How to Be Romantic in a Relationship

How To Be Romantic in A Relationship: 5 LifeHacks for Writing Love Notes for Your Loved One

Being romantic is a very big part of being in a relationship. You must show your partner how much you love them – and you must do it in a way that inspires them. However, with so little time on our hands and so much work to do, we sometimes forget how to express romanticism. We get caught up in this monotonous mindset and forget to show real love to our partners. If that happens, our relationship might sink – to avoid that, we need to change something.

To avoid that, we need to make changes within ourselves to save our relationship.
Starting is more complicated. Once you get the hang of it, being romantic is not as challenging as you’d think. In the end, love comes from your heart and inspires you to do things you might’ve not otherwise done. Same goes with showing affection. The more you show it, the more you’ll want to do it; here’s how to start in today’s era.

1. Send supportive texts to your other half

The first thing you could work on is sending more supportive texts to your partner. If you are in a long-term relationship, your texts might look something like, “Meet you there in 5 minutes” or “How many cartons of milk should I get?” While this is apparently normal, you should be able to make small changes to make your partner feel more valued. Sending them a text after their important meeting to know that you’re thinking about them can be your first step.

“Hey babe, how did your meeting go? I’m supporting you with all my heart.” This text could go a long way. It could really make your partner’s day and might improve your overall relationship. Be supportive through text, I’m sure your other half would be happy to hear from you.

How to Be Romantic in a Relationship

2. Make eye contact and then write about it

When you live with another person and meet them every single day, things can get boring. Therefore, you should spice things up! Eye contact turns out to be one great option. You could make eye contact with your partner right after breakfast, for example. This could end up in one of two ways – you will either get physically close or, if not, you can write about it in a note.

If you don’t end up making love after making eye contact, you can send them a text later or leave them a post-it note on the mirror. Something as simple as, “Would you like to continue the eye contact in bed tonight?” should suffice. They’ll be more than thrilled to hear that from you, especially if you’re not usually writing such notes or texts.

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3. Have a written hello and goodbye ritual

When you text them, “hello” in the morning you could also say something like, “I miss you beautiful/handsome.” This could really make them feel more appreciated and loved. When you’re saying goodbye, try something like, “I’ll see your beautiful face later. Goodbye for now!” Or you could try telling each other what you most like about one another every time you meet.

4. Tell them, “Thank you” through text

Sometimes, sending supportive texts might not be enough. Send them “thank you” notes or messages. Write them out before they wake up and stick them to the mirror. Let them know what you appreciate about them the most and be open to receiving compliments yourself. This romantic gesture will definitely pay off.

5. Listen to music together and send each other the lyrics

If you like listening to music together, take small parts of your favorite songs and send them through text. Writing out your feelings by using lyrics is both romantic and cute!

Wrapping Up

These five ways to show affection can teach you how to get started on this romantic journey. You don’t have to sing to your partner or bring them flowers every time you meet. Something as simple as a text message containing the above ideas should be enough for now. They’ll appreciate the gesture and might even return the favor. In any case, getting started on this path is something highly appreciated, so use the above lifehacks. They might truly improve your relationship.

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