Things to Say to Your Long Distance Boyfriend

2023 Things to Say to Your Long Distance Boyfriend

There are a thousand and one things to say to your long distance boyfriend but only a few can make him yours forever.

The distance can be strenuous, but a regular sweet message from you can massage the stress of his mind and body.

Sure, you don’t want the distance to have a toil on your connection, neither do you want it to cause a strain in your communication.

So, that is why, these 100 long distance messages for boyfriend are here to do the magic whilst still convincing him of your loyalty, commitment and care forever.

Make your choice, friend!

What to Say to Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Sweet, Romantic and Inspirational things to say to your long distance boyfriend.

1. The distance may be far but our hearts are closer together. I miss you, sweety.

2. No matter where you are, you are never alone because I’m always thinking of you with a smile on my face. I love you, my darling.

3. I’d love to hold you close and rest in your lovely arms but until then, I love and miss you.

4. Whenever you miss me just call on me and I’ll be there. I love you, my angel of love.

5. Even if we are apart, we can love together, dream together and stare at the beautiful stars at night together. I love you!

6. I’ll make up for all the time spent apart. I’ll kiss you more and love you more when I see you again. I miss you, my darling.

7. Distance isn’t a challenge to our love but a show of strength of how much we are willing to go for the love we share. I love you, my darling.

8. Distance does not mean a lot when you love this much. I love you, my king.

9. You know, you have nothing to worry about when we’re apart because I’ll always love and respect you. Have a lovely day, my darling.

10. To you, I make this vow; I’ll always love you even if we are world apart.

11. As long as we connect with our hearts, distance is nothing compared. I love you, sweetheart.

12. Truly, I can’t wait to look into your lovely eyes but I’m contented with knowing that you love me truly. I love you too, my angel.

13. Thank you for making me so confident of our love even with the distance that separates us. I love you.

14. If everything comes to nought, never my love for you. I love you till eternity, baby.

15. Because we’ve maintained our love even with this distance, I’m happy to tell you that we are more than a conqueror, sweetheart.

16. If you miss me, come see me, baby. I really long to behold your lovely eyes and rest in your peaceful bosom, my lovely.

17. I’m not afraid of the distance, so, I’m not afraid of loving you deeply. I love you, boo.

18. How long will you hold me tight when you see me again? How much would you want to kiss my lips, when we meet again? I miss you, angel.

19. I feel your presence in my heart, I hear your voice in my dreams. I miss you, sweet boo.

20. My heart leaps for joy knowing that my hand will feel your heart beat in time to come. I miss you, my love.

21. When my eyes meet yours, hold me by the waist and lift me up, and I’ll spread my wings to fly because I’m on top of the world. I’m so excited to see you soon, my love.

22. I feel the ecstasy in your voice, and I can hear your heartbeat when you share your dream to see me again. I miss you, sweety.

23. You’re my fantasy and my reality. I hope you make my dreams come true. I miss you, my darling.

24. Your love is deep in my heart, distance is nothing but distance. I love you, sweety.

25. When I miss you, I read through all your texts to me. And when I feel the need to hug you, I just stare at your picture with a wide smile on my face. I love you, sweetheart.

26. Just the thought of you brings a smile to my face. And the sight of you makes everywhere green. I miss you, my darling.

27. Even though we’re apart, your love still makes me a better person every morning. I love you, sweetie.

28. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do just to have you close. Fate may have us apart, but our hearts draw us even closer. I love you, boo.

29. Your love means the world to me, hence, distance means nothing to me. I love you, my king.

30. I’ll rather have you closer, but then, I’ll rather have your love if I have to choose. I love you, sweetness.

31. What can separate me from your love? Not unfaithfulness, nor desire, nor even continental distance. I love you, sweetie!

32. Nobody does it better than you, I’ll rather have you a distance away than to have another close to me. I miss you, my love.

33. I celebrate our love every day and I dream of you even with my eyes open. I miss you, my darling.

34. I’m glad you crossed my path but I’m more grateful that my heart is your abode. I love you, sweetie and I miss you.

35. Never craved this much, for I am a watchman for your sake. But for you, I have never hoped more. I miss you, sweetie.

36. Every passing day means a lot to me because I know, it brings us closer. I miss you, my love.

37. If not for your love, I couldn’t live, but for your calls, I could fade away. I miss you, my darling.

38. I was made for you and you, for me. Thus, distance isn’t a barrier to this love of ours. I miss you, sweetie.

39. In a world filled with men of different colours and sizes, I still can’t find anyone else I want in my heart but you. I miss you, my love.

40. I adore you to the core of my heart and I desire you as the oxygen I breathe. I love you and I miss you, sweetie.

41. Because I love you so greatly, I miss you this much, my darling.

42. A text from you is salvation to my hungry soul. I miss you, my love.

43. Until I see you face to face, my heart will not stop dreaming of you. I miss you, my love

44. I dream of an island, with you and me alone enjoying the cool breezes of the love we share. I miss you, my darling.

45. Whenever you miss me, just say the words to me. It’s beautiful hearing those words from you, my love.

46. When my phone beeps, I wish it was you calling me. I miss you so much, my love.

47. The burden of missing you is equal to the distance between us. I love you, angel.

48. I want you in my arms as soon as soon can be. I miss you, my love.

49. As long as your heart is with me, distance is nothing to me. I love you, my angel!

50. You’re the best man on earth! I’m so lucky to have you even distance away. I love you, sweet boo.

51. I’ll take a trip to make your heart fall harder for me, all because, I miss you the more, time after time. I love you, my dear.

52. My sense of yearning has been heightened ever since I couldn’t touch you. I miss you and I love you.

53. I become wistful whenever the distance stares us in the face. I miss you. I love you more.

54. The only trip I’ll love you to take is the one that will bring you closer to me and not farer away. I can’t stop missing you. I love you, honey.

55. I knew I would miss you but never this much. Honey, hasten to be closer to me again. I love you.

56. No matter the distance our loyalty and love will always be in juxtaposition to one another. I miss you, dear. I love you so much.

57. Yeah, we may be far away from each other, but we can’t deny that love covers all distance. I miss you, my sweet boyfriend. I love you, my love.

58. I love you so much and even though the distance is strenuous, my love for you is very persistent. I miss you greatly, my darling.

59. Take a look at the sun, despite its distance from the earth it never fails to shine on it. My love, despite the distance between us, I won’t stop shinning all around you and our love will never be faint. I miss you because I love you.

60. Indeed, love is the greatest, though it doesn’t erase the distance it sure bridges the gap. I love you, my one and only. I miss you as well.

61. No matter where you are, I’ll follow you around like the moon follows each of us. I love you and I miss you more than I can tell.

62. You may not be by my side but your love for me keeps me warm when the distance becomes so cold. I love you and that’s why I’m missing you.

63. I may not know how to shorten the distance between us, but I sure do know how to keep on loving you till forevermore. I love to love you. I miss you.

64. Let this message drop in your heart and kill every loneliness that comes with the miles between us. I love you. I’m missing you too.

65. Distance may be our challenge, however, I count it all joy that love isn’t our cause of concern. Needless to say, I love you and therefore, I miss you, my love.

66. When distance comes between us like a cloud of darkness, our love will shine so bright like a ray of light. I love you, darling and I miss you from miles to miles.

67. Even when there are heaps of mountains between us, I still can feel it in my heart that love is the greatest elevation. I love you, my boyfriend and I miss you like never before.

68. I wouldn’t want to ever see you lonely. So, let this message keep you company throughout the day. My heart is with you, I love you. I’m missing you, handsome.

69. Even though we are separated by distance, I’m glad love brings us closer than a touch. I love you and I miss you completely.

70. I don’t want to make you cry, otherwise, I’ll tell you how bad I miss you. I love you, my one and only boyfriend.

71. Even the distance between us, ain’t enough to tear us apart. I miss you indeed. Love you, my king.

72. I’ll be pacing back and forth in love and loyalty quietly waiting for you. No matter the agitation, I’ll be here waiting for you. I miss you, my love.

73. Believe you me, you’ll always meet me in love. That’s how much I love you. Miss you, boo.

74. I don’t have it all but my love for you is complete even the distance between us isn’t a threat. Missing you, I love you.

75. I didn’t just promise myself to love you when I’m able to feel your face but likewise when you’re so far away and memories and imaginations are the only things I hold onto. Missing someone special.

76. Love takes us farer than any distance. My love, my heart is with you. I’m missing you.

77. No matter where you are, I’ll always be there with you, because my love has wings that can travel so fast. I miss you so very much.

78. Whenever the breezes blow at your end, know for sure, I just blew you a kiss. I miss you and I love you as always.

79. I can hear the voice of the waves, does that mean you’re sailing to get me? I’m already missing you. I love you beyond words.

80. No matter how far you may be, my love for you covers all distances. I miss you so much, my love.

81. Distance angst may visit me sometimes, but it can’t make me live you. I love you and I miss you.

82. Loving you has taught me a lot: that true love kills distance and never vice versa. I’m missing you, but yet I’ll love you.

83. I’ll wait for you even when the distance increases with time. Love you, my king. I miss you.

84. There are many things to always remind you of my loyalty and two of which is: the sun and the moon because they are ever abiding. I miss you, darling.

85. Because darkness misses the day, it brings out the stars in her honour. And so because I miss you, I’ll name a star after you. I love you, sweetheart.

86. I’ll be with you someday until the distance is gone. I miss you, my honey.

87. I love you at all time: when we hold hands and even when our hands can’t reach out to each other. I miss you, dear sweetheart.

88. The one thing I will love most is seeing you in my arms. I really do miss you, my love.

89. My love for you is beyond the physical and that’s why I love you even in your absence. Miss you, my love.

90. As we stay miles away, we feel the importance of loving from away. I love you and miss you.

91. You’ll always be my man even when you’re not around nor by my side. I miss you. Love you!

92. I love everything for your sake, even the distance I love it for you. I miss you, my love.

93. This distance between us would refine us like a gold that has passed through the fire. I miss you sincerely.

94. I want you to know, that wherever you are, my heart has built a home beside you as well. I miss you, love.

95. This distance between us has revealed to me how much we love each other. I won’t trade that for anything in the world. Miss you, my love.

96. When I look forward, I do not look forward to the next day, I only look forward to seeing you. I miss you, sweety.

97. Love is able to burn all bridges. Now I know, little wonder, I feel you as though, you’re near. I’m missing you.

98. Your voice is enough to make me see you standing in front of me. I miss you every now and then, but I’ll never stop loving you.

99. Even when I can’t see you behind me, I can see your love there. I miss you, my love.

100. Every time I see the distance between us, I equally learn to appreciate the journey of our love. I miss you, my sweety.

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