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2023 Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband

Wedding anniversaries are kind reminder of the love decision we once made some time ago. It brings back all the pleasant feelings of walking down the aisle and choosing to go on a path unfamiliar to lovebirds.

A wife who feels the love of her husband throughout the years of wearing a wedding band looks forward to that time of the year over and over again in order to spill her love all over him using colourful words.

Are you celebrating your 1st, 2nd or 10th wedding anniversary and you care to send a delightful, romantic message to your husband? Then, these 2023 Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband were written with you in mind.

Scroll through and find the most suitable message to share with the love of your life. There’s no doubt, you’d be caught between many choices.

Happy Marriage Anniversary Messages for Your Husband

Sweet collection of happy wedding/marriage anniversary messages and wishes with prayers for your husband, as a wife.

1. I’ll walk this path of love with you even if we take the unfamiliar moon’s route. Happy 1st anniversary, my love.

2. Just like the work of nature, my love for you will last forever. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary to us, my darling.

3. I’d be a waste without this love. So, be my passion forever. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, my love.

4. It’s the 5th chapter of our romance. Let’s make sweeter scenes of love and keep the fire burning, my darling.

5. I am the ice and you are the sun. With your loving caresses, I melt helplessly in your arms. Happy 6th anniversary to us, my love.

6. I want more of you, my darling. So, let’s take this love to forever. 7 years isn’t enough.

7. I’ll do what I have to do to keep you by my side. I hope you stand by me till the end with your vows as your guide. Happy 8th wedding anniversary, my darling.

8. Sing me solemn songs of love on this day. Happy 11th wedding anniversary, my love.

9. Your name will be my treasure forever. I’ll kiss you till my lips fade away in pleasure. Happy 15th wedding anniversary.

10. Your arms have been the strength of my life as your eyes the light of my world. Happy 7th wedding anniversary, sweetheart.

11. You’re the man since the beginning till now. I love you, boo. Happy 12th wedding anniversary, my love.

12. I’d struggle with the raging waters for your sake. You’re my whole world, my darling. Happy 8th wedding anniversary.

13. I’ll give my all to you just to share your kisses with you. It’s been 10 years of wearing your ring, my love.

14. Thank you for making this a sweet experience of love. I’ll do another decade with you.

15. I knew we’d last forever. Happy 15th wedding anniversary, my love.

16. Bless me with the sound of your steps for yet another decade. Happy 20th wedding anniversary, my love.

17. You lit the candles of my heart with love. Hence, I burn with passion for you till now. One decade of being yours alone, my darling.

18. Take all of me one more time. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, my love.

19. See it in my eyes how much I love you. Feel it in the warmth of my forgiveness how much I adore you. Happy 4th anniversary to us, my darling.

20. You have consumed my breath with your love. My life belongs to you, sweetheart. Happy anniversary to us.

21. My promises will I keep to you even in the darkest places of the world. Happy 7th wedding anniversary, my love.

22. To the passion of my soul; I’ll sing you a new love song every day. Happy 5th wedding anniversary.

23. I’d love to kiss you goodnight for another decade of my life. Happy wedding anniversary, baby.

24. Love found me when you chose me amongst the others. Happy 8th wedding anniversary, boo.

25. In the corners of your heart have I found the comfort my soul sought for many years ago. Happy wedding anniversary, my love.

26. The manliness of your smile still has me hooked to you till this day. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, sexy.

27. Let the clock tick all it wants, forever we’ll go on to love each other. Happy 8th wedding anniversary.

28. Cheers to a new beginning of love. More kisses and caresses I long to savour from your bosom.

29. Lay upon my bed, enjoy my soothing caresses till the end of time. Happy wedding anniversary, my love.

30. My love is your inheritance. Do well to harvest its grains, my darling. Happy wedding anniversary, boo.

31. You have my heart forever and I’ll love you till it beats no more. Happy anniversary, love.

32. This wind of love blows strength and happiness upon my soul. Forever, I’ll dance in it. Happy wedding anniversary.

33. Beside you is where true happiness resides. Never fly away with the storms. Happy anniversary, my darling.

34. Let me love you some more. Happy 10th wedding anniversary, my darling.

35. The feeling of being desired by you fuels my soul with joy untold. Happy 1st anniversary, my darling.

36. Make me yours again, cause you’re mine forever. Happy anniversary, my love.

37. Cross every milestone with me. Make good love to me in the dark when there are stars. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, my love.

38. The beauty of nature comes alive because you love me so truly. Happy 6th wedding anniversary, boo.

39. Let’s swim in this ocean of love even though its breadth and length goes unmeasured. Happy wedding anniversary, love.

40. You’ve completed my being with love. You’ve healed my soul with gentle kisses. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

41. The help you render, the words you speak have carved you a home in my heart forever. It’s our 10th anniversary, my love.

42. There’s no better husband in the world than you; this goes without saying. Happy 4th wedding anniversary, my love.

43. You’re the melody of my life. Keep the love song for me. Happy anniversary, my darling.

44. I was left in the dark until you lightened my world with loving kisses. Happy wedding anniversary, my darling.

45. Books are yet to describe love truly, but your loving gestures make it well known to me. Happy wedding anniversary to the sweetest husband.

46. I still think about you, my darling. I guess it’s because you still make my heart pound with joy. Happy wedding anniversary, boo.

47. Your smiles brighten every part of my heart like your voice shield its corners. Happy 12th wedding anniversary, my love.

48. Make me your new love as we walk into another phase of this romance. Happy wedding anniversary, my darling.

49. It’s the 7th anniversary of our love. Couldn’t be happier with anyone but you, my darling.

50. I don’t need new promises, I just need you all over me again. Happy wedding anniversary, love.

51. You held me from falling and laid me down in peace when I said I do to you 5 years ago. Happy wedding anniversary to you, my hubby.

52. When two walk in love, life becomes heavenly. I was never stranded after you gave me the love I yearned for. Today marks our 7th wedding anniversary.

53. I smile wholly when I’m with you. I love unconditionally when I found you. I sacrificed everything when you became mine. You’ve been worth keeping for the past 10 years.

54. I see all the things you do for me. You do them wholeheartedly. You give me your everything even when you have nothing. I love you, even more, today being our 10th wedding anniversary.

55. You placed your love in my heart. I’m no longer in pain. Your kindness renders me in awe of you. Happy 8th wedding anniversary, baby.

56. This journey of two has been made possible because you loved me this much. I promise to take our love higher. It’s been 10 years and still counting.

57. I want forever with you just as I want this second to be about you, my baby. Happy 5th wedding anniversary.

58. I see true beauty in your brown eyes. I see how far your passion goes when you set your gaze upon me. Marriage is the best gift you gave me after love. Happy 8th wedding anniversary.

59. You never looked back. You never doubted. You shredded my fears and placed your confidence in me. I loved you from the beginning. Today makes it 4 years of been together as man and wife.

60. The softness of your voice and the gentility of your step have made my world so calm amid earthly rage and angst. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, baby boo.

61. You opined that our marriage will be blissful and you never gave me anything less even though I was full of fears. Thank you for granting me 10 years with you in this union.

62. The touch of your hand upon my heart has healed me of all pain. I love how well you’ve treated me. Happy 11th wedding anniversary, sweety.

63. The best word to call you is a sweetheart for your words are gentle, your touch is heavenly and your love is unearthly. Nothing feels better than being surrounded by you. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary.

64. I remember your voice been quickened as you recited our love vows with enthusiasm. It’s been 10 years of listening to you speak with that voice still.

65. Your eyes come close to heaven’s window. Your demeanour is next to none. You’re the best of everything exceptional. Happy 5th wedding anniversary.

66. The move of your lips during each kiss has been one of trust, passion and joy. It’s been the best feeling ever to share with you.

67. I love you from the very start to this point and I promise you the very end.

68. The beauty of your heart shines through your soft skin. Happy wedding anniversary, my forever man.

69. You aged well over the years and even better than a silver fox, with every strand of your white hair caressing my face as I kiss you to sleep. Happy 20th wedding anniversary, baby.

70. I promise to mark forever with you, for each passing year, the better part of your heart keeps shinning like a glorious night star.

71. You prize my comfort and happiness above yours. I need nothing next to you, for I got all I ever wanted in you; a one-woman-man. Happy wedding anniversary to a loyal husband.

72. You may look wild and adventurous outwardly, but your heart is as calm as a lake and peaceful as a dove. I love this mystery about you. Happy 7th wedding anniversary.

73. Those dark eyes of yours give off sparkles than many night stars. You’ve been my road to unending happiness for the last couple of years.

74. When you touch me, my heart becomes strong to face the world, whilst my knees become weak to stand on their own. You’re my everlasting love. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary.

75. Your soul is next to an angel. Your faithfulness is God-like. Nothing can be compared to you on earth. Yours is heaven. Happy wedding anniversary to a flawless soul.

76. It shows in your eyes how much you love me. Your action speaks love and grace. I love nothing more than I love you. Today marks our wedding anniversary.

77. I’m enticed by your words. I’m fixated on the love your heart gives. I’m dared to love you even more because of your passionate gaze. It’s been 12 years of you reciprocating every frown I ever gave you with a heart-melting smile.

78. I fear to be far away from you like the sun to the earth. I want to hang on your words like the stars to the sky. Forevermore is just the beginning with you. It’s our 12th anniversary, my love.

79. I love you even though a thousand of beautiful women out there do the same. I’m glad you chose to welcome my love and stand by it. Happy wedding anniversary.

80. I’m honoured by your everlasting vows and by the faithfulness you give to me. Loving you is so easy for me.

81. My weakness and strength lie in your eyes. My gratitude belongs to you, for you’ve kept me save the whole year-round. Happy 1st wedding anniversary.

82. My pride is not in my long dark hair nor the beauty of my curves, but in you calling me your wife.

83. Beyond showing me, you let me know that my love is enough for you. Happy wedding anniversary, baby.

84. Love is so beautiful in your lustrous eyes. I hope to see you in love till eternity. Cheers to forever be with you, my darling.

85. Your love has blessed me with a mesmerizing smile that calls the attention of every noble heart. I’m lucky to have you.

86. Nothing is as ripe as your kisses which are due for harvest every moment of my life. Happy 4th wedding anniversary, baby.

87. You shut down my fears and picked up my confidence as though it were a diamond in the dust. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary.

88. True love is stronger than obsession and lust. I came to realize this when I fell in love with you. Happy 2nd anniversary, honey.

89. I swoon at the sight of your manly thighs and bold chest as you let go of your shame before my eyes. I love you and nothing else will halt my feelings for you. Happy 1st wedding anniversary.

90. On all sides of your face is a wholesome smile that is as blazing as a rock set on red fire. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, honey.

91. I love the strength that passes across your tender voice. It sweeps my heart away. Happy anniversary to my warrior.

92. Your midnight dark skin makes my daylight skin yearn for your touch. I’m glad that I have you to myself till everlasting.

93. I’m all concerned about my love for you and nothing else. Happy 7th wedding anniversary.

94. I’m a better woman for a man who never requested me to change for his sake. You’re worth every effort I make. Today marks a new beginning for us.

95. 10 years of loving you has been the easiest part of my life. My heart never ceased to rejoice.

96. I’m hooked with you forever. You’re the light at the end of my tunnel. It’s been a happy beginning with you. I do not look forward to the end, for there’s no limit with you.

97. My midnight entreaty is to live forever with you. It’s been 7 years of walking next to you.

98. You placed me not behind you nor beside you, but ahead of you, so you could watch my back. How selfless is your love, my king? Happy 5th wedding anniversary.

99. Keep my vows within your well-framed chest for they’ll never change. I will always love you. Happy 6th wedding anniversary.

100. I love you more than words can say, more than the stars can illustrate and more than the story the moon can tell. I’ll spend the rest of my life with you as I once vowed. Happy wedding anniversary.

With these superb Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband, be sure to have him until the next life.

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