Best 4 Month Anniversary Text Messages for 2020

Best 4 Month Anniversary Text Messages for 2023

Just like distance is not reason enough to determine how true a love is, the time you have spent with your lover should not also be a determinant of your chance at forever or true happiness.

Just like any four years old relationship is worth celebrating in a grand style, a four months old relationship is equally worth the while.

I hope you love him/her enough this 2023 to acknowledge this and put it into action by picking some of these 4 months anniversary messages for your sunshine!

It’s your 4th month with your lover (male or female) and you need to express gratitude and feelings for how the journey has been, these 4 months anniversary text messages will do.

Happy 4 Months Anniversary Text Messages for Her or Him

Sweet Happy 4th Month Anniversary Sms for Lover (Husband, Wife, Boyfriend of Girlfriend).

1. It has been one reason to smile again after another since I said yes to your proposal. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

2. It is so hard to believe that it is four months already. Looks like we started just yesterday. Happy anniversary love.

3. You have shown me a part of me that I never knew existed until I met you, a part of me that I have come to love so much. Happy anniversary darling.

4. I thought I would be tired of the relationship by now. Given by my records about serial dating, I am sure you felt the same too. Here we are thriving and getting stronger than imagination. Happy anniversary to us.

5. Nothing in my several years of experience ever prepared me for the feelings and intensity that accompany love at first sight. It has been four months since I have met you and I still haven’t recovered. Happy anniversary.

6. I love the way you love me. More than that, I relish what time is doing to us. Seems to be bringing us closer to each other per second. Happy 4th month anniversary.

7. Four months ago, I was in a very sad place emotionally and then you came along and turned things around for good. Happy anniversary.

8. I hope this anniversary serves as a reminder that I plan to love you for a very long time. Happy 4th anniversary.

9. I have the time of my life with you in the past few months, today makes it the 4th month I met you on a train and I just feel it is not out of place to celebrate this anniversary.

10. Someone as adventurous as you may find a lot of things I do and don’t do ludicrous to say the least. But, you have never shown any form of contempt for my life’s decisions. Thanks and happy 4th month anniversary.

11. I think it is very wise for humans to count their blessings. These past few months have really been blessed for me. I acknowledge and wish for many more with you as my partner. Happy 4th anniversary.

12. If after spending just four months with you, I already feel this healthy and exude this glow, I don’t mind doing forever with you. Happy 4th anniversary.

13. I am aware that for someone who has promised a lifetime of honesty and loyalty, four years is indeed a piece of cake. But, if I can achieve that feat in four months, I am very hopeful and eager to make the rest of our lives a living heaven.

14. This is a gentle reminder that you are indeed a breath of fresh air and one thing I am sure I got right in the last four months. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

15. I am not dismayed about a future with you. The past and the present have proven that we will make it!. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

16. It has been four solid months and you still make me breathless every single time you walk through the door or sway your hips as you walk out, happy 4th anniversary to us.

17. I am very glad that we have made our first four months about getting to know each other and genuinely caring. It is a sign that we are both into this for a reasonable reason. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

18. You have thought me so much more than I ever thought I could learn from someone I just met four months ago. Happy anniversary to us.

19. I think about all the wonderful nights we have spent together in the past months sharing a drink and having heart to heart conversations and I can’t help but thank the universe for bringing you my way, happy anniversary to us.

20. It has not been too long since you said yes to me. But, I am already accustomed to the sound of your voice early in the morning and I find myself waiting anxiously every night because that is when your message rolls in. happy 4th anniversary to us.

21. You are gradually becoming my genuine support system, thank you and happy 4th anniversary.

22. I hope you have not forgotten how we first met, I remember every single day and it keeps me from thinking about life’s issues. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

23. Someone asked me if I thought we would last a year yesterday and I told him ‘I didn’t think we would last four months’ and here we are! happy anniversary.

24. The things you make me do are absolutely beyond my understanding. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

25. One thing I am sure I do not want to lose is the way I feel about you every morning and how I feel when I miss your presence. Happy 4th anniversary.

26. It has really been a beautiful four months. Beyond beautiful, it has been inspiring. I am grateful for our four months together as a couple.

27. You have thought me in these four months that lessons do not need to come from the place of hurt. I have never felt this loved as a learner. Happy anniversary to us.

28. We have been friends longer than I can remember and that still did not prepare me for what I would meet if we decided to have a relationship. It has been so good I have thought few times that I would have started earlier if I knew. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

29. You are one of the most beautiful humans I know. You are kind, caring and very thoughtful. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

30. So far, it has been worth a try. F hope. Maybe not a bed of rose. But, a ray of hope. Happy anniversary to us.

31. I am certain of a better tomorrow if we keep supporting each other like we have in the past four months. Happy anniversary to us.

32. Every day for the last four months has been a little drop of hope for us. I relish every single one and look forward to spending more with you. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

33. My heart beats with joy and sends a signal of joy to my eyes whenever I see you. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

34. Before I met you, I thought it would take about a year or more to fall helplessly in love with anyone. I have been proven wrong in months, happy 4th anniversary to us.

35. The last four months coupled with the fact that you have the best smile in the world have given me hope for our future together. Happy anniversary darling.

36. All day, every day, what I do I pretty simple. I count my blessings and smile when your name comes up at the top of the list. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

37. I am so grateful we get this opportunity to prove most of all to ourselves that unlike charges actually attract. Happy anniversary to us.

38. The faith I have in us far outweigh the doubt people project on us. This is how I know we are in this for a long haul. Happy anniversary to us.

39. You are the one that has made my moments joyful and my lips filled with songs of love. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

40. I have spent the last four months in the most comforting place, your arms. Happy anniversary to us.

41. Being yours for the last four months has given me a new beautiful perspective to love. Happy anniversary to us.

42. There is no doubt that I am completely smitten with you as you are with me. Happy anniversary to us.

43. I have not come to a conclusion about the place I think we should visit to celebrate our 4th month anniversary, the thoughts of you have only been the thing that has captured my heart. Happy anniversary to us.

44. I have been continuously drawn into your arms and to see through the window of your soul for the past four months. Happy anniversary.

45. The past months have been more like an adventure to me that I still slap myself once in a while to make sure I have not been dreaming. Happy anniversary.

46. Now I believe everything can change suddenly with the presence of a great person. You are the cause for this glow. Happy anniversary to us.

47. No one has ever shown me love and care the way you have in the last four years. I am overwhelmed love, happy 4th anniversary.

48. I love the fact that it has been drama free and love filled so far. Happy 4th anniversary to us

49. You are so easy to imagine in my arms and so healthy to carry around in my heart. Happy anniversary to us.

50. I have been met by friends that I now smile a lot and have been watched strangely on the street when you are on my mind. It has indeed been the most wonderful four months since I met you. Happy anniversary.

51. I hope this anniversary opens doors of better understanding and more show of affection and care between us. Happy anniversary.

52. I am now very committed to making you happy as you have made me for the last four months. Happy anniversary to us.

53. The things you make me feel are too beautiful to be put into words but too special to let go of. I need us to thrive, love, happy 4th anniversary to us.
One thing the past four months has thought me is that my love for you is not dying anytime soon. Happy anniversary to us.

54. Your eyes have gradually become my favorite safe place and your arms now look so much like home. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

55. You have thought me everything beautiful I known about love in the space of four month. You are indeed a gem. Happy anniversary to us.

56. You are undoubtedly a whole king, the one I am forever grateful I gave my heart to. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

57. Our journey to forever began the day I set my eyes on you. I have had no regrets since then. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

58. I thought I had lost all the will to fall in love again until your eyes met mine at the bar four months ago. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

59. The past months have thought me that I just want and need to be someone good enough for us and constantly fighting for our love. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

60. I feel like my soul is free from hurts and my heart free of worries each time I stare at your beautiful face. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

61. You are a page in my life I am very grateful I was bold enough to open and explore. I am not getting tired anytime soon. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

62. Your hands were made to fit into mine and your heart goes perfectly with mine. You are my perfect match. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

63. I may not be able to promise you heaven and earth because I don’t own all. But, I am sure that I will be standing by your side as long as I live. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

64. One of the things I have come to love with fervor these past months is kissing your tears away. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

65. Ensuring your smile is bright and your days are filled with joy have become my priority. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

66. I hope our love never grows old and that we always find a reason to smile. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

67. I can’t wait to have that happy ending with you by my side and outlast every coming challenge with unity, happy 4th anniversary to us.

68. Because of you, I have reached the conclusion that love lives right here In between our arguments and in the way we smile towards each other.

69. What you see each morning is a reflection of my unfailing feeling for you and a manifestation of its continuity. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

70. It is very easy to feel like the universe indeed loves me when I have someone as amazing as you in my corner.

71. You are not just the one that makes my heart race but the one that makes me want to be a better person daily.

72. I can feel it in the way my skin glows and in the way I have been attracting just goodness that you are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Happy anniversary to us.

73. I listen to your heartbeat every morning and hear mine with all intensity. I feel like my heart is now yours and yours mine. Happy 4th anniversary.

74. I feel like I haven’t been living since I was born until recently. Meeting you has been a transcendence. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

75. If I have been dreaming, I honestly would not like to wake up from the dream. It has been four months of joy and freedom like I have never experienced before. Happy anniversary to us.

76. Before you, I have only had people who built sand castles with me. Since I met you four months ago, I have been learning the real deal that comes with building a home. Happy anniversary to us.

77. You stretch me, teach me and make me a better person that you will ever imagine. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

78. When I think of God’s love and his faithfulness, you are what is on my mind and what I have come to know is his most resolute blessing to me. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

79. You are the reason behind this happiness that I exude confidently and this joy that seem to accompany me everywhere for the past four months. Happy anniversary.

80. You are a kind that is very rare to come back and you wear your heart so beautifully I am almost convinced you are an angel. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

81. If there is anything these past four months have taught me, it is that no relationship comes easy, the will of both to understand each other is what keeps things going. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

82. This feeling makes me believe anything I wish to achieve is actually possible. I have never felt this powerful with any other person.

83. You are a lover that befriends and understands like a mother would. I am glad I chose you. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

84. In so many ways, falling in love with you at the time I did has made so much positive difference in me. Happy anniversary to us.

85. You have won my heart over and over again with your love and your unwavering support for the past four months. Happy anniversary.

86. If you took a sneak peek into my heart, you would see how much of it you have stolen. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

87. I am unsure about so many things, my love for you isn’t one of those things. I strongly hope you’re as into it as I am. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

88. Everything you do ends up looking like perfection to me and a true big deal that is capable of melting my heart. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

89. He is the one I have chosen to go through life’s up and down with, he has the most wonderful heart and the most beautiful smile. He is my man and I am so elated to be celebrating my 4th month with him.

90. I hope you do not think it is too early to confess my undying love for you. Because I really do love you. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

91. I am searching no more, I found all that I need and want in the window of your soul, happy 4th anniversary to us.

92. The heart wants what it wants indeed! I see you and I am reminded that all I need to stay happy is you in my life.

93. Your smile is the most therapeutic thing I have had in my care in a very long time. It helps me relax like no other thing. Happy anniversary to us.

94. No memory is strong enough to supersede the moments we have created together in the last four months. Happy anniversary darling!

95. I am so happy to be spending my best life with the love of my life. You are worth celebrating even at 4th month.

96. You do not need to wonder too much or look too far for someone that will be there for you when the going gets tough. I am here for you every time of the day! Happy 4th anniversary to us.

97. Loving you has been the major highlight of my life in the last few months and I am not letting that go anytime soon. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

98. I have hope that we will be able to look back on our beginning years from now and have a reason to celebrate. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

99. If I am not sure that my heart belongs wherever you are, I would have thought it was on the run at the rate at which it races when you show, happy 4th anniversary to us.

100. You have made me believe in love and light at such short intervention. Happy anniversary to us.

101. You are reason enough for all these volumes of joy I drown in and the happiness I surround myself with. Happy anniversary to us

A little romanticizing, a trip to your lover’s favorite place and doses of some of these perfect messages on your 4th anniversary are sure to birth the smile that will send your heart into joy unspeakable.

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