Meaningful Birthday Messages for Best Friend

2021 Most Meaningful Birthday Messages for Best Friend

Ever heard the quote; “there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother?”

That’s just what best friends are! They can be called family too.

Do you have a best friend whose birthday is today or soon? Lucky you!

While you surf the internet for gifts, make sure you accompany your gifts with these beautiful and meaningful birthday messages for best friends.

Disclaimer: there could be some teary eyes or laughing spree.

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Your Best Friend

One way to make your beat friend feel so special on his or her birthday is by sending some awesome wishes. These most meaningful happy birthday messages for best friend are all you need to make your best friend’s day memorable. Send the wishes and quotes to your special friend.

1. Short, tall, thin, plump, I’ve got them all as friends but you, my best friend are perfection.
Happy birthday, sweetie!

2. Whenever the lights in my life go off, I could always count on you to light me up with yours. You’re my best friend in whom I’m always well pleased. Enjoy your day.

3. Nothing can separate us from being friends not even your crazy attitude. Yeah, you make crazy look sexy. Have a fun-filled day.

4. Not everyone gets to have friends in their lifetime, a fewer number are fortunate to have best friends. I’m fortunate because I have you.
I celebrate you on this special day of yours.

5. Lights on! microphone testing! Hello drummers? Choreographers? Get on stage! It’s my bestie’s birthday! She has to be celebrated.

6. Best friends forever! We should renew this vow on your birthday. You’re my best and it’s going to be so for a long while.

7. Your calm spirit is just enough to irritate the demons in me. Lol, I don’t know what I’d have done without you. Happy birthday, Ore mi.

8. This time last year, you were mad at me. I’m glad to be a reason you can laugh this year. I hope you loved the gifts?

9. On this birthday of yours, I pray that Heavens pay you the needed attention and grant you your heart desires.

10. Happy birthday gist partner, troublemaker, prayer partner and reading partner. You see why I value you and what you mean to me?

11. Thank you, buddy, for always being there. You’re great, Man! I wish you more greatness.

12. Everyone wants a great friend but don’t usually get to have one. You are just what I wished for. Thanks, ore. Happy birthday!

13. Thanks for having my back at all times, thanks for staying true despite the lies that abound. More years buddy!

14. You make the stereotype that girlfriends are snitches a lie. You’re one die hard fan I have. I celebrate you today. More wins babe.

15. A friend in need is indeed a friend. You make friendship lovely. Get ready today for I’ll spoil you silly.

16. Just as the sun isn’t cajoled to shine, neither is the day begged to bring forth daylight; May your blessings come with so much ease even today.

17. You would always be more special to me than any gift can describe. Accept my little token for your birthday. Happy birthday!

18. You don’t just talk, you walk the talk. You are one rare support system. Many returns bestie.

19. Hey weirdo! Get off the bed! It is your birthday, remember? Of course! You don’t. Take your butts to the bathroom! If you make it here in an hour, you would get an awesome gift.

20. Loyal and special. That’s the summary of who you are to me. Happy birthday, friendship!

21. You deserve some of my time today and I’m going to responsible be for that because you’ve been an amazing best friend. Cheers to your birthday.

22. Hey, big head! It is your birthday today and the only person who needs rescue is you. Get off that rescue mission right now, take some break, get your groove back. You worry too much about others, let me worry about you today. Yeah, the bill is on me.

23. Let me pamper you today, you worry too much about others. After all, it is your birthday and which other way can I show you what best friends are for?

24. Just when we thought age has got nothing on you, you add another year! You cheat nature effortless buddy. I wish you some grey hairs and wrinkles this year.. just kidding. I love you.

25. I am sending a giant cake your way today, please eat all of it. It is your birthday and it doesn’t hurt to indulge right?

26. You make ageing sexy. You are one sexy oldie I have ever seen. I envy you bestie… Cheers to forever Young.

27. Hurray! You made it Buddy! I told you and you believed it! Sickness has got no hold on you. Cheers to a healthy life!

28. If you have never believed me when I say you’re special, then today is another to take me seriously—you are special.

29. May today’s special moments create eternal memories. Happy birthday!

30. Happy Diamond Jubilee Girlfriend! Being your friend these decades makes it one of my top achievements in my life. I am proud of us.

31. Hey, honey pie! We’re going out. Where? That’s a secret. And please put on the black dress we got for prom. Just in case you had forgotten, it is your birthday today dummy!

32. I’ve watched you grow and I love the person you become each day. Thank you for carrying me along. Happy birthday!

33. May this new year be filled with all shades of fun and excitement. Happy birthday girl

34. May this year set the ball rolling for every future birthday. May it be joyful, more joyful and more joyful.

35. I hope you love the gift I sent? However, I pray that Heaven gives you more.

36. Age is just a number they say but with you, I say Age is just a reminder of how more beautiful you will get.

37. I’m glad you think of me as one of those you can spend your birthday with. I cherish our friendship. Cheers to more years and a closer us.

38. May today mark the beginning of a New Dawn and a better you and a closer us.

39. This year, we are chasing after our dreams together. No excuses. Happy birthday!

40. I hope you get some of your dreams fulfilled today except, of course, that of going into space! Happy birthday.

41. I specifically pray for gifts that money can’t buy to be delivered to you today.

42. May the blessings of today last beyond this year. May the effect be evident.

43. Regardless of how today’s turn out, be sure to keep celebrating yourself. Cheers to a new year!

44. I still don’t know why you don’t want us to throw you a party however just know that I celebrate you every day.

45. You’re amazing and that’s just because you’re my best friend.

46. I know we are going to have a swell time today and I’ve got a gift for you also. Enjoy your day.

47. I celebrate everything about you today not just your age. Your smile, your words, your dress sense. You’re not just my bestie. You’re my role model.

48. If you were a cake, your smile will be the eggs, your dimples the nutmeg, your skin the butter and your voice the flour. That’s how sweet you’re. Happy birthday.

49. Cheers to us! More years together! We’re a lucky pair not everyone shares the same birthday with their bestie.

50. What’s up, dude? Warming up for tonight? I will be sending you a set of new boxers ahead. Those old ones need to go! Don’t argue. Everyone needs a new something on their birthdays and for you, we will start with that.

51. Hello, baby bear! Mama bear says Happy birthday. She hopes to you up and ready when she comes in an hour time.

52. Do you know where I see us in 30 years? Living with the Eskimos. Haha, don’t test me. Happy birthday.

53. Not every friendship survives a fight. Yes, those punch still hurt and that scar is still evident on you but I’m glad they are reminders of how we worked out our differences. Here is to a more peaceful friendship and celebration of birthdays.

54. You are a friend like no other. You put my needs above yours all the time You are my best friend, and I’m grateful for that. Happy birthday.

55. Having you in my life has been the most fun thing ever, you are an unusual friend. I celebrate you today and always.

56. You hear my unspoken words and tolerate my weather-like mood. I pray you will live long in good health to fulfilling your destiny. I hope you remain that fantastic friend I’ve gotten. Happy birthday

57. Happy birthday, my friend. I know there are several messages, wishes and prayers that you are getting right now but mine is praying that you live a life of worthy positive memories because I have so many sweet memories to look back at and I’m lucky to have you as my friend.

58. You’re my best friend. You have been a friend and a sister. I treasure you and the love we share today and always. Happy birthday!

59. Enjoy the blessings of today. Have a blast, have some fun and know that I’ll be waiting with a pail of water when you get back.

60. Can you hear the sound of the abundant rain? Dear friend, that is Heaven celebrating you. Happy birthday.

61. I define friendship as sticking with one during worst moments. You are a definition of this. Every day isn’t your birthday, but today is. I won’t forget to make it a beautiful day.

62. You are that friend that loves me completely and believes in real friendship. I celebrate now and always.

63. You show me undescribable love despite my ugly imperfections. I cherish our friendship. I’ll keep celebrating you whether it is your birthday or not.

64. Today signifies the addition of a year to your age. I wish you God’s abundant blessings and grace to keep you excelling and that whatever you lay your hands on shall prosper all the days of your life.

65. I remember the testimony of our meeting all the time and I’m thankful to God for gifting me with such an amazing friend. We’re lucky to have met in this lifetime of ours. May all your heart desires come to be. Happy birthday.

66. You are a blessing to my life and a good friend worth having forever. God bless the day you wer

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