Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom

2023 Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom

Take it or leave it, mothers are the best! You have a mother, and she isn’t your best, that’s huge! Mothers are real blessings from above. They understand your tears and happiness. They freely sacrifice for you, when no one else does. They go through a lot of pain, trying to make you happy. Mothers are gold! And they deserve the best!

Happy Birthday Mom Funny Quotes

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1. Growing up, there were many times when I disliked you, but there were never times when I didn’t love you. Through thick and thin you have always supported me, and I am so undeniably grateful for you, Mom.

2. It’s hard to think of the perfect gift when you already have my heart. How can cakes and presents even compare? Thank you for raising and loving me this much.

3. Over the years we have only gotten closer, and I look forward to where we will be in the future. I know that it will be bright because we will both be there by each other’s side. Happy birthday, best friend!

4. I hope you never stop laughing in life. Even if it’s at me! Your boundless joy and love are some of the things I love most about you. May your birthday be filled with endless happy moments. Amen.

5. Mum, even though you seem so small and fragile, you are the strongest woman I know. Your fortitude is what I aspire to. Thank you for always leading me by example and loving me wholeheartedly. I love you right back, mum.

6. Remember that you are never too old to start anew. If you’d like, we can start by taking off some of these candles! Happy birthday to my youthful mom.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom from Daughter or Son

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7. Throughout the years, your love and support have helped me to overcome so many of my ordeals in life. Thanks for always taking my side even when I was sometimes wrong. You are the best, Mum!

8. You have done so much for me in life that there is no way I could ever repay you. I’m still going to try though. Can’t let all those go without at least repaying a little. Happy birthday, mum.

9. I know there were times I tried getting on your nerves, but I am grateful for all the care you showed me anyway. Thank you for your endless patience over the years, Mum. Happy birthday to you!

10. Mum, one of the things I admire about you is your ability to find joy and happiness even in the meaningless things. Happy birthday from your loving child.

11. Yes! Your face is filled with wrinkles… You’re still as beautiful as ever! Yes! Your breasts are saggy… They were once standing, and they still are lovely! No matter how old you grow, even if your husband complains, I’ll always cherish the beauty in you! Happy birthday to my awesome mom.

12. I know you already have the best gift you could ever want in life: me being your child. But I decided to get you the gift of a car. Hope you’d like it. You are welcome, and happy birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Mom

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13. Mum, you deserve all the things that money can buy, but all I have for you this year is my utmost love and affection. I hope it’d be enough. Happy birthday!

14. To my original best friend, I say happy birthday. Thank you for always being a friend as well as a Mum. I hope you get lots of presents on your big day.

15. On your birthday you deserve to be treated like the queen you are, Mum. So today I have the laundry, cleaning, and cooking covered. Happy birthday from your sweetest buddy.

16. I hope you receive many things for your birthday this year: money, jewellery, and lots of cake would be great. Most importantly, I hope you receive endless years of happiness. Happy birthday, Mum!

17. You may have a beautiful face, shining smile, and a loving heart. But it’s your generous soul that I love the most about you. Thank you for always giving so much to me over the years. I’m glad I still have so many years left to be able to at least try and repay you. Happy birthday, Mama.

18. I wanted to get you something nice for this year’s birthday, but I couldn’t find the perfect gift. And then I thought about what could make you happy, then I thought to get you this beautiful material. I know you’d love it. Do not thank me! Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Greetings for Mom

Funny birthday greetings for mom from son or daughter.

19. I am not a perfect daughter. In the years that passed, I have caused you a lot of pain and heartaches. I hope you won’t ever get tired of me. Wonderful birthday.

20. When I was young, you’ve always bugged me with doing and learning a lot of things. I even hated you for all those things. Now, I realize that it was for my good. Thank you, Mum. Happy birthday.

21. Even though I am older, I still crave for your sweet and loving embraces every night. I miss the amazing stories you told when I was younger. I will forever remain your little girl. Happy birthday.

22. No one can shine like you do. You can surpass even the brightest of the star! Happy birthday, Mum.

23. If I have to prove to the world the existence of angels, all I need to do is present you to the world. Really, you are the sweetest angel on Earth. Happy birthday.

24. Being a mother is not an easy task. How can you make it look so effortless and stay so graceful at the same time? Happy birthday, mother.

25. Whenever I am asked who is my real superhero, without even batting an eyelash or thinking twice, my answer will forever be you. Happy birthday, my wonder woman.

26. You know you’re getting old when you have more candles on your cake than wrinkles on your face. Just kidding. Happy birthday, Mum!

27. Happy birthday, Mum. Let me take this moment to tell you how much I love you. I love you more than anyone in this world. To put it simply, you are the sweetest person I know, the closest to my heart. Thanks for being you!

28. Mum, happy birthday! As the years pass by, you become sweeter each moment. Here’s to you in all of your life’s pursuit!

29. In case you didn’t already know, you are a wonderful Mum. That can never change! Happy birthday!

30. Hugs and kisses all day long. I’m so glad I get to call you my Mum! Happy birthday!

31. Dear Mum, I love you today, tomorrow, and always. You mean the world to me. Happy birthday!

32. Rare and true beauty lies in you. You are astonishing and miraculous. I pray one day that I may become even just a portion of the woman you are in this world. Happy birthday, Mum.

33. When I was little, you were the most beautiful woman I knew. As I grew older, you’re still the same beautiful woman. Now that I am grown, you are still simply beautiful and intelligent. I pray you know that every day. Happy birthday, Mum.

34. A loving and caring Mum like you is all I need to keep me going in this world. I love you so much. Happy birthday, Mum.

35. Today we shall light the candles to celebrate the greatest woman on planet earth. Happy birthday, Mum.

36. Nothing means more to me than to see your smiling face on your birthday. I hope you spend every birthday surrounded by those who love you most. Happy birthday, ma!

37. Happy birthday, Mum. You’ll always be my favourite parent. After all, we all know I’m your favourite daughter.

38. Dear Mum. Thank God that I’m finally old enough to show you how I really love to party. Happy birthday to you!

39. Mum, I used to hate the way you were always right. Now I’ve learned to always take heed to your advice. Have a blast on your birthday!

40. Happy birthday, Mum. You’re getting older but we can still pass for sisters! You look better than ever.

41. We want you to have a wonderful birthday, Mum. So as your gift, we are sending your husband away on an extended vacation. Lol!

42. Dear Mum, you are responsible for the person I am today. So when I mess up, remember that I am just a product of your upbringing. Have a special birthday!

More? Use these sweet birthday wishes for your mom’s birthday.

Sweet Mother Birthday Wishes and Messages

1. Happy birthday, dearest mother! Mum, please always know that I love you and appreciate all the great things you have done in my life, even if I don’t have much time to show it. Today is a special day for you, I am going to be with you all through.

2. Have a wonderful birthday, Mother. I appreciate you more than you know. Happy birthday, Mum!

3. Mum, you have brought so much happiness to my life. I am very grateful to you. Happy birthday to the sweetest Mother in the entire world. God bless you real good.

4. In addition to being the best Mother in the world, you are also my hero and strength. I’m really grateful to God for making a wonderful woman like you to become my mother. Happy birthday, Mum. I love you so much.

5. If there is anybody on Earth that deserves all the good things in the world, it is you, Mum. Your selflessness is out of this world. Thanks for being the most loving and caring mother in the world. Happy birthday.

6. Have a fabulous birthday, Mum. To me, you are the world’s most loving mother. May the Lord let your heart to always overflow with happiness. Amen.

7. Wishing the happiest and most amazing birthday to my beautiful Mother, who is also the best mother in the world. I love you forever.

8. There is only one woman in this whole wide world that makes me proud, and that woman is you, mother. There is no other like you, and I’m forever grateful to have you as my mother. Have a wonderful birthday, Mum.

9. If I were to come to this world again, I would choose you over and over again. You’re such an amazing mother and I am so proud to call you my Mum. Happy birthday, Mum.

10. On this special day, I want to thank you for loving and shaping me into the person that I have become today. Have an extraordinarily happy birthday.

11. Wishing the greatest Mother on Earth a super happy birthday! I love you with every beat of my heart. Stay fulfilled!

12. Although I don’t get the opportunity to see you every day, you should know that you are always in my heart and thoughts. Happy birthday, Mum.

13. Mother, there is always a special place in the deepest place of my heart meant for no one else but you. Happy birthday, mother. You’re the best!

14. To the Mother who has always loved and protected me, I want to remind you once again that you are the greatest of them all. Have the happiest birthday!

15. I am the luckiest person in the world to have a mother like you. I truly appreciate everything you have ever done for me. Today being your special day, I want to wish you the best of everything. Have the happiest and sweetest of birthdays, sweet Mum.

16. It’s a great blessing to have a wonderful woman like you as my mother. My love for you is everlasting. Happy birthday, Mother.

17. Happy birthday, Mum! On this very special day of yours, I wish for your face to always be lit by a smile and your heart to always overflow with joy and happiness. You deserve the best because you are the most wonderful person I have ever known.

18. Mum, thank you for all the unconditional love that you keep showering me with. Thank you for never giving up on me and always believing in me even when I don’t believe in myself. I love you wholeheartedly. Happy birthday, Mother.

19. The world is a better place for me because of your presence in my life. Thank you so much, Mother, for all your love and support. Happy birthday.

20. Mother, I am wishing you a day that is as beautiful and special as you are. A very happy birthday to you, Mum. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

21. Mum, you have always been my pillar of support and guardian angel. Thank you for your love and care, and may all your dreams come true. Have a happy birthday.

22. Mum, if I were to write down all the wonderful things you have done for me, no amount of ink and paper would do. Thank you for showing me such extraordinary love. Happy birthday.

23. Today we shall light the candles to celebrate the greatest woman on planet earth. Happy birthday, Mum.

24. On your birthday, I want to wish you the best of luck in everything you do. May God keep blessing you with all the things that bring smiles to your face. Have a wonderful birthday, Mum.

25. On your birthday, I wish you a joyous celebration and the priceless blessings of the good Lord. Happy birthday to the greatest mother in the entire universe.

26. Mum, as you count your blessings on your birthday, I pray that you enjoy good health all the days of your life. May your life be filled with only the things that make you smile. Have a happy birthday!

27. Never have I been more grateful to have a wonderful woman like you to call my Mum. Happy birthday and I wish you many more to come!

28. Mum, through the years I’ve watched you grow older and wiser. Even as the years go by, your love grows stronger and unending. Happy birthday, Mama.

29. Happy birthday, Mum. You deserve to enjoy every bit of today. I hope your day is filled with love and warm wishes.

30. Dear Mum, no matter how old I get, you will always be my rock and the person I run to when I need a shoulder to lean on. Have a wonderful birthday!

31. You are my source of wisdom and love. I am nothing without you, Mum. Happy birthday!

32. You have always been a good mother to me even when I am at my worst. Thank you for being the amazing mother that I don’t deserve. Happy birthday to you!

33. Dear Mum, I counted my blessings, and you appeared more. The greatest blessing of all is having a beautiful, caring mother like you in my life. Happy birthday!

34. I love you with all my heart, Mum. I aspire to be as good of a mother to my children as you always are to me. Have a super birthday, Mum.

35. Happy birthday, Mum! I’ll always be here to remind you of what a wonderful mother you are. Enjoy!

36. Mum, you have taught me so much through the years. I have learned to value the strength of a mother. I see how much you give every day to make others happy. Happy birthday and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

37. You have given me tough love. You have given honest advice even when I didn’t want to hear it. You have encouraged me and chastised me when I needed it. You are everything to me and the reason I turned out to be the best version of me. Wish you a wonderful birthday, from my heart to yours!

38. I’m so lucky to have a Mum whom the world could stand up for, and celebrate! Happy birthday and enjoy your special day.

39. Have a great birthday, Mum. I hope the years to come bring you much prosperity and a giving heart to share all that wealth. Amen!

40. Mum, It’s your birthday! And I want you to know that your best days are still ahead of you. Happy birthday!

41. My deepest gratitude and warmest wishes to the greatest Mother in the world. Wish you a happy birthday, Mother.

42. Mum, you are the most amazing Mother on Earth. And on this special day of yours, I want to express my heartiest gratitude for all the affection you have shown me over the years. Love you, Mum. Happy birthday.

43. Every moment I have been blessed to spend with you has been truly amazing. I wouldn’t trade your sacrifices on me for anything in the world. Happy birthday to my lovely mom!

44. Don’t worry about getting older, Mom. There is nothing to fear about the future because I will always be there by your side. I might not be there every time, but I’ll be there. Happy birthday to my gorgeous mom!

45. You are wonderful in ways too numerous to count. You are such a kind, cheerful, and loving person. I hope you receive everything you want for your birthday because you seriously deserve it. Enjoy!

46. Mom, you have an inner strength that I really admire about you. The kind of inner strength that helped you raise me on your own. Every year I become more thankful that you were the parent that birthed me. I love you, and happy birthday!

47. Mum, everything good about me, I got them all from you. I just wanted to say thank you for the inheritance. Happy birthday from your dear daughter.

48. No one can ever replace you in my life, Mom. Even though I am getting older, you will always have a special place in my heart. Happy birthday to the first woman I ever loved!

49. Your energy and joy for life always inspire me. You have such a lively spirit, and I am so grateful that I was blessed with having you as a mum. I hope you receive nothing but love and warmth on your special day.

50. I don’t know how you manage to do it all, but I am so grateful that you do. Thanks for all the years of loving me. May you know only prosperity and love this year.

51. When my day is dark, you are my light. Thank you for not only lighting my way but filling it with warmth as well. May your birthday be as special as you. Happy birthday, Mum!

52. No one understands me like you supports me like you, and loves me like you. Thank you for always giving me so much even when I didn’t know I needed it. You are one classy lady, Mum.

53. You always make me feel like I can do anything, Mom. You give me encouragement in the face of doubt and love in the face of disappointment. Happy birthday to the world’s best mum.

54. I am proud to call you my mom, and I hope your birthday is full of joy and amazement.

55. I hope this year you receive something that shines as much as you do, Mum. Never lose hope, cos God is able. Happy birthday!

56. Every year you only seem to gain instead of losing; you gain strength, wisdom, and love. I am in awe of how you do it. Happy birthday to my outstanding mom!

57. May you continue to be amazing for many years to come. Happy birthday to the woman who holds us all together, my exceptional mom.

58. I am so lucky that I have such a phenomenal mum. You are endearing, thoughtful, and courageous. I am so lucky that I have such a genuine person in my life. Happy birthday!

59. Thank you for always being the type of mum that I can always confide in. You always keep my secrets, give great advice, and love me unconditionally. Happy birthday to the woman who does it all.

60. Mum, you opened my eyes to endless possibilities in life. All my opportunities have had one thing in common though, they all include your presence. Happy birthday, Mama.

61. Mum, may you live long and enjoy every minute of your life. God bless you, ma.

62. Mum, my love for you has always been free, but as I’ve gotten older, it’s my respect you’ve always earned. Now that I am a parent, I can see just how much you gave to me. I am truly grateful that I have such an amazing mum. Happy birthday, mum.

63. There were times in my life where you lifted me up, times where you carried me, and times where you threw me at life. It’s that last one I’m most grateful for. It takes a strong love to be able to let go like that. Thank you, mum, and happy birthday!

64. People say children are a product of their upbringing. This statement has made me come across real people, that love me for who I am. Thanks for teaching me to be real. Happy birthday to my mum!

65. Thank you for always believing in me and caring enough for me to push me forward. Your belief is what pulls me through in times of doubt. I hope you know I cherish you so much, Mum.

66. Every time I can do the right thing in life, I always remember that it was you who taught me the merit of that. Thanks for passing on your values as well as your love, Mum. Wish you long life.

67. Whenever people see good in me, I know it’s all because of you. Thank you for teaching, loving, and supporting me. May your birthday be filled with pure love and happiness.

68. No matter where I go in life, a little piece of my heart will always stay where you are. You are my shelter and my home. Wish you long life, Mum.

69. Even though I am older, my favourite place to be in the world is still in your arms. Your hugs warm my soul, Mum. May your birthday also be filled with warmth as well.

70. Without you, I wouldn’t be the good person I am today. Thank you, Mum. You are truly an inspiration to me. I hope you have a marvellous birthday filled with lots of laughter.

71. I hope your birthday lives up to how gorgeous you are, Mum. May it be filled with kindness, warmth, and love as well. You deserve that and so much more in life. Enjoy!

72. Mum, my childhood memories wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful if you weren’t in them. Thank you for making my childhood such a fun and magical time for me. I hope your birthday is filled with laughter and joy.

73. Lots of people are there for you when you are doing well, but family is always there when you are at your worst. Thanks for the years of support and love, Mum. They mean a lot to me. Happy birthday!

74. This message may be small, but my love for you is bigger than anything in the world. I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of delight and amazement. Happy birthday, Mum!

75. Mum, I have many things to thank you for over the years. Your love, patience, and support are just a few. May your day be as outstanding as you are to me and everyone that comes across you. Amen.

76. Thank you for always cheering me up when I am blank. No one brings smiles to my face as much as you do. Your joy, wit, and sparkle are forever appreciated, Mum.

77. No matter how low I feel in life, I know there is one person I would always turn to, and that’s you, Mum. Thanks for never judging and only loving me. You are the best!

78. Over the years, all you have given me are millions of moments of untold joy. You bring laughter and love into my life, and I am so grateful that I have such an amazing, brilliant, and loving Mum. I promise to pay you back some, if not all of these. Happy birthday, my gold.

79. Anytime I’m faced with difficulty I just think of what you would do, Mum. Your words always guide me, and your love always comforts me. Thanks for being my rock. Enjoy your day!

80. I am so sorry it took me having a child of my own to realize just how precious our time together is. I can’t believe the years I spent being ungrateful for all you have done for me. Thanks for loving me despite my selfish moments. I love you so much, and happy birthday Mum!

81. I hope you always stay as daring as you are now, Mum. You always lead by example, and your ability to show courage in times of trouble is nothing short of remarkable. Thanks, for always showing me the way in life. I love you. Happy birthday!

82. May every day of your life be filled with wonder and glee. We can start with your birthday because I prepared all sort of assorted dishes. Happy birthday, Mama.

83. Mum, I know you sacrificed so much of your happiness just so I could have the opportunity for happiness in my own life. You are an incredibly selfless woman, and I love you so much for it. Happy birthday to you, ma.

84. Mum, I will never have enough time here on Earth to repay all the love you have poured into me. But one thing is, I will never forget them. Happy birthday, Mum!

85. When I become a mother someday, I want to strive and be like you. Mum, you are the strongest and most beautiful woman I know. Happy birthday to you.

86. To the woman who sacrificed her life so I could have a good one, I could not imagine a life without you by my side. I love you with my last breath! Happy birthday, ma.

87. To the most precious woman in my life, I wish you the warmest and the sweetest birthday year after year. Best wishes, Mum!

88. Mum, no matter where I go, you will always be the home I will come back to. Thank you for nourishing and spoiling me with love and care. Wonderful birthday!

89. Dear Mum, I am lucky to have such a great and amazing woman to look up to, to love and to guide me where I need to go. Best birthday, Mummy. I love you to the moon and back.

90. If I can even come so close to how elegant you are as a woman, it will be a big achievement for me already. Stay awesome, Mum. Best birthday, ma.

91. Mum, in the pursuit of my dreams, little did I know that I am expending yours. It is impossible to repay you even with my life. I love you so much. Best birthday.

92. Mum, the warmth from your love has kept me alive from the cold clutches of the cruel world. You are the sun that nurtured me until I bloomed into the woman I am today. Thank you, Mum. Happy birthday!

93. Even when I am living far away now, my love for you will never change. Happy birthday, Mama.

94. It is because of your love that I’ve managed to be where I am right now. Your faith in me never got cold when I needed it most. Your arms will always be the place I will come home to. Happy birthday, Mum.

95. Mum, your love, your strength and your faith in me are the foundation of my whole being. Thank you, Mum! Have a blast.

96. I am enjoying the success of my life right now because of all the sacrifices and the pain you’ve bore for me. Thank you, Mummy! Happy birthday to you, ma.

97. I feel luckier since I have such an awesome mother like you! Whenever I the troubles of my life are threatening to pin me down, you are always there to pick me up. Thank you, Mum! Happy birthday.

98. I wake up every day with gratitude in my heart. First, because of the gift of life itself, and most of all, because I have you in my life. Happy birthday, mother.

99. You were my first teacher, the person who has immensely influenced my character positively. You were the person who pushed me to run after my dreams. You were my best friend, the person who knows my life inside and out. Thank you and I love you! Happy birthday, Mum!

100. Most of my happiness is all because of you, Mum. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful woman in my life. Best birthday to you dear mother!

101. Mum, you are the only person with who I can be, in my greatest and worst, and will still love me no matter what. Thank you! Happy birthday, my sweet Mum.

102. My Mum is my inspiration. She is the sunshine that lights up my way. Her words are the wisdom I live and follow by. She is the reason why I kept following my dreams in spite of the odds I’ve come to face along the way. You know what, Mum? You’re da bomb! Happy birthday!

103. Dear Mum, no can even come close to your amazing cooking or baking. You’re such a great chef. Would you do the cooking today? Happy Birthday, Mum!

104. One of my greatest success is to see you filled with happiness, mom. If I can give all the joy in my life to you, it still won’t be enough to show how grateful I am to God for giving me such an amazing mother. Happy birthday, mom.

105. Mum, I am praying every day for your happiness. Even if I have to pray for you every single second of my life, it would not even come close to how much you have prayed for me throughout my entire life. Happy birthday!

106. Dear Mum, it is never too late to dream another dream! May all your heart’s desires come true. Beautiful birthday.

107. Because you have invested so much of your time, your energy and your love into me, my life has been wealthy with happiness, love, success, goodwill, and respect. Thank you so much. Happy birthday.

108. I am lucky to have a best friend, a teacher, a counsellor and a mother rolled in one. I am so much blessed because of you! Happy birthday, Mum.

109. Life is filled with ups and downs. But since I have you, I can courageously tread the dangerous roads ahead. Thank you, Mum. Happy birthday.

110. God has generously blessed my life by blessing me with you. I wouldn’t have asked for a better Mum. Happy birthday.

111. Behind every great woman is a great Mum to back her up! Thank you for always having my back. Happy birthday, Mum.

112. Dear mom, there is no other person in this world who can love me deeper than you. No one can understand me profoundly like you do. There is no other person in this world who can inspire me as much as you do. Happy birthday, Mama.

113. May you have a birthday filled with happiness, warmth, love and fun that you, you greatly deserve. Happy birthday, bridge builder.

114. Despite my overflowing imperfections and my countless mistakes, you always give me your love and support. My heart is brimming with gratitude for all the years of love you have showered me with. Happy birthday, Mum.

115. Mum, I became me because of you. In spite of being imperfect and full of faults, I am happy with who I am, inside and out. Thank you. Happy birthday.

116. My eyes are brimming with tears for all the gratitude that I can’t express even with a thousand words. Best wishes, Mum. I love you.

117. Mum, I’ve always thought that your expectations with me are too far to reach. I now realize it is because you believe in the greatness settled inside my heart. Happy birthday.

118. I would not have it any other way! If I should live again, I will still want you to be my Mum. Beautiful birthday!

119. Mum, your life has been devoted to keeping your family protected and loved. I can’t imagine the number of sacrifices you’ve ever done for us. Thank you, Mum! Have a blast on your birthday!

120. Only you are the person who still believes the good in me even when I am at my worst. Thank you, Mum! You’re priceless! Happy birthday!

121. Do you know what to not ask for on your birthday? Absolutely nothing! It’s your day to ask whatever you want. Happy birthday to the best mother in the whole wide world!

122. Here’s a smile from me to you. Let this day bring you something new. Happy birthday, Mummy.

123. Mum, I wish you a year full of surprises, presents, joys, and laughter. Amen! Happy birthday Mum.

124. To the most special mom in the world, I wish you the happiest of birthdays! You are the light on my darkest of days. Thank you for being there for me always.

125. You are the strongest, bravest, most intelligent woman I know. Happy birthday, my super mom.

126. Roses are red. Violets are blue. There’s no one I’d turn to you in times of troubles than you. Happy birthday to the best Mum in the whole world.

127. It’s that time of the year once again. It’s time to celebrate your special day. You are more than deserving of a fantastic party. Let’s get to it! Happy birthday, mother.

128. Happy birthday to my best friend, my Mum. I do not know how I got so lucky to be your child, but this is something I thank God for every time. Thank you for teaching me the importance of faith and family. Happy birthday to the best Mum in the world.

129. Happy birthday, Mum! I have so many memories celebrating my own birthday with you as a child. I am now incredibly honoured to be planning a celebration for you. You have earned it!

130. Looking back on our years growing up, one thing is consistent. That is your love and care for all of us. You have knitted this family together. We love you with all of our hearts. Happy birthday, dear mother! From your children.

131. Without you in my life, I don’t know where I would be today. You taught me all the important lessons of life. I am who I am because of you. On your birthday, I want to thank you for all you have done. Happy birthday, Mum.

132. You held me when I was sick, cheered me up when I was playing hard, and encouraged me to continue to try my best no matter what. Thank you for teaching me how to be a strong woman. Enjoy your day, Mum. Happy birthday!

133. May your light continue to shine brightly as it always has, this day and always. Happy birthday, Mama.

134. Mum, I cannot begin to tell you how fulfilled I am knowing you are my mother. You have been there for me through thick and thin. You have inspired and motivated me to be the best representation of our family possible. Happy birthday, my role model!

135. Happy birthday, Mother. My hope is to be the positive role model for my children as you have been for my siblings and I. You continue to bring happiness and joy to our lives each day. You’re the best!

136. Cheers to the sweetest and kindest woman ever! It’s the perfect day to celebrate the perfect you. May the sky’s sun continues to shine all good things upon you and bless you every day. Happy birthday, Mum.

137. Happy birthday, Mum. I am so thankful to have you as my mother. There are many children who do not get along with their parents. I am incredibly glad I am not one of them. I truly value my relationship with you and look forward to becoming closer as the years pass.

138. Wishing you all of God’s blessings on your birthday! As a child of God, you have been a wonderful example of faith to all of your family. May God bless you in return and continue to lead you on the path to His glory. Happy birthday!

139. You are more than just my mother. You are my motivator, comforter, and best friend. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, Mum!

140. As the world continues to turn, so my love for you continues to grow. You say you love me more, but I am not sure that is true. After all, it’s you I call for advice and trust with my deepest secrets. Have a fun-filled birthday! You deserve it.

141. When I think of the most beautiful woman in the world, you’re the first k think of, Mom. You are such a great role model for your children and grandchildren. Thank you for coming through for us. We love you very much. Happy birthday, ma.

142. Happy birthday to the sweetest mother in the world. The day God placed me in your womb was the beginning of an unending love for you and I. Thank you for who you are and who you are helping me to become. Happy birthday, Mum!

143. Since when I was younger, I knew what a special and beautiful woman you are, inside and out. And now, I am even more confident that is true. Here’s to you, Mum, on your birthday and always!

144. You’re such a blessing to us. You have made our house into a home and our lives into a ministry. God bless you, Mum. Happy birthday!

145. Being your daughter is amazing. You have led me along the right path and made sure I had fun along the way. Happy birthday to the best Mum living!

146. The best part of having you as a Mum is knowing that you always have our best interests at heart. No matter the pressures of the world, you help us stay focused and intact. For that, we are extremely thankful. Happy birthday!

147. Praise to the heavens for releasing us to a wonderful mother like you. Happy birthday, Mum!

148. All you’ve always to me is to keep myself until marriage. I thank God for helping me listen to you. Now, I’m loving the benefits that come with it! Thank you, Mum. Happy birthday!

149. Each and every day, I thank the Lord for having you as my mom. I see all the different kinds of Mums in the world and I am confident you are one of the best. Thank you for helping me to become a better person. Happy birthday, Mum.

150. Happy birthday! You are the greatest Mum living… Just know I love and cherish you a lot. Have fun!

151. It was a divine decision God made when He decided to make me your child. He knew we could do great things together and, by the grace of God, we have! Here’s to many more years making great memories. I love you. Happy birthday, Mum!

152. Some days, I look at myself and see you in the reflection of the mirror. Your eyes, hair, and skin. Most importantly, though, I am reminded of the influence you have had on the woman I have become. Without you, I doubt if I would be where I am today. Thank you, always, Mum. Happy birthday!

153. Love, compassion, determination, and patience. These are some of the great attributes you have generously passed along to all of us children. We adore you and thank you so much for that. Happy birthday, sweet mother.

154. All the day long, I see you in the actions I do, decisions I make, and words I speak. I am consistently reminded of your influence in my life and for that, I am forever grateful. You are a perfect mother. Happy birthday, Mum!

155. Mother, you are my everything. And I thank you for all the love and care you have given me all these years. I am certainly lucky to have a wonderful mother like you. Happy birthday to the greatest Mother in the entire universe.

156. My loving mother, I’m so blessed to have you as my mother. You’re simply the best Mum in the whole wide world. And I love you more than I can ever express in words. Happy birthday, Mother.

157. You have been there for me all my life. And on your birthday, I want to say thank you very much. May the Heavens always smile upon you. Happy birthday to the best mother in the world.

158. Mother, you are a rare gift from God. And today is your birthday, I just want you to know how much you mean to me and how much I cherish you for all what you have done for me. Happy birthday to the greatest woman I know!

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