Best Birthday Wishes for Soulmate Friend

2023 Best Birthday Wishes for Soulmate Friend

Birthdays are opportunities to shower them with the love and appreciation they truly deserve and there is no better way to do this than sending a beautiful birthday text to kick start celebrations on their special day.

Below are 2023 birthday wishes for your soulmate friend that are guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for a Special Friend

Apart from the numerous gifts out there for birthdays, words go a long way to make people feel awesome on their birthdays. For your soulmate friend, send these happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes to him or her.

1. I have never been close to anyone as I am to you. You are my dearest friend and I wish you the best today on your birthday. Happy birthday.

2. Today marks the beginning of new things in your life. Happy birthday, dearest, Enjoy your special day today.

3. Thanks for all the beautiful moments we have spent together and the many more the future holds. You have been wonderful, you deserve the best. Happy birthday.

4. You deserve all the fun possible today. You don’t have two birthdays in a year. So, enjoy till you drop! Happy birthday.

5. That you are important to me is an understatement. I wouldn’t have been here if you hadn’t supported me through it all. Happy birthday, soulmate.

6. Happy birthday to the one who makes my day bright everyday. Keep shining like the star you are dearie.

7. There is just one you in the world, I know that and I am glad I am friends with an amazing person like you.

8. I pray you are filled with immense joy, the one that satisfies and fulfils. Happy birthday sweet.

9. Happy birthday, dearest, have a fun-filled and awesome year. Cheers to an awesome season.

10. I wish you well today dear, may everything in the universe align to make your day beautiful. Have a blast!

11. You and I are bounded, I have never felt close to anyone as much as I feel close to you. You are an awesome and amazing individual and I appreciate you a lot. Happy birthday.

12. I wish you well today girlfriend. You are a blessed one and I wish you nothing but the best today. Happy birthday.

13. Count your blessings and don’t forget to count me alongside. Happy birthday to the jolliest friend in the world.

14. Today would be great because it’s your day today and you are a great individual. Happy birthday sweet, we will have a lot of fun!

15. Happy birthday to someone dear to my heart. I wish you nothing but the best as you cross another milestone in your life. Happy birthday!

16. Today is one of the best days of the year, it is the day you were born. Happy birthday, soulmate. I can’t wait to party!

17. Happy birthday amazing one. One thing I wish you is answers to all your prayer request including the silent ones throbbing your heart.

18. You are loving, you are sweet and caring. You are all a friend should be and I appreciate you a lot. Happy birthday!

19. I am glad we are in each other’s life, you have done a lot for me over the years and I wouldn’t replace you for anything. Happy birthday.

20. If I try lighting a candle for every of the year you have spent on Earth, I might actually set the room on fire. You ain’t getting any younger, happy birthday!

21. You are fabulous, you are awesome. Happy birthday to the special person who makes living beautiful. Cheers!

23. It’s your day! You can’t imagine how happy I am that I get to celebrate you today. Happy birthday, soulmate.

24. Hurray! Let’s beat the drums and dance till the day ends. Happy birthday, dear.

25. Today should be a holiday so we celebrate all day. Happy birthday to you sweetheart. Today would be awesome!

26. Happy birthday to the loveliest person in the world. May your life continue to be fun-filled.

27. Happy birthday buddy. I wish you absolutely nothing but the best because you deserve it.

28. Happy birthday to the one capable of lighting up the world. Have a swell.

29. Happy birthday to the best of my friends. Thanks for always being awesome. Cheers!

30. Happy birthday to you, go out and have a blast, we would catch up later!

31. It is going to be a long night as we are going to have all the fun possible. Happy birthday to you!

32. Stay happy, stay strong, stay awesome, happy birthday!

33. You are a special type of human and I wish you a blessed day today. Happy birthday.

34. Happy birthday to an amazing individual with a heart of gold. Have a lovely day today.

35. Today shall be great and awesome for you, today shall be the best of your days. Happy birthday to you.

36. Happy birthday to a fabulous individual who always makes me smile. Have a beautiful day.

37. Happy birthday, soulmate! I wish you the fulfilment of your desires and answers to your prayers.

38. You are a great guy and deserve a lot of good. I hope you get it all today, happy birthday.

39. Happy birthday! I am really excited about today, we are going to have a lot of fun!

40. It’s a once a year thing so, we have got to make it count. Happy birthday, I have got a surprise for you.

41. You are a strong individual, a strong and tough one. You are destined for greatness, happy birthday.

42. Keep soaring, the sky is forever your abode. Happy birthday dear friend.

43. Happy birthday, dear. You are going to get what you deserve today and that’s the very best gifts

44. Don’t let today pass like any other day because it isn’t actually like any other day. Happy birthday!

45. Happy birthday to a friend who deserves the world. Don’t worry, we are going to conquer it today one day at a time.

46. Happy birthday, dearie, I pray opportunities will keep coming your way as you celebrate today. Cheers!

47. Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray. Happy birthday, bestie.

48. A full belly and a heart merry with wine is what I wish for you today. Now, go out and fulfil my wish.

49. I might not be able to compose the perfect message but know that I wish you a wonderful birthday.

50. Happy birthday special one. Have a really special day today.

51. Glow everywhere you go, today buddy. Shine like the star that you are as you celebrate your day today. Happy birthday!

52. Thanks for your encouragement, your guidance and support so far. Happy birthday!

53. A friend like you is like pure gold, precious and valuable. Happy birthday, gold!

54. Thanks for always having my back. I hope we stay friends for as long as we live. Happy birthday!

55. Make sure you keep your smile on today and let nothing steal your joy. Happy birthday!

56. Have a swell time today and always. Happy birthday sweet.

57. Happy birthday to the most important person in my circle of friends. Have a fabulous day.

58. Thanks for everything, for been there for me when it truly matters. Happy birthday, dear.

59. You are fire! Keep burning. Happy birthday to you.

60. I would suggest a huge birthday cake with loads of beer. Happy birthday, let’s celebrate.

61. Happy birthday to you. Know that I am always thinking about you as you are lodged deep within my heart.

62. Enjoy your day today, do all you have always wanted to do. This is a once a year affair.

63. Don’t stop dreaming, dream big dreams and stay positive. Happy birthday!

64. Have a blast today, have all the fun possible and just enjoy!

65. My wish for you today is simple. A life full of joy, happiness and serenity. Happy birthday.

66. Live life, love life and stay happy. Happy birthday!

67. Keep being affectionate, stay true to yourself always. Happy birthday!

68. I am choosing to count the number of happy times we have had together rather than your age. Happy birthday, thanks for the happy times.

69. There is a certain resplendence around you I find really attractive. Happy birthday to you, have a day as bright as you are.

70. You have made the world better with your presence. Happy birthday to you sunshine.

71. I wish you the best today because you deserve only the best and nothing less. Happy birthday.

72. You are a fantastic individual and I want you to have a fantastic day today. Happy birthday.

73. I am on a mission today, a mission to make you have the best time of your life. Happy birthday!

74. Happy birthday to you, enjoy today and make memories.

75. Happy birthday, bestie. You are more than a best friend, you are a soulmate. Thanks for the incredible friendship.

76. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend who makes life awesome. Welcome to a wonderful season.

77. May beauty trail your path always and may laughter continually surround you. Happy birthday!

78. Words can’t express how happy I am to celebrate your day today. Happy birthday, darling.

79. Have a lovely, sweet, wonderful and awesome day today. Happy birthday.

80. Another wonderful year is gone. I am glad I was part of it and I pray for more beautiful ones.

81. You are a treasure that should forever be treasured. Happy birthday to you.

82. I love you a lot and I will always show that to you. Happy birthday, dearest.

83. I can scream out loud that you are the best person ever in the world. Happy birthday soulmate, you rock!

84. We have shared a lot of good times together and I am hopeful for the many more to come. Happy birthday.

85. May your years be filled with intense joy and happiness. May your life be full and beautiful always. Happy birthday.

86. Even the weather recognizes that a special person was born today many years ago hence the brightness. Happy birthday.

87. You are one of God’s gift to me. Thanks for being a blessing, happy birthday.

88. Don’t let the celebration end today, you are a wonderful person and should be celebrated every day…

89. You are an inspiration and a blessing. Happy birthday dear friend.

90. May your blessings be more than your years always. Happy birthday, have a blessed season.

91. May today and every other day of your life be amazing. Happy birthday, soulmate. We are going to have a lot of fun.

92. Bring out the pen and paper, write down your plans for this new season as it is going to be an amazing one. Happy birthday.

93. Keep your head up and your smile broad. It’s your day today, stay happy.

94. You are a star keep shining, stay happy and do not let anything din your brightness. Happy birthday.

95. Happy birthday, darling. This new season would be much more amazing than the last one. Cheers!

96. Make today memorable, you don’t have another birthday this year. Happy birthday.

97. Today is different from yesterday and would be way different from tomorrow. So make today count. Happy birthday.

98. Keep putting a smile on people’s faces, keep being as amazing as you are now. Happy birthday.

99. I have been thinking about this day and how to make it fabulous for you. Happy birthday and see you later.

100. Happy birthday to you dear soulmate. You will always be in my heart and nothing will ever take your place.

We hope you found the right one, thanks for checking us out and happy birthday to your soulmate.

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