Advance Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad in 2021

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad in 2023

Does it not freak you how some people can suddenly forget to celebrate their Dad’s birthday but don’t forget to ask for pocket money? Lol! Tell me, whose birthday deserves to be heralded days, even months before the real day comes if not that of your beloved father?

Truth be told, there are important dates we love to keep in life other than keeping birthday dates but a person who remembers your birthday before the date is considered special. Such is an amazing person because keeping someone’s special date is a powerful expression tool that is capable of inspiring or bringing tears down the cheeks of people.

In case you are looking out for how not to forget your dad’s birthday, it is advisable for you to send him some lovely happy birthday messages for dad. This way, you can bear his birthday in mind and he will also feel special seeing that you have his birthday at heart.

A great time to also express how you feel about your dad is before his birthday. Do you want to tell him how you feel about him? Send him beautiful happy birthday in advance dad messages and notice how much he would appreciate it.

Oh, are you thinking of showing your admiration for him right away? Take time out to celebrate his birthday before it comes by sending him some happy birthday in advance wishes. What are you now still waiting for? Come on, pick your phone and start sending these amazing advance happy birthday wishes for dad to him.

Advance Happy Birthday Daddy Quotes

Fathers are one category of people that are not often being celebrated probably because their work is oftentimes hidden but their works are really endless and often seen later in the life of their kids. Dad, I do not need to wait till I am grown before I learn to say happy birthday in advance dad. Here is my little way of celebrating your worth.

1. Dear Dad, you’ve been a pillar of strength, support and discipline for me. This, I cannot take for granted. Happy birthday in advance Dad.

2. It is often said that “the quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself but for his family.” Dad, you have proven to me over time that you are worth a father and I cannot just till your birthday to profess my love for you. Happy birthday in advance Dad.

3. A good father, they say, does not subscribe to the “do as I say, not as I do” saying. Dad, you have always lived your life as an example for us to follow and I appreciate it. Happy birthday in advance.

4. Father is the symbol of protection and security. This is what you have been to me all the time. Happy birthday in advance sir.

5. There is nothing that changes a man or defines him more than fatherhood. Thank you Daddy for allowing me and my siblings to experience the joy of fatherhood through you. Happy birthday in advance sir.

6. A dad is more than just the sum of his parts. He is the very soul of the family. Happy birthday, dad.

7. A father’s love is eternal and without end just as a mother’s love is eternal. Thank you for your love, Dad. Happy birthday in advance.

8. Fathers don’t raise heroes, they raise sons. This is what you have done for us Dad. Happy birthday in advance, Sir.

9. A father’s smile is enough to make a son’s day better. Happy birthday in advance Dad.

10. Most times, the best words are better left unsaid. All I can just say right now is to wish you a happy birthday in advance.

Happy Birthday in Advance Messages for Dad

You have instilled in me discipline and love. Your disapproval of misdeeds sends its clear message through your words and your strict actions have built in me a strong desire that I want to be like you when you grow up. Happy birthday in advance, dad.

11. I am super excited that your birthday is loading and I can’t wait to express how much love I have for you. Happy birthday in advance Dad.

12. The quality time we spent together while I grow was worth it and cannot be overlooked. Happy birthday in advance Dad.

13. One of the things I appreciate in you is the way you respect people’s values and opinions but you not only respect that of people, but you also respect that of your children and this gave me so much confidence as a growing child. Happy birthday in advance Royalty.

14. Dad, you have always desired that I learn independence and this, I have learnt through you. Happy birthday in advance to the world best Dad.

15. Your level of involvement, compassion and empathy cannot be overemphasized. Indeed, you the epitome of fatherhood. Happy birthday in advance my best friend.

16. Your presence made all the difference in my life. Thank you for staying through all this while. I love you, dad. Happy birthday in advance.

17. Thank you Daddy for being the anchor upon which I stand all these years. Happy birthday in advance Sir.

18. Daddy, I could have been lost without your guidance and leading. Thank you for all you do. Happy birthday in advance.

19. “Super grateful” would be an understatement for me to express how I feel for all you have done in my life. Thank you for being a true father. Happy birthday in advance Daddy.

20. I have seen and heard my friends talk about their fathers and I can confidently say that I have the best father in the world. Thank you Daddy for affording me that privilege. Happy birthday, dad.

Happy Birthday in Advance wishes for Father

As a father, you have not taught me that I am not prone to mistakes but you have allowed me to make mistakes and help me realize that I am and that making mistake is part of growing up for me. Happy birthday in advance, dear father. I wish you the very best on your birthday.

21. Sweet dad, you taught me that it is better for me to fail than for me to waste away doing nothing and this philosophy has helped me greatly in life. Right now, I can only wish that the heavens will be opened unto you even as you approach your birthday. Happy birthday in advance Daddy.

22. One person that taught me to appreciate even the little things in life is you, Dad. I ask for you that the Lord will grant every of your heart desire. Happy birthday in advance My Father.

23. Loving father, I ask for you of God that whether you get anything else done today and the rest of your life or not, the rest of your days will be spent enjoying God’s goodness. Happy birthday in advance dad.

24. Your life has been a major source of inspiration to me. May you continually be infused with inner strength so that you can do better. Happy birthday in advance to you Sir.

25. Dad, you are nothing but my superstar and I ask that your life be filled with new vitality every day by day.

26. You will always be my number one love Dad. Your place is such that nobody can take. Happy birthday in advance sir.

27. You taught me selflessness and how to be strong. Thank you, daddy. Happy birthday in advance.

28. Dad, you’ve been intelligent, thoughtful, hardworking, and sacrificial. Your efforts will not be in vain. Happy birthday in advance sir.

29. I call you dad because you are special to me and I hope that in life, you find fulfilment just as you have struggled to give me life. Happy birthday in advance dad.

30. May you enjoy the guiding light of your heavenly father just as you have been an anchor to lead us on the right path. Happy birthday in advance My Hero.

You don’t need to limit your show of love and affection for your dad to text messages, quotes or wishes alone. You can become more creative and come up with a nice plan of throwing him a surprise birthday package but then, these happy birthdays in advance wishes must have gone ahead of you to prepare the way for you. They should serve as your appetizer for him.

Feel free to use as many as you want and please, don’t leave without commenting or sharing them, thank you.

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