life because I have learnt to love as God does.

46. Loving deeply and endlessly is learning to love like Christ loves us and never giving up as Christ never gave up on us.

47. Loving is good, being loved is great but no love surpasses the love of God that was displayed through Christ and is displayed in us.

48. You inspire me to open my heart to love and love truly as God does.

49. Many have passed through my life but only you have left a mark on my heart, as God left a mark in my Spirit.

50. Being with you and getting to know you makes me grow more and more in my walk with the Lord.

51. If I could buy a gift, it won’t matter what I would have to give, to show my love for you. You make me grow more in my walk with God.

52. Meeting you has made me know that beauty and joy can be found in mundane things. I love you as Christ loves the church.

53. Being with you has brought out the best in me and makes me believe that the best is yet to come. I love as Christ loves the church.

54. We are joined as one In Christ with love so pure and strong. Till my last breath, I would keep loving you.

55. I thank God every day for making you the setup part of my journey on earth. I love you, dear.

56. Like the stars shine in the night and illuminate the sky, God brought you into my life to give it joy.

57. The bedrock of our marriage and the foundation of our home is our love for God and it will remain so till we die.

58. I thank God every morning, for waking me up to see a new day and the love of my life. I am stuck with you until the end.

59. I smile daily and appreciate God for blessing me beyond measure by bringing you into my life. You are the icing on my cake.

60. As I hold your hands and see the smile on your face, I am reminded that I am loved by God.

61. What can I say, you’ve brought joy to my life, peace to my heart and unbreakable love? You are God’s blessing to me.

62. I am left speechless anytime I thank God because He brought you into my life. You are special.

63. The beauty of the world does not compare to the beauty of your heart. I am grateful to God that you are my wife.

64. The rainbows bring variety to the sky and spice it up. You spice up my life. I am truly blessed by God.

65. You are a blessing from God to me, our kids, our parents and everyone you come In contact with. I love you dearly, my love.

66. There is a star in the sky that has been reserved as a symbol of our love to remind us that we are loved by God and we love each other.

67. I can’t put into words or properly express how much I love you, all I can say is God loves me and blessed me richly by making you mine.

68. God’s presence is the pinnacle of our love, the centre of our relationship and the foundation of our home.

69. God loves us and I feel His love in our home and marriage. You are precious to me, dear.

70. From the rising of the sun to its setting on a daily basis, I am reminded of the mercies and love of God because of you.

71. I grow younger each day because of God’s love and your presence in my life and how wonderful you are.

72. Love makes us fight for the ones we love and never give up, I would never give up on you just as God never gave up on us.

73. The journey of marriage has been blissful because you are a part of it. God gave me the best partner ever when He gave me you.

74. What more can I say that hasn’t been said, I can’t think of it. You are amazing, God’s special gift and a symbol of his love to me.

75. You are delightful, wonderful and full of love. Your love and steadfastness remind me of the love of God.

76. Just as pains, sorrows, problems can’t separate us from the love of God, they can’t separate me from you.

77. I thank God for you because a glance from you every day makes my day and brings a smile to my face.

78. I love your diligence, consistency and commitment to things and to us. God had indeed blessed me and made me speechless.

79. I am left speechless daily by the love of God encased in a body – You. You are adorable and exquisite.

80. You make every day seem like Christmas, cause you remind me of God’s love for humanity and especially us daily.

81. I thank God for you because your love has the ability to make me deaf to the chaos of life.

82. The morning dew reminds me that it’s a new day, one God has made and more time to love and adore a true jewel.

83. The hue of the sun makes me grateful for more time to love my dream and reality in one – You.

84. My love for you is unimaginable, inexpressible and unexplainable, all I know is I love you and we are loved by God.

85. You are simply awesome and have been a true gift from God. You are a delight and my antidote to sadness.

86. Miracle should be your name because you bring wonders to my life every time. I am grateful to God every day because I have you.

87. The day we were joined in front of God was the best day of my life and every day after that has been a better improvement on the best day of my life.

88. I can’t live without you because you bring wonder to being alive, joy to living and a dose of good cheer. I thank God for you.

89. Without you, life has no true meaning. You bring better meaning and reasons to exist. Thank God, I have you.

90. I thank God for, making you mine. You are adorable and a wonderful beauty.

91. I can’t thank God enough for bringing you into my life. You are an amazing addition to my life.

92. You are always in many hearts, a candle during the dark times of my life and a ray of hope. I love you as Christ loves us.

93. Every word from your mouth refreshes my soul like fresh water from a spring. I thank God that you are my wife.

94. I can’t explain how we met or describe how long feel each time we are together, all I know is it reminds me of how much God loves me.

95. As the love of God never quits, my love for you would never quit, take a break, holiday or a day off. It would always remain constant.

96. Your labour of love for us does not go unnoticed, it is appreciated always. May God bless you and cause His face to shine on you.

97. My love for you brims over like a cup overflowing with water and overwhelming like God’s love.

98. You are marked by my love just as Christ marked us with God’s love.

99. I love you like my life depends on it because it does, we are one in Christ. You own me and I own you.

100. You make living a wonderful experience. I thank God we are United and are one now and forever.

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