Trending Birthday Prayers for a Nun

Trending Birthday Wishes and Prayers for Nun Sister

Nuns are humans, too! Shocking but true. Many people put religious leaders, priests, monks and nuns on an unrealistic pedestal. They are set apart to God, yes! Devoted, faithful, religious but human. They bleed when they are pricked, like all flesh and blood. Nuns, like others, are emotional as well as spiritual beings.

A birthday is a special occasion. It is mostly celebrated according to the celebrant’s pocket budget, social standing, spiritual or emotional disposition. It is a time to appreciate God for being alive and well. It’s a time to appreciate how far one has come in the journey of life and purpose. A purposeful life is a fulfilled life.

Nuns aren’t exempted. They are the precious vessels of honour chosen by God to live a separated life wholly devoted unto the kingdom’s business and affairs.

Nuns are the blessed instruments of light who chose a life of celibacy, denial of earthly pleasure for heavenly glory. Their education and vocation are totally geared towards helping mankind and winning them over to God’s kingdom.

Their selflessness is legendary. Discipline, kindness, love and devotion; their way of life. It is a known and irrefutable fact that some of the best schools and hospitals in the world especially gingered towards helping the masses are run by the Catholics.

Nuns go to war, ravaged nations to help victims. They search for remote settlements where civilisation is practically unknown, to spread the gospel of Christ and help the people. Aids are provided in terms of food and medical supplies.

One of such blessed nuns is the legendary Mother Theresa. There are countless others whose lives and sacrifices have greatly impacted the world. Some are martyred. Some are ignored, neglected or tolerated.

They are around us and part of us, your friend, family, congregant etc. Going the extra mile to put a big smile on that special nun’s face with trending birthday wishes, is a cool way of making them feel loved.

Put a big smile on their faces. Give them the ultimate best gift ever: the gift of prayers. Let the light of happiness dawn upon their souls through your powerful birthday prayers. Your kindness and love will surely make a difference. It will be the fuel that will spur them on to more exploits.

The past is done and dusted with. That you haven’t reached out in the past should be a strong motivation to make a difference this 2023. It’s your call, make it now. Let it count.

Are you lost as to how to pray for a nun? Help is here for you already. Do you want to bless a nun on her birthday with trending birthday wishes and prayers? Here is a collection of trending birthday wishes and prayers for Nun sister awaiting your pleasure:

Put a huge smile on the face of that devout nun sister with any of these lovely trending birthday wishes and prayers:

Happy Birthday Blessings for a Nun (Sister)

Anybody worth celebrating deserves a portion of this collection of happy birthday prayers and blessings for Nuns (Sisters). Send these Christian birthday blessings and prayers to that awesome Nun or sister.

1. Happy birthday, dearest sister. May the Lord keep you, watch over you and sanctify you through and through in order to stay true to your call. Have a blessed new year.

2. Happy birthday, beloved sister. This new year, I pray that the Lord shall grant you peace like a river, uphold you and bring joy and happiness into your heart.

3. Happy birthday, dear sister. May the Lord be with you and keep His angels charge over you. May He protect your heart from unworthy thoughts.

4. May the Lord bless you and be with you. May He be gracious unto you as you have dedicated your life solely for His service. May He keep you worthy of the call as you go about doing His will every day. Happy birthday, sister.

5. The Lord shall keep your heart pure, your love undiluted and your devotion, unwavering. May your struggles receive His divine touch and your questions meet with satisfying responses. Happy birthday, dearest sister. God bless you.

6. May God’s glorious light illuminate your path. May the Lord make a huge statement of your life of love and sacrifices. Happy birthday, sister.

7. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for your precious daughter today as she marks her birthday. May you live long, healthy and strong as you devote yourself in God’s service. Happy birthday, beloved sister.

8. May God keep you in the palm of His hands and keep you safe from every evil and worldly temptations. May you find peace and fulfilment in this new season. Happy birthday.

9. I thank God for your life and your selfless services. I appreciate God for your impacts and constant prayers. May God give you strength to serve Him wholeheartedly without burning out. Happy birthday, dear sister. You are loved.

10. This new year, you shall move from grace to grace. You shall soar like an eagle and find utmost joy in your devotions to God. Happy birthday, beloved.

11. As you walk through life believing and trusting in God: may He put a smile on your face; joy in your heart; fulfilment in your soul and absolute peace in your heart. Happy birthday, precious sister.

12. In your chosen path, may you find peace and fulfilment. May the Lord give you divine strength to overcome every adversity and obstacle in your way. Happy birthday.

13. Father in heaven, shine your light upon my dear sister. Let her continually find peace, illumination, your divine purpose and direction as she chooses to focus her life in devotion to you. Amen.

14. As you shun earthly attractions and gains to embrace a life focused on God and humanity; may God keep you, uphold you and perfect all that concerns you. Happy birthday, dear sister. You are blessed.

15. No matter how fierce the challenges, God shall give you the grace to conquer. No matter how tempting the temptations, you shall escape them all. The Lord shall be your strength in every situation. Happy birthday, sister.

16. As you’ve dreamt and brought it before God for confirmation; may your dreams receive heaven’s approval and empowerment. May mankind reap the fruits of your labour as the kingdom of God advances under your watch. Happy birthday, dearest sister. God is with you.

17. May God bless you today and always. May His purpose and counsel stand in your life. Your life shall bring light unto men and your devotion shall bring great joy unto God. Happy birthday, sister.

18. This new year, you shall experience peace, calmness of soul and divine direction. May the mercy and grace of God encompass you all through this year. Happy birthday, dear sister.

19. You are a succour and joy to so many; may the Lord be your strength and sustenance. When you need help, may His angels minister to all your needs. Happy birthday, beloved sister. You are highly blessed.

20. You will not be put to shame, neither will you experience frustrations in your path this new year. May the Lord fill your heart with peace, like a river. Happy birthday, sister.

21. The Lord will honour His word in your life. May God bless you abundantly and keep His divine light shining on your soul. Happy birthday to you.

22. The path you chose was humanly difficult, but divinely inspired one; may your journey into spiritual absolutist in the realms of the physical bring you eternal joy and peace. Happy birthday.

23. Dear Father, bless this blessed sister. Keep her holy and sanctified for every good work. Let your will for her in this season be revealed to her. Give her the strength to do your will. Happy birthday, sister.

24. May the Lord cleanse your heart and purify you through and through so as to be true to your divine call. May your constant prayers receive speedy answers from the throne of grace. Happy birthday, beloved sister.

25. As you seek the presence and will of God daily, in solitary confine, may the glory of the Lord fill your heart. May God’s presence and peace abide with you. Happy birthday, sister.

26. God in His infinite mercy, has seen it fit to add another year go your age; He will see you through this new year in good health and sound mind. Happy birthday, sister.

27. Hail Mary, mother of Jesus, pray for your daughter on her birthday. As she dedicates her life for your services, grant her peace and joy. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. Happy birthday, sister.

28. For the precious gift you are to the church of God, may the Father bless you through and through. For your selfless gift of service to mankind, may God reward you with eternal blessings and joy. Happy birthday, dear sister.

29. Holy Mary mother of God, pray for my beloved sister on her birthday. Christ Jesus, forgive each of her shortcomings and give her the grace not to be found wanting in her devotion to you. Happy birthday, dear sister.

30. Hail Mary, Blessed Virgin, pray for this soul that is wholly dedicated to your church and service. Beloved sister, may God uphold and keep you to the very end. May you find grace and succour in the Lord, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen. Happy birthday, sister.

31. In the name of God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost; beloved sister, you are blessed and highly favoured. The Lord will grant your heart and mind eternal peace. Your path this new year shall be put in clear perspective and your steps shall be divinely ordered. Happy birthday.

32. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for my beloved sister whose life is completely devoted to God’s service and humanity. Lord Jesus, forgive her shortcomings and make her a perfect vessel of honour in your kingdom. Happy birthday, sister. You are blessed.

33. God the Father, you are the Almighty creator of heaven and earth, I praise you. Jesus Christ our Lord, the Holy Son of God, I honour you. Bless your daughter today as she celebrates her birthday today. Dear sister, may the Lord shower you with His goodness and loving kindness. Happy birthday.

34. Our Father, glory be to your holy name for another opportunity to celebrate a wonderful sister. Beloved sister, on a day like this, I pray to God for His abiding presence in your life. May He empower you to be and to do all He has planned for you. Congratulations! Happy birthday.

35. In the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit, I pray for a season of spiritual guidance, clarity of purpose and fulfilment for you. May you enjoy God’s peace and sound health. Happy birthday, sister.

36. This new year, may you increase in faith, hope and love. You shall find favour before God and fellow men. As you pursue righteousness, the grace of our Lord shall be sufficient for you. Happy birthday, beloved sister.

37. The God of heaven shall be with you all the days of your life. He shall frustrate every work of the enemy to bring you down or out of His will. Happy birthday, dear sister.

38. As you are a spiritual role model to so many, the Lord shall clothe you with grace and honour to uphold His virtues. You shall always be a reason for someone’s upstanding and uprising in every area of life. Happy birthday, beloved sister.

39. May the almighty God favour you this new year and all the days of your wonderful and dedicated existence on this side of eternity. May your prayers receive open heavens. Happy birthday, dear sister.

40. May God give you the grace to hate what is evil and to love and embrace what is good. May your weaknesses be transformed to strength by the awesome grace of God. Happy birthday, sister.

41. This new year, the almighty God will be with you. He shall give you boldness to overcome your fears and grace to do His biddings. Happy birthday, dear sister.

42. On a special day like this, your glory shall shine for the Lord like stars. Your joy shall be full and running over. It is well with you, beloved sister. Happy birthday.

43. God has engraved you in the palm of His hands, your walls shall continually be before Him. He will listen to the voice of your supplication and hearken to your heart cry. Happy birthday, sister. It shall be well with you.

44. The Lord God almighty that has kept you to witness a new year, shall keep you till the coming of our Lord Jesus, holy and sanctified, without blemish or spot. Happy birthday, sister.

45. On this special occasion of yours, my prayer is that God will protect you, guide you in the path of righteousness and in every good work, and guard you from the evil one. Your peace shall pass all human understanding. Happy birthday, sister.

46. As you mark a new chapter in your life today, the joy of the is your strength. May He fill your heart with happiness and peace. The lord shall keep you as the apple of His eyes. Happy birthday, sister.

47. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you shall be found worthy of His divine call. The grace to stay true without wavering shall be abundantly released to you. Happy birthday,

48. You chose a solitary existence, but you shall not alone. God will be with you every step of the way. His angels shall encompass you. Happy birthday, sister. God bless you.

49. May you find joy and contentment in your chosen path. May your faith and dedication be an offering worthy of love and blessings. Happy birthday, sister. You are blessed.

50. On this special day of yours, may God bless you from above and shower His blessings upon you. Happy birthday, sister.

51. The heaven above you shall continually stay opened. Your prayers shall meet with God’s favour. Oppression and sorrow shall be far from you and the joy of the Lord shall be your strength. Happy birthday, dear sister.

52. May God bless you this year and hearken speedily to the voice of your supplication. Great will be your peace, now and forevermore. Happy birthday.

53. The Lord shall level the mountain of obstacles that stand in your way. He will make a way for you out of the wilderness. For your sake, God will not keep silent till He has fulfilled His words and accomplish His purpose through you. Happy birthday, beloved sister.

54. You are more than conqueror; you are an overcomer in the name of Jesus. Receive strength to prevail over adversity and triumph over evil. Your victory shall be celebrated far and wide to the glory of God. Have a blessed new year, sister. Happy birthday.

55. In your weakness, God’s IMPAC strength will be made manifest. His riches will suffice in every area of lack. The lord God almighty shall show Himself strong and mighty for your sake. Historical banner over you will be love unending. Happy birthday, sister.

56. You wore brought to the world expressly to bring glory to God’s holy name. May this birthday be a year of great impact. Your joy shall be full. Happy birthday.

57. Every arrow of sorrow targeted at you is hereby directed back to the sender. Sickness and disease will cease to rule over you. May God heal and restore you. May He perfect all that concerns you as you seek His will ceaselessly. Happy birthday, dear sister.

58. May the Lord bless you and cause His face to shine upon you. It shall be a year of peace, joy, happiness and spiritual attainments in your life. Happy birthday, dear sister.

59. You’ve sown so much kindness; you shall reap a thousand fold more. Your generosity and prayers shall bring joy and eternal rewards. Blessed are you among women, dear sister. Happy birthday.

60. It’s your birthday, and I find it extremely difficult to keep quiet. You are such an awesome woman. You shall be for signs and wonders in the land of the living. Your generation will call you blessed. Happy birthday.

61. All your yearnings and heart desires shall the Lord God pay utmost attention and listen to the voice of your supplications. This new year, you shall do great exploits for God. When you call Him, He will answer you. He’ll be with you in trouble. Happy birthday, sister.

62. It’s your birthday!! There shall be showers of blessings. There shall be seasons of refreshing sent expressly from God almighty. Great will be your peace as your cup of joy runs over, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Happy birthday, sister.

63. You are a chosen vessel of honour, you shall be greatly used by the almighty God. May God empty you of self and fill you with Himself. May God’s light shine upon you as His glory fills your life. Happy birthday, sister.

64. Happy birthday, beloved sister. You are a priceless blessing! The Lord shall bless you and find you worthy of His eternal glory. He will be with you to deliver you from all evil. The hands of the wicked shall not prevail over you.

65. Happy birthday, blessed sister. As your days are, so shall your strength be. The almighty God shall give you great wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You shall be relevant in the plan of God for your generation. Have a blessed day.

66. Happy birthday, dearest sister. I speak to your soul, it shall be well with you. Have a blessed new year!

67. Happy birthday, sister. This new year, all your constant prayers and devotions shall come as a memorial before the Lord. He shall answer you with speed. He will flood your heart with peace and give you the strength to do His bidding. Have an awesome day.

68. Happy birthday, precious sister. You shall grow wiser, stronger and mightier in the Lord our God. He will help you to number your days aright. God shall help you to make each day count to His glory. Your heavenly rewards shall be great.

69. Happy birthday, sister. You are blessed and highly favoured. You are a chosen instrument of light; the Lord God shall release to you all that require to live a holy, sanctified and relevant life. It shall be well with you.

70. Happy birthday, beloved sister. You are not alone; God is with you. He shall be with you all the days of your life. He will neither leave you nor forsake you. Have an inspiring new year!

Thank you for reading through this write-up. As you choose the one you find so desirable to send to a beloved sister in God’s vineyard, God will bless you both mightily.

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