Happy Belated 20th Birthday Wishes

Happy Belated 20th Birthday Wishes

Celebrating 20 years on planet earth is a milestone that comes with an unexplainable feeling and excitement for most people. The joy that accompanies leaving teenagehood to adulthood makes the day even more special.

However, this age could come with some kind of nervousness or curiosity for some people, as the realization of being fully an adult could make them bother about how to meet the responsibilities that come with it, expectations of families, friends and even society.

Therefore, young ones celebrating their 20th need some love, wishes, encouragement, motivation and prayers. So, if you have a loved one celebrating 20 years on earth, you should make them feel loved by sending some wishes, at least. But if for any reason you missed sending them wishes on their birthday, it’s never late. They have 365 days in the new age. You can still send some love and this why this post is here.

I have taken a chunk of my time to craft some awesome belated 20th birthday wishes specially for you to send to your loved ones. Like it’s commonly said, “half bread is better than none”. Sending belated birthday messages is far better than none.

And guess what! Belated birthday messages are as unique as birthday messages, both portray one thing in common, which is, you have the celebrant in mind. So, freely storm into these 2023 best happy belated 20th birthday wishes and quotes and send to your loved one right away. They will help convey your heartfelt wishes and your sincere apology.

Belated 20th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Celebrating the birthday of an amazing person like you shouldn’t be forgotten. I feel so terrible to have forgotten, not even a unique one like your 20th. I know all the birthday wishes and quotes wouldn’t be enough to show how much you are loved, nevertheless, I wish you a new age filled with love and peace. Happy belated 20th birthday to you.

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1. Dear, it was your 20th birthday and I messed up to have forgotten to send my greetings. I’m really sorry about that. However, I wish you happy days in this unique year of your life. Belated 20th birthday to you.

2. I never intended to forget your big day, darling. A lot of things came up. I’m genuinely sorry and hope it’s not too late. I wish you a prosperous new age. Happy belated 20th birthday to you, dear friend.

3. Look who is now fully an adult. Don’t feel flattered if I say 20 looks its best on you. May you continue to radiate in this beauty all through your days. Happy 20th born day to you. I’m sorry I had to send this late.

4. May every moment that passes by in this new year of your life leave you pleasant memories. Belated happy 20th birthday to you, dear. Sorry for the late wishes.

5. I officially welcome you to adulthood. I’m sorry I should have done this on your birthday and I hope I’m forgiven. Rejoice in your new age because it will be beautiful for you. Happy belated 20th birthday, sweetheart.

6. Belated 20th birthday, pretty one. I hope I’m forgiven for just sending in this now. I want to assure you that my heart is always with you and I wish you the strength you need to handle this new age of yours.

7. Glorious 20th birthday, handsome. I’m glad you made it to a full-grown man. Enjoy a new age that will be free from troubles. Belated birthday, dear. Sorry for the late wishes.

8. This new age of your life, I wish you enjoy peace, wisdom and find the strength to handle whatever comes your way. It will be a glorious one for you. Happy belated 20th birthday, dear sister.

9. I’m glad you are twenty already. It’s beautiful watching you grow. May you continue to grow in might, wisdom and understanding. Belated 20th birthday to you, dear nephew. I’m sorry for the lateness.

10. 20 years in your life means 20 victories won and 20 bridges crossed. May you be stronger this time around and conquer more. Happy belated 20th birthday, love. I hope you forgive me for just sending this now. I love you.

Belated 20th Birthday Messages

Happy belated 20th birthday to you, dear. I know this message should have gotten to you before now and I apologize for being late. I hope it’s not too late to tell you that this year will bring you good tidings and enough strength to journey adulthood. Welcome to your twenties!

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11. It’s your special age! It’s a milestone! Let the celebration continue. It’s a year in your life that will bring you abundant bliss and peace. Happy belated 20th birthday, sweet. Enjoy!

12. I know this is the wrong time to send in greetings on the occasion of your birthday. I really have to do this now because you are special to me and I am really sorry for sending this late. I wish you all the best. Happy belated 20th birthday to you.

13. Welcome to a special age of blossoming. May nothing deprive you of this all through your days in this new year of your life. Belated 20th birthday, darling.

14. A glorious 20th birthday to an amazing child. You will live long and become that great man that will affect your generation positively. I love you so much and so sorry for the late wishes. Happy belated 20th birthday!

15. It’s a beautiful season for you, my dear. The long-anticipated 20th birthday is here. I am sorry for not being there for you with my wishes. I will make it up, please. I care about you a lot and I wish you a happy belated 20th birthday.

16. Happy belated 20th birthday, my dear. I never knew you would look this big and charming at this age. 20 looks great on you and I’m pretty sure greater things are coming your way. Happy belated 20th birthday to you. Sorry for the late wishes.

17. May this new age of your life bring you new strength and inspiration to achieve great heights. Happy belated 20th birthday to you, baby. I’m sorry this is coming now.

18. You are barely 20 years and you have achieved this much. My desire for you is that you will increase in knowledge and strength. More wins, sweetheart. Happy belated 20th birthday. Sorry for reaching you this late.

19. Congratulations on your 20th birthday. It’s indeed a milestone. May it continue to be rosy and glorious for you. Happy belated birthday, fine one. Sorry for the lateness.

20. I admire and felicitate your ability to scale through teenagehood without being caught in the euphoria that comes with it. I wish you more grace as you journey into adulthood. Happy belated 20th birthday, dear. I’m sorry I have to reach you now.

Belated 20th Birthday Blessings and Prayers

I really am sorry for not reaching you with my heartfelt wishes on your birthday. It was never intentional to fail to send my prayers to a darling like you. Nonetheless, I pray for you that the blessings of God that add no sorrow will locate you this season and cause you to sing a new song of joy. Amen. Belated happy 20th birthday, dear.

21. May the blessings of the Lord rest and abide with you all through your days in this new age of yours and beyond. Happy belated 20th birthday to you.

22. As you find the grace to step into this unique age, may it continue to be sufficient for you all through it. You will have reasons to rejoice. I wish you a happy belated 20th birthday. I’m sorry for the late wishes, dear.

23. I could imagine how much you wanted to hear from me during your 20th birthday celebration. I’m sorry I couldn’t reach you. Nevertheless, I pray that you will find favour and mercy in all you do this new year of yours. Happy belated 20th birthday, dear.

24. I hope this message meets you well, sweetheart. I know it’s coming late and I apologize. I wish you all-around blessings and God’s mercy. May they be with you as you journey adulthood. Happy belated 20th birthday.

25. Happy birthday 20th birthday, daughter of Zion. Your coast is enlarged and your strength renewed for this new year. I apologize for the late wishes. Do take care of yourself.

26. As you have stepped into adulthood, may the Lord deck you with excellence and wisdom to prosper in it. Belated 20th birthday to you.

27. May the peace of God be with you as you begin a unique age of your life. Nothing will cut short your Joy. Belated 20th birthday to you, dear. I’m sorry I should have sent this before today. I love you.

28. I congratulate you on your birth anniversary and I’m pretty much sorry for just doing this now. I pray that God will be with you and guide you to do the right things. Happy belated 20th birthday, dear.

29. Happy belated 20th birthday to you. May the grace you need to follow the right cause be sufficient for you as you embark on the journey of adulthood. Amen.

30. I pray for you that you will not fall victim to unpleasant circumstances. The Lord will keep your going out and coming in. Happy belated 20th birthday, dear. I’m sorry for the late message.

Good to see you’ve gone through the awesome happy belated 20th birthday wishes. I hope you found them useful. Your 20 years old loved one will be excited to receive one or more from you. Do them the favour of not depriving them of that excitement. I know you would, your being here proves that.

So, don’t hesitate… I got you always!

Happy belated 20th birthday to him or her.

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