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Anniversary Quotes for Her from the Heart (2023)

Love is a beautiful thing but for many people, finding real love eludes them.

That’s why when you have found real love, you should definitely celebrate it, especially anniversaries.

Your woman will appreciate the fact that you remembered and went the extra mile to celebrate her love for you.

This 2023, make sure you are one of the men to get the man of the year’s award from your woman for sending her sweet messages on your anniversary.

But sometimes, finding the right words is difficult.

We have got you covered. Find below heartwarming anniversary quotes for her from the heart.

Happy Love Anniversary Wishes Quotes for Her

Your relationship or marriage deserves to be celebrated. It’s a show of gratitude to share some of these happy relationship/wedding anniversary wishes and quotes for her with your girlfriend or wife. That’s what makes you the man with the sauce. Smiles. For 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th anniversary and more.

Happy First Anniversary Quotes for Her

An interesting first year of relationship or marriage worth celebrating. Celebrating such a fulfilling one year with your lover is not a crime, but it shows how appreciative you are to your understanding lover. So share these heart touching first anniversary quotes and wishes for wife or girlfriend.

1. Baby, it’s hard to believe that it is already three years this day that you agreed to put up with everything about me and it has been an interesting ride, one that I’m not ready to end anytime soon. I’ll always love you. Happy anniversary, love.

2. My heart has always been with you and you still remain the custodian, ten years and counting. You still have the ability to make my heart thump just like yesterday. I love you so much. Happy first wedding anniversary, sweetheart.

3. You went from the girl I admired from a distance to the one I love and keep closely to me, you went from a wish to reality, you no longer graced my dreams alone but you became part of my reality. Happy first anniversary, honey.

4. All I want is you and your beautiful smile, such that enamored and caught me the first day, five years later, your smile and heart hasn’t faded. Happy first anniversary, love.

5. On this very day six years ago, you swept in and stole my heart but guess what? You can keep holding on to it, I love the way you take care of my heart. Happy first anniversary, sweetheart.

6. Hey partner-in-love! Here is to another great year of being together, exploring, doing all the fun and crazy things and smashing those goals. Happy first anniversary, honey.

7. Hey baby, it’s our seventh-year wedding anniversary and it got me looking back on all our sweet memories together, our accomplishments and feat, our stumbles and grumble and I realized, if I had to do this over and over, I won’t blink before choosing you again. You complete me. Happy first anniversary.

8. Happy 1st, lover! It can only get better and sweeter.

9. To the strongest as they come, kindest in their numbers and exceptionally handsome boyfriend ever, happy anniversary, with all my being.

10. Hey you! It’s another year again and you are still here, putting up with my shit. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. Cheers to a great year ahead, mon cherie!

Happy Second Anniversary Quotes for Her

Make this second anniversary be an exceptional one for you and your girlfriend and wife by sending her the following happy anniversary wishes and quotes for the second year.

11. Every day comes with a new discovery of you and it gets more thrilling and exciting. You are my gift that I can’t get tired of unraveling! Happy second anniversary, my heart.

12. It’s been a rocky year but it is sweet to know that our love didn’t give way but stood strong and tall. I’m rest assured that with you, I can face any other storm of life. Happy anniversary, baby.

13. Four years gone and I’m still glad every time that I picked you to share the adventure of life with, you are the best mom ever to our kids, the best daughter to my parents and best lover to me. We love you all baby, cheers to more adventurous years ahead.

14. I still don’t get tired of waking by you and seeing your face, every time is a new and thrilling experience for me. Let’s raise a toast to 2 years of being together and more exciting ones ahead.

15. Your love, laughter and concern attracted me eight years ago and it has never dwindled or diminished. My originality! I celebrate you. Happy anniversary.

16. The smartest thing I ever did was to get hooked to you. You complete me in so many ways. Love you to bits, sweetheart.

17. It’s been 365 awesome days of laughter, adventure, discovery, amazing moments and more. Happy second anniversary, baby.

18. Dear lover, your commitment and love towards making our home stand is nothing short of amazing and you’ve pulled this through effortlessly for the past nine years. Thank you for all you do. Happy wedding anniversary, lover.

19. These two years, I’ve seen you put all you’ve got to make us work, I see you strive to keep your promise to me and I’m happy we got to do life together. I love you so much and happy 2nd anniversary.

20. You’ve made me nothing short of happy, I’ve known peace and bliss from the moment I said: “yes, I do”. I’m ecstatic to see what the future holds for us. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary, choco baby.

Happy Third Anniversary Quotes for Her

You feel lucky to have such an amazing partner as wife or girlfriend for 3 years? Reveal how happy you’re to have her, just by sending her the following happy third-anniversary wishes for wife or girlfriend from the heart.

21. I didn’t know what love was capable of doing until you came along, I didn’t know what living with another, sharing everything I’ve got entailed until you made your entrance, I’m glad you are here to stay. Happy third anniversary, soulmate.

22. Hey baby, this is the perfect time to take a break from real time and go somewhere cozy and silent and genuflect on our entwined lives for the past four years. Just know that I’ll happily do you all over again. Happy third anniversary.

23. What life throws at us, our love is made of tougher stuff and will stand it. Loving you is easy baby, thanks for all the sweet memories and for sticking by me. Happy 3rd anniversary to us.

24. No one has taken the ‘for better for worse’ vow better than you, here is to wishing us more of the better! Happy anniversary, chocolatey.

25. Your strong and resilient love never cease to amaze me, I didn’t realize I was going to get more than I bargained for and it has been a pleasant journey. Happy anniversary and cheers to more exciting years ahead, baby.

26. I’m filled with gratefulness and thanksgiving to the big man up there for making our paths cross, never to veer off again. We’ve made so much sense together for the past seven years and I hope we continue to do so and more. Cheers to a sweet third-anniversary celebration, darling.

27. Life’s best was deposited at my doorstep! Life has been thrilling, fair and exciting with you by my side. Happy anniversary, partner-in-love.

28. We’ve been in the love business for 10 years now and our profits keep escalating. So cheers to massive years of recording more profits. Happy anniversary, love partner.

29. I wish you nothing but loads of love, joy, peace, blessings, happiness and bliss. You deserve them and more. Happy wedding anniversary, sweetie.

30. My main purpose remains loving you to stupor, I hope I still get to show you this every blessed day for many years to come. Happy anniversary, darling.

Happy Fourth Anniversary Quotes for Her

It is another day of celebration in your relationship or marriage, and you want to celebrate it unpredictably? Then you are at right place. This fourth-anniversary messages and quotes for her (wife or girlfriend) is composed just for your consumption.

31. Baby, let’s take a break from life’s unending activities and celebrate the memories we’ve made, the joy today brings and our faith in tomorrow. Happy fourth anniversary to us.

32. 20 years and counting and I’m still sure there is no place I’ll rather be and no one I’ll rather have by my side than you. You still mean the world to me baby, cheers to us.

33. I’m not lucky, I’m blessed to have been granted custody of one of God’s rare masterpiece. I solemnly vow that I’ll continue to take care of you like the gem that you are. Loving you till eternity is surest, baby. Happy anniversary to us.

34. To the love of my life, to the best thing that bounced into my life, be rest assured the door is shut so you got no choice but to stay put. Thank you for making life easier. Happy fourth anniversary, darling.

35. You are different from others, you’ve never tried to change m but you’ve accepted me for who I am. I love the way you love me, makes me want to do more. Happy anniversary, soulmate.

36. I love everything about our relationship but most importantly, I love that with you, I’ve grown to be more mature, more kind, more generous, loving and forgiving. You rub off on me in all the right ways. Thanks for all you do baby and happy anniversary.

37. For the past two years, I’ve breathed easier, loved deeper and enjoyed the strongest because you are smack in the centre of my life. You make life doable. Happy fourth anniversary, mon cherie.

38. No one can do it better than you, no one can excel at taking care of me and my loved ones like you do. I love you so much that I can’t stop saying it. Happy wedding anniversary, love buddy.

39. Happiness that defies words, blessed in all strata and still very much head over heels in love with you. This is exactly how I feel on our anniversary. Cheers, lover.

40. Our love candle was definitely made in heaven because it has never waxed cold but burned stronger and hotter. Loving you is my hobby, darling. Happy anniversary to us.

Happy Fifth Anniversary Quotes for Her

The following happy fifth-anniversary quotes and wishes for wife or girlfriend will statures your lover if you send it to celebrate your fifth anniversary.

41. The hands of time has got nothing on your inner and outer beauty, you still outshine them all! Happy anniversary, sweet thing.

42. You remain the most amazing, beautiful and kind-hearted woman who has graced me with her presence in my life on earth. I’ll do so trillion more times. Happy fifth anniversary, girlfriend.

43. Our anniversary marks another year of being understanding, forgiving, tolerant and loving. It can only get better! Love you to bits, darling.

44. Shall we continue to grow old together? I don’t see anything I’ll rather do with you than this. Happy fifth anniversary, love of my life.

45. Today is our anniversary and my face breaks into smiles, the tinkles of laughter escape my mouth and my eyes reflect my gratitude to God for giving me, you. Cheers to more thrilling years ahead.

46. I can’t bear to imagine what you’ll look like older and wiser, I’ll rather stick around and find out! Happy anniversary, lover.

47. We’ve got another chance to make things better, more exciting and more fulfilling, I’ll rather do all those with you. Happy anniversary, my love.

48. An anniversary is a time to celebrate and appreciate and before we get into the party mood, I want to say “Thank You” in the one million and one way I can possibly say it, you’ve been an amazing partner and it makes me thank God for settling down with you. I love you now and forever, baby. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

49. With you, I saw happiness in full bloom, I enjoyed love in its realest form, peace was my every-day blanket. With you, I got it right and I’m glad I did. Thanks for all you do and happy anniversary to us.

50. Happily ever after does not mean the absence of challenges but it means the presence of a love that is greater than the challenges. So, cheers to happily ever after with you my love. Happy fifth anniversary.

Happy Sixth Anniversary Quotes for Her

There is a general say that men do forget an anniversary, show your wife or girlfriend you are exceptional just by sending her the following heartfelt anniversary wishes and quotes.

51. The award for the best salesman in the love department goes to you, baby. You excel in that effortlessly. Happy anniversary to us.

52. This day marks the day our souls became enmeshed and our hearts started beating as one. It’s being a wonderful love story so far and I’m excited to turn more pages with you. Happy sixth anniversary.

53. Baby, step out to the porch, I sent the galaxies of star to deliver my heartwarming love message to you. I love you more and more with each passing year, you give me a reason to live, smile and love. Happy anniversary to us, baby.

54. You bring me so much peace and tranquility. Thank you or having me. Happy wedding anniversary, my chocolate.

55. In the world’s tumult, I asked for a lifeline and God sent me, you! Happy anniversary, love of my life.

56. With you, life is much sweeter, love is more real, and peace is better experienced. Happy anniversary, darling.

57. They say, real love stories never have endings, I hope ours will mirror this because I love you forever and more. Happy anniversary, love buddy.

58. I’m grateful to God for a lot of things today, above all, I’m grateful to God for giving me, you. You complete me. Happy wedding anniversary, sweetheart.

59. If I know what love feels like, it is because of you, if I know peace in all its glory, it is because of you. You make loving you easy. I appreciate you today and always. Happy wedding anniversary, love partner.

60. I love everything about our relationship but I specifically cherish the fact that we bring out the best in each other. We are made for each other, that is certain. Happy anniversary, love pal.

Happy Seventh Anniversary Quotes for Her

Keeping a relationship or marriage for seven years is not a small thing because of the responsibilities that come with it. Celebrate this great achievement with your wife or girlfriend by sharing the following seventh-anniversary quotes for wife or girlfriend with her.

61. Dear favorite passenger, thank you for being the most consistent passenger aboard the love ship. We celebrate your consistency and patronage for over five years now and we know that we’ll still have you for more years to come. Please be reassured that we are committed to making your stay aboard always sweet and exciting. With love, from your favourite captain.

62. When I think about all the years that has gone by, I’m filled with thanks and gratitude towards God and you; you bring out the best in me, you make me be a better person, you rubbed off on me in all the right ways. I love you for loving me. Happy anniversary, love of my life.

63. I’m not for settling for less, I want you every nanoseconds, minutes, years and eternity. Happy anniversary to us.

64. We remain my all-time favorite couple, ain’t that cool? Hearty cheers to more exciting years ahead, love bud.

65. I’ve always been independent and thought love will take away from me more than I can part with but loving you has shown me that I can still keep being me, loving you is fun and easy, you do all the hard work. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

66. After all these years, you still sweep me off my feet. Happy anniversary, lover.

67. You excel at your job; loving me. Thanks for all you do. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

68. Grow old with me, alright? Happy anniversary, love partner.

69. We are like fine wine, we get better with time. Happy seventh anniversary, baby love.

70. You are my reason to smile, live and love. Happy anniversary, darling.

Happy Eight Anniversary Quotes for Her

“I’m sincerely and seriously committed to our love from now until eternity” this and many more are what enclose in the following happy eight-anniversary wishes and quotes for Her. All you need to do is to share it with your wife or girlfriend.

71. If after eight years, we are still standing tall and strong, then I’ve not seen what will draw us apart. Happy anniversary, my vanilla.

72. I did nothing to deserve you but God excels at giving his children the best. Happy anniversary, favorite person.

73. Cheers to a love that defies all odds. Happy anniversary, baby.

74. I’m committed to loving you now till eternity. Happy anniversary.

75. You are just the perfect partner, my life is sold out to you. Happy anniversary, lover.

76. You don’t make my dreams come true, you are my dream come true. I love you forever. Happy anniversary.

77. When I look back, I’m amazed at so much time we’ve spent together, beautiful memories we’ve created together and I’m excitedly hopeful for a more beautiful future together. Happy anniversary, love bud.

78. I’m simply blessed to have you! Happy anniversary, my chocolate milk.

79. The last eight years has been the best of my life, looking forward to more. Happy anniversary, baby love.

80. Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop! Happy anniversary, darling.

Happy Ninth Anniversary Quotes for Her

Nine years of awesome relationship and marriage with your wife or girlfriend worth making a toast for because of the unfathomable joy it has brought to your life. Here are lovely ninth-anniversary quotes and messages for wife or girlfriend from the heart.

81. I’ll raise a toast to years filled with more laughter and love. Happy anniversary, love of my life.

82. I may not be certain of other things but you will remain one thing I’m so sure of. Happy anniversary, darling.

83. I wish you loads of happiness and bliss on our anniversary day.

84. Good memories serve as a reminder that there is more to come. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

85. You are my fairy tale come to reality. Happy anniversary, love pal.

86. To my favourite person on earth. Happy anniversary.

87. Despite my annoying self, you still stayed. I love you so much. Happy anniversary.

88. You’ve been a wonderful spouse; patient, loving and understanding. I couldn’t have asked for more. Happy anniversary, baby.

89. When God created you, he had me in mind. Happy anniversary, lover.

90. Even though you drive me crazy, I’ll still pick you. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

Happy Tenth Anniversary Quotes for Her

Do you need heartfelt tenth-anniversary messages and quotes for wife or girlfriend that you can use to celebrate your anniversary? The following are well-constructed happy tenth-anniversary quotes and wishes for wife and girlfriend that you can beacon on.

91. To my wonderful wife, thanks for all the sacrifices you make for our family. Happy anniversary.

92. You make running a house seem easy until I tried it and found out otherwise! Happy anniversary, my superwoman.

93. For creating a great ambience and giving me a home I can look forward to, thank you. Happy anniversary.

94. May our love grow sturdy and wax stronger with the passing years. Happy anniversary, lover.

95. To the woman that makes my heart stutter and flip, happy anniversary.

96. Cheers to more years of great health, sparkling eyes and tinkling laughter in our home. Happy anniversary, one-and-only wife.

97. I always want to be the reason for your smile, I always want to be the man that will wipe your tears away, I want to hold your hands forever. Happy anniversary, baby.

98. The day I met you, I gave up on finding love cos you are love personified. Happy anniversary, darling.

99. I’ll never let you go, come what may. Be rest assured of my unending love for you. Happy anniversary, love partner.

100. Many women have done well, but you excel. Happy anniversary, wife like no other.

Show your woman some love this 2023 by sending her these touching anniversary quote for her from the heart.

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