Emotional Birthday Wishes

2023 Emotional Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

Emotions are key parts of one’s soul. They are expressed in diverse ways, not only on dark days but even on the brightest of days. A lot of times, they are hard to express. Emotions are beautiful things.

How best to express your emotions than on a bright day — like a birthday? Let him or her know how much you love them, are proud of them, how much good they’ve made you feel. With a text message, you can be good to go.

Here we provided 140 emotional happy birthday wishes for different categories of people. Do well to utilise them fully. And thank me later.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Lover

The Collection of Emotional birthday wishes for lover is categorized into Emotional Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend, Emotional Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend, Emotional Birthday Wishes for Husband and Emotional Birthday Wishes for Wife.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Cute emotional birthday wishes for boyfriend. The best emotional happy birthday wishes for your male lover.

1. To my lover, friend and brother. Your birth is one of the greatest miracles to ever happen to me and I consider it worthy of great celebration. Happy birthday, dearie.

2. Meeting you have set a great number of beautiful things going on in my life. I cherish you and give you all of my heart. Happy birthday, darling.

3. Love is how I know you are the one for me. That’s how I can beat my chest and swear that I love you to the moon, beyond and back. Happy birthday, my love.

4. You are the love of my life and a great part of the reason I chose to love and live. I love and respect the beautiful role you play in my life. Happy birthday.

5. There has never been a day as lovely and appealing as the day I met you. I have fallen in love with you over and over again since then. Happy birthday.

6. I give you my heart and all of my love. You are the music and poetry that makes me feel beautiful, loved and happy. Happy birthday, dear.

7. I’d risk anything to preserve our friendship and relationship. You have been a loving friend and brother. Happy birthday, sweetie.

8. I don’t think of turning back the hands of time because I have you, but if time goes back, I’ll still choose you. Happy birthday, dearie.

9. You have touched my love spot in such a way that no one has ever touched. I’d still chose you over anyone, any day, anytime.

10. Love is a verb that you helped make sense to me. Love is a noun and the perfect example is you. Happy birthday, the love of my life.

11. As a beneficiary of your selflessness and large heart, I celebrate you today and pray that you always have a reason to love and be loved. Happy birthday, sweetie.

12. You have treated me like gold, giving me so much value that I feel like a queen anytime I have you around me. Happy birthday, dear.

13. I’ll never be tempted to get you out of my way because I know that without you in my life, there’s more of pains than gains. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

14. Your strength has supported me in my weak times and you have loved me until I began to love others greatly too. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

15. Everything we do together beings about so much excellence that I’ve decided to stick with you forever, by your side. Happy birthday, darling.

16. The fullness of the life I have when I spend time with you is such that I don’t ever want to be anywhere you are not. Happy birthday, love.

17. Do you remember the way it felt exciting when we met newly? Did you notice the feeling has not changed or fades away yet? Happy birthday, love.

18. I may not be certain or sure of certain things, but the certainty of my love for you is such that I can stake my life on it. Happy birthday, my love.

19. Every touch I get from you feels like one from Midas. It makes me feel so golden. You are a big plus in my life. Happy birthday, love.

20. The reason you will always be my number one is that anytime I remember you, I remember being loved beyond control. Happy birthday, my love.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

sweet emotional birthday wishes for your female lover – your girlfriend.

1. Your stay in my life has only brought peace and more love to my life. My family members are happy to have you close to us. Happy birthday, dearie.

2. You have been my biggest blessing, miracle and inspiration. I love you and I love the fact that I love you. Happy birthday, honey.

3. Every day is a big blessing and that which comes with your birthday is a pleasant and unique one. Happy birthday, my dear.

4. Happy birthday to you my Darling. You are a beautiful and strong addition to my life. The ease you bring to the table is appreciated today.

5. Days like this brings great joy to me. I wish that your sense of wonder brings goodness to you and our relationship. Happy birthday, love.

6. You must be a source of joy to everyone to ever come your way because I’ve been all joyful since our day one together. Happy birthday.

7. Love is what is experienced when someone spends few minutes with you. Love is the fire burning in your eyes. Happy birthday, Darling.

8. Love may have been said to be a strong word, but you make it feel so simple with the ease with which you spread it. Happy birthday, sweetie.

9. The day is bright because it recognizes the beauty of a Queen being born in it. You are a queen, and more, to me. Happy birthday, Darling.

10. Today is a reminder to me to fulfil all the promises I made to you that are not yet fulfilled. Today, I’ll remind you that I love you. Happy birthday.

11. No matter how terrible work and school go today, I’ll still feel good because I know your day cannot be a day of wrath. Happy birthday, love.

12. I may be too busy to handle a lot of things, but I’ll never be too busy to accommodate you in my life and heart. Happy birthday, love.

13. I hope you only feel good today — no pain, no stress, no fire. Hope your day is filled with good and love. Happy birthday, dearie.

14. It feels like ages since we started this journey together because I never want it to come to an end. You are just too lovely. Happy birthday.

15. I think the perfect definition of a good dream is being with someone like you in it. You have made this a reality for me. I love you. Happy birthday, love.

16. You may know things about me that you feel uncomfortable with, but on my side, I love every single thing about you. Happy birthday, sweetie.

17. I am very sure that when I find out things I don’t know about you yet, I’ll love them. This is because everything I know about you is lovely. Happy birthday.

18. We should never let go of ourselves. No matter who I’m with, I feel lonely if you’re not present. I think you are now a full part of me. Happy birthday.

19. Being with you have been very beneficial to me. I think you can only appreciate it as much as I do if you are me. Happy birthday, Darling.

20. I’ll tell the world of your exploits and beauty. I’ll tell them about your big and large, love filled heart. Happy birthday to you, my love.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Friend

Cute emotional birthday wishes for Friend. The best emotional Happy Birthday wishes for your Friends.

1. You have a special way of spreading love, from little ways to big ones, progressing like a bell-bottom. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

2. You have struck me with so much joy and love that I can’t even feel myself again. You’re choking me with excess goodness. Happy birthday, friend.

3. Anytime I want to be happy, you’re the first person I look for and you’ve never disappointed me. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

4. You have cried for me when necessary, never judging me. You have loved me and never thrown stones at me. Happy birthday, my friend.

5. I may not know what to say today but a voice in me keeps telling me of what a good and darling friend you’ve been to me. Happy birthday to my dear friend.

6. Even if it means me repeating words and seeming less creative, I’ll always tell you how awesome and beautiful you are. Happy birthday, my friend.

7. I want to whisper vows of what I hope to commit to our friendship, but when I think of what awesome friend you’ve been, I decide to give my all. Happy birthday.

8. From this side of life to the other side of eternity, I pray our friendship never ends, but grow brighter and better. Happy birthday, friend.

9. I may be over emotional on a day like this, but it is not because it was not caused by you. I love you dearly, my friend. Happy birthday to you.

10. I know what you’re asking for. You want we all to be blessed as we celebrate you. You’re a genius, man. Happy birthday, my friend.

11. If staying with you is the unconventional thing to do, then I’m sure I’d rather be an outsider. I won’t fit in their box. Happy birthday, my friend.

12. Today is your day of celebration, it’s your moment. Rise and let the world honour and celebrate you. Happy birthday to you and the king in you.

13. Tried to write down the reasons I love you but I gave up when I saw that the list wasn’t ever going to come to an end. Happy birthday, man.

14. I wish you a lot of good things and one of the reasons is because I’m trying to reciprocate your daily wishes for me. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

15. Your celebration, to me, is more valuable than celebrating a Grammy. It’s one of my favourite days. Let’s do this. Happy birthday, fam.

16. Say I won’t ever trade our friendship even for a million dollars. Say I won’t ever walk out of this friendship as long as I live. Happy birthday, bro.

17. No matter how high you get, I’ll climb to celebrate with you. No matter how low you get, I’ll stoop to be with you. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

18. When I was younger, I had a high standard of friendship. I never changed because, in you, I found someone who had more than my standards. Happy birthday, friend.

19. I have never had any group, person, institution or family fit into my life as much as you fit into my life. I’m yet to know it’s the other way round too. Happy birthday, friend.

20. “Everyone sit down as I tell you about one of the greatest influences — for good — in my life.” He is you. Happy birthday to you, friend.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Sister

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Your Elder Sister or Younger Sister.

1. We have lived together for a long time, but let me shock you: I’m not tired of your presence around me. Matter of fact, I still need it. Happy birthday, sister.

2. You are a fellow descendant of a king like me, so permit me to celebrate you majestically. My beautiful sister, I wish you more strength today. Happy birthday.

3. You’ve never been one to waste time in doing a good thing, but today let’s slowly and carefully celebrate you. Happy birthday to my lovely sister.

4. You will never be stopped as you keep heading to the sky. This is a prayer for me, and I know your determination will see you through. Happy birthday, sister.

5. You are beautiful, creative and strong. Let people say what they want. It is what it is. Happy birthday to you, my sister. Much love from here.

6. When I look back at celebrations in honour of good and lovely people, today feels like a deja vu to me. Happy birthday, sweet sister.

7. Butterflies in my stomach became very restless today. They remind me of your beauty, awesomeness and commitment to love. Happy birthday, sister.

8. I don’t believe in astrology, horoscope and zodiacs, but how come you have all the predicted good traits of your sign? Happy birthday, sister.

9. When I’m counting my blessings, I count you uncountable times, but I can’t categorise you as one blessing because you are more. Happy birthday, dear.

10. Count your blessings and you’ll see that God kept you on the right spot, with everyone and everything you need. Happy birthday, my lovely sister.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Brother

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Your Elder Brother or Younger Brother.

1. You have hammered your way to my heart, like the strong and desperate, but lovely fighter that you are. Welcome. Happy birthday, dear brother.

2. With you, no bad times. And the good times are so great that sometimes I fear we’ll make the headlines. Happy birthday, my sweet and dear brother.

3. If you’re the only thing I got left after losing a lot — or everything — I’ll feel like I lost nothing after all. Happy birthday, brother boy.

4. Everything you have taught me and done with me has been worth it. You have been a sweet second father to me. Happy birthday, big bro.

5. You have provided good guidance for me and right now, you’re one of the very few people I can trust. Happy birthday is all I can say for today.

6. You are a lot of things to me. So I thought and concluded that my crew will be complete if I have only you in it. Happy birthday, brother and partner.

7. We grow older, but not apart. We grow stronger and more united. We grow more lovely with desire towards ourselves. Happy birthday, brother.

8. My world is large and interesting and it begins and ends right here with you. You’re never fading when I picture my life. Happy birthday, brother.

9. We have soared higher since we began to dig deeper into what our relationship as brothers was all about. Happy birthday to my brother and hero.

10. Hey, bro. This is to tell you that I’ll never forget to celebrate you because you’ve been one hell of a great man to me. Happy birthday, brother of life.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Husband

1. You have been a sweet, kind and loving husband since day one. I hope I’ve been the same to you since then. For today, happy birthday, sweetheart.

2. Your money, time and self are things you’ve given me so much that I like to think I’m tired of them. But who gets tired of heaven? Happy birthday, love.

3. I’m scared for myself sometimes: I fear that one day I’m going to be so filled with love from you that I’ll burst into a million pieces. Happy birthday, love.

4. My life may have been a shade of sweet before you came into it, but right now, its more than a thousand shades of sweet. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

5. We all make mistake is a fact and we may never change that, but I know that choosing to have and hold you is not one of them. Happy birthday to my lover.

6. If I want to love on earth, I know where to go to. You’re my one stop point for true love. I’ve never been disappointed for as long as I remember. Happy birthday, dearie.

7. I see and feel you in every beautiful thing around — the trees, the sky, the wind, everything. I love you more now. Happy birthday, love.

8. If we are stuck in time, I’ll be the happiest woman on earth, because being with you for a longer time is a dream come true. Happy birthday.

9. One hundred wishes I have for you, but none beats my wish to see you become all you want to be. I love you much, baby. Happy birthday to you.

10. It’s a knowledge to me that you have my back and that you love me deeply and personally. I love you too. Have a nice birthday celebration. Happy birthday.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Wife

1. Walking through life with you by my side have made me see life in the most lovely way. I’m glad you’re by my side. Happy birthday, Darling.

2. Giving up my all to have you is a gamble I’ll proudly fall for and one I’ll never regret or be ashamed of. Happy birthday, dearie.

3. Forget every sign and symbol I use to profess my love to you. I’m loving you beyond that religion. I am devoted to you. Happy birthday, my wife.

4. I’m living happily and your love is one of the major reasons. Wipe your eyes clear and you’ll see that you’re the reason I live. Happy birthday, love.

5. What do you do to remain as awesome as you are? If everyone could do that, there’ll be less to struggle for. Happy birthday, my love.

6. If I say you’re special, I won’t feel satisfied because it’s something everyone says. So I’ll start by saying you’re more than special. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

7. We are the best couple I know of, because of the way you handle this little family of ours. I love you. Happy birthday, dearie.

8. Walking in your God-given purpose, you have transformed a lot of bitter things into sweet ones. I love you. Happy birthday, dearie.

9. I’ll be here when you are weak. I’ll be here when you fall. I’ll be a mattress and a pillow. I love you to the sun and beyond. Happy birthday, love.

10. Am I all you got? Then why do you shower me with so much love making me feel like the only man in the world? Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Dad

1. I wonder where all my shades of awesomeness will still be hidden if a man like you had not been in existence. Happy birthday, great dad.

2. You may not have tasted the money, fortune and fame, but you have left a path every one of my generations should follow. Happy birthday, dad.

3. We are your beautiful children and we are proud of you because we believe our success is a fruit of the good seeds you sowed years ago. Happy birthday, dad.

4. I’d not be in a truthful state if I say everything I have and I am were solely accomplished on my own. I have a backbone and a supporter that’s you. Happy birthday, dad.

5. Apart from bringing me to earth and paying my fees and bills, you gave me what no father could have given me. Happy birthday, daddy.

6. I picture the earth and imagine what it will be like if everyone has/had a dad like you. The pic I see is one of Bliss. Happy birthday, father.

7. On a day like this, I crawl back to you to remind you of my love. I wish I would be able to give you a pinch of all you gave me. Happy birthday, daddy.

8. In my mind, I picture the old days and I feel bad for the terrible things I did that I can’t change. I love you big time. Happy birthday, dad.

9. You showered me with so much love and affection that it’s best described as overwhelming. Hope your day is a blast. Happy birthday, big daddy.

10. I’ve made big plans for you dad. And I pray I live long enough to accomplish all of them. I love you big time, daddy. Happy birthday.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Mom

1. You’re so great a mom that I think and suggest that Mother’s Day should be moved to your birthday. You’re the greatest mom ever. Happy birthday.

2. I may have been unconscious, but I think the best time of my life was the nine months spent in your belly because being with you is a definition of heaven. Happy birthday.

3. Good times are best enjoyed with you. In fact, you are bringer of such beautiful times. I love you so much, mom. Happy birthday to you, sweet mother.

4. Raising me to be like you is the best thing to ever happen to me. I am proud to be tagged under “like mother, like son.” Happy birthday, mommy.

5. You probably never knew — but may I tell you? — that you are the inspiration and teacher behind every great thing I do today. Happy birthday to you, mom.

6. Following closely and carefully in your footsteps, I learnt to trust you and discovered that following you is all one needs to be great and successful. Happy birthday, mom.

7. Looking up to you, I never had a reason to bow my head in shame. The pride I have to be associated with you is great. Happy birthday, mama.

8. Everyone dies one day, but for being a great mother, you’ll live on in my heart forever — even after earth. Happy birthday to you, mama.

9. Every way you led me through were right. You were careful not to lead me in paths that will cause regrets. Happy birthday to my beautiful, intelligent and great mom.

10. You must be a professional mom because you have been the perfect example of a good mom. In truth, every child should have one like you. Happy birthday, mommy.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Son

1. You may consider my sacrifices for you as great ones, but you’ve made good use of them. You are a wonderful son. Happy birthday, my son.

2. You are a great personality and I’m glad and proud to have you as a part of the family. May the world hear your voice loud and clear. Happy birthday, son.

3. You may not be at the level of perfection, but you are fast achieving most of the beautiful things you dreamed about. Happy birthday, son.

4. All the little lights will come on and blink the whole day to celebrate the biggest light, you. Happy birthday, my dear son.

5. My heart and my soul is stirred by how pleased I am with you and I rejoice on this day made to celebrate you. Happy birthday, my son.

6. In the cold or heat, your little lights shine, giving up an expectation of hope. You are a valuable asset to the family. Happy birthday to you.

7. You, my little boy, are a sweet, loving and cute angel. Everything I’ve done as an investment in you has yielded good results. Happy birthday, boy.

8. Watching you grow into the package of amazement that you are fast becoming is the greatest encouragement I ever had. Happy birthday, son.

9. To say a perfect “happy birthday” to you should involve a lot of practice because there is a heavy lot to be said about you. Happy birthday, my son.

10. There are a lot of keys to my heart and you have — or, better still, are — one of the most appealing keys. Happy birthday, my sweet son.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Daughter

1. You have exhibited great traits of uniqueness and self-dependence. Even at your age, I can trust you to make good decisions. Happy birthday, my love.

2. Investing in you is not something to think twice about because it always pays off positively. Happy birthday, sweet daughter.

3. There may be little girls of your age everywhere, but none appeals to me as dearly as you do — and this is not because you’re my daughter. Happy birthday, girl.

4. Celebrating you today may be an event of fun, but deep within, it has a great and deep meaning to me, your dad. Happy birthday, Darling.

5. The whole neighbourhood may not throw a festival in honour of you, but we, who you’ve touched positively, have you in our hearts. Happy birthday, my daughter.

6. No gift can spell out your worth. No event can broadcast your beauty. No sign or symbol can show your loveliness or how much you’re loved. Happy birthday, dear.

7. Even if the tables turn today, you’ll still be my sweet little girl and I’ll still love you all the same. Happy birthday, my girl.

8. Wherever you go, my love follows you. You are imprinted in my heart. You are inscribed on my soul. Happy birthday to you, my daughter.

9. I am concerned about everything that concerns you. I wish your life goes without hitches or hurdles. I love you dearly. Happy birthday, love.

10. Since your birth, I began to worry less. I knew I had a child that will set a lot of things right. You have not disappointed me. Happy birthday.

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