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2023 Best Thinking of You Text Messages for Him

When you are in a relationship, you want to know that you are constantly in your lover’s thoughts.

In the same vein, your man wants to know he occupies your thoughts.

There is only one way you can let him know, by telling him.

Take advantage of these collections of thinking of him text messages to make your man feel special this 2023.

I Can’t Help Thinking About You Messages for Boyfriend

Do you want to tell your boyfriend how much you think about him? Use these sweet romantic thinking about you text messages for him.

1. Thinking of you occupies my heart. Anytime you’re away, my mind doesn’t settle until it catches a glimpse of your face. I miss you.

2. How will I stop thinking of you when all you have done is mesmerize me with love and affection. I miss you so much.

3. Sometimes, I wonder if my thoughts of you can be converted to money, I would be so rich by now. I’m missing you.

4. Eternity is not enough to describe how much you mean to me. I have been thinking of you since you left. I’m missing you so much.

5. Thinking of you means I want to see your face again. Your image is all up in my head. I’m missing you, and it’s driving me crazy.

6. I love thinking about you. No thought is as soothing as the thoughts of you. I’m charmed by your handsomeness. I miss you.

7. I love you beyond compare. Thinking of you does little justice except I see you. How would I cope with this distance? I’m missing you.

8. Thoughts of you during the day restores my sanity because of all the noise and randomness at work. I’m missing you, sweetheart.

9. I was caught smiling sheepishly at an empty space today because I was thinking about you. Missing you is gradually driving me crazy; I need to see you.

10. You’re always on my mind, I think about you 24/7. I can’t help myself anymore, I really miss you.

11. The whole of my thoughts are swayed by you. Thinking about you keeps me awake more than the morning light. I’m missing you greatly.

12. I can’t stop thinking of you, dear. Your absence is getting my mind all messed up. I miss you.

13. I keep thinking of you all the time. I can’t make one or two sentences without saying your name. I miss you so much.

14. Thinking of you is the only thing that lifts my spirit. It’s sad you’re far away from me. I’m missing you, love.

15. Thoughts of you bring healing to my entire body. You’re my world.

16. When I’m with you I feel like I can do anything. I can’t just stop thinking about you.

17. I think of you so much that I think of you in my sleep. When I am awake, the reality of your absence dawns on me again. I miss you, my heartbeat.

18. I feel at ease when I think of you, it comes to me so easily, and I accept it with fullness of joy so much that I try not to let it go away.

19. Thinking about you keeps me on a fast track. It makes me feel like my life is on a speed motion, such that I often feel afraid to drift from it.

20. What can be more refreshing than the thoughts of your laughter echoing in my head in the morning? I really miss you.

21. I keep thinking of how I used to sit and watch you demonstrate when you talk while I watch you silently in amusement. It’s crazy to think that you’re no longer here with me.

22. Oh! The magnitude of joy and glow you bring to me. Just thinking about it tickles my imagination. I miss you, honey.

23. Hearing someone mention your name around me sends my thoughts back to the good old days we had when our love was on fire. I really miss you.

24. I went to the doctor to ask what I need to do to reduce the way I think about you. You won’t believe what he said. He said “if thinking of him keeps you sane, then don’t quit”, I burst out with laughter.

25. With the way I think of you these days, I hope I don’t get fired at work. I get lost in thoughts every time.

26. Despite how often I drift away with thoughts of you, I still don’t want to stop thinking about you. I miss you.

27. I love you, darling. I love making you wriggle with laughter. You’re always on my mind every day.

28. How pleasant are the thoughts of you, my delight? How it makes me toss and turn like the ocean.

29. I wonder how I manage to still function well with my mind always on the memories of us. I’m missing you so much.

30. I have never felt this incomplete my entire life. I feel like I’m going to lose it if you don’t come back soon. I keep thinking of you nonstop.

31. I am on transit, yet, it feels like I’m in your company. You have been all up on my mind since morning.

32. Thinking of you lightens up my mood like a sweet scent across my face. I’m missing you, handsome.

33. Today, everyone kept asking me the secret of my glow. I got confused at first, then I realised it’s because I have been thinking so much about you lately.

34. I simply can’t help but think about you, my love. How soothing are the memories of us in love. I miss you so much.

35. Thoughts of you keep reminding me how wonderful our first meeting was. I have been reminiscing on it ever since.

36. Your thought sparks up fire in my heart. I love thinking about you, it makes me want to go out and do better.

37. A single thought about you is a leap forward to loving you the more. I just can’t help myself, I miss you dearly.

38. You occupy a space in my heart no one else can occupy. My thoughts about you are special and make me feel fly.

39. When the nights get so dark and lonely, thinking about you helps me sleep soundly till morning. I miss you, my desire.

40. I adore you like every breath I take. I feel like I won’t last a second without thinking about you.

41. Thoughts of you are delightsome. I want to be wrapped around it for the rest of my life.

42. Thinking about you is relishing. It puts me at instant ease. I just can’t help but let it linger as long as I can.

43. What if I told you that thoughts of you are like my favourite playlists put on replay, Would you still want to go away?

44. Whenever I think of you, I see the face of my knight in shining armour. It makes me feel really safe and protected.

45. Precious things in life are so priceless, just as the thoughts of you every day. I’m missing you.

46. On the walls of my heart, are written boldly with the inscription; “I just can’t get you out of here”.

47. My memories of you are so blessed, they don’t seem to blur, rather they keep refreshing me like the morning dew.

48. Whenever I want to born a vision, I think of you, and in a split second, a new idea comes alive in my head.

49. I can go any distance with your thoughts on my mind. You’re my quickest escape from the realities of the stress around.

50. Anytime I think of you, I see a radiant future that only you can make me see. How fortunate I am to have met you, my king.

51. I don’t know what I will ever do that can make me stop thinking about you, and accept the fact that you’re gone from me. I’m missing you so much.

52. You’re the reason while I’m always caught lost in thought. My whole being craves for you every day. I can’t stop thinking about you.

53. Anytime I sit down to relax and ease off the stress of the day, the next thing that comes to my mind is the thought of you. It gives me so much ease.

54. With the way my mind is fixed on you, I’m not sure I will ever find anyone as attractive and courageous as you are.

55. At this point in my life where everything seems to be falling apart, thinking of you sprays an oasis to my wandering mind.

56. To hold you in my thoughts is to hold you in my heart. I really miss you.

57. Sometimes, I wonder if there is any other remedy to these constant thoughts of you. I guess I’m tied to you for life.

58. I hope I’m not in this alone, I hope you think of me same way I think of you. I hope you won’t let me go crazy losing you to someone else.

59. Ever since I have come to know you, every day now feels like a holiday. Whenever you’re away, your image is wrapped around my thoughts.

60. You’re the love of my life, I can’t help but think about you every day. I miss you more than anyone in the world right now.

61. No day is complete without your thoughts lingering in my mind. I’m missing you, love.

62. You appear in my head and dwell in my mind all day long. I’m missing you more than you can imagine.

63. If thinking of you is a crime, honey. I’m sure I will go to any prison, so far I’m allowed to think of you.

64. In my thoughts, you’re the prince of the senses, and in my heart, your love I won’t replace. I miss you every day.

65. I love thinking of you, maybe that is what I’m created for, if not, what explains what is going through my head right now?

66. I hope you stay in my world as much as you do in my thoughts. I’m nothing without you, king.

67. I promise to think of you alone till the end of time. No man will ever take your place in my heart. I miss you so much.

68. I’m drunk in thoughts with the images of your sexy body and loving smile in my head. Come home to me quickly, I’m missing you.

69. My sister always catch me lost in thoughts, she smiles each time knowing you’re the one on my mind. I miss you, my heartbeat.

70. No one will ever make me stop thinking about you. They can control everything but not my thoughts. I miss you greatly.

71. You make a blissful night, your thoughts are the splendorous stars in my heart. I won’t stop missing you till you’re back.

72. I’m yet to see that man who can make me stop thinking about you. Does he even exist? I guess no. I miss you.

73. Thoughts of you are overwhelming. What else is worth my attention in this world but you, brave one.

74. I could survive a day without food but, I can’t possibly survive a day without thinking about you, I miss you.

75. I don’t need to carry your picture anywhere I go because, they’re all up on my head every day, all day, sweetheart.

76. The sweetness of your thoughts in my heart, the calmness it brings to my soul is next to nothing. I can’t stop thinking about you.

77. The way you whisper ‘I love you’ to me every morning registers in my head throughout the whole day until I can hear you whisper it again. I don’t ever want to be apart from you.

78. I can forfeit everything in the world but you. That’s not even possible to start with. I practically think of you every second of the day.

79. If thoughts were to be weighed, I’m sure mine would weigh highest. Nothing is next to you in my heart.

80. I have always been so confident of giving my heart to you. Your thoughts come in and linger forever.

81. I use to play hard to get but now, all I ever want to do is to be around you, and when you’re not around, I carry you in my heart everywhere.

82. If my thoughts of you could be converted into money, you would be the richest man on the planet. I miss you, honey.

83. These days, I keep burning my food in the course of thinking about you and missing you all the time.

84. How will I give up the thoughts of you when everything in the house reminds me of you? If you don’t want me to go crazy, just come back already.

85. Your voice in my heart is like a tornado. It’s so loud I can’t think of anything else. I miss you madly.

86. You planted the seed of kindness in my heart, now you water it daily with my thoughts of you, love. I miss you every day.

87. Just like someone thirsts for water, so my heart thirsts after your thoughts, it’s been like that since you left. I miss you.

88. What can be more satisfying than the assurance thinking of you gives me? I can’t stop thinking about you. I miss you.

89. I do a lot with your thoughts on my mind, and because nobody can see through my mind, I can do anything with you in there. I’m missing you so much.

90. You appeared and disappeared like an apparition. Now, all I have is just the thoughts of you driving me crazy.

91. Just like the sand on the seashore, the days and nights I think of you is uncountable. I miss you, my love.

92. Like stars on earth, the thoughts of you are so beautiful and serenading. I can’t stop thinking about you, sweetheart.

93. You’re away yet I keep getting my daily dose of inspiration. Everything you ever told me is registered in my thoughts. I miss you dearly.

94. These days I find myself using the shower constantly just so I can have more lone moments with you in my thoughts. I miss you more than you know.

95. I wish I won’t have to sleep off, just so I would be conscious enough to keep thinking about you, dear.

96. Even when I’m sharing the same space with you, I still think about you. That’s how much I’m obsessed with you.

97. Thinking about you is the easiest thought that constantly comes to me all the time. That’s how much I miss you, love.

98. I stare into the open space with the thoughts of your tall handsome structure standing in front of me. Sometimes, I wish I could reach out and hug you. I miss you a lot.

99. I have never seen any man as gentle and kind as you. I miss having you around, and I can’t stop thinking about you.

100. How do I start to describe how beautiful you make me feel every day? I miss hearing you tell me how I mean the world to you. I can’t stop thinking about you.

Let your man know how special he is to you, how much you like being in his company with these messages.

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