Happy Belated 60th Birthday Wishes

Happy Belated 60th Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are one of the important dates in a person’s life that should not be taken for granted. Of all birthdays, celebrating one’s 60th birthday is a great achievement. Sending birthday wishes can create happiness and a sense of belonging in the mind of the celebrant.

Do you know that you can actually get too close to a person and still forget their 60th birthday? What now happens when the person whose birthday you forgot is elderly, like your father, mother, brother, sister, aunt or uncle?

At this point, sending some happy belated birthday wishes won’t be a bad idea. The truth is, we can be so worked up with life that we forget little things that matter. Really, forgetting the 60th birthday of a person close to you may not be intentional but do you know your sincerity may not be seen if you refuse to make amends.

Therefore, celebrating them with quotes for belated birthdays is not totally out of place. This doesn’t necessarily have to be something big, many times; just a little text can mean a whole lot.

You need not worry much over what to send to show how much you value the person whose birthday you forgot. Yes, you can go blank not having the right words to quantity what you have to say to wish them a belated happy birthday. Below is a list of belated 60th birthday wishes and quotes you can use.

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Belated 60th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

You are such a unique personality. How on earth did I forget your 60th birthday? Your value is far worth more than gold and it is not people like you that I ought to forget their birthday. Here is me saying sorry and sending you belated birthday wishes and quotes. I hope you will find it heartwarming.

1. If everything in the world can change, day and night will never change and as long as they remain, you also remain special to me. Belated happy birthday Ma’am.

2. The sun shines so brightly yet, its glory cannot be compared to that of the moon. You are incomparable to everyone I’ve met in my life. Belated happy 60th birthday Sir.

3. 60 look good on you and I hope the season will bring good tiding of great joy. Belated happy 60th birthday Sir.

4. Just as the gentleness of the morning breeze can be felt by all the trees in the garden, I wish that this new phase of your life bring to you the gentleness of the sea and your life will be peaceful. Belated happy 60th birthday.

5. Life throws to us different kinds of stone. It is not always about the stone, it is always about what we do with the stone. As you clock 60, learn to catch every stone and make something good out of it. Belated happy birthday.

6. For you my love, I cannot find a perfect replacement because you are my superstar. How can I have forgotten your special day; the day you turn 60? Belated happy birthday dear.

7. There is always a message in the way a person treats you. All you need to do is to listen. I have listened with rapt attention to the way you treat me and I come to the conclusion that you value our relationship. Thank you for all you do. Belated happy 60th birthday to you friend.

8. Three things are important in a man’s life: intelligence, energy and integrity. These three you possess and even at 60, you are still up and doing. Belated happy birthday Sir.

9. Every man is said to need a good woman in his life even if it is just as a friend. The reason is, a good woman adds value to a man’s life. You have not only proven to be a good woman, but you are also a virtuous woman and I can’t imagine me, forgetting your 60th birthday. Belated happy birthday my dear.

10. People will always hurt us but some are worth suffering for. You are one of such and your birthday is a good avenue to express this feeling. Belated happy birthday Sir.

11. You are a disciplinarian par excellence. Your lifestyle is worth emulating. I can only wish that you will enjoy longevity and positivity even as you’ve turned 60. Belated happy birthday ma.

12. Psychologists say if a person laughs too much, even at stupid things, he is lonely deep inside but that’s not true with you. With you, there are no dull moments. That is one thing I enjoy about you. Belated happy 60th birthday.

13. There are many things money can’t buy and there are other currencies except money. One of such is relationship and this, you have offered me free of charge which I quite appreciate. So, I am saying belated happy 60th birthday to the man who toys not with relationships.

14. Sensitive people love too much, give too much and hurt too much but they have the kindest heart. This description fits you except for you do not get hurt too much. May your 60th birthday come with all blessings. Belated happy birthday.

15. Hurray! It’s your 60th birthday, may you shine as light this new year and my thoughts be filled with wisdom, and the works of your hands are seasoned. Belated happy birthday.

16. Mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later, the collection of mistakes is called experience which leads to success. Indeed, 60 years of painful mistakes that have accumulated to become experience cannot but lead to success. Little wonder you acquired so much. Belated happy birthday.

17. Thank you so much for the sacrifices…even though the best might not yet be…but this new year, I pray and wish you the very best of God and long life to enjoy that which He has for you. Belated happy 60th birthday.

Belated 60th Birthday Messages

Actions, they say, speak louder than voice. I have tested and proven this phenomenon to be true over and over again with you. You are such an influential person. Your positive thoughts and actions have shaped the lives of so many around you for the best. This is just an opportunity to say how much of an impact you have had in our lives by celebrating your birthday even though, belated.

18. You may have started on a small note, but small beginnings do not signify small destinies. Belated happy birthday Sir.

19. It can be tiring to act okay and always be strong when in reality, one is close to the edge. You have always proven yourself strong even in difficult times. Belated happy 60th birthday.

20. You are not unimportant neither are you unacceptable. You are wondrous. Belated happy birthday to you.

21. I want to use this medium of your 60th birthday to appreciate you for being a part of my life. You have taught me great virtues with your life lessons. Unfortunately, I forgot to send this yesterday. I hope you will accept this message as a belated birthday message. Belated happy birthday Sir.

22. You never cease to amaze us with your respectful life. Your respect for both young and old is quite worthy of emulation. Belated happy 60th birthday Sir.

23. You are a gift from God to us and we quite appreciate you for being the gift that you were made to be. Belated happy birthday Sir.

24. Working with you for over twenty years gives me confidence and assurance that I can be awesome just as you are. Your encouragement has always kept me going and all I can ever say thank you sir for allowing yourself to be used to bring up a boy like me. Bleated happy birthday boss.

25. Life has made more sense to me ever since I met you. You are indeed a unique personality. Belated happy birthday ma.

26. You are such a wonderful person and the way you live your life makes me feel real, God is still in the process of making men. Belated happy birthday.

27. You are precious to us and we can’t take for granted all your kind gestures. It’s just painful that we didn’t get to say wish you well yesterday, please forgive us. Belated happy 60th birthday sweet aunt.

28. It is better late than never. Please accept this message as a way of me apologizing and at the same time, giving you my blessings on your 60th birthday. I hope to make it up to you. Belated happy birthday friend.

29. Darling, you are the most precious gift that life has brought my way and I cannot but remain faithful and true to you. Thank you for always believing in me and always cheering me on. Belated happy birthday dear.

30. Waking up to remember yesterday was your birthday gave me pains in my heart as I didn’t get the opportunity of proclaiming how expedient a person you are. Right now, all I can say is belated happy 60th birthday and I hope you will find sweetness in life in the remaining days you have to spend on earth.

31. Reflecting on how we met and how far we have come, I can only say it is fate that has brought us together and grace has kept us since then. Your birthday is not one that I should forget so soon. Belated happy birthday Rick.

32. Although we’ve known each other for only a while and you’ve proven to be worth more than much gold. I can only wish I had met you a long time ago. Belated happy birthday Sir Kay.

33. Taking to my status to celebrate an icon like you without expressing to you how much of a blessing you’ve been to me is more than enough. Belated happy 60th birthday Sir.

34. While growing up as children, we all used to dream of how wonderful life would be when we finally grow old. We always thought we would be stronger, bolder and more intelligent. Here you are already grown into a real man endowed with gifts and graces. Belated happy birthday.

35. It is a privilege to have to celebrate your 60th birthday with you although I forgot the date that won’t stop me from celebrating with you. You are an embodiment of everything good. Belated happy birthday Prof.

Belated 60th Birthday Blessings

Nothing in this world can quantify what you mean to me and words will fail me if I start to analyze and appreciate your values but I know one thing cannot fail and that is prayers and blessings. So, here is to wish you belated birthday blessings.

36. May every agenda set to lead you into error so as to destroy you stand still and you shall stall tall above every challenge. Belated happy birthday.

37. As you clocked 60 yesterday, in the rest of your years on earth, may you enjoy the fat of this land. Belated happy birthday.

38. The Lord will fight for you, all your battles and grant you rest even in this new year of yours. Age gracefully. Belated happy birthday.

39. The Lord will scatter abroad all those standing against your breakthrough. You will enjoy God more than ever before. Belated happy birthday.

40. Blessed shall you in your coming and your going. The Lord will bless and keep you. He will be gracious unto you and cause his face to shine upon you. Belated happy 60th birthday Sir.

41. Teach us oh Lord to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. May your thoughts be filled with wisdom and may your light continue to shine. Belated happy birthday.

42. Belated happy birthday to you Momma. The presence of the Lord will never depart from you and you will experience peace all around.

43. Welcome to your 60th year. May God’s presence go with you and help you to manifest in the fullest of His divine blessing of dominion. Belated happy birthday.

44. We are grateful to God that you are still here with us to celebrate your 60th birthday. May you overcome every obstacle in life and affliction shall not rise the second time for you. Belated happy birthday, Ma.

45. May all who wait for your tears sorrowfully wait in vain. Just as you clocked 60 and you are still strong, may you end well and strong. Belated happy birthday, sir.

46. Blessed the name of the Lord for thus far He has brought you. You are 60 yet strong. May you continually be led by the Lord all the days of your life. Belated happy birthday.

47. I have no fresh flowers to give to you but a simple word of prayer that the Lord will crown your efforts with great success.

48. For a man with a loving heart like yours, there are no flowers to give except loving thoughts and prayers to make you lighter and brighter. Belated happy birthday Sir.

49. He has promised, he will not fail, yes, not now…He started the journey with you and He will not leave you. He has not brought you this far to forsake you. Belated happy birthday aunt.

50. May you be lifted beyond imagination and may every of your prayer requests be answered even as you journey through this new age of yours. Belated birthday blessings Ma.

Indeed, you do not want to miss the birthday of your loved one for any reason. Not even their 60th birthday. But when it happens, do you just sit in condemnation and guilt? No, there is something you can do. Sending a belated happy birthday wish, quote, message or blessings can be a great way to make up. Try out the above and you will testify.

I do hope you love these amazing happy belated 60th birthday wishes. Don’t forget to comment and share, thank you.

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