10 Days Left for My Birthday Quotes

10 Days Left for My Birthday Quotes

When birthdays become very close, most of us get a feeling of butterfly in our tummy. Yes, that is the same feeling that makes every word in our head escape like a vapour. It is termed ‘speechless’. How do you begin a birthday countdown? It could be 30 days, 10 days or whatever. The essence is the frenzy.

Looking for the best way to keep the anticipated birthday alive? you are in the right place where you can get both the right suspense-filled messages for a birthday countdown and the best ideas to keep a birthday status running before the real day.

All you’ve got to do is to check through and keep the suspense filled in the air with the top 10 days left for my birthday quotes that are under listed here. It starts with a glance. Let me take you along.

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10 Days Birthday Countdown Quotes for Myself

I can’t begin to imagine how gracious God has been to me these years. Happy birthday to me in 10 days. I am a wonder from God. No man’s quotes can properly qualify how I feel. Happy birthday to me.

1. The length of the days is not in any way relevant to the success of the day. It’s a matter of 10 days to my birthday and I am self-encouraged to always expect the best. Happy birthday to me.

2. A day is all we need in life to make a difference but the efforts made before that day comes to pass is one that matters most. As it is 10 days before my birthday, I ask for heavenly favour for all I do.

3. I have always cherished the idea of my birthday but this particular edition is special so here I am waiting for 10 days to my birthday. I can’t wait for that very day. Congratulations to me.

4. I have been through it all; through thick and thin. I hope that this year brings me news of resounding victory as I celebrate my birthday in 10 days time.

5. Join me on all channels as we count down in 10 days to my birthday. 10 days of very pleasant surprises and we go painting the city blue. Happy birthday to me.

6. This year I have decided to blow my very own trumpet. It’s 10 days before the announcement of my birthday and I am already engrossed in the celebration mood. Cheers.

7. Happy birthday to the best person in the universe. With this 10 days countdown to my very own birthday, I return all thanks to God as I keep hoping for the best.

8. What more can I say, Father, thank You for all that you have done for me. 10 days to my birthday and the countdown starts now!

9. My birthday is another moment for me to reflect on the past and to take a self-assessment of myself. Glory be to God for all he has done for me. It’s 10 days countdown to my birthday.

10. 10 days and BOOM! I am a year older. To God be the glory for the great thing He has done. I will be a year older. Hallelujah!

10 Days Countdown to My Birthday Status

In 10 days, my status shall change because my birthday is coming around. I shall no longer be on the same pedestal again. Happy beautiful birthday to me in advance.

11. All over the social media space, I am counting down to my birthday, and it is just 10 days from now. Join me as we eagerly expect this beautiful day.

12. There is so much joy in my spirit and soul today. It is 10 days to my birthday. My status is changing because I am a year older.

13. Who is celebrating? Who is repainting the city? Wow! It is just a matter of 10 days to my birthday. Let the drum begin to roll.

14. I am celebrating this birthday like no other. Whoever is happy with me should join me in this 10 days countdown. Happy birthday to me.

15. It is not another privilege to be alive and when my birthday is 10 days to go, you know the city must have the feel and the change that the birthday of an icon is near; yes, it is just 10 days to my birthday.

16. Cakes in the over, balloons in the air, music breezing through the streets, merriment all around. All these loaded and packed for a special day. Anticipate it. It’s 10 days birthday countdown to my birthday.

17. Happy birthday to the most handsome man in the universe. Guess whose birthday I am talking about. No other person but this fabulous MEEEEEE. It’s just a matter of 10 days, and we go flexing.

18. 10 days is all we need to wait because the wait has a limited time. It’s just 10 days. Let everyone be ready for the fun. This event is strictly by invitation.

19. Happy happy happy birthday to me. I am delighted to know that my birthday is just in a matter of 10 days and I have decided to start a countdown. Join me as I celebrate this special day.

20. The birthday of this magnitude is something that should be celebrated and I am here to assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Everything is ripe for a full celebration. We just have 10 days in-between.

10 Days Left for My Birthday Caption

No other caption can match that announcing my birthday in a matter of 10 days. Happy birthday to me, I pray that whatever is left to be achieved in my life shall be done in this new age.

21. The best birthday that can be celebrated is best captioned in few words. Happy birthday to me in 10 days.

22. My heart is prepared. I am all out in a positive mood. Happy birthday to me in advance. It’s in 10 days. There is not a single day I take for granted.

23. If the number 10 could be rearranged and the numbers interchanged, then it’s 01 days to my birthday. Happy birthday to me in advance.

24. 10 is officially the number of a double-figure. I am fully in the belief that this special birthday has for me double blessings. Happy birthday in advance to me.

25. I am starting a countdown today to mark my special birthday. It is 10 days to that birthday and I can’t even wait anymore. Happy birthday to me.

26. In 10 days, the old me will disappear and the new me will appear. I am eager to let go of this old to experience the feel of the new me. Happy birthday to me in advance.

27. 10 days is just slightly more than a week but my anticipated mind about my birthday makes it seem it is like a month. Happy birthday in advance to me.

28. 240 hours are there in 10 days. I live every hour with so much positivity of the future. Happy birthday in advance to me.

29. 10 days to total freedom and independence. That’s the caption.

30. Caption this: 10 days to go for my birthday. 10 days and the cake appears.

Every page of your social media should go agog because of your birthday and it is worth celebrating. I believe you are ready for it in 10 days; the celebration will be at its peak. You can also share with your friends to help them put their celebration in top gear.

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