Thank God for my son on his birthday

Thank God for My Son on His Birthday

Turning a new year is actually a beautiful thing; it is a day that should stay with us throughout the new year. Most birthdays are celebrated pretty much like any other but when you take a moment to thank the Lord for your offspring’s birthday, it shows how grateful and appreciative of God you are for preserving and keeping your beloved son.

If you find yourself reminiscing about the amazing times and sweet moments you’ve spent with your son, I believe the next thing on your mind is blessing the Lord for giving you an amazing son like him. What other beautiful time to thank the Lord for him if not on his birthday?

To help you celebrate your son by thanking God, I have got you the best thank God for my son on his birthday messages and wishes. Feel free to use as many as you want, enjoy.

Thank You God for My Son Birthday

Thank you, God, for my son’s birthday this year, I am grateful to you Lord for giving me this wonderful son and giving me the grace to mother him and also making him grow to be this great and amazing. I wish him all the best in life, Love you so much dear son.

1. I am so happy and thanking God for my son’s happy day today, seeing this day come though makes me thank God for having you in my life. Happy birthday, dearest son.

2. Happy birthday to my dear son, I’m thanking God for the preservation of your life and making you great joy in my life. I love you to the moon and back, dearie.

3. I’m going to sing praises to the Lord for the opportunity granted to you to celebrate this special day with friends and family, happy birthday, son. I love you bunches.

4. Watching you grow has always made my heart give thanks to God. It’s a great joy that dwells in me seeing you glow like a diamond in your new year. Happy birthday, sweetheart, may this be your best year yet.

5. Praise to the one and only God that gave you to me, to always make me laugh, be joyful and grateful for having you. Happy birthday, my darling son.

6. For all my time here on earth, I will give praises to God for giving me such an amazing son as you. Happy birthday to the loveliest son alive. I love you.

7. Hello, my sweet boy! It’s an opportunity for you to see your new age and it is grace to live it well. I give glory to God who deserves all my worship for making you see this day. Happy birthday, son.

8. Thanks to God that knows you before you were formed in the belly and before thou camest forth out of the womb. I bless the Lord this day for giving me you and I say a very happy birthday to you, son.

9. I render praises to God that made you my son and my comforter and succour through all these years. Happy birthday, son, I wish you the best on your special day son.

10. Thank you, God, for you are the maker of all things, thank you for making me the mother of this beautiful boy. I’m glad you are mine, dear son. Happy birthday, son.

11. I once read it on a t-shirt that says new york is the most important to me, but to me, I thank God for making you most important, my darling son. Happy birthday, son.

12. Happy birthday to you, my dear son. You are all I want. Thank God I won cause I have you. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

13. Dear son, you are more handsome than words can say, you are like my everything my son, my eagle, I love you son. Happy birthday, all I can do is sing praises to the Lord for giving me you.

14. Son, you have taught me to wait and to hope, you have taught me how to be a mother and I thank God for the hope of glory(you), happy birthday, son.

15. When I’m lost you make the hope of my life recovered. happy birthday my son, my hope. I love you.

16. Son, you are like green grass surrounded by water, that brings forth plant. Today, I remember how proud I am of you for being my son. Happy birthday wise one.

17. It’s sixteen years ago, the people say: what are you, and I say you are my hope of glory and as you grow, you continue to make me smile, I thank God for having you, my joy. Love you dear and thanks for making me smile. Happy birthday to you, son.

18. I once took a road that brought me success, which is having you, my son. Happy birthday, son. I love you to the moon and back.

19. All things I’ll give you for you are my son, the goldsmiths shall beat you a great golden ring for you are my son. Happy birthday, son. It’s your special day son and I thank God for it.

20. I wake up to see my tropic son ablaze laughing and dancing, what a great day it is for him. Son, it’s your birthday and let’s give thanks to the lord. Happy birthday, dearie.

21. Son, you will walk in peace, laugh in peace, eat in peace and anything you lay your hand on you shall find peace. Happy birthday, son, cause this peace is of God, let’s give thanks to him, once again happy birthday.

22. Son, I remember a saying: put away from thee a forward mouth, so is going to be your new age or should I say the new you, happy birthday, son, it’s a great day to give God praise.

23. Dear, son, let’s come before his presence with thanksgiving, he was your guild before you were born and now he is your everything. Praise to the Lord for letting you see this day and making you merry, happy birthday, son.

24. Sing unto the Lord a new song; for he hath done marvellous things in your life, son, for letting you be mine, he is truly wonderful. Happy birthday, son, sending you all the love from my heart.

25. A wise son maketh a glad his father, but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother. I thank God for making you a wise son, happy birthday, son.

26. My son, I give God the praise for you this day and I appreciate him for giving me the honour of fathering you. Happy birthday, my lovely prince.

27. I remember when I always call you my prince and you cry over it saying you want to be a king instead, I don’t need to forget those beautiful memories because they remind me of your childhood and makes me thank God I had you, happy birthday my prince.

28. Where many months gladden the heart, yours did better. Your existence makes me cry for joy cause is you’re my joy. May this year and your special day be the best one yet. Happy birthday, son, thank God is your birthday.

29. Thank God, son, for today is a brighter day for my shining moon in the clouded skies is plus one today. Happy birthday my sweet warrior.

30. He is more beautiful than the day, he is such a sweet son, such an angel. Thank God he is my son, my only diamond, happy birthday my dearest son, love you dearly.

31. I am so proud to have you, my darling son that I thank God for you. Whenever I see you my heart shout miraculously and it wonders what a wonderful son God has given me. Love you son, happy birthday.

32. You are like my genuine gentleman and when I see you I see you walk in confidence, so I praise the Lord for giving you to me. My heart swells with pride when I see you and hold your hand. My son, in glorious and prosperous ways you shall live all the days of your life. Happy birthday, son.

33. To my future and my love, my one and only son, I say happy birthday, you were born for greatness and marvellous things that the thought of what you are to become make me shout for joy to God. You are a blessing to me, son, happy birthday to you.

34. What a nice day for a nice guy to celebrate his day, to my son who owns this day, nobody can rock your day like you can. Happy birthday, son, let’s together sing praises to our God for you son.

35. Who knows there would be you, who knows that God will let me praise him through you. Happy birthday, son, I always hope every day is like your birthday so as to celebrate you cause you are worth celebrating. Happy birthday once again son.

36. I pray that you will never lack anything good and you will never know sorrow, even when people curse you, God will bless you. So many thanks to God for making you see more of your days, happy birthday, son.

37. I’m happy for you, my son, my one and only treasure who has made me happy, so it’s time to make him happy, I say a very beautiful, loud, soundly and lovely happy birthday to you son. Thanks to the one and only king(God) that made you see your day.

38. Who makes the millet grow and the orange groves flower? the answer is God and if God gave you to me, then I’ll praise him, for he had made you mine. Happy birthday, son.

39. I remember a child crying, which is you. I remember you as a child laughing and eating and I miss those memories but I miss you more. I thank God for you always. Happy birthday son, my treasure.

40. A toast to you my son, thanks to God that made this day come to remembrance for us to merry and to cry for joy, happy birthday son.

41. Happy birthday to my lovely son, I pray that in long life and prosperity you will live all the days of your life, no evil will before you. As you have entered your new age, you have entered into your greatness, peace and riches. Thank God for your new age son, happy birthday.

42. Son, hope you know it’s your birthday cause you always forget about it but thank God you have me and I have you so as to celebrate you on your special day. Happy birthday, son.

43. To him that has all and have protected you from childhood, I say thank you, Lord and I say a happy glorious birthday to you son, more of it in Jesus name.

44. Happy birthday to you, son. I pray you will live to eat the fruit of your hands, I thank God for the favour he has shown upon you, I pray that in this your new age you will continue to enjoy God’s favour.

45. All the days of your life, you will be great no evil will before you. I say a wonderful birthday to you son and I thank God for your life.

46. Happy birthday, dear, I pray that you shall be great, I mean greater than the greatest, in this the new age you shall be wiser than the wisest, bigger than the biggest, my God will make you a wonderful son. Happy birthday, son.

47. I thank God for your life, for your new age, for the new you, for his loveable kindness for making you the best in best, for making you mine I say thank you lord and a happy birthday to you son.

48. I’m happy to write this to you. son, happy birthday to you. It’s wasn’t your power, but for the mercy of God that endures forever, I thank him for you and your new age. I say a happy birthday son, remember that mummy always love you.

49. It’s your eighteen birthday my baby, I know you always say I shouldn’t call you that but no matter how much you have grown, you are still my baby. I thank God that you have grown so well that it makes my heart sing for joy, happy birthday son.

50. Son, I’m writing to you with great joy in my heart and I don’t even know where to start, but I will start by thanking God, your maker, he was the one that made this day possible and I bless his name. Happy birthday to you, for you being my son is a great joy that dwells in me, love you dearly.

Birthday Wishes for Son Thanking God

Happy birthday to a sweet son who means the whole world to me. I wish all your birthday wishes come true this year. I’m always thanking God for your life because having you has brought me much joy. Thanks for being the best son to me. I love you dearly.

51. Son, I’m always happy that God made you mine and it feels wonderful for me to sing to you a happy birthday song. I thank God for keeping you and I say happy birthday, son.

52. Hip, hip, hip, hurray! Son, I’m happy that you make me know that the lord is great, you make me feel precious cause you are my diamond son. Happy birthday to you, son.

53. In addy to my lovely son, the one that makes me smile, I know it is God that gave him to me. So, I give God praise son, continue to bask in his goodness. Happy birthday.

54. To God, I say thank you and to you, I say a happy birthday. Son, more of these in Jesus name.

55. To God be the glory, great things he has done, that he maketh your life and maketh this day possible for us to celebrate your day happy birthday son.

56. Happy birthday son as the saying goes ”that mercy and grace will follow me” so shall it be for you and anything you lay your hand upon shall prosper, You shall find mercy and grace, happy birthday, son.

57. Worthy is your name, God, for the grace that you have shown to my son today. My son, you are eighteen and I pray that you will not go wrong, I pray that you will always be on the right way. Happy birthday, son.

58. Son, worthy is the lord that makes your days long and to Him be the glory for making you see this glorious birthday son.

59. I thank God for my son’s life and I’m wishing him a happy birthday. I pray that you will never die before me, I pray that you shall be lifted, son I love you and happy birthday.

60. Happy birthday to you, son. Wishing you long life and prosperity and I thank God for keeping you alive and make you a wonderful son. To you, I say happy birthday.

61. Son, for your twentieth birthday, I want to write you a poem and also thank God for making this day possible. I pray that you grow old and live long, happy birthday, son.

62. I thank God for you, my son. From your childhood to this present moment and wish him longevity and good turns. Happy birthday, dearest.

63. I thank God for my son’s life and his birthday and I pray that longevity will always be yours. Happy birthday, son.

64. I thank God for sparing the life of my son till today and I pray for more years to come in good health, achievement and favour. Happy birthday.

65. Dear son, today is your birthday and I am really glad to wish you more of it in Jesus name and I also thank God for your life.

66. Today is my son’s birthday, it feels just like yesterday that he was born and it’s also like every happy day in my life, happy birthday son.

67. Hurray!!! The day has come the day of joy and happiness for my son. I’m wishing you happy more days in life. happy birthday, son.

68. Today is the day that the Lord has made and we will be glad and rejoice in it, I’m celebrating my precious son and singing him a hurray song, I’m thanking God for him and his precious day. Happy birthday, son.

69. To God, I say thank you and to you my son, I say a very big happy birthday, so son, have a precious long life, love you.

70. Holy is the lord that made you and maketh you see this special day. I say thank you lord and a happy birthday to my baby, my lovely child and the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me.

71. Happy birthday to you son, as you have marked a new chapter and an additional number to your age, you shall be the head and not the tail, you shall live to do more good things in life. Happy birthday, son. I thank God for your birthday again.

72. Son in this early morning, I want to tell you happy birthday, son I pray that my God will bless you in abundance and make greatness out of you, you will never go down. Thanks be to God the one that has it all, happy birthday son.

73. Son, happy birthday. I thank God for making you a precious stone, I love you to the moon and back and I say happy birthday to you once again.

74. Happy birthday, son, I thank God for adding a year to your years, more happiness and success.

75. I’m thankful to God that he gave you, my son a chance to celebrate his birthday. I love you so much and want to wish you the best.

Thank You Lord for My Son’s Birthday

Thank you, Lord, for my son’s birthday, for it marks the day this amazing son of mine came into my life and brought with him so many good and pleasant things. I love you, dear son and wish for you, all the great things in life. You are the best and I hope this is your best year yet.

76. I appreciate the lord that counts my son worthy among the living, I’m using this medium to say, happy birthday, son.

77. Glory be to God for his greatness, for he had made my son as his special being for greatness and anointed his head with wonder, happy birthday, son.

79. I glorify the lord for My son and his happy day, I pray that you will not cry on a day like this. Happy birthday, son.

80. I thank God for his guidance over my son from his childhood to this present moment, I know he is happy so am also happy. I’m saying a happy birthday to you, son.

81. Happy birthday, son, I’m wishing you long life and prosperous new turns in all manners of your ways in Jesus name, amen.

82. Hurray!!! Happy birthday to my one and only son, wishing you more of it in Jesus name and more calendar to destroy.

83. hip!!! h-u-r-r-a-y it’s my son’s birthday and I’m wishing him a long life, prosperity, good and sound health, abundant blessings and promotions in all ways in Jesus name, amen.

84. Happy birthday to my sweet son. I am wishing him more calendar to destroy in longevity, prosperity in all his ways, more knowledge and understanding in whatever he lays his hands on in Jesus name amen.

85. Happy birthday to my wonderful son. I’m really glad to wish him more of it in long life and I also wish you prosperity in all your ways with good and sound health and achievement in life and I pray you will live to fulfil your glory and destiny in Jesus name amen.

86. Happy birthday my lovely son. I’m really happy to wish you a happy birthday in longevity, promotions in all your ways, more grace from above and you will live to fulfil your destiny in Jesus name amen.

87. Today is the day that the Lord has fulfilled my happiness. I’m really glad and happy for my lovely and cute son, wishing you a happy birthday in long life with a prosperous new beginning, an abundance of blessings and more years to celebrate in Jesus name amen.

88. h-a-p-p-y- b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y- t-o-y-o-u-(3x) my son, h-a-p-p-y-b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y t-o -y-o-u. I’m singing this beautiful song for my lovely and wonderful son because he is celebrating his birthday and am wishing him a happy birthday in longevity, sound health, wisdom and knowledge in everything he lays his hands on in Jesus name, amen.

89. Happy birthday to My wonderful and handsome son, these are my prayers and blessings for you. Happy birthday, my darling, you will live to fulfil your glory and destiny with the longevity of life, prosperous beginning and more promotions in all your ways in Jesus name amen.

90. To give birth to a child is not easy work. Only God is the one that can a wonderful child like you, but today, I am thanking God for giving my son another calendar to destroy and I am wishing him longevity of life, more success and blessings in all his ways, abundant grace, joy, hope, and favour from above in Jesus name, amen.

91. Today is your day my dearie. My one and only lovely son, these are my prayers for you, because you are celebrating your birthday today, you will not die prematurely, you will live to fulfil your glory and destiny and achievement in all your ways, good and sound health, happiness and peacefulness of mind in Jesus name amen.

92. Hurray!!! Today is my son’s birthday and I’m wishing him more of it, in the peacefulness of mind, in riches and wealth and abundant blessing and grace, more knowledge from above, long life and prosperous beginning in Jesus name amen.

93. Happy birthday to my stunning and wonderful son. Today is your birthday and I’m wishing you long life and prosperity, may you live to fulfil your dreams in life, you will never experience sorrow in life, more calendar to destroy in Jesus name amen.

94. My appreciation goes to the lord almighty, for allowing my son to celebrate another year in life. These are my prayers for you, you will live to fulfil your Glory and destiny, you will never experience poverty in your life, you will never lack good and Precious things in your life. Happy birthday, dear son.

95. Happy birthday to my one in a million. My lovely and wonderful son. Today which is your birthday will be the day of fulfilment of your glory, destiny, abundant blessings, more grace and peace of mind, long life and prosperity in Jesus name amen.

96. Happy birthday to a very caring, lovely, generous, wonderful, kind, and handsome gentleman. Today which is your birthday, you will live to see more of it, you will never experience sorrow and poverty, you will never become another person’s son, you will not die prematurely. Happy birthday once again in long life and prosperity.

97. This is another privilege from God, for keeping my son from his birth to this wonderful present moment. Dear son, you will live to achieve your glory, destiny and your dreams, you will rise and shine in the glory of the lord, you will never experience sorrow, pain and sickness. Happy birthday once again in the longevity of life and prosperous beginning.

98. New day, new glory. Today is a special day because my wonderful and lovely son is celebrating his birthday. I bless the Lod almighty for this day and wish you the best there is. Happy birthday, son.

99. Help me to celebrate my one and only son. Happy birthday in good and sound health, more achievement in all your ways, God will fulfil all your heart desires, you will live to see the testimonies of God in your life.

100. I will count my blessings and name them one by one because the lord has done a great thing in my life. I’m happy to celebrate with you, my dearest son. You will never experience any sorrow, poverty, agony, sickness, any kind of diseases, you will never lack good things, you will live to fulfil your destiny, once again happy birthday to you, my sweetheart.

I hope you loved the thank God for my son on his birthday up there. Feel free to send as many as you deem fit for your son. Permit me to wish your son a happy birthday too.

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