Happy Birthday Wishes for Sons Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son’s Girlfriend

Your son’s girlfriend is one of the people you should be close to, whether you like her or not, as long as she keeps making your son happy, then, she deserves to be appreciated and feel loved even as she celebrates her birthday.

Celebrating your son’s girlfriend birthday is an interesting thing to do because she’s an important part of your son’s life and whatever makes your son happy should automatically make you happy. Your son’s girlfriend should be free with you and have a good relationship with you to avoid future crises. You can seize the opportunity of her birthday to show her how much you appreciate her relationship with your son and to bring her closer to you more than ever before.

These happy birthday wishes for son’s girlfriend below will make your son’s girlfriend feel at home. You really should send one or more to her on her birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Son’s Girlfriend Quotes

A girlfriend like you deserves more than just an ordinary birthday quote. You deserve the love my son has for you. You deserve the love I have for you too, and that’s perfection. Happy birthday, my dear.

1. You are such a brilliant and amazing young lady. In the little time, I have known you, you have proven to be the best woman for my daughter. I can’t wait till he proposes marriage to you. Happy birthday, my dear. Have a wonderful one.

2. I have never met such a respectful young lady. When my son introduced you to me, I thought you were going to be one of those ladies who have no tangible ambition for their lives. I thank God, I met you. It’s your birthday, make sure you have fun. Love you, dear.

3. Isn’t it wonderful how someone just enters into people’s lives and make it more amazing? You are one of those people who have changed my perspective on life; so lovely and respectful. I can’t wait to celebrate this beautiful day with you. Have a happy birthday.

4. I have no idea how this happened, but I’m absolutely in love with you. The first time I met you, you swept me off my feet with how respectful and responsible you were. You are one of the people I don’t ever want to lose. Thank you for making my son a better man. Happy birthday to you.

5. I have noticed how happy my son is these days, and I have come to realize that you are the one behind his happiness. I honestly don’t know how you do it, but I feel so thankful that my son is with a lady who makes him happy. Thank you for all you do. Do have a great day.

6. I must confess, your parents did a wonderful job raising you. You are beautiful, respectful, ambitious, loving and above all, there’s nothing you can’t give out. Trust me, my son is not the only person who is lucky to have you; we all are. Happy birthday, my darling.

7. Isn’t it so beautiful how you aren’t even my son’s wife yet, but you respect and love me like your mother-in-law. My dear, I don’t know how to thank you enough. Ever since you stepped into my son’s life, things have been going well for him. I hope you guys never split. Happy birthday to you.

8. You are such an amazing soul. If possible, I could tell you to pack from your parents’ house and come stay with me and the family. I enjoy spending time with you because you are so purposeful. I see you going far in life. Happy birthday to you. I hope you come around today.

9. I have never been happy with any of the girlfriends my son has had in the past. None of them was good for him. I just thank God that he listened to me back then, if not, he wouldn’t have met you. Thank you for making his dream life possible. You truly rock! Happy birthday.

10. You are just like the daughter I never had. If I am being honest with you, I see some qualities of me in you. You are a sucker for success, and that’s a very beautiful thing. Trust me, you have a very bright future, and as your mother-in-law to be, I will make sure I do my bit. Happy birthday.

11. You are one sweet and respectful lady I don’t ever want my son to live without. Everyone in the family has one or two good things to say about you. Whenever you come visiting, we never want you to leave. I hope you make my son very happy if eventually you get married. Happy birthday to you.

12. I have always known my son to be so cold in everything. He doesn’t even give his opinion when needed. Everything about him felt weird until he met you. I am still very surprised at how fast his life has changed within a short period. You might not know this, but you mean so much to me. Happy birthday to you.

13. My son has never ever felt this amount of love for any girl. I see the way he looks at you. I see everything he does for you. I just want you to promise me that you will never hurt him because he’s all I have. Thank you for being so kind and wonderful. Do have a happy birthday.

14. I don’t know if I am permitted to say this, but can you guys just get married already! You guys are so in love and I can easily tell from afar. I have seen you do things that are weighty for him, and I’m sure he couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend. Thank you for loving him this much. Happy birthday to you.

15. I can see my son is changing already. He now eats some foods he never tasted at home. He now willingly does some things I forced him to do in the past. I have concluded that you are the best for him, and I see you guys going places. Happy birthday, sweet girl.

16. You have no idea how much this family loves you. We all are interested in your growth and happiness. Apart from being my son’s girlfriend, we just naturally love you because you are jovial and respectful. On your birthday, I just want to thank you for always putting smiles on our faces. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

17. I am in no way flattering you; you are such an adorable angel. You are exceptional in every way. You don’t know what you’ve done for me. I have always prayed to God for a wonderful girlfriend for my son. I’m grateful that my prayer has been answered. Please, don’t change your ways. Happy birthday to you.

18. You are the only girl who has ever loved my son deeply. You have been with him through thick and thin. I have seen you guys go through the hardest times together. I just want you to know that there are better days ahead. I hope you don’t give up before then. Happy birthday to you.

19. Today is for you and you alone. No other girl deserves this level of happiness. You are an amazing girl; not just to my son, but to everyone. I want to thank you for always exuding so much positivity. You have no idea what I have in store for you. Keep being great. Happy birthday to you.

20. It’s your birthday today, and you deserve all the happiness you can great. For almost two years, you have been constantly making my son happy. Your arms are the best place he wants to be. He wants to discuss everything with you, before taking any step. I can see that you’re doing very with his heart. Please, don’t tamper with it. Happy birthday.

21. When my son is happy, I am happy. I have confirmed so many times, that you are the one who makes him happy the most. He talks about you every time. I want you to know that he’s not in your life to play you. He means well for you, and I hope you figure this out yourself. Happy birthday to you.

22. I never knew I could be so nice to someone who is not my daughter to this extent. You have literally bought me over with your love and kindness. I am very happy that my son is involved with someone like you. From all he’s told me about you and from all I have seen, you are the best girl for him. Happy birthday.

23. Some things happen and we just blame ourselves after the decision. Accepting you as my son’s girlfriend was never part of it. Instead, it has been a blessing in disguise. I must confess, you have all the attributes of a good wife. I can’t wait for you guys to tie the knot. Happy birthday to you.

24. Because you are a wonderful girl, there’s nothing I won’t do for you. You are not only my son’s girlfriend but the daughter I never had. I’m thankful that you are in my son’s life. Don’t hesitate to tell me whenever he does anything wrong. Happy birthday to you. Love you.

25. I love you so much and I am not ashamed to admit that. The moment you stepped into my house, I knew you were the one for my son. How can a young girl be so respectful and down earth? Trust me, you are getting married to my son, and nothing is stopping that. Happy birthday to you.

What to Write in a Birthday Card for Your Son’s Girlfriend

I have been thinking of what to write on this birthday card, but I still can’t come up with the perfect words to use for you. You have been a nice girlfriend to my son, and I wish you all the best. Happy birthday.

26. Within the short period you started seeing my son, he has gotten fresher. Sometimes, I don’t even want to recognize him. Everything about him has changed. I made my findings, and I realized that you are the one behind all of these. I know I have nothing to thank you with, but I hope you have your best year yet. Happy birthday to you.

27. If only your parents could allow you to come to stay with me, I would be so happy. I love spending time with you. You are a very good girl, and every family deserves to have a girl like you. I hope you don’t stop making my son happy. Happy birthday to you. Have a great year.

28. Although I wasn’t in a good mood the day I met you, you still found a way of taking me out of that mood. That day, I knew my son was in safe hands. You are the nicest of the ladies he has been brought home. I can’t wait for you guys to make it official. Happy birthday to you.

29. A relationship can be good or bad. I’m glad my son is lucky enough to be in a good one. My son is now a better man, because of the beautiful effects of this relationship. Thank you for tolerating all he does. No one else deserves you than him. Happy birthday to you. All my love.

30. I know you will find it hard to believe this, but my son has never stopped talking about you. Even if what we are saying is something totally different, he will find a way to ship you into the discussion. I can see you guys are getting along. Please, don’t ever stop making him happy. Have a wonderful day.

31. I can’t deny that sometimes, I feel like you are performing my duties. You know some things I don’t know about my son. I guess that’s because he spends more time with you. I have made my findings, and I got to find out that you are an amazing son. I’m officially saying yes to your relationship with my son. Happy birthday to you.

32. I have no doubt that you will make a good wife if you eventually end up with my son. My home is never the same, whenever you come around. You make sure you lend a hand, even when you are not called upon. Trust me, I love you already, and I will never allow my son to mess up. Happy birthday to you.

33. I hope you know my son is not one of the guys who break hearts. When he loves, he loves deeply. I have also realized that you are the same; that makes it easier. You both have good intentions towards each other, and it makes me happy. Make sure you have a happy birthday today.

34. My son did a lot before he eventually met you. A lot of ladies messed with his heart, and this left him heartbroken for years. Thank God he decided to give a shot to this relationship with you. His life has never remained the same. Thank you for mending his heart. Happy birthday to you.

35. Even though we haven’t talked about your relationship with my son, I am going to have to accept that you are the best for him. Even from afar, I can’t deny that you’re an amazing soul. My son is now a happier guy, and that’s all that matters. I hope you don’t stop this beautiful thing you’ve started. Happy birthday to you.

36. You will never have a problem with me because you’re an easygoing girl. You are respectful and reserved. I haven’t met a girl as reserved as you. Please forgive me for doubting your loyalty to my son, when we first met. I’m now convinced that you will be a great wife. Happy birthday to you.

37. As a mother who wants the best for her son, I can boldly say that you will be the best wife to him. You are cool and peaceful, and that’s all he has always wanted. It’s your birthday today, I hope you have an amazing one. Please, don’t stop loving my son, no matter what. Cheers!

38. When my son told me about his relationship with you, I wasn’t going to approve of it, but he told me to study you. My dear, I have done what he asked, and all I can say is that you are the most wonderful of all girls he has ever brought to this house. I’m sorry for ever doubting you. Happy birthday to you.

39. I know you will make a very good wife and a great mother, with the way you make my son happy. His life will be better if you guys eventually get married. Please, don’t stop being amazing, because it could break him totally. Happy birthday to you. Please, come around in the evening for your birthday present.

40. On your birthday, my heart prays for you. You have been nothing short of amazing to this family. It’s been a pleasure having you in our lives. We are very sure you will make a wonderful daughter-in-law. I wish you all the best as you start another beautiful year. We love you.

41. If not for anything, I will approve of your relationship with my son because you make him happy and serious with his life. My son has never looked so good as he has in the past few months. I have you to thank because you’re doing a great job. I hope you like your present when it gets to you. Happy birthday to you.

42. My son has never been lucky with finding a good friend not to talk of a good girlfriend. They always take him for granted, and this breaks him. You are nothing like these people he has been with; you are so different and I love you for that. Please, never let him believe that his past is better. Happy birthday to you.

43. I am very happy that my son is in a relationship with a girl who gives him peace and respects him. I’m very sure that he is in love with you, so I have no reason not to accept you. My son is nothing like other guys; he’s loving and amazing. I hope you don’t break his heart
Happy birthday to you.

44. If you ask me, I’d say you have been a great girlfriend. You know what to do to make my son happy and cheerful. Trust me, this is all I have always prayed for. I want you to know that he has good intentions towards you. If ever you want to end things with him, please do it respectfully. Happy birthday to you.

45. Call me an old school, but I have never believed in having a boyfriend/girlfriend, I just feel it’s a sheer waste of time. But when my son told me about his relationship with you, I decided to do some underground findings. Trust me, the results were mind-blowing. Thank you for being a good one. Happy birthday to you.

46. I don’t care about anyone else, as long as my son is happy. The moment he told me about his relationship with you and how much you make him happy, I had no choice but to love and accept you. I hope you’re not in his life for something else. Please, don’t have to try to break his heart, because I will come for you. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday.

47. You are not only in my son’s life for a relationship; you study and do other productive things with him. This has proven that you are a good girl who knows what’s ahead of her. There’s no doubt that you’re going to be a great woman in the future. Keep it up, girl. Happy birthday to you.

48. I never knew there’d be a day like this when I will be sending wishes to my son’s girlfriend, but you’re more than just a girlfriend to him. You are someone he can’t do without, so I have no choice but to want what he wants. Thank you for making him your priority. Happy birthday to you.

49. I have so many plans for you that you know nothing about. I had to make some findings of who you truly are, and I’m in love with all about you. I will make sure I do all it takes to see that you guys end up as husband and wife. You are fit for each other. I really can’t wait. Happy birthday to you.

50. My son is not the only one you make happy; you’re indirectly making me happy too. Happiness is written all over my son, and everyone in his life is affected. If you could permit me, I will make sure everyone in the family sends you a happy birthday message today, because we all love you. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

Birthday Wishes for Our Son’s Girlfriend

My son has said so much about you that we can’t even wait to meet you. On your birthday, we just want to thank you for being an amazing girlfriend to him. We are grateful for all you do for him, while you deprive yourself of some things. I wish you well in life. Happy birthday to you.

51. I’m glad my son now has what I have always wanted to have. No man has ever loved me as I deserve, but I never let that affect the love I have for my son. It’s so amazing that my son has almost ended up with the woman he deserves. You two will make a great couple. Happy birthday to you.

52. I want you to know that you’re growth and happiness is all that matters to me. Since you’re kind enough to make my son happy, then I’m left with no choice but to be there for you. If only you continue being a good girl, I will make sure you never lack anything good. Happy birthday, my girl. I love you.

53. I love how you confide in me that you tell me things your parents don’t know about. The relationship between us is just like that of a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law. Trust me, I love and appreciate you for all you do for my son. It’s your birthday, and I hope you receive as much love in return. I love you.

54. You already know how I feel about you. Calling you my son’s girlfriend feels like an insult to me. I’d rather call you my daughter because that’s who you are. It’s your birthday, my daughter. I hope you have the best moments today and never regret anything at all. Happy birthday to you.

55. I’m the happiest woman today because it’s my son’s girlfriend’s birthday. If you were an irresponsible one, I will never allow you to be with my son, because his happiness matters to me. But because you’re a great one, I won’t let this day pass away without wishing you a happy birthday

56. I have been blessed knowing you. Knowing that my son will love to have you as his wife makes me feel even more blessed. You have been a blessing to him, and everyone can testify to that. You guys are good together, and I can’t wait for you to tie the knot. Happy birthday to you.

57. It’s been a pleasure having you as my son’s girlfriend. Ever since he’s been in this relationship with you, he has improved in all aspects, especially academically. His grades are now higher than they used to be. Thank you for being a serious one. Happy birthday to you.

58. I know when my son is happy and when he is sad. Since he decided to be in this relationship with you, he has always been happy. Sometimes, his happiness heals my wounds. You won’t believe what you’ve done, but I am saying thank you. Happy birthday, my dear. You deserve the best.

59. No other man can make you happy like my son. He’s totally in love with you, and it’s written all over him. I don’t know what you’ve done to get him to this position, but I’m sure you must be a nice girl. Well, it’s been nice having you as a prospective daughter-in-law. I hope you don’t change when it’s official. Happy birthday to you.

60. I sincerely don’t know the perfect present to gift a perfect girlfriend like you on her birthday. Well, I am still thinking. Till I can come up with one, I just thought to send some beautiful wishes your way on your birthday. I hope you have the perfect year because you deserve it.

61. I have never found my son in a condition where he’s hopelessly in love with any girl, but yours is different. You are a good girl, and I think that was what attracted him to you. Trust me, you’re already exhibiting the traits of a good wife. Happy birthday to you.

62. This is the perfect time we’ve all been waiting for. We have always loved and wished that you become part of this beautiful family. It will give us great joy if you eventually get married to our son. On your birthday, we want you to know that we love and are rooting for you. Happy birthday to you.

63. My son is everything to me, and I’m always after his happiness. Whoever comes for him has me to contend with. He has told me so much about you, and I have found out that you’re a well brought up girl. Please, don’t ever mess with his heart. Do have a happy birthday.

64. Even if you receive a truck full of birthday presents today, you absolutely deserve it. Truth is, I have never seen a girl as respectful and resourceful as you are. My son never knew how to do certain things, which includes how to spend money. But now, I can see he’s changed already. You are the best. Happy birthday.

65. I know that my son loves you dearly, so I have no choice. I just want you to know that if you find a reason not to love him anymore (which I doubt), make sure you end things with him in the best way. For now, there are no bad reports about you, that’s why I am wishing you a happy birthday.

66. So many ladies in my son’s life, yet you were lucky enough to be his girlfriend. I want you to know that having my son in your life is a blessing. He has great intentions towards you, and I hope it’s the same with you. Please, don’t ever do anything that will make him unhappy. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

67. As long as you keep making my son happy, you will never have a problem with me. I have confirmed that you’re a wonderful girl, so many times. You always come around to help with the house chores as well. I’m convinced that you’re going to make a good wife and mother. Happy birthday to you.

68. These days, it’s so hard to find a respectful and sweet girl like you. I still wonder how my son found you. I believe that it’s no coincidence at all. It’s just a case of someone with good intentions finding someone he deserves. I hope you guys end up as a couple; that means you’ve earned an amazing mother-in-law. Happy birthday to you.

69. I know you will be a good wife because even as a girlfriend, I see how you’re so intentional about my son’s happiness. You both are my children, and I will do anything for you. Just make sure you do the right thing always. That way, there will be no problem at all. Happy birthday to you.

70. A wonderful girlfriend like you deserves a trip to the Maldives. Trust me, when my son is less busy, I will make sure I sponsor this trip, just to appreciate you for being a support system to him. You deserve all the good things coming your way. I hope you have the exact birthday that you deserve. I love you.

71. It’s so beautiful to see my son act like a baby sometimes. All those times you don’t pick his calls, I always make jest of him. Thank you for making me see other sides of my son, even though he’s grown up. It’s so amazing what love can do to a man. Happy birthday to you, my love. We love you.

72. One of my prayers to God is for my son to never lose you. You are a total package and every man will love to have a girl like you in their lives. I know your relationship with my son was ordained by God, so it’s going to stand the test of time. Happy birthday, lovely girl. Cheers!

73. I love how you’re not just about your relationship only; you have other things you give your mind to, and you don’t even allow it to get in the way of your relationship. You are a serious-minded girl, and I am sure you will go far. Happy birthday to you. I wish you the best.

74. I have seen my son go through the hardest of heartbreaks, and trust me, it wasn’t funny at all. When he told me about his relationship with you, I objected, because I never wanted him to feel that way again. But he told me everything about you, and I fell in love instantly! You’re a great girl. Happy birthday.

75. On your birthday, I want to thank you for always treating my son as the baby that he is. You happily take up my responsibility whenever I am not there. I owe you so much, but today, I just want to start by wishing you a happy birthday. I am grateful for everything.

Best Birthday Wishes for My Son’s Girlfriend

I’m very sure this is going to be your best birthday ever as my son’s girlfriend. On your birthday, one of my wishes for you is that you keep excelling in life. My son won’t stop referring to you as the best girlfriend ever. Happy birthday.

76. My son won’t stop talking about you, even during family meetings. My ears ache from the talks about you. You must be a very good girl, to get my son tripping. I just wanted you to know that I know about you already, and I can’t wait to meet you. Have a happy birthday.

77. Dear son’s girlfriend, I am sending you these wishes just so you can know that you mean so much to me. You don’t just treat me like a mother-in-law to be, you treat me like your mom. You’ll be such a great addition to our family. We all can’t wait to have you. Happy birthday to you.

78. There’s no girlfriend as committed as you are; you literally can put your life fee on hold just to make my son happy. Who wouldn’t love to have a daughter-in-law like you in the future? I can’t wait for the date to be announced already. You’re about to have the kindest mother-in-law. Happy birthday to you.

79. You know what makes me happy; the fact that my son is happy in his relationship. There are so many men that are not happy with the women they are with. I’m grateful to God for what exists between you both. I’m very sure you’re going to make a cute couple. Trust me, I can’t wait. Happy birthday to you.

80. You have proven time and time again that you’re all my son needs to be a happy and responsible man. His life without you makes no meaning. For me, your birthday is a reminder that my son is in love with the best girl. It’s your birthday, my love. Let’s celebrate in style and glamour.

81. I love how you handle things when you guys have issues. You don’t just make it about yourself, you walk up to me and seek my advice. Trust me, a woman like you will keep winning a man’s heart because you have all it takes. I hope things keep working between you both. Happy birthday to you.

82. Talk about a stress-free girl, that’s you! Your life is peaceful and you effortlessly make other people’s lives peaceful. What’s not to love about you? I absolutely love everything about you, and I can’t wait for you to be my son’s wife. Keep being an amazing, girl. Happy birthday to you.

83. I love and respect you a lot. You have proven to be a good girl with a great background. A man who has you has everything, and that’s why I will always make sure things keep working out between you and my son. Thank you for being such a great girlfriend. Happy birthday to you.

84. There’s no time you don’t treat me like a mom. I don’t even see you as my son’s girlfriend anymore; you are my daughter and I can’t wait for you to have the daughter-in-law title. I’m so excited and full of gratitude because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, my best girl.

85. Like I always say, the best is yet to come. Don’t ever allow situations to define who you are. Things might not seem good right now, but trust me, things will get better with time. Thank you for holding it down for my son every time. You are so amazing and I love you so much. Happy birthday to you.

86. Whenever my son talks about you, I see the happiness in his eyes; he suddenly becomes very happy and I start to wonder what happened. On your birthday, my heart prays for you. I’m grateful for all you keep doing, even though you’re not yet married to him. Happy birthday, my dear.

87. My darling, I want to thank you for according me so much respect. You have no idea how much I love you. I always want to be with you, but your work won’t allow that. Everyone in this family is delighted to know you. Happy birthday to you. Have a blast!

88. Whoever makes my son happy will forever be in my good books. I have heard so much about you until I confirmed myself. It’s your birthday, my darling. You deserve everything that you’re about to experience today. I love you, and everyone here does. Happy birthday.

89. Our son means so much to us; we don’t even joke with anything that has to do with him. We love him so much, and his happiness is our priority. I have noticed that he seems happier these days, and I have confirmed that you’re the one behind his happiness. I just want to thank you for this. Happy birthday to you.

90. I never knew my son had a girlfriend, until today. He has told me so much about you today, and also said it’s your birthday. I have no choice but to send some beautiful wishes your way, for all you’ve been doing for him. Don’t thank me, because you deserve it. Happy birthday to you, my darling.

91. Everyone that makes my son happy, automatically makes me happy too. That boy means so much to me, and I always find time to appreciate everyone who loves and cares for him, and you’ve successfully done that through your relationship with him. I love you, dear. Have a happy birthday.

92. You are like a daughter to me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend for my son. Trust me, there have been no regrets whatsoever. I just hope you guys continue this and eventually tie the knot, God willing. I wish you all the best, my dear. Happy birthday to you.

93. The joy of a parent is to see her children happy and comfortable. You are one of the reasons my son is happy and comfortable, so I want to thank you for that. Happy birthday to the sweet girl who made my son’s life better than she met it. I hope you enjoy every moment of this beautiful day. I love you so much.

94. You are such a mature, positive, goal-oriented and responsible girl. I actually haven’t met a girl with such outstanding qualities. Thank you for taking me as a mother. I am happy to have you as my daughter and daughter-in-law to be. Happy birthday to the woman behind my son’s happiness.

95. I have no fear whatsoever because I am very sure my son is in safe hands. I promise you my full support and blessing, if only you keep making my son happy. It’s your birthday, beautiful girl. Just name what you want and it’s done. Happy birthday to you. Enjoy the rest of your day.

96. How I wish my son has known you all his life. In fact, where were you when he was going through different forms of heartbreak? Where were you when those Jezebels were stabbing his heart? Well, I thank God you’re eventually here and he can enjoy some quality love. Happy birthday to you.

97. You have been such a supportive, loving, kind, and virtuous woman. There’s no doubt you will make a good wife to my son. I also want to thank you for loving me, despite not approving of your relationship at first. I hope you know it all came from the place of love. Happy birthday to you.

98. My son has too many bad sides, but you still haven’t given up despite all of them. You know and fully understand what it means to love and sacrifice. I wish I could figure out one deserving birthday present for you. Happy birthday, my darling. Have a great year ahead.

99. Everyone in this family is thrilled to have you around and they are sending their love to you on your special day. Thank you for being the best thing that’s ever happened to our son. We hope your love keeps waxing stronger to the point of marriage. Happy birthday, sweetness.

100. When it comes to my son, I am always very selfish. I don’t share him with anyone, but the moment he told me how he feels about you, I just had to accept, for peace to reign. I feel so blessed to have a future daughter-in-law like you. I also admire the way you take care of my son. Wishing you a happy birthday.

Hello, dear! I hope you got one or two of the happy birthday wishes for son’s girlfriend up there, and I hope your son’s girlfriend likes whichever you choose to send to her. Don’t forget to tell everyone about this page. Thank you.

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