You Make Me Happy Love Quotes

2023 You Make Me Happy Love Quotes

Happiness isn’t in situations or circumstances. It comes from within and can’t be faked. Most times, people we love are the ones that make us happy and keep us going even when things go off.

Let such people in your life who make you happy know how much you appreciate their love and how grateful you are for them. I have put together a lovely collection of messages and quotes to help you do that.

Stay happy always.

I Am Happy Because of You Love Quotes

Express your feelings with these romantic “You Make Me Happy Love Quotes”.

1. Whenever I’m disturbed or bothered about issues of life, the thought of you always gives me hope and happiness. Thanks for always giving me reasons to smile.

2. My love, every single day of my life, you make me happier than the previous day. Thanks for being my source of joy. Love you big.

3. My one and only, your beautiful heart and smiles always stir up a well of joy In me. You make me happy every day of my life, and I love you for that.

4. As long as you are with me, I have no fear of the future or reason to be sad. I’m always happy with you, my dearest.

5. I love you so much my darling because you make me happy always.

6. I’m the happiest man alive. You know why? Because I married the most beautiful woman who always makes me happy!

7. To be happy is not to be without worries, it is to choose not to worry even when situations are not palatable. Thanks, sweetheart, for being that reason I’m always happy.

8. I find it so easy to be happy because you always give me reasons to smile. Thanks for being that man of my dreams.

9. I’m lucky to be your girlfriend. You always shower me with love and affection. I love you cos you always make me happy.

10. I love you so much, my Queen. I am happy to be yours. Forever and always, I will never stop loving you.

11. You make me happy, not just because you make the funniest jokes, you make me laugh not just because you’re very hilarious, you make me smile not just because you say the best words but because listening to you is enough to make me happy. Thanks for being more than a friend to me.

12. The sight of you alone is enough to make me smile. Your countenance makes me happy. Your facial expressions make me laugh and your words fill me with joy. I’m glad to have known someone like you, thanks for making me so happy that I don’t have to worry about anything.

13. Your jokes are not extremely funny neither are your tales extremely boring but the sound of your voice is enough to make me happy. Love you big.

14. You are my sunshine, my radiance, my joy, the reason I smile, the reason I am happy, the reason I always have hope to be joyful. In short, you make me happy.

15. If I was asked to pick a special one out, I would pick you, not just because of your beauty or your incredible features but simply because you make me happy.

16. I was filled with disappointment and gloom, all I carried about was a sombre look. Then I met you and everything changed, I had a reason to smile and be happy always. Isn’t it obvious that you make me happy?

17. With you I become lost for words, I become speechless that the only thing I can do is make a gesture. And with that gesture comes laughter. I don’t know how you do it but you do make me happy.

18. Whenever I’m sad and I think of you, I smile. Thoughts of you are enough tip make me happy. Though you’re a thousand miles away, your thoughts are enough to keep me sane because so long as I’m happy then I’m sane and you my dear, make me happy.

19. The times I’ve spent with you are unbelievable. The moments I’ve spent with you are unsharable, I wanna keep it all to myself because there are bits of joy in all of it, you make me happy.

20. Meeting you has been the best thing that ever happened to me, knowing you have been the greatest thing I could ever have asked for, you make me happy.

21. The simple things you do make me happy. You’re full of life and happiness. I love you.

22. Just being with you is more than enough to make me happy every day. I love you always.

23. I owe you many thanks because you brighten up my world. I don’t know how to be sad any longer cos you make me happy.

24. Being happy isn’t necessarily a result of circumstances. It’s a matter of choice. When I chose you, I chose to be happy.

25. With your beauty so charming and your smile so lifting, you always make me feel happy. You have a beautiful soul. I love you so much my honey.

26. Despite my inadequacies, you make me feel like the best man in the world. You let me be who I am and loving me that way makes me happy.

27. There’s this way you make me smile and happy. I still can’t figure out how you do it but I do love you more than I can say.

28. There’s something I want you to know. You make me happy always and I love you for it.

29. Staying happy always isn’t difficult for me because, with you, I can only be happy. I love you.

30. Happy ever after isn’t just a tale. With you, I’m more than sure I will always be happy. Love you always and forever.

31. You are the sole reason behind my smiles. You make me happy all the time and I want to say thank you for everything.

32. Just the thought of you makes me go crazy. I’m happy because I’m with you. Much love dearly.

33. When you came into my life, you brought happiness and transformed my entire being. I can’t imagine life without you.

34. Even if I have a thousand reasons to be unhappy, you are one reason I have to be happy. And that one is enough for me. You are my everything.

35. I love the way you do the things you do. You just make me happy. I can’t explain why and how. All I know is that I love you.

36. I owe you so much, my darling friend. You are a beautiful part of my life and you always make me happy.

37. My dear, you’re always there with and for me. You are my best and I love you always cos you make me happy.

38. Being happy is now very much my thing because you always give me reasons to be. Thanks for being a darling.

39. I still can’t explain why and how you came into my life but one thing I’m sure of is that the moment you came in, happiness became my companion.

40. Do you know what you are to me? You are my happiness charm. You make me happy even in moments that I should be sad.

41. Of all friends, you stand out in that I’m always happy being around you. Your presence gives me joy.

42. Because you make me smile and happy at all times, I want you to know that I’m thankful and I love you.

43. Girlie, you’re not the most beautiful woman in the world but still, you’re the best for me cos you always make me happy. What more can I ask for?

44. I’m always happy because you make me happy. I love you so much, my King.

45. When I feel like going off everything and everyone, you alone turn me on. Smiles. You just make me happy!

46. Letting you go is never going to happen. I always want to be with you because you make me happy.

47. Things will not always work perfectly between us but all the same, you make me happy. I’ll always love you for that.

48. There’s this thing about you that always makes me happy. I can’t figure exactly what it is but I want you to know that I love you for it.

49. You make me happy and that’s one reason I’ll keep falling in love with you. Love you too much.

50. I don’t have to be by your side to be happy. The thoughts of you alone makes me happy. How can I ever stop thinking about you?

51. I don’t have to be happy to smile. I smile because I choose to be happy. And you gave me that choice.

52. You make my heart blossom. I’m grateful to you always because you make me happy.

53. Although you may feel like you did nothing, you do make me happy and that’s worth more than gold to me.

54. I just thought of you and I’m smiling. That’s because you make me happy and every single day of my life, I promise to make you happy too.

55. With you, having a happy ever after isn’t impossible. I’m always happy with you. I love you.

56. I don’t have all I want but still, I’m happy. That’s because I have you, and you’re all I need.

57. With your kind words and smiles, you lift my spirit and make me feel light. Thanks for always making me happy.

58. I don’t mind looking into your eyes every minute of the day. You know why I’m just happy to have you.

59. Just keep smiling my dear. You make me happy and you deserve so much happiness too.

60. I didn’t know it was possible to smile without knowing why but this has become my thing ever since I met you. I just thought of you and I’m smiling.

61. I owe you a lot brother. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face. I’m happy to have you.

62. Because you are a happy being, you spread happiness around you. Thanks for infecting me with your happiness.

63. The people who make us happy are those who add flavour to our lives. Thanks for making me smile. I’m glad to have met you.

64. You’re my heartbeat and sunshine. You’re the reason I keep smiling. Please don’t ever take that away from me. I love you.

65. Being in a relationship with you makes me happy! I love you so much, dearest.

66. You taught me to live and not just exist. You taught me how to love myself and others. You inspire me and make me happy. Thanks for everything.

67. Even when we’re not on good terms with each other, I’m still happy with you. It’s a permanent feeling.

68. I love you and I’m happy being with you. Cheers to more years of happiness together. Love you big.

69. I love you so much and I want you to know that I really appreciate you for all you do for me. I’m happy because you always give me reasons to be.

70. You’re the reason I’m always happy. I don’t know what I would do without you. You are not only my better half, you are my soul mate. I’m happy with you.

71. You make my world beautiful with your lovely presence in it. I’m happy because you’re my best friend. I love you.

72. I’m happy with you my love. You’re the reason I keep smiling. I won’t stop loving you.

73. Even when things do not go as planned, I still have every reason to be happy. Love you, deary.

74. I’m so blessed to have known you. I don’t think I can be happier with someone else. Love you much.

75. I found out I am happy all the time. It didn’t take me too long to figure out why cos you are the “why”. I love you.

76. Whenever I remember or think about you, I feel happier than the moment before it. I don’t know why I love you this much.

77. I’ll do anything for you cos I’m sure you’ll do so much more for me. I’m happy with you.

78. Love found me when you found me. It just came naturally and ever since I’ve been the happiest girl on earth.

79. I love every little thing about you. You just keep making me happy and loved.

80. You just keep making me smile. I love the way you hold and kiss me. I’m happy to be yours forever.

81. All the time, you are the best person I want to be with because you make me happy.

82. You bring so much joy and happiness into my life. I’m more than blessed to be called yours.

83. I love you with every breath in me and that’s because you make me happy.

84. My love, I can’t explain how much I love you. You don’t know how happy you make me feel. Thanks for being a darling.

85. Whenever you are with me, everything lightens up. I’m always happy!

86. You are not just the reason I’m happy. You are the source of my happiness. Love you so much.

87. I’m happy to be yours. I love you.

88. For making me happy and joyful, I love you so much. Thanks a million.

89. Mine, my love for you is beyond words can tell. I’m glad to know you.

90. I’m happy to give you my whole heart. I’m happy it’s in your hands.

91. I would never do anything to hurt you because you are my source of happiness and I can’t let you go.

92. I want to stay happy with you. Please don’t ever leave.

93. Happiness isn’t temporary for me because you are always there to make happy.

94. Thank you, my love, for all the happy moments we share and will keep sharing.

95. No other person makes me feel happy like you do. I wouldn’t trade you for anything or anyone. Love.

96. I would never let you go out of my life because I want to be happy always. I love you.

97. I thank God I chose you. Couldn’t have been happier with someone else.

98. Letting you come into my life is the best decision I ever made. I’m happy everyday cos I made that choice.

99. Your love makes me happy. Cheers to more years of happiness together.

100. One thing I’m sure of is that I will never be sad no matter what cos you’ll always be there no matter what to make me happy.

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