Trending Thank You for Existing In My Life Quotes

2023 Trending Thank You for Existing In My Life Quotes

On this page, we present you a gracious collection of thank you messages for friends and family who has in one way or the other done something wonderful. Put one of these out with love.

We believe strongly that, you will find the right words to express your gratitude in a great form. Let them know you value their friendship and sacrifice in your life, not everyone can do what they’ve done, appreciate them with this token and see how you also give them joy!

Thanks for Being in My Life Quotes for Him or Her

Perfectly written Quotes and Messages to appreciate your lover’s existence in your life.
Thanks for being in my life Quotes for Him or Her: boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. You can also send them to your friends.

1. I often find myself looking back at my experiences in this life and I realise what a vital role you played in keeping me steady when the rest of my world has been falling apart. I appreciate your effort!

2. I’m thankful for the day I met you. You are a great personality, you give as if I’m the only one in your life. Thanks for taking care of me when I lose hope.

3. I’m grateful I met you, I’m grateful you offered friendship, I’m grateful you showed care and love when no one remembered I existed. I love you so much bestie!

4. You have always been there at ungodly hour, just to make sure I’m okay. What would I have done without you? Thanks for existing in my life.

5. When everyone else were miles away from me, you have stuck around as if, you have absolutely nothing else to do, as if you don’t have your problems too. Thank you, honey!

6. You’ve always been taking good care of me as if you do not have a partner and a child who need you too. Thanks for being wonderful!

7. I’ve always wondered, how you have known what to say and when to say. You are a wonderful being, the best version of mankind. I’m glad I know you.

8. What to do in the moments when I have felt there’s no control in this life, is just to seek your warmth. I sincerely appreciate all you’ve done in my life. Thanks!

9. Even if it’s just getting me coffee or giving me water to drink and listening to me try to undo the mess of thoughts. It’s amazing, having someone sweet and understanding!

10. You have been the best friend anyone can ask for, you were moving with me through it all. You were there even when my husband wasn’t there. I love you, super girl!

11. You did not let me fail, neither let me stop moving nor exit the right path. An angel in flesh, loving and lovely. I will forever be grateful to you!

12. You have been the hand behind my back, guiding me every step and moving with me, when the road was dark and too long for me. Thank you, sis.

13. You have been the backbone, my support, my director. You’ve been there through it all, helping me with all you can help with. Thanks for being here!

14. When I felt like giving up when I have question every of my decision, you convinced me, I was on the right path. I sincerely love and appreciate your effort.

15. You have been the quiet voice encouraging me on the days when I feel like everything I have bad luck. A loud voice when I’m moving on a destructive path and making corrections with me. Thanks for being lovely!

16. Before I start my day, I thank God for giving me such a great friend like you and I also want to thank you for being part of me, of my life even in its ups and downs. Thank you, girlfriend.

17. I’m grateful for your help and support. Thank you indeed for being a great friend and showing me real friendship.

18. Gratitude is a sign of nobility and humility but for me, gratitude is the way to show how much I appreciate your effort. Thank you for being an amazing friend!

19. Gratitude is a gift and not an obligation. I’ve received a lot of gifts, sweet words and support from you and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

20. Gratitude is like a little gift which has a great impact on the helper and an influence from the receiver. Thank you, dear.

21. How lucky I am to meet you on my way in this life. How great it is to have a partner who is helpful. Thank you so much.

22. The best people that are living are those who can’t stay indifferent to problems of the needy. That’s exactly who you are and who you’ve shown me! I’m happy I have you.

23. I’ve managed to cope with all these challenges and survive with no scar only because of you. And now I have hope that the future is bright. Thank you.

24. I want to say thank you for being so kind and showing sympathy to people near and far. Thank you for making life worth living for me. I’m grateful sir!

25. Cheers to the day I met you, I owe you a big thank you for never letting me down or letting me go, for helping me when I ask and didn’t ask, thank you for your support when everything was hard.

26. You read me like a book, you know me like you know yourself, you can solve me like a puzzle. And this is great because it defines friendship. Thank you so much!

27. You have the ability to read my mind even before I speak. You understand me without me saying a word. You are my soulmate sent from heaven!

28. You are my one and only sweetheart. You can see the bright side with me, you are the only who stand my crazy, but also to accept and even love. You’re the kindest and most patient man I know and I’m really grateful to you.

29. I know that sometimes I can be impossible and sometimes it’s hard to stand me, but you always manage me well without causing chaos. Thanks for being the patient guy!

30. There are a lot of things I want everyone to know you offered me. Thank you for your support, kindness, care, wisdom and a lot more. All I want to say is thank you for letting me know how to live happily and without regret. Thank you!

31. I didn’t know how to express myself and what I feel for you for a long time. Words will fail me to tell how much you are worth to me. Thanks for making me matter in this life.

32. I will forever be indebted to you, for you gave me what money cannot buy and I want to give you what money can’t buy, that is my gratitude. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful being!

33. I can’t even find the right word that could describe what I feel when I think about you. In one word, I will say it’s ‘gratitude’, thanks a lot dear!

34. Now I understand what gratitude means because you showed me love and support. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me.

35. I feel like I’m a strong man because every time I’m about to fall you catch me but to the whole world it’s my strength. Thanks forever covering the lapses.

36. When I was crying you were always around to comfort me and give me hope, you are the one sticking by my side when everyone left me.

37. Thanks for being there when they were there or not, when I was at my worst, and when I was at my best. Thanks for the support and love.

38. You know I’m not good at sending this kind of messages, but thanks for always sending good ones to me! I love you from the moon and even back.

39. Hey, girlfriend! I want to say thank you for helping me when I needed you the most, for never leaving me when I said you should leave and for being here when I said I am good without you.

40. Thanks to you, I believe in myself again, I believe in true friendship and love because you showed me. I love you so much, dear.

41. You helped me get up when I fell down, and thanks to you I can help others up too!

42. You are the one I’m thankful for, your personality is what I savour every time of my life. I love you too much to not appreciate you.

43. There is this person who means everything to me, and I wanted to say thanks, for sticking around.

44. Every time I can’t make a decision you help clear my mind and channel my strength. Every time I think there’s no one who can understand or help me, you appear. Thank you so much!

45. Warmest appreciation to you dear for your existence is a gift to mankind. I feel good because I can refer to you and ask for help any time I want.

46. I am just thankful to you for sticking around even when I was at my worst position in life. I love you with everything I have and won’t trade you for anything!

47. I just wanted to say thank you, for being a friend like a family, I’m grateful for your existence in my life. I’m so thankful for destiny brought us together. Grateful I am!

48. You are one of the most invaluable assets I have, you are a gift from God to mankind. I’m grateful I know you. Knowing you has rewarded me with love, support and understanding, thank you so much.

49. The gift of family or friends can never be overemphasized. You have been there b4 my birth, thank you so much ma.

50. I can’t compare your friendship with anything else. You are the bedrock of my strength and support, thank you so much for your loyalty, devotion and moral support.

51. What a great chance to have you as my godmother, thanks for showing strength when I’m weak. I love you so much!

52. Thank you for the silent moments we shared together and the loud moments which was fun, the moment where there is no need to say a word and those moments when we screamed but we know we are in it together. You are forever appreciated!

53. Thanks for giving me a shoulder when it was hard for me to support myself, thanks for releasing your shoulder to cry on when I’m teary. I love you so much, friend!

54. I am who I am today because you stood by me when everyone else didn’t smell not see greatness in me. I’m using this medium to say a million thank you for your true friendship. Thanks for the gift of friendship.

55. My heartfelt thanks to you because you were there during my time of need. My love for you won’t run out. Please accept my thank you for everything that you have done to help me.

56. Thank you for being a part of my story, a part of my success. I will forever be grateful for the help you rendered then and now.

57. I can’t imagine a life without you, I can’t imagine my wedding without you neither can I imagine a time I hold a little human in my arms without you. Thank you so much.

58. I wanna celebrate the exciting moments of my life with you. I can’t imagine you not being by my side and the kind of success I have now.

59. Words are not enough to express the joy I derived from meeting you and having you around. Thanks so much, I’m grateful!

60. The happiness I get in your help, the feeling I get in your support. For sharing my dreams and for your incomparable help, for your endless patience and I know, a million thank you won’t be enough.

61. Saying thank you is not enough to express how much I truly value you. Thanks for showing me what it truly means to fall and rise again. Dim grateful!

62. Thanks for showing me how to lift my head and smile all over again even after hurt and pain. Thanks, superman!

63. You made me understand that people are meant to help each other. Thanks for teaching me sacrifice.

64. Saying “Thank you” is so easy to fulfil all righteousness but saying it to you has to be superb and lovely. I appreciate every little and big things you do for me. And I really appreciate it. Thank you for everything!

65. You’ve always been here for me, every time I need you the most and it will forever impress me. Thank you for being so kind and sympathetic towards mankind.

66. I don’t believe in superhuman, but it seems like they do exist, because of your uncommon capacity at loving and helping others. Thanks for being a loving being!

67. Your presence lightens up my mood like the work of art showing love. Being around you never dulls and bore me, I get so much fun with you. Thanks, dearie.

68. You make happiness worth having and sharing, you make my dreams worth believing and achievable. Thanks for never leaving my side and for making my life worth living.

69. My man, thanks for showing me the dreams that I didn’t have the courage to see myself. Thanks for showing me, the ME when I couldn’t face it.

70. There are many opportunities to say “Thank you” daily, but I want this to be special. I’m saying this “Thank you” to you, in form of real gratitude, because you’ve sacrificed a lot for me and I feel like I owe you so much.

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