Birthday Status for Sister on WhatsApp

2023 Best Birthday Status for Sister on WhatsApp

Sisters are like angels sent to each family; sweet, kind and compassionate individuals.

Just like every sibling, sometimes they are the thorn in your flesh but most of the times, you literally cannot do without them.

Big sisters are second moms and younger sisters are the princesses.

Thanks to whatsapp status, we get to celebrate the special days of our sisters in a more social and public means ( I mean the world gotta know how amazing your sister is).

Here are some whatsapp status messages for your sister’s birthday.

WhatsApp Birthday Status for Sister

The best collection of Birthday Status Messages for Sister.

1. To the one I would love forever, your birthday sis is one of my special days, I wish you the best in this new year.

2. I wouldn’t miss this day for the world, the world’s best sister was born today.

3. Sisters are proof of the good things the world has, happy birthday to my amazing sister.

4. You can’t have worries when you have the world best sister. Happy birthday to you soul sister.

5. I’m genuinely super excited, it’s my sister’s birthday, happy birthday to you darling.

6. How can I forget, it’s my cupcake’s birthday, happy birthday darling sis.

7. It’s the Queen’s birthday today, happy birthday to my beautiful sister.

8. Today we turn up for my favourite girl, happy birthday to my sister.

9. To me you are a shining star, shine forever sis, happy birthday.

10. To the one who picks me up on my worst day, happy birthday sister.

11. Today, we rock and roll, it’s my best girl’s birthday.
Happy birthday, sis.

12. It is always a great pleasure to celebrate with you hun, happy birthday darling sis.

13. Oh, how amazing you are to me my dear sister, happy birthday dear.

14. Yo! it’s my sister’s birthday, happy birthday to my super girl.

15. It’s that day of the year to celebrate my one fav girl, happy birthday to my awesome sister.

16. It’s my babe birthday, the one girl I can share my clothes with, I love you so much girl, happy birthday.

17. I can’t replace you, sis, you are like my life support, I celebrate you today and always. Happy birthday, girl.

18. The one girl I love more than myself lol, happy birthday darling sis.

19. To my pain in the ass beautiful sister, I love you. Have a beautiful birthday.

20. Celebrating my mom’s beautiful baby girl today, happy birthday sister.

21. A day to celebrate a queen, sister and friend, happy birthday my love.

22. You., my special girl is most celebrated today, happiest birthday to you my darling sister.

23. My lucky charm is a year older today, happy birthday sister.

24. To my very first best friend and my love forever, I love you sis, happy birthday.

25. My childhood wouldn’t be complete without you sis, I love you. Happy birthday, dear.

26. You will always be my favourite girl baby; happy birthday my love.

27. I am because you are my darling sister. Happy birthday to you.

28. Thanks for being mom’s favourite girls and, hey have a beautiful birthday celebration.

29. To the world’s coolest sister and my best friend, I love you girl, happy birthday girl.

30. I’m glad I get to spend the rest of my life with you sis, happy birthday darling.

31. Holding you close to my heart because you are the world’s best sister, happy birthday, my love.

32. I will keep you close to my heart my darling, happy birthday sisterly girl.

33. You are mom’s favourite girl, I know I know, well it’s all good babe, have a happy birthday.

34. It’s my sister’s birthday, wishing you loads of fun girl. Happy birthday.

35. This is a year filled with amazing breakthroughs for my sister girl, happy birthday dear.

36. For being by my side every single year, happy birthday my darling sister.

37. I will give you a big hug but I will just get you a teddy bear, happy birthday darling sis.

38. I literally cannot have a best friend because you already took that place, happy birthday to my darling sister.

39. It’s my damsel’s birthday, my favourite girl in the world. Happy birthday, sister girl.

40. Bloom girl bloom, I love you today and always sis, happy birthday.

41. Thanks, girl for making sisterly love a real thing for me, happy birthday girl.

42. Your birthday is mine, mine is yours, happy birthday to my amazing sister.

43. What’s yours is mine, but not your birthday lol, it is your very special day. Happy birthday, sister.

44. Sharing my life with a sister like you is a blessing. Happy birthday, darling.

45. Sisters are priceless gems, sister girl, you are a darling. Happy birthday.

46. Always on my mind baby, sister, my favourite one. Happy birthday to you sunshine.

47. I’m sending you so much love and light on your special day my darling sister, happy birthday.

48. I don’t even need a boyfriend because no one loves me like my sister. Happy birthday, girl.

49. Ain’t nobody prettier than the birthday girl, happy birthday sister.

50. To an extraordinary girl who stole my heart, yes I admit it. Happy birthday, sister girl.

51. Dear sister girl, celebrating your special day is one of my favourite things till date, happy cake day dear.

52. To the world’s most amazing sister (just for today lol) have yourself a colourful birthday.

53. Happy birthday to my life fixer; yes my sister fixes my life. Have an amazing day.

54. Thank you for being an amazing adult and teaching me even when I already knew things, happy birthday sister.

55. Hey birthday girl, I hope you are on your best behaviour, love you always sister.

56. It’s my best girl’s birthday, my darling sister, happy birthday my love.

57. There’s no nicer way to say this; this lady right here is my everything. Happy special day to my sister.

58. Happy birthday to the first friend I made on earth; sister and friend, I love you.

59. I will choose you a million times to be my sister, you are the best, have a super fun birthday.

60. I don’t mean to brag but my sister is the most pretty girl ever and today is her birthday too.

61. One of the best people I know is celebrating her special day today; it’s my darling sister’s birthday. Love you to bits.

62. I’m glad you came into this world as my sister, I wouldn’t have it any other way, happy birthday to my fav.

63. If everything was to be taken away from me, I wouldn’t mind as long as I have a sister like you, happy birthday to my love.

64. A sister’s love knows no bounds, I will cherish every time I spend with you, happy birthday to my beautiful sister.

65. As much as I’m the pretty one, today I will let you have that title. Happy birthday to my pretty sister.

66. Some days, you are the thorn in my flesh, other days you are the best thing ever. Yes, it’s my sister’s birthday.

67. First my sister but more importantly my friend, happy cake day baby girl.

68. My list of favourite people doesn’t start until I have written your name, happy birthday to my amazing sister.

69. I still remember you giving me your dolls even though you like them better, you are by far the kindest person I know, have a beautiful birthday sis.

70. To the best soul I know, my darling sister, happy birthday darling.

71. It’s a privilege to know you, even more, to be your siblings; you are irreplaceable girl, happy birthday.

72. Here’s wishing my darling sister a beautiful birthday celebration, you are loved, sis.

73. If we weren’t sisters, I’m pretty sure we would have been best friends, happy birthday love.

74. Happy birthday to the one girl who’s always trying to mend my life, sister girl, have a fruitful year ahead.

75. Here’s wishing the most incredible sister in the world a very beautiful birthday and an amazing year onward.

76. The best memories of my life were made with my sister, today I join the host of angels to celebrate this beautiful soul, have a beautiful new year girl.

77. I don’t know how I would have been living without a sister that is you, happy birthday girl.

78. Happy birthday sister, thank you for being a source of light and sunshine, I pray you have the best life has to offer.

79. My very own princess, happy birthday to my favourite girl, sister and friend. Have an exceptional new year.

80. Officially celebrating my darling sister because it’s her birthday, I love you loads girl, have a fruitful new age.

81. Like a fine wine, she ages gracefully, happy birthday to the world’s best sister, have yourself an amazing time.

82. It’s not everyday one gets to celebrate the birthday of a special sister, you are an amazing girl, have a beautiful birthday.

83. Happy cheers to my favourite birthday girl, sister, I love you always.

84. I don’t need a best friend because I have an amazing sister and yes today is her birthday, wish you loads of fun and sunshine.

85. Hello people, it’s the best day of the most amazing sister ever, happy birthday sunshine.

86. When you have an incredibly amazing sister, the world is just a better place, happy birthday darling sis.

87. You, sis, are perfect, you are beautiful and smart, I wish you the very best always, happy birthday sweetheart.

88. Today is special, a day designed just for the world best sister, happy birthday to you angel.

89. Others have guardian angels, God gave me mine in a sister, always great to have you here, happy birthday.

90. How incomplete it would have been if you were not my sister, I’m most grateful. Happy birthday, girl, I love you so much.

91. I don’t mean to brag but my sister is the best human being you will ever meet plus it’s her birthday today, I pray you have an amazing year.

92. Trust me, this is the most amazing human on earth and she’s my sister too and today is her birthday. Happy birthday, sis.

93. One of the reasons I’m having an amazing life is because I have an amazing sister.
Happy birthday to my superwoman.

94. My sister, my most magical and beautiful moments are the ones with you in it, I pray you have a new age of unending blessings.

95. To a lady boss who also happens to be my sister, have a fruitful new age.

96. Happy birthday to the one that drives me crazy in a good way tho, I love you, sis.

97. She’s the only allowed to make jokes about me, happy birthday to this sweetheart sister of mine.

98. You made growing up a fun and exciting experience sis, have yourself a lovely birthday.

99. The day is bright because it’s the queen’s birthday, happy birthday to my amazing sister.

100. It’s all love from here sis, have a beautiful birthday celebration.

101. I will spend the entire day signing your praise, you are the best sis, have yourself a lovely birthday.

102. You mean the world to me, sis, more than I can ever express. Have a beautiful birthday celebration.

103. Without a doubt, you are the reason I’m having a great time on earth. Happy birthday, sister girl.

104. If all sisters were like you, then I’m pretty sure the world would be better, shine on my star girl. Happy birthday.

105. In addition to being an amazing sister, you are also an awesome friend, have yourself an excellent birthday.

106. Dear sweet sister, I hope the next 365 days is everything you need it to be, happy birthday love.

107. You are my perfect gift from God sweet sis, I pray you get all the good things you deserve.

108. My sister is gold, my sister is awesome, a big happy birthday to you cupcake.

109. Twinkle twinkle little star, shine so bright darling sister now and always, happy birthday darling.

110. Have a wonderful birthday baby girl, you are an incredibly amazing sister.

111. Happy birthday, darling sis, I hope you prosper in all that you set out to do.

112. I’d like to drink to my sister’s birthday, I wish you more precious years honey.

113. A colourful sunny day to the birthday girl, my very own sister, have a good one.

114. God gave me the choicest blessing, the gift of a sister, have an incredibly awesome new age.

115. No one knows me like you do and that’s just because you are my darling sister, happy plus one day.

116. I will go to the ends of the earth to keep you happy, happiest birthday sis.

117. Today we turn up for the most intelligent and graceful lady I know, my sweet sister, happy new age dear.

118. I pray your life is filled with so much happiness and peace in this brand new year. You deserve the best sis.

119. It’s an extraordinary day because I celebrate an extraordinary girl today, happy birthday to the best sister there will ever be.

120. Darling sis, you know I love you right, I hope I remind you every day. Happy birthday.

121. To my sunshine in human form, happy birthday darling sis.

122. You are beautiful in and out and I’m so glad you are my sister too; have an amazing new age.

123. Happy birthday to my everyday miracle; dear sister, you are all shades of awesome.

124. Welcome to your best year yet sister girl, happy beautiful birth anniversary.

125. The best birthday to the best sister ever, I love you plenty girl.

126. Putting on my best behaviour for the birthday girl, my own sweet soul sister, all the best to you darling.

127. Sending the warmest and best wishes to my sweet sister on her birth anniversary.

128. Today is my personal public holiday, it’s my super sister’s birthday and I’m so excited.

129. Nothing else compares to the incredible feeling of having you as a sister. Happy birthday to my best one.

130. God assigns an angel to each person, mine was sent in the form of a sister, beautiful birthday to my adorable sister.

131. Happy birthday to the most caring sister, a thousand lives later and I will still choose you.

132. It’s incredible as to how the universe knew that I would need a sister like you, happy birthday sunshine.

133. All hail the queen today, it’s my sister’s birthday, a day of joy.

134. It’s still unbelievable how an individual can be so awesome, you sis deserve all the best of happiness, happy birthday.

135. I don’t want a world where you are not my sister, happy birthday to a rare gem.

136. It’s all happy cheers from my end my darling sister, happy birthday to you.

137. Happy birthday is not enough, beautiful love and best wishes to you sis.

138. My world revolves around you sis, have a beautiful birthday celebration.

139. Happy birthday to my extraordinary sister, you are every inch perfect and beautiful.

140. Sisters are like roses, sweet with the thorns too, I love you like that, happy birthday sis.

141. There’s no one in the world that can treat me as my sister does, happy birthday to you queen, you rock my world.

142. To the one who doubles as my sister and friend, happy birthday darling, it is well with you always.

143. I pray your life is filled with lots of beautiful memories and moments sis with me in it, of course, happy birthday dear.

144. I for one know that my sister is the best thing that ever happened to have family, happy birthday boo.

145. With pride I celebrate the woman you have become, dear sister of mine, forge on in grace. Happy birthday.

146. It’s truly an honour having a sister like you, so live long and prosper as you add a new year to your age.

147. People come and go but my sister is here forever, happy birthday to the best sister.

148. No matter how much you drive me crazy, you are still the best sister ever, beautiful birthday girl.

149. On your birthday dear sister, I pray the heavens shower you with more than enough blessings for a lifetime.

150. As long as you are my sister, I know I will be alright, special birthday prayers for my very special girl.

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