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2023 Trending Best Birthday Wishes for Mom

Mothers are precious and without them, creation wouldn’t be complete. For all they go through just to birth a being like you, celebrating them on their birthday is one of the best you can do to make your mother smile and feel loved.

Sweet Happy Birthday Messages for Mother

Without that wonderful mum of yours, you wouldn’t be on Planet Earth today. She has done a lot, beyond what you can count, and she deserves to be honoured on her special day. Her Birthday is not exceptional.  Here is a beautiful collection of best birthday wishes for mom you can send to her to make her feel loved and valued.

1. Mummy, you are precious to me and your worth is beyond measure. I wish I can keep you alive forever, but today makes it another year closer to old age. Happy Birthday in Health, mum!

2. I’ve always loved you and I guess that’s why I have a replica of you as a child-your grandchild.Have the best of your birthday Mummy!

3. Mothers are Jewels to be cherished. I cherish you now and forever. I celebrate your birthday Mum!

4. I can only imagine what it felt like birthing me into this world. You deserve a medal. Thank you, Mummy and a joyful birthday to you.

5. My one time home. My one time meal. My one time confidant. Everything I needed from the womb you have made available, how can I ever love you less. I celebrate you, my sweet Mother!

6. Thank you, Mum, for giving me the chance to be your child. Thank you for keeping me at conception and thank you for always being there. Happy Birthday, mama!

7. To the first woman I ever loved, you mean so much to me. I understand how you feel when I’m far away, but I also trust your prayers are with me. This gives me confidence and a sense of you being with me. Enjoy your birthday wonderful mum.

8. For the love you showed and the pain you endured. For the troubles I gave you and the stress you have, I celebrate a woman my heart beats for.

9. Experiencing your love, feeling your solace, enjoying your love and savouring your counsel; life is beautiful with you mummy. I celebrate the woman you are. Happy Birthday, ma!

10. Celebrating you every day is not enough, but you might just get bored. So I decided to make this day a time to celebrate your pursuit of excellence in me. I love you, mummy!

11. Who can be compared to a mother who loves her child with passion? You can never be compared with anyone Mummy. Happy Birthday to you, ma!

12. I guess God knew a genius will be birthed through you and that is why He made your mother birth you on a special day like this. You are a wonderful mum! Happy Birthday!

13. Wake up, Mum! It’s that time of the year when I love to see your beautiful smile. You are too precious to wear a frown. So smile today and always mama!

14. Mother, writing an epistle won’t be enough to express my love for you. You are precious and loving. Keep radiating in love ma. Happy Birthday!

15. I wish I could keep your face from wrinkles and keep you here strong without ageing, but time seems to be faster than me and now you are celebrating another year that most likely will increase the wrinkles. I still love you like that and I celebrate your love.

16. If you want to know how wonderful my mother is, look into my life and you need no other evidence. You are one in a million mother. Happy Birthday!

17. An epitome of beauty you are, mama! Each new age seems to make you more pretty. Keep radiating in God’s goodness. Happy Birthday, mama!

18. Some mothers are cruel and crazy like their kids do say, but you mum, you never gave me a reason to see you in such light. You’re amazing! Happy Birthday!

19. All the best your heart can hold. Strength to carry on. Wisdom to keep your mind and joy to never seize from you. I wish the best mother in the world a Happy Birthday!

20. I can pick all the roses in the world for you, but that might tell on me. So I’ll shout it out in form of wishes that you are an amazing woman! Happy Birthday, Mother!

21. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It can only get better than the previous years. Keep hope alive, you are destined to be happy no matter what age.
Happy Birthday, mum!

22. Birthdays are special days to celebrate the birth of special people and you mum, you are not just special, but strong and unique. I celebrate your willingness to give me all the love I deserve.

23. I imagine what it feels like sucking on your tit and making you hurt sometimes. You tolerated me and gave me a reason to keep living. I love everything about you ma! Keep being you!

24. God bless your day and make the rest of your life beautiful. May you always experience joy in all you do and strength for you all the days of your life. Happy Birthday, Mum!

25. It’s a bright day and the birds are out singing happily because they feel the aura of a great woman birthday. You are blessed, dear Mother!

26. Dear Mum, I celebrate your willingness to give me the best you never had. Now you have the best you always wished for and I pray it will last till you breathe your last. Happy Birthday, Mum!

27. Mothers could be dramatic, that’s what I always believed, but now I understand the drama; it was all for my good. God bless your day Mum!

28. What would our world be without motherly love? God bless your heart and the love you have for me. Happy Birthday, Mum!

29. Your sacrifice is admirable and I all I have to say is: may your days be awesome and your sacrifice will birth great profit. Have a blessed Birthday!

30. God bless the sweetest woman on earth. You are cherished and loved by me at all times! Enjoy your birthday Mum!

31. I could imagine your fear as I was growing. The days you had to give your all and days you had to hold on beyond measure. You are wonderful Mother!

32. I wish the best mother of all a life filled with joy and happiness all your days. Happy Birthday!

33. Do you know I will still choose you million times to be my mother? You are precious and I pray you experience God’s best always.

34. Children are the heritage of the Lord, and so I am with you, Mummy. A wonderful heritage to behold daily!

35. God bless your children. We will always be your joy. Peace will fill your heart each day you see us and your life will be beautiful till the end. Happy Birthday, Mum!

36. My problem solver. The solution to all of my childhood needs. I celebrate a woman of excellence. I love you, Mum!

37. This peace that you radiate is admirable. I can feel how serene your heart is. I pray the peace will never elude you. Keep radiating in love Mum!

38. For the days you stood your ground for me to have my needs and the love you had for your myself and my siblings, I pray you will be greatly rewarded. Happy Birthday, Mum!

39. I wish I could make the world stand still today. I wish I had some extraordinary powers to make your day really special, but I’m still human, birth by the best Mum on earth. Happy Birthday, Mum!

40. My Mother who always let her light shine through thick and thin, I don’t know how best to celebrate you ’cause you worth being celebrated every day. God bless your new age Mum!

41. See the stars in your eyes. Those eyes have been ever so bright and I pray they never grow deem. Keep the fire burning as you age Mum!

42. A virtues woman you are. Always ready to make provision for your family needs. I pray you live the rest of your life in comfort and peace. Happy Birthday!

43. Lines are falling into you in pleasant places and you will always experience God’s love in all your dealings. I love you, Mum! Happy Birthday!

44. Now someone is growing older with an additional age today. May this new addition birth greater additions all the days of your life sweet Mum.

45. Dear Mum, your rough skin is beautiful. Your wrinkled face is awesome. I can never feel bad because you have changed so much ’cause I know that the changes were due to your commitment to seeing me grow. I celebrate your new age and I love all of you Mum!

46. The joy of her husband, the blessing of her kids, you are wonderful Mum. I celebrate all of your strength!

47. How you did cope with the sleepless nights and the early morning family chores is still a fact I wish I understood. God bless your heart as you celebrate Mum!

48. See my first love is a year older today and she still looks years younger. The strength of a woman is within her reins. I celebrate you, Mum!

49. If for any reason I’ll stop loving you, then it means I’m going insane. I love you not just on your birthday, but everyday Mum. Happy Birthday!

50. Mum, I pray God to bless you and solve your desires. He will keep you safe and healthy and you will always be sweet. Happy Birthday, Mum!

51. Mom, you gave me life and a chance to exist. Without you, there wouldn’t have been me. Thank you for everything Mother! I celebrate you!

52. From childhood, you made my life filled with hope and happiness. As you keep ageing, may your days be filled with happiness. Happy Birthday, ma!

53. You helped me build my mindset into a loving place just by loving me. I appreciate you, Mum! Happy Birthday!

54. May you daily have a happy life. Each day of your existence is blessed. Mother with a big heart, I celebrate you!

55. Today, tomorrow and forever, may you always have a peaceful and loving life.
Enjoy your birthday wonderful mom!

56. Behind every great man and woman is a mother who relentlessly strived for the success of her child. I celebrate you, Mom!

57. When everybody else is busy with something else, my Mum is busy on her knees. I can feel the impact Mom and I pray you will always be kept strong. Happy Birthday!

58. Your commitment to my success brought me where I am today.
I bless the day my mother was born and you will live long and fulfilled.

59. Growing up without you is the latest of my imagination. Thank God you’re still alive today. God bless your heart Mom! Happy Birthday!

60. My rare gift, my gem, sweet Mother, I wish you a beautiful party! Remain blessed.

61. You will always win the best mother in my life. No one else can take that place.
God bless your heart Mom! Happy Birthday!

62. No one can be compared to you. Your willing heart is next to none. You are precious to me and I celebrate your motherhood, Mom!

63. I wish you a birthday that is great as you are. May you continue to enjoy your days in health and happiness. Happy Birthday, Mummy!

64. Even when I don’t see you, you are always in my heart. I love how the thought of you makes me smile. I celebrate you ma!

65. Each time I do some things right, my mind travels back to your correction when I was still clumsy with such things. You are a rare gem. Happy Birthday, Mama!

66. I owe so much to you mom and no amount of money can ever repay your wonderful heart. I celebrate the best woman in my life. Happy Birthday, Mom!

67. Every year of my life, I feel your love as you shower me with prayers. Today I pray your joy to be full and a life filled with joy. Happy Birthday, Mother!

68. Just a mile of your strength and love towards me, no one has been able to meet up. I appreciate you, Mom!

69. Winning ways, the power to make ends meet, strength to make us laugh even when your heart is heavy; I admire all these qualities in you Mom and I will say: you are always blessed. Happy Birthday, Ma!

70. You made everyone that came near feel your love. You gave us all we thought we could never have. You are a true Mother. Happy Birthday, Mom!

71. You will be favoured in all your ways. Goodness and mercy will never depart from you. Your joy is filled. Happy Birthday, Mom!

72. Love is a beautiful thing and, in you, I experienced all the love that makes my life beautiful today. Keep the beauty alive Mom. I celebrate you!

73. Your birthday made my pass-way to earth a reality. God bless your day and make you smile always. Happy Birthday, Mom!

74. When you see my Mom, you have seen the definition of love. She is truly amazing! Happy Birthday, Mom!

75. You mean so much to me and my existence will be boring without you in it. I love all about you and I celebrate you today and every day! Happy Birthday, Mom!

76. Happy Birthday to the first best friend I ever had. You paved the way for other friends. I appreciate you, Mom!

77. I will always say that there is no mother like my Mom. You are precious to me and I want you to always remember that. Happy Birthday!

78. Mummy, you are not just a kind, loving and supportive Mother. You are rare and you worth so much. Happy Birthday, Mom!

79. Super amazing girlfriend, the joy of my heart, my Mother, I celebrate you today and I wish you divine grace to keep on being your loving self. Happy Birthday, Mom!

80. You know, I can’t sum up what you mean to me with words. Actions can’t repay your goodness too. I pray heaven’s best for you as you age. Happy Birthday, Mom!

81. Because of your tender loving care invested in me, you have helped me overcome the fears on the way to where I am today. I don’t just want to take care of you Mom, I want to love you every day. Happy Birthday, Mom!

82. I have a wealth of friendship, family, happiness and respect because of you.
God bless you sweet Mom for helping me become what I am today. I celebrate you!

83. No smile has ever sparkled like that of my Mom. It brightens my day and gives me hope. Keep smiling Mom. Happy Birthday to you!

84. You are a rare diamond and no mother is as special as you are. God bless your heart and fulfil all your desire. Happy Birthday, Mom!

85. Today I want to let you know Mom, the energy you poured out to me in bringing me up in the right way, it has made me unique among others. I celebrate you for all that you have done sweet Mom.

86. I don’t know why God choose you to be my Mom, but I know He works in mysterious ways and that is why you birth me and took your time to love me. I appreciate you, Mom!

87. Whatever I am, whatever I’ll be, my hopes and aspirations, with you in my life, I can say: I can achieve them cause you always make me believe in myself.
Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

88. To the world best mother, may you always experience joy in your life. Without sorrow, you will age and in wisdom you will number your days. Happy Birthday, Mom!

89. My Mom, my Angel, my love, my desire, I wish you a birthday filled with beautiful memories. I celebrate you, Mom!

90. It’s a rare opportunity to have a mother who cares and love her children beyond words. I’m so glad to be your child. I celebrate you today Mom and I wish you more years to celebrate.

91. Mom, I’m luckier than the luckiest lottery winner because you’re my Mom. You are every shade of precious. I love and celebrate you Ma!

92. I know I’m older and you are growing old too, but I need you more than ever. Please stay strong for me, Mom. I love you so much! Happy Birthday!

93. When I feel cold, there is nothing so soothing like your warm embrace. You give me peace of mind. I wish you a heartwarming birthday Mom. Happy Birthday, Mom!

94. I know I hardly mention how precious you are to me, but I want you to know that you fill up the space in my heart and I can’t trade your love for any. I celebrate you every day, sweet mom!

95. Your hugs are so comforting that I always look forward to it. I pray you find comfort in times of trouble and joy when you’re sad. Happy Birthday, Mom!

96. I have joy because you’re my Mom. My life is meaningful because you’re my Mom. I radiate love because you are my Mom. These you’ve brought me up with and they have been etched on my heart. I celebrate the woman you are Mom!

97. I can have another friend, another colleague, another partner, but I can only have one Mom which is you. Thank you for being my Mother. Happy Birthday, Mom!

98. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and go back in time to my childhood with the knowledge I have now. I would try as much as possible to take you by your words and heed to your correction. I celebrate you, Mom!

99. I wish you a birthday as loving and beautiful as you are. Help from all sides and support in times of need. Happy Birthday, super Mom!

100. I’m so glad I have you as my Mother. It’s been wonderful growing up with my every smiling and caring Mom. God bless your heart sweet Mom. Happy Birthday!

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