5th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Husbands in 2023

The one dearest to your heart, your heartthrob, gist partner, sparring partner, defender of your universe, mood decoder and everything in between; yes, your dearest husband, deserves to know how much you cherish him, on the occasion of your fifth wedding anniversary!

Everyone knows he means the world to you; so, tell him too…again and again. Chase away the shadow of doubts, if any. Words of love and affirmation can never be an overdose! The more, the merrier! So, bring it on and lay it thick! Let that handsome head of his swell with love for you and pride in you!

Due to their pride and the ‘manly front’ they put on, men are mostly starve of appreciate, verbal expressions of love and affection! They act as if they don’t care for such; but, they do!

Good men; responsible, caring, loving, and supportive deserve to be celebrated for their part in building a home full of laughter, love and promises.

Marriages have been known to crash at the wedding reception, honeymoon, resumption of normal daily routines and at adjustment levels. You aren’t a newly wed couple; you’re both naked to each other’s faults and quirks, yet unashamed. The foxes that aimed at causing trouble in your Paradise, have been caught and dealt with. Your marriage is five years; it’s not standing on wobbling feet. Rather, you’re rocking it like new lovers in courtship: celebrate your love and the object of your love!

Yours may not be a picture perfect marriage, but the love is as strong as ever. The excitement and peace is out of this world; celebrate you partner in love!

Your husband supports you in tough times and shower you with love when you’re down. No ‘quotes’ is really good enough for your unsung hero.

Your fifth wedding anniversary is here; it’s time to celebrate. Do you need an heartfelt anniversary Quotes for your husband? Are you eager to spice up your flailing or roaring marriage? Do you care for more fun and excitement in your love life triggered by a cute anniversary quote for husband? Search no more!

Here are 100 lovely 5th wedding anniversary Quotes for your husband. Read them and you’ll be thrilled you did!

1. Rainbows are for lovers: five years of exquisite marital bliss, and still counting. It’s been all shade of awesome being your partner in this awesome marriage institution. I can’t wish for more. Happy fifth anniversary, my love.

2. Five years already? This can’t be true! Being married to you is like a fairytale story! You are my Prince Charming, my Knight in shining armour and the reigning king of my heart! I love you, husband dearest! Happy wedding anniversary to us!!

3. You have always been the best man for me. Five years down the marriage lane, you are still the best man for me. I took a peep into the future, and I see that you’ll always be the only man for me. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my darling husband. I love you!

4. You are the most amazing, caring, considerate and romantic husband on this side of eternity! I love you, hugely! Happy fifth wedding anniversary to us, my sweet husband!

5. The first time I set my eyes on you, I was convinced we were made for each other. Five years of pure marital bliss has only confirmed ours is a match made in heaven! Happy wedding anniversary to us, my awesome husband!

6. My intuition has never failed me, but it did overtime when I met you and reassured me you’re the real thing. Five glorious years in marriage proves that I’ve only been enjoying a tip of the iceberg of the awesomeness of my delightful husband. I love you, cute guy. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

7. Congratulations, sweetie! The first five years has given me the wholesome appetite to spend eternity with you, with gusto! I adore you, dude!

8. No need of consulting a magical mirror; you are the most handsome, exciting and amazing husband on earth! Happy fifth wedding anniversary to us, darling!

9. God said, I believed it, you confirmed it: you are my specially-ordered, made in heaven husband of choice. I love you, sugar pie! Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us!

10. What I ordered versus what I got: God wins! I ordered for a good man, I got a great husband. You are simply the best! I’m nuts about you, Honey. Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us!

11. Each passing year, our love waxes stronger, better and greater! You are the substance and spice of the spectacular joy I experience in this marriage of five years. Can we move on to the next fifty years, already? I love you, Husby! Congratulations to us!

12. A husband like you, who can imagine? You are all shades of special and different hues of loving. I adore you, babe. You rock my heart! Happy wedding anniversary, dearest.

13. I’m still charmed, by your boyish smiles and infectious laughter! I love your intelligence and practical approaches to real issues. My heart still beats for you, unabashedly. Happy wedding anniversary! I love you, sweet husband.

14. I was strongly attracted to you, became attached to you; now, my love and affection are forever yours! Darling, five years of marriage to you has been pure bliss! Happy wedding anniversary, Honey!

15. Thank you for teaching me to aim for the stars, capture the moon and bask in the golden sunlight. You are my heart’s sole delight, husband dearest! Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us, sugar!

16. To the love of my life, I declare you as the song in my heart. It’s our fifth wedding anniversary; may the Lord satisfy your desires with good things. May the grace given to you to direct our home to bring out God’s awesomeness, increase in leaps and bounds. Congratulations to us, my Crown!

17. You are the perfect man for me, Honey! You always are and you’ll forever be the sweetest music I’ll graciously dance to. Happy wedding anniversary to us! I love you.

18. May the Lord bless our home with more love, laughter, and fun. May the blessings and favour of God overflow in this union. Happy wedding anniversary, my love. You are the best!

19. You are the best husband any woman could ever wished for, Sugarpie. May the Lord bless you every day of your life. May the blessings of God flow continually upon our home. Happy wedding anniversary to us, dearie!

20. I love everything about you! The things that get me exasperated with you, inclusive. I’m thrilled I’m stuck to such an awesome man for life. Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us!

21. You are the most wonderful man I’ve ever come across and the best husband for yours truly! I can’t wish for a better man. You fulfill me in ways that are too wonderful to enumerate. Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us, darling husband. Loving you is gives me so much pleasure.

22. You are so easy to please, sweetie. No, scratch that. You are way too easy to please! Marrying you was my sole ticket to unending bliss. Thank you for being ultra-special, darling husband! Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us, my love!

23. I love lying in your arms and drifting off to sleep while listening to the rhythm of your heartbeat. I love breathing in your marvelous scent. I love your smiles, mature approach to issues. The list is endless; I love everything about you, husband dearest! Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us!

24. I dreaded the idea of being married and staying ‘stuck’ on someone forever. I met you, fell hopelessly in love with you, married you, and got the shock of my life: I enjoy being stuck with you! I’m so looking forward to spending eternity with you constantly by my side! Happy wedding anniversary to us, my husband.

25. My darling trophy husband, happy wedding anniversary to us! I’m grateful for the chance to have you as a husband. This marriage is specially designed to bring out the best in me. To think we’ve barely started! I love you, Angel!

26. Happy wedding anniversary, my sweetest husband. Thank you for the sweetest memories ever! Thank you for being all shades of special. I love you!

27. It isn’t just our wedding anniversary (wait o, is it really our 5th? Seems like yesterday!); it’s the celebration of a love that has defied traditions, wrong expectations, and norms! You are my partner in mischief, I love you! Congratulations, dearest husband!

28. I celebrate you, love of my heart. Thank you for making the last five years the sweetest time in my life. You’re a magician, right? I’m looking forward to experiencing more magical moments with you. Happy wedding anniversary, Honey!

29. Hey, buddy! It’s our 5th wedding anniversary! You aced the test: you may proceed to a trip of eternal bliss with me as your co-anchor. Love you loads!

30. I love you, my baby boy. I enjoy being married to you. Just so you know, I plan to enjoy the rest of my life with you. Eternity is too short: can we have another lifetime as bonus? Happy wedding anniversary, darling!

31. Life is beautiful because I married a gem! You are selfless, caring, lavish in your affection, protective, and everything I ever desired in a man; and then, some! I adore you,y handsome Prince. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

32. I celebrate you, my love. You’re the brain, heart and all ‘the works’ behind this beautiful home. I love you! Happy wedding anniversary to us!

33. Thank you for bringing out the baby in me. Life is sweeter with you as my Honey! I love you. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

34. It’s our special day, my adorable husband! Loving you is the key to unlocking my potentials, ultimate goodness, joy unlimited and much more! You are an amazing husband; ain’t I lucky? Of course, I’m blessed! Happy 5th wedding anniversary!

35. I love you when you are deliberately annoying; though I voluntarily confess to murderous thoughts! I love your passionate embraces. I love your keen mind, wittiness, and humour. My darling husband, I love you, wholesomely! Happy wedding anniversary to us!

36. You are so tenderhearted, it’s unbelievable! You make me feel loved, desired and protected. I love you from the deep places in my heart. Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us, my love!

37. The last five years have been awesome! I’m sure looking forward to building a great future with you, my dearest husband. Happy wedding anniversary to us, sweetie!

38. You’ve always gone the extra mile to put a smile on my face, a sparkle in my eyes and joy in my heart. You’re blessed, my husband! Happy wedding anniversary to us!

39. Thank you for believing in me and for inspiring me. Thank you for spurring me on to achieve feats I’d considered impossible. You’re an exemplary husband, lover, and friend. I love you. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

40. Ours isn’t a picture-perfect love story; nevertheless, nothing can take away the fact that we are perfect for each other. Ours is a match made in heaven; blissful and heavenly. I love you, my husband. Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us!

41. Happy wedding anniversary, my gem of priceless value! You are a rare breed! A limited-edition husband! Loving you is a pleasure; being married to you is an honour! You rock, husband dearest!

42. Yippie! It’s love’s celebration day! I celebrate you wholeheartedly, object of my love. Every day with you presents a taste of heaven. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my heartthrob!

43. You are an incredible husband, awesome lover and fantastic father! I adore everything about you. May you experience explosive joy all the days of your life. Happy wedding anniversary!

44. We don’t look like what we’ve been through. I’m so grateful that I have you by my side. You’re the best husband ever! Quote me anywhere! Happy wedding anniversary, darling husband!

45. Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us, baby. I love you ten times more than ever before. You rock!

46. A beautiful morning to you, my crown. I celebrate you today and always, king of my heart. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my darling! Cheers!

47. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my darling husband, lover, friend, and mentor. Thank you for your world-class care of me, your patience and your admirable tolerance of my excesses. I love you, forever!

48. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my one and only darling. I celebrate you today and forever. You’re the best God has to offer in your generation. You rock, my sweetie! I love you. I’m nuts about you!

49. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my dearest husband. Fresh oil, fresh anointing and more grace to be fruitful and go great exploits!

50. Happy anniversary to us, my Rock. You are my anchor, protector and everything I can ever wish for in a friend, lover, and husband! You exceeded all my expectations with more than a little extra! I love you to the moon and back!

51. My sweetheart, my Prince charming, the shimmering and befitting crown of my head, the cynosure of all eyes, I love you! Happy 5th anniversary to us! More years of pure bliss, more promotion with lots of perks and more joy, to us!

52. Happy wedding anniversary to the king of my heart. May you reign with joy, blessings, and everything good in life. Your head will not lack oil or wisdom! Love you, munchkin!

53. Happy wedding anniversary to the best man God ever created! May the Lord continue to keep and uphold you. May He bless us with the desires of our hearts and crown us with joy unlimited.

54. It’s our fifth wedding anniversary! Congratulations to us, my love! May we continue to bask in the euphoria of each other’s love and care. May we experience more years of marital bliss. Love you, darling husband!

55. Every day presents a fresh opportunity for me to express my deep love for you. Today, doubly so! You’re such an amazing husband and awesome father! You keep on wowing me! I love you, my blessed husband. You’re mightily blessed today and forever in Jesus name. Happy wedding anniversary, sweetie!

56. My guardian Angel, my superhero, my knight in shining armour, the defender of my universe, my role model, the love of my heart; I love you today and forever. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my darling husband!

57. Five years of joy and fun, amidst challenges and adventures; is like a drop of water in an ocean. I’m so looking forward to spending my forever with you as my heart’s sole delight! Happy wedding anniversary to us, Honeypie!

58. On this special day of ours, dearest husband, I send you a truckload of hugs, uncountable kisses and lots of love…straight from my heart. Happy wedding anniversary, pumpkin!

59. I need no soothsayer to tell me; I know this, as a matter of fact…I’m the most blessed woman on earth. Marrying you was my lucky break! Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us, husband dearest!

60. Being with you gives me inexplicable joy and fills me with immeasurable pleasure. I adore you so! Happy wedding anniversary to us, my husband!

61. It’s our wedding anniversary! Five years, and still counting. May the Lord keep us as bosom friends, inseparable lovers, and great parents, forever! Happy wedding anniversary to us, my Treasure!

62. We got married, and the floodgates of heaven were opened; showers of blessings was released. It’s been five years of unprecedented favour, blessings, and progress. May the hand of God continue to rest upon our home forever. Happy wedding anniversary, my love!

63. Shall I tell you the truth? Your love fills my heart with absolute joy. May you continue to obtain favour from the Lord, my darling husband. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

64. Thank you for giving me wings to fly, my dearest husband. Thank you for giving sound expressions to my desires and thank you for always watching my back. Yours is a rare love, my priceless Gem. I do not take you for granted. I love you! Happy wedding anniversary!

65. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my firebrand! The flame of your love sets my heart ablaze…for you! You rock, Honey!

66. I love the idea of spending eternity with you. Five years of pure joy has whet my appetite for more of you. You are more than enough! I love you! Happy wedding anniversary, Husby

67. Here comes the part where I confess that I’m eternally grateful you refused to take ‘No’ for an answer. I’m so glad you pursued me so relentlessly until I gave in. Thank you for giving me unlimited access to your golden heart. I love you, Mine. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

68. Happy wedding anniversary to the love of my heart. Your baby girl loves you fiercely! Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us, dearest!

69. Happy anniversary, my love! Thank you for being the best husband, ever! I love you!

70. Happy wedding anniversary, my Crown. We’ve enjoyed the blessings and endured the hardship of the first five years. Surely, our best years are ahead, starting from now. Congratulations to us!

71. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my loving, caring and gorgeous husband. I love you loads, my sweetheart! God bless you exceedingly.

72. You are a very special man. Everything about you is extraordinary and amazing. Being married to you is heaven here on earth experience. I love you, dearest husband. Happy anniversary to us, Sugarpie!

73. You’re my anchor in turbulent times, the music I graciously twist, glide and dance to and the humour that sets me on a laughing spree. Marrying you was my ticket to joy and fame. I adore you so? Happy wedding anniversary to us, darling!

74. As the years go by, my love and respect for you grow in leaps and bounds. I adore you, my Treasure! Happy wedding anniversary to us, darling husband!

75. It’s our wedding anniversary, husband dearest. You’ve been an absolute blessing to me. You’ve brought immeasurable joy to me; may you find favour before God and men all the days of your life. Congratulations, dearie!

76. You deserve an award for being a record-breaking husband of note. Need I say I’m nuts about you? Totally! Happy 5th wedding anniversary, my love!

77. If love and fulfilment in marriage have a scale, we’d surely win a gold medal! Happy wedding anniversary to us, my soulmate. Marriage is a fairytale story because of you, my Prince charming. I love you.

78. May the Lord bless you and cause His face to shine upon you. May He uphold our union with the right hand of His righteousness. May the Lord our God bless our home and children. Happy anniversary to us!

79. No mountain is too high to climb. No hurdle too complicated to sort out. Life is so beautiful and peachy because of you. Happy wedding anniversary, my amazing husband.

80. May all that you desire meet with the favour of God. May our home experience God’s abundant blessing. Happy wedding anniversary!

81. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my love, husband, and boss of life! We return all glory to the Lord who has blessed our little beginning with so much grace. May He continue to abide with us. Cheers, my darling!

82. The desire of my heart was for a christian home. Where God takes preeminence; my man as the priest and leader and everyone enjoys God’s grace. You are a man after God’s heart; you met and surpassed my expectations. May the Lord bless our home and continually pour the oil of grace upon your head, my sweetheart. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

83. A home where God leads, and I follow, right by your side, is worthy of celebration. Every day of our five years together has been heavenly, my wonderful husband. I love you. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

84. Celebration of love: happy wedding anniversary to us, my heartthrob! Our life together as a couple is just as envisaged with more love, passion, and excitement! May we experience more years of marital bliss! Love you loads, Husby of life!

85. It’s been five years of God’s awesomeness in our home! Five years of love, laughter, fun, disagreement, near-quitting level, and various ups and downs; but we remain standing, strong and better! Happy wedding anniversary to us, my champion! I love you.

86. Five years of love, deep affection, friendship, and companionship! I celebrate you, love of my life. We lasted this long and will last a lifetime because you’re simply wonderful! Happy wedding anniversary to us, my husband!

87. You inspire great feelings in me; love that’s so thrilling, pride in your handsomeness and awesome personality, passion for God, life and good things in life and pleasure in the simplest of things. I love being married to you, husband of life. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

88. We’re a perfect fit; like peas in a pod, a key in its keyhole, a hand in a glove or a cloth that fits snugly like a second skin. We’re an extension of each other; seamless and unbroken. There’s a blurry line where one ends and the other features. My husband, lover, and twinnie of life! Happy wedding anniversary to us!

89. I never get tired of telling you how much I love you. Indeed, I do. Each passing day, my love for you grows. You are such an adorable man; so easy to stay in love with you. Happy wedding anniversary, my dearest husband!

90. On a beautiful day like this, I came to a realisation; a lifetime isn’t sufficient with you. I need at least several lifetimes over! Can this be our anniversary wish? I love you, my superhero. Happy wedding anniversary to us, Gorgeous!

91. It’s a privilege and a pleasure being married to a genius with an awesome personality like you! My husband, my king and the desire of my heart, may the Lord bless you and shower our home with His goodness. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

92. I love you, Husby, from the depth of my heart. Marriage has done nothing but fuels my love and admiration for you. My heart still beats crazily for you. Happy wedding anniversary to us, dearie!

93. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my soulmate and perfect match. May we enjoy more glorious years ahead! I love you!

94. Love is more than feelings or passion: love is a commitment, solid and unbroken. You’re the real definition of love, darling husband! I love you: this is s promise I intend to keep, by God’s grace. Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us!

95. It’s our anniversary, baby! I can’t stop singing! Only one song and lyrics keep playing in my heart, “I love, you!” You rock my heart, my being, and entire life…big time! Congratulations, darling!

96. I prayed for a Prince, I got a King! I wished for a champion, I got a knight in shining armour! I wanted a friend, lover, and companion, I got much more than I ever envisaged in you! You’re absolutely amazing, my darling husband. I adore you. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

97. Happy wedding anniversary, Handsome! Please, rub your wedding band till it glitters today. Your tie, blazer and other accessories are ready… with this inscription boldly engraved to ward off gushing admirers, ‘TAKEN’. Love you, my darling!

98. Happy wedding anniversary, my charming, cute and adorable husband! I got a Doberman for you; it’s specially trained to detect and warn off unwanted female advances! Cheeky? Yep! Of course, I love you!

99. A moth emerged to become a beautiful butterfly because she got married to the best man on earth. You mean the world to me, my sweetheart. I love you, now more than ever. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

100. Happy wedding anniversary, funny man! How you keep your humour and wits at all times, baffles me! You are fun to be with, intelligent and smart, too! I got the best, isn’t that a miracle? Happy wedding anniversary to us! I love you.

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