Best Birthday Letters for Girlfriend Long Distance

There are times when your girlfriend travels away. It could be for work, school or probably a holiday. It could be for a long time or a short time. And her birthday could fall in this period.

And if you have a girlfriend, you’ve been dating online and you are yet to meet her because she’s a long distance away from you, you know you have to reach out to her on her birthday too.

Sometimes, you may find it hard to draft letters or notes for this purpose, and that’s exactly why this post is here, to provide you with many options to choose from, no matter how your situation is. I mean it’s 2023 and I think you should have things done easier this year.

There are long and short letters in this collection. And a hundred of them is definitely going to include that perfect one you need to say those two amazing words: Happy Birthday!

A little confession: I also have a girlfriend that’s a long distance away from me and some of these happy birthday letters for girlfriend long distance have made her cry for excitement on her birthday. You should also try them.

Happy Birthday Love Letters for Your Girlfriend in a Long Distance Relationship

Whether she’s far away from you as with a long-distance relationship or she’s away for a few days, this heart touching happy birthday love letters and messages can meet him wherever he is. Copy and paste the letters whenever platform you want to send them through.

1. A Letter to the Prettiest Girl in the World.

A lot had changed since you moved away to work, but one thing has not and that is the love we share. I’m happy you’re making progress and I’m glad that you let me stand by your side as your man. I’m proud of you and can’t wait to live in the same city with you again.
Today is the day you were born and I cannot say how excited I am. You are growing in age and positively in many areas of your life. I wish you the best in the new year.
I love you.

2. With Love from Across Seas.

Our bodies may be far from themselves, but we know our hearts are together. Even if you leave the earth for another planet, I’ll still know that you’re coming back for me.
Many years ago, you came to earth for a lot of great things and you haven’t done badly so far. Today is for a lady worth celebrating. Happy birthday, my love. Enjoy more favours from now on.
I love you.

3. Never Too Far From Me.

Queen of my heart,
I’ll keep telling you that I’m one call away from you, one whisper away. All you have to do to get me to come around is just the mention of my name because you are never too far from me.
It’s your big day — your birthday — and I’m sure your excitement is bigger than you can tell. I wish you all your heart desires and pray that your birthday brings more beautiful things to you.
I love you.

4. I’m Never Alone.

Baby girl,
Every day, you are on my mind, and that’s how I know that I’m not alone. All I need to do is think of you and I’ll feel your presence. I miss your physical presence though because this imaginary one has limitations.
Today is to wish you a happy birthday, to wish you more joy, more peace and more love, to wish you more wealth and influence, to wish you long life and prosperity.
Remember that you’re the most amazing person on earth and that I’ll never give you up for anything.
I love you so much, baby.

5. Always The Queen, Irrespective Of Location

My Queen,
Happy birthday to the one who rules my heart in perfect ways. Your regime has been filled with amazing progress and love, so you deserve great appreciation today.
Wherever you are, you are still the Queen of my world. I will always love you and never think of “impeaching” you. Lol.
Hope you know that I got a lot of goodies for you? I can’t wait to shower you with them when I see you again?
I wish you never lose anything you value. Amen.
I love you forever.

6. Limited By Flesh; Everywhere By Heart.

Right now, I can’t reach out to touch you, but in my heart, I can. I can’t say happy birthday to your hearing, but in my heart, I can.
I wish you find more reasons to stay happy. I wish you get the best gift anyone can get on their birthday. I pray that life will continue to throw amazing things at you and I pray that you will catch all of them.
I love you.

7. Still Surviving.

My baby,
How I’ve survived this long without you is quite a mystery even to me. I thought I’d be unable to breathe in your absence.
I write to tell you happy birthday and to wish you God’s best. Yes, I sent some gifts your way, but I wish I hand-delivered them to you.
One day, I’ll have more of you, so let me not lament like you were stolen from me.
Happy birthday to you, baby girl.

8. A Letter To The Prettiest Girl Ever!

There’s a lot of things I tell you, but the one I want to emphasize on today is how pretty you are. I want to remind you of how awesome your body is on your birthday.
Happy birthday, my love. Do well to give that your beautiful face and body a wonderful treat today.
Remember, I love you now and forever.
Again, happy birthday to you.

9. To Celebrate My Lady at 29.

My sweetheart,
I’ve been only six years with you and these six years have been super beautiful for me. You’re turning twenty-nine today and you’re intimidation to people in their forties. I celebrate you.
Happy birthday to you, baby. May not one of God’s blessings go past you from now till forever.
I love you.

10. Hurray! The Day Is Here!

My baby girl,
I’m so excited to screen Happy Birthday to you today! The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here and I’m excited to witness it. I’m grateful to God for keeping us till today.
Happy birthday, my love. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. May the goodness of heaven and earth be gotten by you in its full measure. I wish you the best on this birthday of yours.
I love you, my darling.

11. My darling, Let nothing deceive you that you’re far from me. You’re the closest person to me — my heart. I love you and wish you the best as you turn 24. Happy birthday to you, love.

12. Sweetheart, I would have whispered a lot into your ears if you were around here now, but all I can do is talk over the phone. However, it doesn’t change how much I love you, and how much I wish your birthday goes amazing. Happy birthday, my love.

13. Hey, sweetie, long distances mean a lot. I’ve missed you and can’t just end it by driving a few kilometres, because you’re very far away from me. I pray God’s blessing to follow you in that venture that keeps you far away from me, the love of your life. That’s just one out of my one million birthday wishes for you. Remember that I love you madly. Happy 20th birthday.

14. Baby, I love you with every fibre of my being. 2023 would not have been complete without you in my life. The calls and messages held me even when things were shaky. I will never cease to appreciate all you do. We will always be together. Happy birthday!

15. Now I understand what they mean when they say “distance is not a barrier”. Princess, our love has told this truth. I want it to tell this same truth for the rest of our lives. You’ve been far and yet so close. I breathe you everywhere I go. I know that. Happy birthday, love.

16. Let the birds carry my love letters to you on their wings if the phones go out of service. And let the fish swim with them to you on their scales if the internet goes out of fashion. My love for you over land and sea should remain always. I wish you the best on your birthday.

17. Birthday girlfriend, I am the luckiest man on earth to have you as a girlfriend. You made 2023 graceful though this long-distance separated us. You showed me what mattered, and that is the fact that we have each other, and that is enough for all times. I cherish every day I see because of you. Happy birthday to you, darling.

18. Dear celebrant, you are a gift to me. A wonder I contemplate nightly, you are. How you rock my world with just being you is something I can never understand. Girlfriend, I can hardly wait for “forever” with you. I don’t think it’s such a long enough time to start loving you all over again. Happy 30th birthday to you, baby.

19. For you, darling, I will cross a million waters and climb laborious mountains. I will shout it on the rooftop that I love you. You may not be here with me, but you dwell in my sleeping and waking. Thank you for being you every day. Words can’t express all of what I wish for you on this occasion of your birthday. But I pray you have the best of birthdays.

20. Angel of my heart, this long distance is killing me. I wish it could end tomorrow so I wake up to your eyes, smell and touch daily. I miss you so much that it hurts. I want you to know that my love for you cannot die. Happy birthday!

21. Celebrant, when I sleep, I dream of us—a big house, fancy lawn, beautiful kids, and, above all, just us. When I wake up, the distance between us mocks me. But I don’t care. I know it’s a matter of time. And what more—I can always choose to dream and see “us”. Happy 25th birthday.

22. When do we see, baby? It’s taking forever, and it is eating me up bit by bit. I don’t know if I can take this distance anymore. But I will hold on, because I know I will always have your love. Your love is very important to me. I breathe and eat it. You deserve everything on this 23rd birthday of yours. Happy birthday, girl.

23. Honey, I wish the time could fly. I wish 2023 would develop wings like an eagle and soar away so we can be together again. I love you irrespective of that. This letter is just a token testament to what I feel for you. It is a message to say “happy birthday, dearest!”

24. Love, happy birthday. How do I say it enough? I love you so much. For all you are and do, I appreciate you. I will never take any of it for granted. You are mine, and I am yours. Nothing can destroy this; not even the miserly distance separating us now.

25. Love, how are you doing on your birthday? Well, you are my air, so I can proudly say I am breathing fine. I stayed in bed for so long this morning because I needed you here so badly. I needed your strength to go on. I must admit that all this is hard. But, again, you are my air. I will be fine. Happy birthday to you.

26. Baby, I’m sure you are bouncing and kicking. Have a blast on your birthday. I expect nothing less of the beautiful spirit you have. I want to kiss and hug you with everything in me. I can’t wait for when we see again. 2023 is boring and dragged without you.

27. Hey, girlfriend. Everyone keeps wondering why I have such a happy face all the time. I am ever glad to tell them I’ve got sunshine. You know who that is, right? Yes, it’s you! You shine on me, and I am fulfilled. And happy birthday. I love you.

28. What would I do without you? You spice everything up like you were made with curry and thyme. I want to eat you up every time because I love everything about you. I hope I can come over soon so I show you what I mean and celebrate your birthday properly. Happy birthday, baby.

29. Birthday girl, I went to a restaurant today and encountered two birds having a nice time. I almost lost it and burst into tears. It reminded me of how much I miss you. I miss everything. Though the long-distance is like a dense forest between our love, I want you to know it will not fade it. I love you and wish you a happy birthday.

30. I think the best part of 2023 was meeting you. You’ve proven more than what my soul saw and reached out for. I can’t help but cherish every moment we’ve spent knowing and loving each other. Though we are distant now, I never stop knowing and loving. Happy birthday!

31. You should have ear pains by now with the way I mention your name every time. Sometimes, it’s like I am crazy, but I don’t care. I want you to know that I will be crazy a thousand times over for you, my love. This won’t die, you should know. Happy birthday, darling.

32. Honeybunch, I wish you the best birthday you have ever had. It pains me that I can’t be there celebrating with you. But don’t worry; I am there in spirit. I love you so much, and I want you to be happy all your days. Cheers to your new year!

33. I wish you long life and prosperity today, girlfriend. But above all, I wish we never stop loving each other. You are everything I ever thought of and longed for. We will never lose this love; I promise that. Have a fun-filled day filled with laughter and your desires. Happy 23rd birthday.

34. Happy birthday, darling girlfriend. It’s been quite a while, but, while I’ve missed you, I’ve also prayed that you get all you have sacrificed for and that you get the best out of life. I still love you madly. Can’t want to see you again.

35. My baby, today is another beautiful day, I agree, but there’s something about this one that makes it stand out — your birth. You are beauty, royalty and everything glorious. I celebrate you today and pray that your day is filled with love and life. Happy birthday, my love.

36. My darling, life without touching your skin and kissing your lips has been hard. I wish I could do any of these on your birthday, but you’re still not here. It’s all good, though. I love you plenty. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

37. Baby, I miss you. Your hugs, kisses, touch are only in my head now and I can’t wait to experience them live again. Happy birthday to you, my girl. May life throw a lot of beautiful gifts at you. I love you.

38. Darling, happy birthday. You’re a long distance away from me but you’re here with you. How amazing can a girl be? May your biggest heart desire be granted and may life treat you very kindly. Rock your day, my darling.

39. Hey, my angel. You’re such an angel that I can feel your love even as you’re far away from me. And the things you do for me… What kind of lover are you? Too amazing for the human mind. Let me keep this short for now and just say happy birthday. May your sense of wonder keep being blown up daily.

40. My girlfriend, I love you. I can tell you one amazing thing about you daily and I’ll never run out of things to say. I wish you the best on your 25th birthday. Happy birthday, my darling.

41. Darling, there’s so much to say about you that this letter can’t contain all of them. But I should remind you that you are beautiful, that you are light, that you are glory and that I love you. Happy birthday to you, my lover.

42. Dearest, today is such a bright one for me. I think I’m even more excited than you are today. I can’t stop telling everyone who cares to hear that it’s your birthday. Happy birthday to you, my baby. May life treat you best. Amen. I love you.

43. Sweetheart, today is also for celebrating the sweetness you feed me with. I am glad that you’re seeing your birthday in good health. I pray that more goodness will be recorded on your next birthday. I love you and wish you a very exciting birthday.

44. My love and my light, do I need to start reciting how amazing and awesome you are? I’m in love with the most beautiful girl in the world and that’s exciting. I love you and wish you a happy birthday. Today will end in blessings. Amen.

45. Baby, you’re my biggest treasure. This biggest treasure is what I celebrate today — along with many others who know how amazing you are. Happy birthday to you. May your love bring you all the best things on earth and may your days be filled with bliss.

46. Honey, you have always rocked my world and this letter is just to say that I appreciate you for that. Everything you do is beautiful and blows my mind. Happy birthday to you, dearie. May your days be filled with the best of life.

47. Sweetheart, today is an amazing day, and having to celebrate you today just makes it more beautiful. Happy birthday to the girl I love, the one my heart beats for, the one that lights up my world. Today will end in the best way possible for you. I love you and miss you.

48. Darling, sometimes I look at the world and conclude that they aren’t ready for you. Why are you so amazing, honey? Why? Happy birthday to you. This new year of your life will see you richer, more influential and more powerful. I love you so much, my heart.

49. Honey, choosing you was choosing the best side. I have no regrets. You’ve been so sweet to me. I want to wish you a happy birthday over this long distance. May your days be filled with the best of earth. I love you very much.

50. My girlfriend, I’m thankful for the love we share. This love has brought me many blessings. As I celebrate you today, I pray that it brings you even more blessings. Happy birthday to you, the one I’ll never stop loving. You’re my baby for life.

51. Dear Partner,
Every day without you is always like a year without rain and I can’t express how it saddens me to not be close to you on your special day. Today, I celebrate the wonder that you are. Happy birthday.

52. Your Majesty,
Today is your birthday and I thought to remind you that, once again, your beauty and awesomeness is second to none. As you begin this next journey, wear life with pride — it always looks good on you, babe. Happy birthday.

53. Hey Babe,
Happy birthday to a being whose aura illuminates perfection. When God brought you into my life, He gave me a heart that loves and a spirit that defines peace and this love and peace have always been my place of solace. I love you.

54. Mi Amor,
It’s your birthday today. Know that time and space and distance have nothing on our love. I’ll celebrate and shout your beauty and wonder for the stars in the foreign sky to know who you are. Happy 34th birthday to you, my love.

55. Precious,
You’re worth more than rubies. Knowing you in this time and age is a privilege. I love you with endless love. In this new year, may your exploits and dominance never cease. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Love you!

56. Hola Mamacita,
Happy birthday my one of a kind beauty. It’s been hard today to know that I can’t be where you are. Know that I wish you the best of life and love. See you soon, my sweet love. I love you.

57. To my heart,
You are the luxurious accessory that constantly brings me joy. It’s another opportunity to tell you how amazing you are and I won’t hold back. Just remember that I love you with all I have. Happy birthday, my darling.

58. Dear love,
Distance can never be seen as an obstacle when it comes to my love for you. On this your special day, I send my love to walk with you and keep you company. Happy birthday, my precious darling.

59. My baby,
I’m happy that you’re taking another trip around the sun, but I’m also sad that you’re far away and you can’t feel the intensity of my superhero hugs and cuddles. I miss you, soft girl. Happy birthday, Squish.

60. Wonder Woman,
Your biggest fan is super happy that you’re turning a year older. He’s sad that he couldn’t be there to feed you a cake, but he hopes you enjoy the fan mail he sent to you. Happy birthday, superhero.

61. Sweet baby,
I can imagine how you frown when I call you that, but you know how I love to tease you. I’m so happy you’re growing older, but you’ll always be my sweet baby. Happy birthday, love. Much love.

62. Baby baby,
This long-distance is killing me, and I hate that you’re so far away from me. Happy birthday to you my queen, and I hope your day is splendid and amazing and pleasant. Hope to see you soon.

63. Precious one,
It’s your birthday today, and I have made a vow that you’re gonna enjoy it whether you’re physically with me or not. So, fasten your seatbelt, because today promises to be loaded with surprises! Happy happy birthday!

64. My Angel,
All of heaven is aflutter because it’s your birthday today! I couldn’t be happier that you’re turning a year older. It means we’ll be the same age. My love, I’m glad I get to have you for another year. Happy birthday to you.

65. Dancing Queen,
I’m so peeved I’ll miss your epic dance party today. Oh, distance! But I’m happy you’re growing older, baby girl. Happy birthday.

66. Darling, is there a better way to spend my day today than spending it with you? No. I wish I was by your side today, sharing in your happiness. Happy birthday to you, my love. My love is with you.

67. Baby girl, no matter how old you get, I’ll still look out for you. I’ll do the same no matter how far away you stay from me. This is to celebrate you and wish you the best of days on your birthday. Happy birthday, my love.

68. My sweetheart, these letters I keep sending across to you are limiting. There’s a lot more that I want you to experience. For now, I can just wish you a happy birthday. I love you and look forward to spending time with you again.

69. My heartbeat, having you a long distance away from me is hard, but I hope it’s a blessing and pray it turns out to be for the best. Happy birthday to you. You’ll always remain on top of the affairs of my heart. I love you.

70. Pretty girl, you keep growing older and getting prettier at the same time. I thought it was supposed to be an inverse relationship. Well, I’m glad that I have to wish the prettiest girl in the world a happy birthday. And I’m blessed to have this very same girl as mine. I love you.

71. My lover, remember all the promises I made to you that are yet to be fulfilled? I still remain dedicated to fulfilling them. Today, I promise you a special gift that will blow your mind. Just wait for it, my darling. Happy birthday to you. I love you madly.

72. Honey, I want to write some roses are red poems for you today so I’ll express a bit of how I feel about you. Hope you’d love them? Happy 28th birthday. You’re still the only one that rocks my world.

73. Dearest one, I’ll never be shy to tell those who care that this pretty, intelligent and successful girl is the one I call the love of my life. You have a lot that I’m proud of and I celebrate you. I wish you a happy birthday. God be with you, my darling.

74. Darling, have anyone told you today that you are beautiful and everything awesome? I’m sure someone must have said that, but, if not, then let me be the first. I love everything about you and wish you a very happy and glorious birthday.

75. Love of my life, you are my biggest inspiration to be better. If I don’t celebrate you, who else will I celebrate? Happy birthday to you. May life treat you well, my baby.

76. My love, you’re growing old and your face is still beauty to behold. Who can find a woman like you? I came to remind you of your birthday, in case you have forgotten. And I have a special surprise for you. Wait for it, my sweetheart.

77. My beauty, happy birthday. Happy birthday because you’re worth celebrating. Happy birthday because you deserve a happy day. Happy birthday because you are the love of my life. Happy birthday because that’s what God wants for you. I love you, darling.

78. Sarah (or her name), this year was awesome with you in it. Talking with you over the phone kept me happy and excited. Your words also helped me become better. I celebrate the awesomeness that you are and I wish you a happy birthday. I love you, honey.

79. My beauty, you mean the world to me. I may not have searched the whole world, but I can comfortably say there’s no one like you. And if there is, you’ll still mean the world to me. I love you. Today is your birthday. Shine. Blossom. Happy birthday to you, my baby.

80. Sweetest heart, you rock my world in many amazing ways. See, roses are red, violets are blue; no one rocks my world as hard as you do. I love you so much. Happy 30th birthday to you.

81. My girl, being your man has been a very high honour that I’ll forever be grateful for. I’m proud to be among the millions of people celebrating you today. Happy birthday to you. May you never lose your magic touch.

82. Sweetheart, so it’s the birthday of this bundle of joy? Wow! While considering that time flies fast, because it seems like yesterday since we celebrated your last birthday, I’m glad that you’re still alive and successful. May your success only grow. Happy birthday, darling.

83. Sweetheart, first of all, I’m excited that today gives you a reason to be happy. I wish you a lot of amazing gifts today and I pray that you will experience heavy favours today. I love you. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

84. Darling, these few years I’ve spent with you have been filled with a lot of amazing experiences. I love you and that won’t change no matter how far from me you are. Happy birthday to you, my baby. I wish you God’s best.

85. My baby, I planned to make this short, so happy birthday to you. I love a lot of things about you. You are the most beautiful thing to happen to me. I wish you the best life has to offer. I love you plenty.

86. My beautiful girlfriend, I wish you long life and prosperity on your birthday. You deserve these and more and I pray you get them. Happy birthday to you, my sweetness.

87. Baby girl, I can imagine a lot of exciting things we’d have done together if you were here. I miss your presence and hope to see you soon. I love you and wish you a happy birthday. Again, I love you, my darling.

88. Beautiful girl, this is coming quite late and I apologise for that. Happy birthday to you. Hope your day so far has been super beautiful? I pray that the rest of the day is more awesome than you can think of. I love you, my baby girl.

89. My angel, I have a gift for you today. At least, let the angel be attended to on her birthday. Lol. Happy birthday to you, my darling girlfriend. I hope you love your gift as much as I imagined you will.

90. Honey, I want you to know that today is the birthday of the most amazing person in the world. If you’re not sure who I’m talking about, that person is you. Happy birthday. I wish you love and life, my sweetheart.

91. My girlfriend, there’s a lot of beautiful things you are. Being human, I can’t list them all in one letter. I wish that you get more than you wish to get today. Happy birthday to you, darling.

92. Baby girl, I get to realize how more amazing you are every single time we have a conversation. We are still a new couple, but there’s a lot of great things I can say about you. Thank you for coming into my life. Happy birthday to you.

93. My girl, it’s funny how I have to celebrate your birthday even when I’ve never seen you in person. I can’t wait to spend some “real” time with you. I wish you more progress and more reasons to smile. I love you. Happy birthday.

94. The love of my life, if every day in the calendar chooses to die, I’ll save this day because I want to see the happiness that reflects on your face on your birthday. Happy birthday to you, my love. I wish you more than you can handle.

95. Darling, today’s is my favourite day, Monday, and also the birthday of the one I love most. I promise you that we’d have painted this town red if you were here, but now I can only paint it blue. Lol. Happy birthday, my darling. Your life will be sweet.

96. My darling, I appreciate those moments we spend together and I miss you whenever we are apart. Today, I want to reassure you of my love for you. I wish you a very blessed birthday. I love you, my darling.

97. My miracle, you have made me a far better person. It’s crazy how someone I’ve only met in spirit can bring out the best in me and I’m sure meeting you in person will make me even far better. I love you madly and I wish you a happy birthday. I love you, honey.

98. My girlfriend, this is to wish you a happy birthday. This is to remind you of my love for you and to wish that you never lack anything good. I pray that all your needs are met and that you enjoy your life on earth. I love you. Happy 30th birthday.

99. My lover, happy 27th birthday to you. Life with you has been beautiful. Thank you. Being away from you has been difficult and I miss you. I miss all we do on your birthday. I can’t wait to see you again. I love you.

100. My darling, may your days be filled with joy and laughter, peace, love, light, and life. Prepare because there are a lot of amazing things that God is bringing your way. I love you no matter how far we are. Happy birthday to the love of my life at 25.

When you read through these letters for your girlfriend’s birthday, don’t you keep being blown away? Did I not perfectly include the best of options for your girlfriend that’s a long-distance away?

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