Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Husband

Birthday Wishes for Husband on Facebook

Even though, there are over 300 days to treat someone we love special. Birthday remains an irreplaceable day, with an open opportunity to treat our loved ones to the sweet things of life.

As it happens to be your hubby’s birthday, here, are the romantic and heart touching birthday wishes for husband on facebook that could top you in his good book.

Pick yours and thank me later!

Most Touching Birthday Messages for Husband

Hurry, your husband is plus one today, do you need something unbelievable that will caught him unaware? Here are Romantic Touching Happy birthday Text Messages for Him (Husband) that you can send to him.

1. It’s time to celebrate your birthday, I can’t help but reflect on the moment you crawled into my life and took the first place as my hubby. I wish that the butterfly that gives joy, laughter, peace and prosperity flies into your tummy. Happy birthday, sweetest husband.

2. If I could go on diets so you can be fed with the sweetest and delicious meals of life, I would do all that for you. Happy birthday, hubby, I wish you the most beautiful things in life.

3. Happy birthday to the male version of myself. Your life is full of my galaxies, you make me beautiful. I wish you the most beautiful things in the universe.

4. Happy birthday, Hubby. You’re my firework, exploding into the sky with the truest feelings for me. I wish you nothing but sparkles that would beautify your life.

5. Happy birthday, my dear husband. You came into my world and lighted my heart with a combination of coloured flames of love. I wish you a more beautiful life than the rainbow.

6. Happy birthday my sugar and flavour. Rather than wishes, I want to make you a birthday promise. Whenever you see the sun revolving around the earth, know this for sure, my love for you would never be static.

7. Sweetheart, living life isn’t my request but living life with you is the oldest prayer I hold dear. Happy birthday to the man who skyrocketed my life with love and banged it with affections. I wish you a lifetime of love, from me to you.

8. If life goes empty and everything in it goes dry, know this for sure, your birthday would always birth a redemption. Happy birthday to my handsome soulmate. Wishing you nothing but joy.

9. Happy birthday, hubby. I wish you that beautiful Motorsport, that would take you to the highest points in life.

10. Happy birthday, my King Kong. My heart mingled with yours and birthed love. I wish you a birth of success, miracle, joy and peace.

11. Happy birthday, my hunk. I have a confession than a wish to make to you on this special day. If you weren’t birthed on a day like this, my world would have been empty and sour, all because you would’ve been missing in my life.

12. Happy birthday to the man who wrote the best love story with his life, casting me as the major character. I wish you the lead role in every good aspect of life.

13. Happy birthday to my love. You are a priceless gift to my world and a beautiful rocket that lifts me higher than my limits. I wish you wings that glide better than the eagle’s.

14. Happy birthday my everyday crush. I’ll shake in the fire, to see the light of the universe flash just on you. I would dare the devil, to make sure he flees from you. This is my promise to you on your birthday.

15. With you, I’m made to believe that, novels do not tell the greatest love story, your life told the greatest one when it hooks with mine. I’m happy for this special thing you gave to me and on your birthday I can only wish that your life tell a wonderful story of success and victory, as it did with love.

16. Happy birthday to the most melodious tune in my heart. I wish you a place on the highest scale of life.

17. Happy birthday, sweety. Your life is in the mainstream of love, success and happiness. I wish that it never leaves that point.

18. Happy birthday, my everyday man. I wish you a deeper root in success, accomplishment, access to the free things of life, inner peace and a sound health. Your birth reminds me of a special thing.

19. Happy womb escape to my hubby of life. You are my favourite hobby, cause I love to see, hold and touch you each moment of my life. I wish you your greatest heart desires.

20. Even if my memory was bias, I could never miss your birthday for anything. I wish you great feet that will only walk on the greatest sand of time.

21. Happy birthday to the most important person in my life. My wish for you is that your life rivets the best things in life. Just like ice cream, your life will always taste sweet, just like water, your life will quench tastes.

22. Happy birthday, sweety. No day befits the birth of a great man as this day. I wish you a lifetime of a harvest of the good fruits of life.

23. Happy birthday, my man. I wish you bundles of joy and happiness. You made a smart move when you made a grand entrance into this world, on a special day like this.

24. Sweety, I’m happy to wish you a blissful birthday cause, I have a man who keeps me busy with love, affection, heart melting compliments and sound peace. Happy birthday, honey.

25. Happy birthday, hubby. I hope that your life appears on the pages of success than anyone else’s. I love you more than I can ever show you.

26. Happy birthday, handsome. I do all things well because your life strengthens mine. I wish you the strength to go on when it’s tough, the patience to be alive when it’s the time of harvest and the peace of mind to scale through life. I love you.

27. Happy birthday, my everyday crush. Looking at you, makes me feel like I’m beholding an angel of love. I wish your life runs like a well-tuned engine.

28. Happy birthday to the man who searched for me and found me. I wish you the capacity to locate just the most beautiful things in life like you did with me.

29. First off, It’s my pleasure to have you in my life. Happy birthday to the one who does it better than anyone I know. I wish you the reward of hard work and love.

30. Happy birthday, Superman. I wish you a perfect success rating, just as much as you rated my life well with the sweetest love a man could give his woman.

31. Happy birthday, my one and only. You gave me a union of love, synced my heart with yours and made my heart an arena of bliss. How do I pay you back? I wish you a life that treats you kind.

32. You are the reason everything became beautiful in me. You made it so with each of those touches, the look in your eyes when you behold me, the soothe in your voice when you speak to me. I wish you a relishing lifetime.

33. If as I count the days, your life would go farther, then, I promise to count till infinity and start all over again. Happy birthday to him who deserves all that and many more.

34. Like an olive oil, you make my life shine better, like a fertile soil, you make my life grow health. I wish you growth, radiance and every good thing in life. Happy birthday, my sweety.

35. You took me to the place I don’t wanna leave, the place of love. May life take you to a blissful place, where you find more than joy and happiness. Happy birthday, my love.

36. Happy birthday, to the champ who sanitized my life with love and not trash it with a heartbreak. I wish you a life that exudes dignity, integrity and blessings.

37. Happy birthday, my only one. I wish you the blessings of an angel and miracles from heaven.

38. Happy birthday, my love. Just like Mississippi, you became the longest river of my passion and attention. I wish you a lively time on this beautiful earth.

39. Happy birthday, my temptation. I don’t wanna fight nor submerge you, I wanna fall into your arms daily. I wish you tons of good gifts from life.

40. Happy birthday, my husband. I wish you eternal joy, happiness and victory.

41. Happy birthday, my lover. You wiggled your way into my heart and gave me a confidence, I never knew existed except in you. I wish you the boldness to face life challenges and make the most outta your situations.

42. Happy birthday, my love. You accomplished so much in my heart, that every inch of the space in there belongs to you. I wish you the wisdom of King Solomon. With that, you are a bundle of success.

43. Happy birthday, my baby. The one whom I love to love and who thrives on loving me. I wish you an increase in success, greatness and joy.

44. Happy birthday, my honey bunny. I pray each day, your life tastes sweeter than the sweet red berries.

45. Happy birthday, sweety. For your sake, I wish to make the world easier and put you at the centre of it. I love you.

46. Happy birthday, dearie. I can’t stand a moment without thinking about you. I pray the universe remembers to bless you and give you a fiesta of love.

47. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. I wish you a long life spent in impunity, love, fulfilling dreams and prosperity.

48. Happy birthday, the one whom my heart was made for. I wish you favour, that is beyond any wrongdoing.

49. Happy birthday, honey. You are my priority and your birthday is my show of appreciation. I wish you nothing but grace.

50. Happy birthday, honey pie. You are one in a million, just as your birthday. I wish you beautiful rides that would ride you to the acme of success.

51. Happy birthday, my heartbeat. You caught my heart in a split second of unbridled ecstasy. I wish you a life touched by grace, kindness and peace.

52. Happy birthday, my champ. You make my heart weigh less than a hundred pound since you took away my fears and burdens and replaced it with love. I pray that you walk on the stairs of success, winning every cup to your name.

53. Happy birthday, honey. Never knew I could sleep in love and never woke up until you gave me a dose of affections that rendered me a sleeping beauty. I wish you the best gift you ever dreamt of.

54. Happy birthday, my husband of life. Your romance has weakened every tendon in my body. I love you more than I can adequately describe. Wishing you indescribable joy and happiness.

55. Happy birthday, sweety. Rather than birthday wishes, I choose to appreciate you today. You make everything look and feel good. I can’t stop loving you.

56. Happy birthday, my honey bunny. God bless the day my heart was made for yours. I wish you nothing but accomplishment.

57. Your presence in my world plunges with a rope into a pond of undivided attention in my heart. I love it there, cause you are there. I wish that life never takes away your lovely heart, mind, soul and body.

58. Happy birthday, love. Your hobby is giving me joy, laughter and charming smiles on a daily basis. I wanna pay you in my little way, by wishing you a source of happiness that never runs dry.

59. Happy birthday, my sweety. I love to say that, your birthday is one of the greatest observed days of my life. I wish you more than enough of everything you long for.

60. Happy birthday, dearie. I wish you your dream cars, shirts and assets and pray your dream come true.

61. Happy birthday, my hubby. Though we weren’t made on the same day, surely, we were made for each other. I wish you so much accomplishment before another day like this.

62. Happy birthday, sweety. More than a ruby, you are worth so much more to me. I wish you a higher ground.

63. Happy birthday, my soulmate. My heart is yours. I’m wishing you a bigger crown in life.

64. Sweety, happy birthday. Whatever life may bring our way, I promise, to be true to love you. I wish you success in all your endeavours.

65. Happy birthday, my brightest star. I wish you a continuously growing star. I love you with every fibre of my being.

66. Happy birthday, darling. Just knowing you aren’t the best thing to have happened to me, but falling for you and having you as my partner in love has been a fulfilling gift from the heavens to me. I wish you something that gold nor silver can get.

67. My rare gem. I’m glad you’ve been gifted with the gift of life to clock plus one. I wish you have in abundance every good thing you need to live this life.

68. Happy birthday, my boo. Playing the character of my husband has been one of your best characters in life. I wish you a lifetime of joy and contentment.

69. Happy birthday, my love. You stole my heart away and blew me off with your charisma. I wish you the wisdom to live life safely.

70. Happy birthday, hubby. You love me helplessly and do not wish to be rescued. For this, you make me super proud to have fallen in love with you. I wish you a lot of accomplishments.

71. Happy birthday to the man who treats me way better than a king cares for his queen. I wish you a superb encounter with the angel that gives good gifts.

72. Happy birthday to my guardian angel. I wish you colourful and brighter days ahead! I love you so much!

73. If life gets tough, be sure I’ll get going with you. Happy birthday, my dearest husband. Loving you is indescribable! I wish you an enlarged coast of treasures!

74. Happy birthday, to my husband. The one whose name I proudly bare. I love you. Enjoy your day!

75. I promise to forgive you every day, love you every second and kiss you even when I’m angry. Happy birthday, my love.

76. Thank you for choosing to share that beautiful heart of yours with me. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you the life that you desire.

77. We are still in this race and yet to reach the finish line. Until then, I give you all my love and support. Happy birthday, my good husband. Your heart is few and far between!

78. May the rich and poor call for your service, may your children love you forever. Happy birthday, my love. Have a blast!

79. He who finds a wife finds a good thing, however, I found a husband and I found favour. Happy birthday beautiful husband! Wishing you rivers of joy and peace!

80. To the man who makes love so much effortless, who makes forgiving a piece of cake, I love you and I wish you a happy birthday. May you look back at today and smile at it.

81. Happy birthday, dear hubby! I’m promising you, my undying love, ever and ever! I wish you so much joy and happiness. And that dream of yours will certainly come true.

82. Dear hubby, I’ve got nothing but love for you, that is why I wish you joy, peace and prosperity on your big day. Happy birthday, my love.

83. A king such as you really do not need any more than a queen. So I pledge my support to you as a faithful queen to her king. I love you, man. Wishing you greater heights, may your today be better than your past, always!

84. Thank you for showing me a love so pure and true. I celebrate the genuineness and beauty of your heart, on this day as you age older. My love, I wish you kindness and peace, nothing but joy!

85. Happy birthday, sweet hubby! I love you for so many reasons, one of which is your faithfulness throughout the years. I’m wishing you prosperity and those goodies you wish yourself.

86. I just wanna wish you a beautiful today and an amazing tomorrow to be proud of. Happy birthday, my love.

87. I say “I do” once again to loving you, trusting you and taking good care of you. Happy birthday, my love. To you, I give all my heart!

88. May the heavens answer your prayers and the earth yield her increase to you! Happy birthday, world best husband! I love you!

89. You can be sure that for the many more birthdays you gonna celebrate, I’ll stand by you and love you completely. Happy birthday, the one my heart beats for.

90. Just wanna let you know that you deserve only the best and you deserve me too, therefore I give you my life. Happy birthday, dear hubby!

91. You are worth more than the most priceless jewel, that, I want you to know. Happy birthday, sweetie. I wish you all the happiness in life!

92. I’m proud to be married to a noble man like you, inestimable is your worth. I wish you a life flowing with milk and honey. Happy birthday, my love.

93. You’ve helped me to soar higher and be the woman I am today. So, I wish you elevation and promotion in your endeavours. I love you, husband! Happy birthday!

94. I love you truly. My love will always be here in my heart to shower upon you. Happy birthday, dear husband. Wishing you God’s favour!

95. Count your blessings, name them one by one! Yay! It’s your day again! Happy birthday, sweetheart. I wish you the joy of growing older and the treasures of your choice. I love you!

96. As you get older, you get wiser. I pray you get wiser as you age! Wisdom is the highest spiritual gift. I pray God bestows it upon you!

97. I’ll give you all the treasures of the earth if I could, I’ll stop the world for a second just so I loud your praise. Happy birthday, sweet husband!

98. Is there anything you want for your birthday? Whisper it in my ears and I’ll get it for you! Happy birthday, my love!

99. My husband, my crown! You alone deserve all the accolades of the noblest men in the world because you are the greatest. I wish you, good health and a marvelous kindness! Happy birthday!

100. Muah, muah, muah! Happy birthday, sweet husband. Love you to the moon and back. Wishing you more love from the fountain of my heart and more legal tender from the world bank!

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