I Wish You All the Happiness of Life Quotes

2023 I Wish You All the Happiness of Life Quotes

The year clicks to its end on a daily basis but we still have a lot of celebrations to do. Most especially, we have people to celebrate their birthdays, and we’re here to wish them all the happiness life wants to offer them, in their own new beginnings and the new year that is coming.

And as we all know, life is a mixture of positive and negative, good and bad, love and hate and they all walk hand in hand, there’s no way you’ll have one without the other hanging somewhere around, we only need the blessings of the universe to bring balance to whatever life itself brings our way.

So, for the remaining days in the year (no matter what Month of the Year you are in), wish someone happiness and the best things life has to offer, wish them a happy birthday and share in their happiness.

Happy Birthday Wishing You All the Happiness of Life

Even if you think you don’t have the best of gifts, these happy birthday wishes quotes are perfect for a birthday gift. Tell them, I Wish You All the Happiness of Life in grand style.

1. If something bad had happened to you in time past, expect good things to knock on your door soonest, cause life is about to reward you with happiness, Happy Birthday.

2. It’s your time to celebrate life, here’s me wishing you the very best as you’re starting a new phase of life, Happy Birthday to you.

3. From today, you will cease to be the person you use to be, you’ll start a new journey into the path where life has made for you, to enjoy all of the good things that are coming, have a Happy Birthday.

4. I feel happiness in my heart for what the universe is preparing for you, as you start your new phase of life, I wish you all the love and grace you deserve, Happy Birthday to you.

5. You have attained the age where you don’t need to take life too seriously anymore, you take it slow, with a free mind, and just enjoy all the happiness coming for you, Happy Birthday.

6. Happy Birthday to you, it’s a new beginning for you, you need not blow a candle to make a wish, just look up to the orange sunup and make a wish of what you deserve from life.

7. Starting a new phase of life, I pray that your days and the remaining of your life be filled with happiness, love and good things of life, Happy Birthday.

8. Today is the beginning of another chapter in your life, may the rest of your life be worthwhile and fun, Happy Birthday to you.

9. Today, you become a little wiser than before, you step a little above your previous self, may life brings to you all the happiness you deserve, Happy Birthday.

10. Today is your day, it’s the long-awaited day of yours, I wish you many of God’s blessings as you begin anew, Happy Birthday to you, my friend.

11. As you’re celebrating a new life today, may your days be less gloomy and be more colourful, have an amazing birthday.

12. You know from now on, you’ll never be the same, cause another phase of life has happened to you, I wish you all of life’s happiness, Happy Birthday.

13. This day is one of the days that make one reflect, it’s also a day to make merry, may you find all the things your heart desires, Happy Birthday to you.

14. Birthdays usually come to make us realize that life isn’t static, that we’re going through changes, my wish for you is that, may life bring you more positive changes, Happy Birthday.

15. To a special someone, on this special day, I wish you more of life’s grace, the blessings of the universe and the dew of heaven, Happy Birthday, my special one.

16. This is a day of happiness, it’s your birthday, I wish you all of the happiness in the world on this day and beyond, enjoy your day.

17. Because you’ve always given love and spread smile on faces, on this day of yours, may life give back to you, love and happiness in many folds, Happy Birthday to you.

18. It’s your birthday today, dear! I hope you’ll have an awesome day as you celebrate, and I wish you all the best of the years to come.

19. You have brought smiles to my face countless times, so I can’t love you less, I wish you blissful moment and a refreshing celebration, Happy Birthday, darling.

20. You are a rare being, and so you deserve the best things of life, I wish you all the happiness of life on this day, Happy Birthday to you.

21. Birthdays have a way of putting smiles on our faces, so on this day, I’m wishing you all the fun and excitement that only comes from birthdays, enjoy your day.

22. Dear friend, I couldn’t have asked for any other friend, as you add a new life today, may your days always be full of sunshine and rain of happy moments, Happy Birthday, friend.

23. Every day is an addition to life, but this day is special than any others, it’s the day you were born and I’m wishing you the very best of it, Happy Birthday to you.

24. To a compassionate person, who’s got love for everyone around, I wish you more of life’s happiness, as you add a new year today, Happy Birthday, dear friend.

25. Happiness is all that matters in life, and that’s what my heart wishes for you today, may this day bring you lots of happiness, Happy Birthday to you.

26. Your life is worthwhile, for you have lived for others, it’s time for life to reward you with happiness, have a happy filled Birthday.

27. Happiness is an antidote to most of life’s misery, may this day of yours bring to you, many happiness and joy, Happy Birthday to you.

28. I don’t have a gift to give you, I don’t have money to organize a party for you, but my heart’s wish is that you will be happy always, have a splendid birthday.

29. Happy Birthday to you, may all your dreams come true, may the blessings of this new year of yours be greater than the previous years, have fun today.

30. As you move toward the next chapter of your life, may success and happiness move in with you, and accompany you all the way, Happy Birthday to you.

31. Without a doubt, you are an amazing person, who deserves to be happy always, on this special day, may happiness always find you worthy, Happy Birthday.

32. As a chapter of your life ends, and another begins, I pray that a new set of happiness begins in your life today, Happy Birthday to a caring person.

33. As you are celebrating your new season, may happiness from all over the world seize you and be with you, Happy Birthday to you.

34. Happy Birthday to you, my dearest. May happiness take you by surprise, may love encompass you, may you enjoy life in a special way.

35. You’ve worked yourself up all round the year, today, it’s a day to stop and just celebrate yourself, make sure you have a blast and enjoy all the happiness of this day.

36. You becoming older, yet young, may you receive and enjoy all the happiness in this day, and the many more that life is yet to release to you.

37. Today is the moment, to enjoy all of life’s blessings and happiness, you deserve it and today, we celebrate your new life, Happy Birthday to you.

38. I have been waiting for this day, so I can wish you all that my heart wants for you, may you have all the love your heart needs and may it never be weary. Happy Birthday, Dear!

39. Today, you clock another year, a fresh start has begun for you, to start a new dream and a new goal, happy birthday, may all your dreams come true.

40. Put the past behind you, today you began a new journey, I wish you a new wave to take you further than where you already are, have a bliss birthday.

41. The end of a phase and the beginning of another requires a celebration, today it’s your day to be happy and merry, have a blast, Happy Birthday.

42. Every day bring with it it’s own happiness and sorrows, today is your time, may you be happy today and may you never have any sorrow, Happy Birthday to you.

43. Let your heart sing loud, as a new sunrise for you, let your soul be happy, for a new season of yours that begins today, I wish you more and more happiness on your birthday.

44. Though you end a year, you moved onto another, as you move forward into a new season, may every happiness in life sought for you.

45. It’s your birthday today, it’s truly a new beginning and you’re bound to groove and enjoy this day with lots of fun and happiness.

46. Life has been coming at you in different ways, and every step made it easy to feel that it’s impossible to be happy, but this day, I wish you all the happiness as you celebrate your birthday.

47. You have never lived this new season before, so as you embark on this new journey, may happiness go with you every step you take, have an amazing birthday.

48. Hey friend, it’s your day today, the day the Lord has made, just for you, may blessings and happiness from above be with you all day, everyday, Happy Birthday.

49. Though you start a new year today, your memories, your goals, and your dream from the previous years continue with new focus and strength, may you have a beautiful birthday.

50. Happy Birthday to you, may every sun that shine this day and days to come be gracious to you, may it shine light on your path now and always.

51. This is a new beginning for you, welcome into your new season, I wish you good fortune and bliss in all that you do, have a lovely day on your birthday.

52. You survive another year and you’re entering into a new one, may favour and happiness go with you, each new day, Happy Birthday to you.

53. I speak to the universe on your behalf today, may it send you all the blessings and happiness you deserve, Happy Birthday.

54. Your sleep last night, brought you into another year, another day for you to rule and chart a new course for yourself, may it lead you to a happy destination, have a fun-filled birthday.

55. To have a new beginning, another has to end, as you begin this new season, I wish you more of life’s bliss and fortune, have a blast on your birthday.

56. Every day is a new beginning, but birthdays are a fresh start to the new beginning, I wish you happy moments in every day of this new season.

57. This is my warmest birthday wish just for you, that you have the very best for every day you wake up and go to bed, have a blessed birthday.

58. On your journey to a new beginning, my heart wishes nothing for you but the best for you. Happy Birthday to you.

59. There’s a better tomorrow for you, and it began today, it’s your birthday, start afresh and have a merry moment.

60. As your life switched to a new season, I wish you the best of luck in all that you’ll face and even in your future endeavors, Happy Birthday, my friend.

61. I hope you’ll have fun on this day, I hope life will support all of your dreams, I hope you’ll rise above your usual limits, as you celebrate a new year of life, Happy Birthday.

62. Forget the failures of the past as you begin a new year, focus your strength on achieving a greater goal, I wish you favor as you are celebrating your birthday.

63. As you move toward the next chapter of your life, may favours from every corner of the universe be your wings, and take you into your happy place, have a merry birthday.

64. Happy Birthday to a great friend, I wish you all the success, happiness, and joy life has in stock for you.

65. Every new day, season and year come with new challenges and adventures, as it’s your birthday today, may this year be filled with bliss.

66. On this day, I send you my best wishes, as you celebrate a new year of life, may you have bliss and joy on your birthday.

67. Here are my best wishes for you on this your new season, may grace and joy be your lot as you celebrate your birthday today, enjoy yourself.

68. My warmest wishes to you on this new year of yours, I pray that you’ll have every reason to be happy, beginning from this day your birthday.

69. Life is recorded by how many smiles you’ve placed on faces, and as you begin your own new year today, may you have smiles for every morning of another 365 days.

70. From me to you, as you celebrate your birthday, I wish you series of happiness, tons of fun and lots of merriment. Happy Birthday to you.

71. You added a new year to your age today, it’s a privilege, so I thank God for you and I wish you many more years to come, with great blessings.

72. I don’t need to hope that you’ll have a blissful birthday, cause you’ve been so amazing round the previous year, may your days be filled with more bliss.

73. May the dawn of your birthday bring you dew from heaven above, may the sun and the rain of every day after come with blessing unlimited, have a kind birthday.

74. To someone very close to my heart, I wish you the sweetest of this new season of yours, may all the happiness of the world come at you, Happy Birthday, Sweet One.

75. Because you’re precious, as you celebrate your birthday today, may you be valued like the gold, and may you flourish like the tree by the riverside, have a blessed birthday.

76. Happy Birthday to you, my dear friend, may you on this day, have plenty of fun, and may success be with you, always.

77. Hey dear, I hope this your birthday will be the beginning of beautiful things to come, greater goods and lovely memories.

78. For every day you’ve spent on this earth, you have given to many, now to the remaining days you’ll spend, may life grant you many happiness, Happy Birthday.

79. I pray for you, that this day of yours be full of happiness, blessings and joy, may you see many more years in plenty of happiness, Happy Birthday to you.

80. You’re just a year older than you were the last time, this time, I pray you’ll achieve more than you did the last time, have a successful birthday.

81. I don’t know how old you are, but my wish for you is to live older age in happiness and peace of mind, Happy Birthday to you, my friend.

82. My sincere and heartfelt wishes to you on this day of your birthday celebration is that you’ll continually go higher on a daily basis in every way.

83. Birthdays are very important, but what’s more important is how you spend it and what you do after, may you have lots of happiness today as you continue to put a smile on faces.

84. You’ve been an amazing friend over the years, I chose to tell you today being your birthday, as it’s the perfect time to tell it to you, Happy Birthday, friend.

85. Happy Birthday, dear! As you wake up to celebrate yourself today, may you keep enjoying good health, till your very last day.

86. This day is your special day, no matter what happens, you deserve to be happy and that’s my wish for you today, tomorrow and always, Happy Birthday.

87. Today, another year of life knocked on your door, another year to be great, to fulfil many more dreams and to enjoy exciting moments, have a fulfilling birthday.

88. Today, you’re allowed to reflect on your memories, smile, laugh, and even be sober over some, and afterward, be merry cause it’s your birthday.

89. What a milestone of memories this day is to you, my thought towards you today is that, may the years after today bring more lovely memories for you, happy birthday to you.

90. Another year journey started today, may every day, weeks and months be filled with happy moments around family and friends, have a memorable birthday.

91. As you age and add another year today, I wish nothing but the best of all that life can offer, may you enjoy fruitful day today and many happy birthdays to come.

92. On a day like this, years ago, heaven sent you to us, today we celebrate you, keep sharing your smiles with us, may you have a Happy Birthday.

93. On this day, I am thankful that you’re alive, for many couldn’t make it this far, so let’s praise God while we celebrate this life given to you.

94. As the sun ushered in your birthday, may this day introduce happiness into your days, and love into your heart, have a bliss moment.

95. My wish for you this day, may you have beautiful moments for each day available in this new year you just begin today, have a beautiful birthday.

96. For the fact that you’re alive, well and kicking, that fact cost for a great celebration, because a living dog is better than a dead lion, have a grateful birthday.

97. You’re not allowed to feel down today, you’re not even allowed to be moody, this day is for smiles, merriment and happiness, Happy Birthday.

98. Though you are a year older but looking at you now, you don’t seem to be aging at all, I wish you’ll keep being younger than your age, Happy Birthday to you.

99. There’s no staying home today, we’re painting the town the colour of you and filling the atmosphere with your fragrance, have yourself a merry birthday.

100. To one of my favourite person, I wish you the most amazing moment on each new day that you wake up, may you have happiness flow for you always, have a Happy Birthday.

101. Let your smile be the widest today, cause it’s your birthday, let there be a hearty laughter from your soul, for this day is all about you, have a blast.

102. Since you wake up in a happy mood this morning, I wish for you, that happiness will always be around you, have a happy happy birthday.

103. On this joyful occasion, I wish good fortune for you every day, a blissful moment for you all day and happy memories for every now and then, Happy Birthday to you.

104. Among all my blessings, you top the list, cause you’re a blessing to me, and for this reason, I wish you lots of blessings from above as you celebrate your birthday today.

105. Make a wish today, let your whisper travel the air into the heavens as you added a year older today, I hope you have a lovely birthday.

106. Let this day be the beginning to create new memories, the beginning of accomplishing new goals and the making of my money, have a creative year and a Happy Birthday.

107. Cheers to a beautiful friend who deserves to be happy always, may you have all the beautiful things of life deposited into your life, Happy Birthday, dear friend.

108. I have searched all supermarket but I find nothing that would interest you as a birthday gift, so I’m wishing you a blissful birthday.

109. No one knows tomorrow or how long we’ll live on this earth, so let’s make each moment count, celebrate this day of yours and have a blast.

110. To my favourite friend of all time, I wish you all the best moments, best blessings and amazing things of life, cause you’re the best to me, gave the best birthday.

111. For every good thing you’ve ever done, for all of your good deeds, may you receive doubles for everything good you’ve done, have a prosperous birthday.

112. I know you’ve got a lot of adventures you to fulfil, today is your birthday, let’s go out there and have great fun, no time to be moody, have a lovely birthday.

113. It’s another day to be grateful, fill your heart with happy moments and go out with your friends and celebrate every minute, have a Happy Birthday.

114. Today, I wish for more sunshine in your mornings, I wish for more stars in your nights, and I wish that all your wish come true, Happy Birthday to you.

115. Cause it’s your birthday, I’m wishing you more happiness, love and all of the good things of life, enjoy your day and have fun.

116. On this day of your birthday, may you be surrounded by family and friends, may every minute comes with lovely moments, as you celebrate your day.

117. As you’re starting a new journey round the year, may each day bring you good memories, may you be located by happiness every day, have a cool birthday.

118. Anytime I’m down, you’re the shoulder I lean on, today that’s your birthday, I have nothing to give but a lovely wish that you’ll always have happy days, have fun, my friend.

119. Because you’re a special person, I wish you nothing but a special birthday and a fun filled day, Happy Birthday to you.

120. I count myself lucky to have you in my life, you’re a rare and adorable person, and you deserve a beautiful birthday celebration, so I wish you all the happiness of life, enjoy your special day.

121. Never stop walking, even if there’s a roadblock on your way, find another route, and just keep on walking till you get to your destination.

122. The most powerful tool every human have is the mind, what you fill it with will determine what it triggers. Have a happy weekend.

123. Sometimes you don’t need money to put a smile on people’s face, a little hello, a little compliment, even a little smile from you can go a long way.

124. Your feet are made to search for your dreams and aspirations, get to it and start walking. Happy Weekend.

125. No matter how many times you fall or fail at something, never stay down, keep on rising and you’ll excel.

126. If you are not bold enough to demand what you want from life, just know that you’re giving chance to live to make a coward out of you.

127. If you have an idea about something, do it as soon as possible, else you lose it, don’t be surprised, there are so many people with the same idea.

128. Use your time wisely, go out and do something or someone else will make use of your time by using you.

129. If you don’t love what you do, I’d advise you look for something else to do, life is too short to be unhappy every week. Have a great weekend.

130. Take a step and what you’re looking for will meet you halfway, if not where you are. Happy Weekend.

131. You being on the right track doesn’t guaranty all time happiness, that’s where you’re even going to get a lot of attack, so, be ready.

132. With the right attitude, one is bound to achieve much more than the one with a wrong attitude.

133. Success comes with you waking up to do something always, not by sitting in your comfort zone and expecting.

134. Do something to make one or two or even more people happy, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get back the favours, do it for the coming generations.

135. You need courage to accomplish many things in life, don’t you ever shy away from it. Have a smooth weekend.

136. Success comes as a result of many factors, failures is one of them, don’t see it as your enemy.

137. Every day you wake up, never forget to meditate positive things to yourself before leaving the house.

138. Think about the consequences before you make your choice because your choice will affect your future. Have a lovely weekend.

139. Do not use the strategy on your last assignment for a new one, every new assignment requires a new approach.

140. When you make mistake, do not quit, for every little mistake made, is what will help you make the achievement. Happy Weekend.

141. The fact that you fail yesterday, doesn’t mean you’ll fail today, and if you fail today, try again tomorrow and the day after.

142. Being comfortable will only make you lazy, forget your fears, and face a little trial and you’ll discover what you’re made of.

143. Miracle does happen, but only to those who need it, those who go out of their way to search for it.

144. Courage will give you an edge over others, just make sure you use it rightly, enjoy your weekend.

145. If you’ve been doing something but kept losing it, maybe it’s time you change your approach.

146. If there’s a dream that always keep you awake at night and make you hit the road every morning, keep at it, you’ll soon harvest it.

147. You have no business with the past, do not look back to it, let your focus be in the future.

148. If your focus is always in the past, happiness will be a little hard to get, happiness lies in the future.

149. The more struggles and defeat you’ve had, the more experience you’ll have to share with others. Happy Weekend.

150. Those who know how to appreciate and have empathy for others are those who have experienced much suffering in life.

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