Happy Birthday Wishes for My Naughty Son

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Naughty Son

One out of many ways you can prove your love for your son is when you celebrate your son, most especially on his birthday. Your son’s birthday is as special for you as it is for him. It doesn’t matter the state of your son, every son deserves to be celebrated most especially on their birthday.

Now that is your naughty son’s birthday, take time out to wish him a happy birthday and show him some love not minding his naughtiness. Make him feel special this day by sending him lovely birthday wishes.

Feel free to select from any of these listed happy birthday wishes for my naughty son.

Happy Birthday to My Naughty Son

To my naughty son celebrating his birthday today, may you live in sound health in a long life. May you have every reason to be happy. I love you big!

1. I am sending my blessings and prayers for a year that is full of joy and good health. I hope your life is brimmed with cheerfulness, laughter, hope and long-lasting friendships. Today I am wishing you joy and happiness on your birthday!

2. My dearest son’s birthday is celebrated in a very special way. As you blow out the candles on your cake, I pray for my son to have a beautiful life and good health. I hope that his wishes all come true. May God shower him with his unfathomable love and bless him with everything that he desires.

3. In a world that has been teeming with sorrow, you have given me true happiness. Now every time I look into your eyes, all my hopes and dreams are fulfilled. On this special day, I wish you happiness and great changes in your life. Have a wonderful birthday!

4. Happy birthday to my son. I know your life and mine seem very different, but they are both good. You should never be ashamed of the way you live your life. There is no right or wrong way as long as it brings you comfort. All I ask is that you stay happy and safe.

5. For all the support, love and care you have brought into our life, although you can be naughty at times. I wish you a very happy birthday! There are so many things I wish for you on this special day of your birth. You’ve provided me with so much joy and your love is priceless to me. I just want you to know that I care for you always and that you can always count on my support. Happy birthday, son.

6. Dear son, you are truly my heart’s desire to come true. May the coming year be your best so far! I can’t love less son, I miss those naughty moments of yours. We love you; I pray for your sound health and protection. Have a beautiful birthday!

7. Son, you have given me so much joy in my life. I am glad to be your mother and I promise to continue showing my unconditional love for you no matter how naughty you can be. May this year be an adventure filled with peace, joy, and protection! Happy birthday.

8. Son, may you achieve all that you have set out to do in the coming year.
I wish you a year filled with prosperity and joy. I hope you will be more serious this year than ever before Happy birthday, my son.

9. My dearest son, you are growing up to be such an attractive boy. I am watching you blossoming into a handsome man. This coming year will bring you closer to the woman of your dreams and many blessings for all your hard work. You deserve all that has in store for you and much more. Happy birthday!

10. Your little eyes sparkle with mischief! Now you are grown up and I am a BIG responsibility off your hands. The baby has become a man! May God give you peace, happiness, growth and prosperity! Wishing you a happy birthday, and may the coming year bring you joy and happiness!

11. On this happy occasion, I wish you a very happy birthday. You are for me the most adorable child in the world despite how naughty you can be at times, may you grow to be a wonderful man and reach your full potential. May your future shine brightly before you. Happy birthday, son.

12. Dear son, now that you’re becoming an adult, I want to wish you a very happy birthday. May the new year bring you peace and protection. In the coming year, may your growth be sound and your health be strong. May all your dreams come true, May you take life more serious this year than ever. Happy birthday, son.

13. May God bless you with everlasting happiness That’s something which I can never give, my dear son. I’m sorry for this difference of opinion and I wish you the best in life. Happy birthday my darling son, my desire for you is that this wonderful day be instrumental in opening new horizons for you!

14. Happy birthday to you my naughty son! May this year be filled with joy and happiness. I pray for peace everywhere you find yourself. I hope that you find satisfaction in each day’s activities. I hope that you enjoy a healthy body all through the year. And may God bless you abundantly as the year goes by.

15. Dear son, You are a beautiful gift from God that I cherished and loved immensely. I can’t take your love for granted. And I want you to know that I have missed your naughtiness. On this special day, I think of you and wish that you have a great year ahead. Happy birthday.

16. Happy birthday, My dear so! your new year is as bright as you are! I hope you know how much love and care I have shown you all this while my naughty son. Wishing you a great year ahead of your life full of happiness. Have a blast!

17. Happy birthday to you, son! When I think about this year and your future, I just wish you good things. I only hope that you achieve all your dreams in life and have a bright future ahead. Many many happy returns of the day! Take care and stay healthy always!

18. Happy Birthday to You my naughty son! I know that you have a beautiful mind and heart. I want to see you achieve your greatest goals in life, and find everlasting happiness. I want you to always be able to share your love freely with all those around you and help make this world a better place.

19. Happiest of birthday to my naughty son. It is the best present I could have wished for. A healthy and happy new year filled with love, joy, peace and happiness. I pray that you enjoy your new year and be safe throughout. Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday to you my darling son, You are the best thing that happened to me. The way you love me and the rest of the family are excellent. I pray God will continue to protect you, make you grow and keep you sound in health all through your life. Your sister, mom. Much love for you.

Naughty Son Birthday Wishes

No matter how naughty you are, you are still my very good son and I love you so much. I wish you the very best in life. Happy birthday!

21. congratulations to this naughty and lovely son. I wish you every best thing needed to make life worth living. This is all about the unique and understanding character of you, dear special son. It is a special day for you, and I want you to know that I love you. Happy birthday, son.

22. Happy Birthday and many happy returns to my son. You are naughty and charming and I love you lots. I wish you God best this new year and beyond. birthday blessings.

23. Happiest birthday to this naughty son of mine. May you grow till you become toothless. May the Lord bless you all around this new year. May you experience God more this year and always. I wish long life and prosperity.

24. Naughty but nice. I love you son and it is really funny to see you growing up. I wish you nothing but long life in good and sound health. The Lord bless you beyond your imagination this year and always. Happy birthday, son.

25. Happy birthday to the naughtiest but lovely don ever. Congratulations on this new year of yours. May this year bring you every good thing embedded in it. My wish is that all your heart desires be fulfilled this year and always.

26. To my amazing but naughty son. I wish you growth in all aspects of your life, may you not lack in any sphere of life. I wish you unending joy this new year and beyond. May all your dreams come to a realization. Happy birthday, son.

27. Dear son, it doesn’t matter how naughty you are, I will keep loving you and will never trade my love for you for anything. I wish you greatness in all you do, may you have all course to rejoice and be grateful for the beautiful deeds of God. Happy birthday, son.

28. To my wonderful son, happy birthday to you. Thank you for all you always do. Though naughty, you such a lovely son any mother would ever wish for. Wishing you age with ease in all spheres of life. Happy birthday, son

29. Congratulations on this milestone of yours. Age with ease and sufficiency. I just want you to know that I miss your naughtiness, and Will always do everything within my power to make you happy. Happy birthday, son.

30. Happy birthday to the world best naughty son of mine. May God give you the grace to do things right this year and always. Love you more.

31. Is a beautiful year for a lovely son. Words alone can’t explain how wonderful you have been to me all these years, even though you are naughty, you’re still incomparable. I wish you the best this year and beyond.

32. It’s my dearest son although naughty. May you grow from strength to strength, glory to glory, and you receive favour everywhere to turn to. Gods goodness and mercy will always follow you. I wish you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday.

33. Happy, happy, birthday to my cute but naughty son. May live long in sound health, son. May you not miss the blessings embedded in this new year of yours. I wish you peace in all your doing this year and always.

34. Hey!! Is my naughty son’s birthday. Though naughty, you are still the best thing that has happened to me. May you experience divine upliftment this year, may all your dreams come true. I wish you joy all around this year. Happy birthday.

35. Cheers to this new year of yours son, thank you for always making me a proud mother. Though naughty, you can’t be traded for anything. I wish you heavens blessings this year and always. Happy birthday, son.

36. May the new year bring joy and happiness into your life. no matter how naughty you are, I will always love you. Happy birthday, son.

Birthday Quotes for Naughty Son

It’s my naughty son’s birthday. I wish you long life and prosperity in sound health. May you have peace of mind this year and always. Happy birthday!

37. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of pride and joy when you get to see your little adorable son, grow up so wonderfully into such a gentleman and handsome man. Thanks to you dearest son, we can call ourselves proud parents. Happy birthday to you.

38. Happy Birthday Son. You are a gracious person, with a good heart. Although naughty, you care, not because you need to, but because you want to. May God bless you. Happy Birthday, Son.

39. Many years ago on this very beautiful day, you came into our lives putting smiles on our faces and brought us happiness, joy and a lot of love. Happy Birthday to you, son. No matter how naughty you can be, I will still love you.

40. To my lovely son, you’re a prince to us. I wish you a very happy birthday. May you have a great and glorious year in life ahead. Love you big, son! Happy birthday.

41. On this special day, you become one year older. But no matter how many old you become and the birthdays that come and go, and how naughty you are, you will always be my little son who took his first steps while holding my finger. Happy Birthday, son.

42. Happy birthday, son. You have always made us proud as your parent. Our prayers and support are with you. May God bless you and all your endeavours this year. And I hope you have changed from those naughty acts of yours. Enjoy

43. Being parents to a darling child like you has been the most blissful and heavenly experience for us and the family generally. Thanks for giving us happy times and unforgettable memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. Dear son, Happy Birthday!

44. May this Birthday bring you joy, happiness, love, prosperity and wisdom for yet another wonderful year of your life my darling son. You deserve the best because you are such an awesome son and a loving human being. I miss your naughtiness son. Happy Birthday!

45. Always take a firm stance, never leave anything to chance. Always deliver what you promise, never do anything remiss. Always be willing to take initiative, never do anything manipulative. Have it at the back of your mind that I love you despite your naughtiness. let the motivation within you throb. Congratulation on the new year. Happy birthday.

46. Some sons are ambitious and work all the time, while others don’t take life seriously, depending on others for a living. Who doesn’t earn a dime? Some sons look at life way too seriously, while others find humour in all that they see. But one thing about you will always be true… You’re a son to be proud of, no matter how naughty you are.

47. Happy Birthday you dear. All the effort and love that we put into raising you has more than paid off. Today we are the proud parents of a young, educated and successful son. Your actions bring pride and happiness to our lives.

48. May this Birthday bring you joy, happiness, love, prosperity and wisdom for yet another wonderful year of your life. You deserve the best because you are a terrific son and a loving human being. Happy Birthday! naughty son

49. I’m taking your birthday as an opportunity to thank you for all that you are to me. I will never be able to forget the support that you have given me. Happy Birthday, my sugar lumps! May your birthday be as sweet as you are.

50. Yippee your birthday is finally here. It is time to party! It is time to sing and dance, and it is time for birthday bumps! May you have a delicious and awesome birthday!

Make use of the happy birthday wishes for naughty son on your son’s birthday as a birthday gift. Am so sure with these well written birthday wishes you will make your son’s day a special one.

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