Funny Good Morning Texts for Him

2023 Funny Good Morning Texts for Him to Wake Up To

When you decide to put a smile or laugh on the face of your loved one, then you deserve an award because laughter and smiles bring a special spice to relationships, most if not all.

Whether he’s your boyfriend or your husband or your brother or a special man in your life, this is where you’ll find the perfect funny good morning text for him to wake up to. So enjoy reading through, select your favourite text or texts for your favourite men and push it on to them.

Most Hilarious Good Morning Messages for Boyfriend

Nothing stops you from making your boyfriend wake up to funny but romantic thoughts of you and of love. Use these hilarious words as good morning messages for him. Send the funny love messages as good morning texts to him and thank me later.

1. Go back to sleep, since you want to sleep the whole day. And I’ll be waiting for your good morning text. Good morning, babe.

2. Wake up and shine till you disgrace the sun. But know that you can not outshine me. Good morning to you, honey.

3. It’s morning and I wanted you to wake up to this text, so you’ll feel like a Superman. Good morning to you, darling.

4. This text is meant to make your day sweeter than yesterday, so you’ll be paying for it. Good morning, dear.

5. If you planned to wake up to meet me by your side, I think you woke too late. Lol. Good morning to you, darling.

6. I know how addicted you are to your phone, so I kept this here, so it will be the first thing you see when you wake up. Turns out your addiction is a good thing after all. Good morning, babe.

7. Your phone must not really be the first thing you touch when you wake, you know? Good morning to you, baby.

8. I left clothes for you to wash when you wake up. Sorry. Good morning to you, darling.

9. The next time you’ll wake up to see me beside you is when you credit my bank account. Good morning to you, honey.

10. I might just tell you to wait till we marry before you get a serious good morning message from me. Good morning, sweetheart.

11. Since we married, I can count how many good morning messages you’ve sent to me. Improve, baby. Good morning, dear.

12. I ran out of the house early, so you’ll prepare the children for school today. Good morning, honey.

13. If you wanted a little morning war, I guess you’ve missed it because I’m not there. Good morning, baby.

14. When you see this, look for me. I’m here with you. Good morning, dearie.

15. As early as you woke, I still woke up earlier than the devil. Good morning, baby.

16. Ask why I sent this message and I’ll tell you that I did it for the love of fun. Good morning, beau.

17. Check the time and be sure that this is not twelve o’clock midnight. Good morning, dear.

18. Now that you’re awake, run to where I am and get a kiss that will blow your mind. Good morning to you meanwhile.

19. It’s a great morning to let everything you hold for get and grow do now me bow and great. If you don’t understand, I also don’t. Good morning, baby.

20. How did you wake up after sleeping very late like you did last night? Good morning to you, dear.

21. So after you wake up, what’s next? This is not rhetorical. Good morning, honey.

22. Would love to do this every day, but life is too sweet for that commitment. Good morning to you, sweetheart.

23. This is to remind you that there’s another twenty-four hours ahead to experience earth again. Good morning to you, sweetie.

24. You know that life’s hard, right? Hope you woke up with a smile, however? Good morning, babe.

25. Beautiful hours wait for you today, and I’ll be waiting for you after work. Good morning to you, dear.

26. I really don’t know why I’m giving you a wake up to message, but, well, here it is. Good morning, sweetheart.

27. Just so you don’t feel jealous of your friends, here’s a message for you to wake up to. Good morning to you, my honey.

28. I call you sweetheart because once I tasted your heart while you slept and it tasted like honey. Don’t try this at home, though. Good morning to you, darling.

29. If you’re reading this, then know that you are loved like I love diamonds. Maybe you should turn into diamond for me. Good morning, darling.

30. I want to compare you to something “dangerous”, so can I call you a “beast”? Good morning, dear.

31. This morning tastes like sugar, or is it the memory of you? Well, don’t try to cook what you can’t today. Good morning, honey.

32. Do you know why the sun comes from the east? It’s because that’s where I come from. Good morning to you, my sweetheart.

33. The funny thing about this morning is that you’ll manage to enjoy it even without me being with you. Now I feel like you’re cheating. Good morning, babe.

34. Morning texts don’t hurt, right? But what if I get addicted to texting you and text the battery out of your phone? Good morning, baby.

35. You’re so amazing that you can be “him” to every amazing girl out there. Well, I said “can”, not “should”. Good morning, baby.

36. If you were in Genesis, I’m sure you’ll have eaten all the fruits on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil — you glutton! Good morning, darling.

37. I’m losing my appetite for early morning work. Maybe you should take my job. Good morning, darling.

38. If I were in the bed with you when you woke up, we’ll be planning for another baby by now, so I had to run. Good morning, sweet.

39. I pray that you wake up early enough to text a good morning message to me — you that sleep too much. Good morning to you, dearie.

40. I’m way too excited to properly compose a proper wake up to text now. So have this one. Good morning, darling.

41. I wonder what your friends will say when they hear that I consciously made attempts to wake up earlier than you so I could drop this text? Good morning, baby.

42. The only thing I want from you today is to be careful when crossing the road. No money for hospital bills. Good morning, honey.

43. Wake up and stand tall, until you hit the wall above the door. Good morning, honey.

44. What if you just woke up from all your daydreams? Lol. Good morning, darling.

45. One day, I’ll watch you till you wake up. I want to check something. Good morning, sweetheart.

46. Why do you think I love you? Or is this question not appropriate for a wake up to text? Good morning, honey.

47. Good for you that you can wake up anytime you like. I’m jealous. Good morning to you, my love.

48. Another morning and you’re yet to take me to your parents? Or are you scared? Good morning, darling.

49. What if this text says good night to you? I’ll be waiting for your reply. Good morning, my heart.

50. Quick reminder: if I’m not around, nothing can take my place in your heart. Good morning, dear.

51. Get ready for the longest day of your life and don’t ask me why. And if it’s not the longest day, let’s just act like this text never happened. Lol. Good morning, babe.

52. Guess what? I’m coming home tonight. Good morning to you, though.

53. No matter what happens this morning, yours must be a good one. Have a great morning, babe.

54. I’m sorry your night was without me. And that’s the only thing I’m sorry about. Good morning, darling.

55. Gimme ten reasons why I should let you see me today. Have an awesome morning, darling.

56. Hope you slept with your mouth closed last night? Good morning to you, love.

57. I trust you enough to stay away for this long. Just assume it’s trust that’s keeping me away this long. Good morning, honey.

58. Wake up, baby, and light up the world. Just don’t burn our property. Good morning, lovely.

59. Today is blessed to have you in it, so go out and intimidate the day. Good morning, honey.

60. Hardworking people like you should not have nights. Just days for you to work and work. Good morning, baby.

61. I’m by your side, but you can’t see me. It’s a magical morning. Have a great morning, sweetie.

62. I’m really not into morning messages, but if it contributes to your happy, here we go. Good morning, heart.

63. Apart from this text, I really can’t do much for you this morning. Not a license to look outside, though. Good morning, dear.

64. My heart beats for you so much that I wonder if we could be the modern day Romeo and Juliet. Good morning, baby.

65. In a bid to be a good girlfriend, this is me trying to do something good. Good morning, my lover.

66. I and all the kids — I’m speaking for them — say a good morning to you. Greet the kids for me.

67. There’s a great day ahead of us, especially for me. Good morning, babe.

68. I can catch a grenade for you. But since no one is throwing grenades at me, what can you do for me? Good morning, sweetheart.

69. This is a beautiful morning to blame you for plenty things. You’re ready? Good morning, honey.

70. Hey, babe. Guess what? Today has more than 23 hours. Lol. Good morning to you.

71. Today, you’ll get so blessed that you’ll change your name to blessing. Good morning, dear.

72. Until you wake up from sleep, I’m really missing you. Good morning, dearie.

73. Why do you sleep longer when you can be my alarm? Good morning to you, dear.

74. If I don’t get a good morning message from you, I’ll assume you don’t have credit. Good morning, darling.

75. How won’t you wake up late when you spend late nights on the laptop? Good morning, dear.

76. I think every night gets better than the previous. One night, we’ll just see ourselves in heaven. Good morning, babe.

77. When you see this, pause whatever you’re doing and blow me a kiss before you resume. Good morning, baby.

78. I just noticed that eating without you being around is more fun. Good morning, honey.

79. God changed the world last night and I’m no longer your wife. Lol. Good morning, love.

80. Why can’t mornings just go on a break? Have a great morning, darling.

81. You just woke up alone after the rapture. Everyone’s gone. Lol. Good morning to you, baby.

82. Is today the day we begin our 70 days fast? Lol. Good morning to you, baby.

83. Hope you ate enough in your dreams to keep you throughout today? Good morning, honey.

84. You woke up a better man. Look at the mirror. You are even more handsome. God gave you another face. Good morning, love.

85. The great thing about today is that there’s a birthday party for us to attend at night. I’ll spend my whole day thinking about it. Good morning, baby.

86. I don’t care if today has 24 or 28 hours. I just want you to know that I wish you well today. Have a blessed day, honey.

87. The best days are coming, but remember how much you owe me. Good morning to you, my love.

88. See how fresh you look now that you’ve woken up, like newly baked bread. Good morning, darling.

89. Was your hair barbed in your dream? Stop touching your head. All is well. Lol. Good morning, babe.

90. Looks like the longer the day, the more you can produce. I pray the day stays longer than 24 hours. Good morning, dearie.

91. Good morning to the laziest man on earth. Have the best of days, honey.

92. Grab a breakfast before you leave the house. I font want complains later. Good morning, dear.

93. I actually thought you’ll sleep throughout today. You finally woke up. Good morning, babe.

94. This is a reminder to make me one of the first things on your mind every day. Good morning, baby.

95. Do you know that this morning is just like every other morning? Lol. Good morning, honey.

96. Whenever you wake up, my greeting is just few taps-on-your-phone away from you. Have a great day, dearie.

97. Quick reminder: today’s the 100th day of the year. Have an awesome day, baby.

98. You’re as beautiful as cartoon pictures of smiling suns, but you may want to look at the real sun in the sky today. Good morning, babe.

99. You would have woken up stronger if you had slept longer, but since we’re here, don’t sleep again. Have an awesome day, love.

100. It’s not me trying to be funny when I say you sleep like my ex. Lol. Good morning to you, darling.

101. I want you to know that you look more handsome while you sleep. Now, good morning to your less handsome face.

102. Thank God you’re my boyfriend. I’d have broken your skull for waking up late on a day like this. Good morning, baby.

103. I detest that nights don’t last forever. Now, look at us having to separate for hours because of work and some other daily activities. Good morning, dear.

104. After last night, I’m thinking of getting a night job. You were too rough. Lol. Good morning, honey.

105. So I’m stuck with you for the rest of my life? It’s great to know, though. Good morning, darling.

106. I can’t wait for more beautiful and playful mornings in our lives. Let’s enjoy today’s own first, though. Good morning to you, my love.

107. Take time to sleep. I learnt that days without it can kill and I don’t want to lose you. Good morning, honey.

108. The great thing about today is that I’m in it. The horrible thing about today is that you’re in it. Good morning, babe.

109. One more morning until tomorrow. And just one more until the next. And on and on and on. This was leading nowhere, babe. Good morning to you.

110. Good morning to the kids. None for you. Don’t ask me why. Just let it pass.

111. How do you sleep peacefully with all the money you’re owing me? Good morning, though, baby.

112. You can’t run from me. Wake up to meet me again. Good morning, darling.

113. How else do we start a day if not by waking up from the sleep we started yesterday? Welcome to today, baby. And good morning.

114. All you need to have a great day is me, so look for me this morning. Good morning, honey.

115. I really want you to have a nice day, so this text is a piece of me to keep you throughout the day. Have an awesome morning, love.

116. Where have I gone this morning? Guess? Meanwhile, have an awesome morning.

117. When last did you play games in the morning? Remember to do today. Good morning, darling.

118. I really hope the bed was not too hard on you last night. Have a great morning, my love.

119. Roses are red, violets are blue. After reading this text, you should know what to do. Good morning, dearie.

120. From her to him. Share with no one else. Let this be our little secret. Good morning, honey.

Hope you enjoyed the list of funny good morning texts for him to wake up to? If you did, can you share this collection with your friends? We’ll be glad if you do so.

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