14 Days Left for My Birthday Quotes

14 Days Left for My Birthday Quotes

The anniversary of your birth is approaching and you are excited about it, ecstatic in fact. Of course, it is absolutely normal. You’re fine. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to celebrate yourself with a pat on the back every now and then.

Sometimes, there’s a need for you to look back to where you are coming from and to the events that have happened all around you so that you can better appreciate your existence and have a thankful heart towards your birthday.

Most times, when celebrating others, friends and loved ones, we tend to do it with so much determination and dedication that when it comes to celebrating ours, we just see it as ‘just another day’.
Your birthday is not just any other day. It is the anniversary of your birth; a special day and of course, it deserves special attention too.

It’s not a bad idea to shower yourself with encomiums, sweet words and wishes as your birthday approaches. You should channel the same strength and energy you put into celebrating others into celebrating yourself too, that’s self-love.

In the same way that other people deserve so much attention and love on their birthdays, you also do. Not just sometimes but all of the time. You deserve to make yourself a priority and celebrate yourself as much as you really and truly deserve. And there is no better time to do this than when your birthday is approaching and on your birthday.

There’s no rule that specifically states that you can not celebrate yourself as your birthday approaches and on your birthday. A countdown is not a bad idea. You can say a few wishes as quotes or as special prayers.

You need ideas on what to get as birthday gift for self? That’s not much of a big deal. Just always remember that you should do what will make you happy no matter what.

Celebrating your birthday in the way that best suits you is just the perfect thing to do. You can make some new year resolutions and come up with some positive words of affirmation for yourself. It is one awesome way to start another new year of your life.

Don’t think it odd, wish yourself a happy birthday in advance, count down to the day with great positivity and enthusiasm and that’s because you certainly deserve it. Even if no one cares to wish you on your birthday (which definitely is impossible), still, you have the right inspirational quotes in place just for yourself and you can always look back to them and feel fulfilled no matter what life throws at you.

You should, by all means, be extra, just for you as your birthday approaches and that’s because it’s the right thing to do. You remember the saying that “if there’s no one to hold your hand as you walk in the world, put them in your pocket and enjoy your journey”.

And if your birthday is 14 days to go, celebrate yourself on your social media as statuses and posts with any of these 14 days left for my birthday quotes. Announce the approach of your birthday, it is definitely allowed.

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14 Days Birthday Countdown Quotes for Myself

There’s nothing more that I wish myself than a very happy birthday this year and that’s why I’m starting with quotes of 14 days to go countdown. In massive advance, happy birthday to me!

1. I can boldly say that I am more than lucky to have my life in this way and in the form I have ever wanted it to take. So far, I am thankful for everything and for life. I’m positive and optimistic for a better year ahead. Happy birthday in advance to me.

2. 14 days more and I’m in another year, a better age in fact. My wish right now is to have an amazing year again in this new age and against all odds. It’s better I start my countdown early enough, I just want to have all of the fun this year.

3. There is no way I am not going to have an amazing birthday this year. I’ve worked so hard so I know that I deserve so much fun. With so much energy for positivity, that’s how I’m stepping into the incoming year. Happy birthday in advance to me.

4. Happy birthday in advance to one of the most humble, the sweetest, funniest, cutest, awesome and highly favoured of people on earth, and that’s me of course. I am wishing myself so much joy in advance.

5. In 14 days time, I’ll be moving into another year. I’m excited about what it’s bringing to me and I’m sure it’s going to be one of my best years, yet. I wish the day will come quickly so that in all, I can boldly say; To God be all of the glory. It’s a massive happy birthday in advance from here.

6. Looking back to how far I have come, I’m optimistic that it’s going to be a jolly ride in the coming year. This countdown is one way for me to say how happy I am for how far I’ve come. All I can say is; may every good thing come to me.

7. Right now, I’m sure I don’t care about anything else than the fact that my birthday is 14 days left. So far, it has been an amazing journey, one for which I am grateful to God. Happy birthday in advance, and yes, I deserve to be happy

8. My life in itself is a wonder that’s why I am leaving no stones unturned to show how grateful I am to God for another opportunity to celebrate. 14 days to go and it’s my birthday, in massive advance to me.

9. My positive affirmations are; it is going to be an amazing new year just for me. Brand new and positive things come to me and I am highly favoured. Happy birthday in advance to me, this new year, nothing stops me.

10. I have decided to have a spectacular birthday celebration this year, that’s the reason for the countdown. Starting from today to the next 14 days which is my birthday and the days beyond, it is nothing but joy from this end.

14 Days Countdown to My Birthday Status

I’m flooding my status starting from today to 14 days’ time. The countdown is started, happy birthday to me in advance. You guys will not rest because my birthday is on the way!

11. Guess who’s going to be a year older in 14 days time? Boy, I am so excited that I really can’t wait and yes, I’m giving it out hot on here because the countdown is started. Happiest birthday in advance to me.

12. There’s nothing that I wish for more right now than to have a very beautiful year ahead, more beautiful than the one I’m presently in. It’s my birthday in 14 days time and I am set to go into the year already. Happy birthday in advance to me!

13. I’m preparing myself and my mind for the most awesome birthday celebration ever this year that’s why I’m countdown. 14 more days to go and I am super excited. Let the gift start rolling in dears, I deserve it, please.

14. For the next 14 days, it’s going to be an appreciation time from this end. You ask why? It’s because it’s my birthday guys and I definitely cannot keep calm! My gift dears, let’s not fight. Happy birthday in advance to me.

15. The best way to celebrate myself this year is to let you guys know with a countdown. You’ll have no excuse not to send my birthday gift because I’ll be in your face for the next 14 days. Let’s start with a ‘happy birthday in advance baby’ wishes.

16. 14 more days to go and it’s my birthday! Let me show off please, it’s not easy at all. I’m happy and that’s why I am wishing myself the most beautiful year so far, in advance. I’m all set for what the new year will roll in.

17. The best time of my year is around the corner, my birthday is in 14 days. I’m the happiest person in the world right now and I definitely want to leave it that way dears. Please wish me a happy birthday in advance, I deserve it.

18. 14 days left for my birthday and you expect me to be calm? It won’t happen dears, I’m excited and you must all share in it. Happy birthday in advance to me and I am all set to accept gifts

19. I feel like it’s taking forever for my birthday to come in this year. Let me start the countdown from 14 days so you won’t say you are not aware of my birthday. Happy hearty birthday in advance to me, please wish me dears.

20. This is just to notify the general public, family and friends that this year, I’m accepting cars as gifts too. So you guys should get set because I’m flooding your timeline with my pre-birthday statuses.

14 Days Left for My Birthday Caption

My caption is not a long one, it’s just a subtle reminder that for my birthday, which is 14 days left, I want to be pampered as much as possible. Thank you because you will do just that for me as my most precious family and friends.

21. The only thought in my head right now is that; my birthday is in 14 days time. Let the announcement starts and my gifts roll in too. Please, wish me a happy birthday in advance dears, I deserve it at least.

22. It seems to me that the days are crawling because why is it still a whole 14 days more before my birthday? I am excited and looking forward to the day with all of my energy.

23. 14 to 1 day left and ta-da, it’s my birthday! I just can’t stay calm because this new age is a significant one for me. As a matter of fact, it feels so good that I’m growing older.

24. It’s 14 days to go for my birthday and 14 is a very special number. It’s a countdown already and I really can’t wait. Happy birthday in advance to me.

25. What’s special about today? It’s 14 days to my birthday and that’s what’s special. I’m all set for my birthday, I just need the day to come so I can spoil myself as much as I deserve.

26. It’s 14 days to go to be more mature, older, sweeter and definitely more blessed. You guys are sure not ready for the new me but first, let’s start with a happy birthday in advance wish, just for me.

27. Today, the number 14 makes much sense to me because that’s the length of days left for my birthday. With so much fun and excitement, I am counting down ready, happy birthday to me, in advance of course.

28. From now till the next 14 days, I’m taking a leave off every work because I deserve to enter my new year bring spoilt and pampered. Wish me a happy birthday in advance guys.

29. The only thing that matters to me right now is my coming birthday and that’s in just 14 days time. I think I should make my wish already, better early than never if you ask me.

30. 14! My magical number! That’s the number of days left for me to exit this age that I’m in. It’s almost my birthday, I don’t care what anyone says. Happy birthday in advance to me, wishing myself all the best ahead.

Take any of these 14 days left for my birthday quotes just for yourself as a cheer to loving yourself more and celebrating yourself and your day as much as you deserve!

I hope you find this post quite interesting and the wishes very relatable?
I’ll be waiting in the comment section to read your comments, so, make sure you drop one before you leave.

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