5 Best Translation Apps for Long Distance Relationships

5 Best Translation Apps for Long-Distance Relationships

Love is the best thing in the world. It doesn’t care about social status, physical distance, or age. In our modern, highly computerized and interconnected world, technology can help our love become closer. At the same time, another challenge may arise. And that challenge is the language barrier. While we can get closer despite the distance using the internet, we might still not fully understand our beloved ones because they speak a different language. Luckily, technology can help us here as well.

Getting Closer Despite the Distance

Long-distance relationships are not uncommon today. About five years ago, more than 14 million people living in different countries were in relationships. What’s more to that, around 3.5 million couples were married like that. And although all those lovers could not have maintained their relationships physically, they still loved each other strongly enough to remain together while being apart. The secret of such a strong love that knows no boundaries and disregards any distance is the complete understanding and harmony between the partners.

We can do lots of different things for love. Some might even get romantic enough to address the top translation services company to write love letters in another language for their partner. At the same time, we have quite an alternative for quick message translations that we can exchange every day just to ask our beloved ones how they’re doing. That alternative is the translation apps that can fit easily on our smartphones and tablets. Most of them are perfect for short message translations and are usually free to use.

  1. Google Translate. Yes, that sounds a bit too obvious and overrated, but Google Translate seems to be a very effective solution. While it’s not that good with more extended portions of text, it’s perfect for conventional communication via a messenger app that you likely use with your partner. With the considerable 100+ languages supported and free access via Google Play or App Store, this is an ultimate solution for lovers that want to keep things intimate verbally despite any distance.
  2.  iTranslate. Another powerful and less overrated app with considerable language support. Having one of the highest ratings on popular platforms, iTranslate supports 100+ languages, just as Google Translate does. But, according to the reviews, this app works much better with longer passages of text. So, using iTranslate, you’ll be able to write love letters to your beloved one that can make their heart beat faster.
  3. Microsoft Translate. If you like sending voice messages to each other along with text, this one is an excellent choice for you. Almost perfectly fitted for voice-to-text translations, Microsoft Translate has lots of great capabilities, from 70+ languages support, offline mode, and even group translations. One of the best things you can do with it is to talk to each other using your voices that will instantly be recorded as text and translated into your languages.
  4. SayHi. This app also works very well with voice translations, so you’ll be able to hear the voice of your beloved one more often. Working as fast as Microsoft Translator does, SayHi is a nice alternative supporting 90 languages and a voice translator. The latter option means that a computer-generated voice will translate your messages. It’s, of course, purely up to your taste, but this small preference can work for you and your lover if you like to hear the translated text.
  5. Speak and Translate. If you need a yet somewhat underrated app that works perfectly with iOS, this one is the best choice for you. Supporting 117+ languages for text translations and 54+ for voice translations, Speak and Translate also integrates well with iCloud, so you and your beloved one can easily share files on a long distance.

True Love Knows No Barriers

5 Best Translation Apps for Long-Distance Relationships

When you love someone strong enough to be ready to maintain your relationship even despite all the distance, no matter how long, you’ll always be able to find the solution. And when someone loves you back, you’re able to wait until there’s an opportunity to see each other in person. As for the rest aspects and specifics of a long-distance relationship, there’s always powerful technology at your disposal that can help you understand each other and strengthen your love with time.

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