Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for SonH

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son

The thing is, no matter how old children may get, they’ll always represent the little bundle of joy of yesteryears. So who says it’s too puerile to celebrate a 40-year-old son?

The truth is, you’ll be the most loving and fascinating parent in the world by being the first to send your son a happy 40th birthday quote.

And if you are wondering what to write in a 40th birthday card for son, I got you. I have written the most exciting /son’s 40th birthday quotes/ and wishes you can pen down on any nice card you’ve got in honour of your son’s birthday.

Without further ado, quickly pick the choicest from these evergreen happy 40th birthday wishes for son.

Happy 40th Birthday Son Quotes

My dear son, seeing you clock 40 is the best thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life; it’s far more beautiful and fulfilling than your birth. Happy 40th birthday, son. May you live longer than the years you have lived.

1. It’s so surreal to know that our tiny bundle of joy of yesteryears is now 40 years old. Happy 40th birthday, son.

2. Looking at you, I feel so proud and blessed. May you witness another 40 years, son. Wishing you long life well spent in good health.

3. My precious son is 40 years, today. May your life be far better than it has been before now. This is just the beginning of a new dawn for you. Happy 40th birthday, son.

4. Thank you for being such a loving and caring son for the past 40 years. Happy birth anniversary to my first son.

5. You made us grandparents by blessing us with the sweetest grandchildren in the world. May your 40th year on earth be full of wonders.

6. Son, as you clock 40 today, you shall also hit a new level of joy and accomplishments. We love you more than we can tell. Happy birth anniversary.

7. As you continue to grow, may you age graciously. Your health shall blossom every day of the year. Happy 40th birthday, son.

8. As you clock 40 on this day, for the rest of your life, you’ll only witness amazing seasons. Your years of trials are far behind you, son. Happy 40th birthday to my son.

9. I love everything about you, son. It’s so unbelievable seeing you clock 40, today. May you continue to enjoy the good things of life.

10. I can’t believe that I’m a mother to a 40-year-old son. Thank you for fighting all your battles bravely and overcoming them all. Happy 40th birthday, son.

11. I love you, my son. May the rest of your life be amazing to the astonishment of everyone around you. Happy 40th birthday.

12. Son, as you clock 40 today, I’ll like to tell you that you’ve done well for yourself as a father to your children, husband to your wife, and a son to your parents. So, I wish you a blissful happy 40th birthday.

13. You have every reason to be happy and grateful, today. Happy 40th birthday to the most hardworking son in the world. May you begin to reap bountifully the many years of hard work.

14. The day is bright today because our precious son clocks 40. May this amazing day birth many astonishing miracles in your life.

15. Happy birthday, son. May this new age be the best you’ve ever had. You are 40 and stronger, braver and wiser.

16. Everything about your life shall become more beautiful as you attain a new age, today. Happy 40th birthday, son.

17. Cheers to a new beginning of joy, love, and happiness. 40 shall bring you good tidings.

18. You are the answer to my prayers. Thank you for being the best son to me. Happy 40th birth anniversary.

19. Son, may you see your great-grandkids. May you accomplish lofty feats in your lifetime. Happy 40th birthday to this strong pillar in my life.

20. May your 40th year on earth be the best year of your life so far. Have a superb new year, son.

Happy 40th Birthday to My Son with Images

The more I see you, the more grateful I become. Happy 40th birthday to you, my son. Thank you for turning our lives around with your arrival. May the years ahead of you be repleted with testimonies.

Here are happy 40th birthday to my son for images:

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son
Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son

21. You are a phenomenal child. Looking at you, son I’m in awe of all the dreams you’ve fulfilled. Happy 40th birthday, son.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son
Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son

22. My son is a rare gem. You always beat all my expectations. May this new age make you a greater person. Happy 40th birthday, son.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son
Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son

23. 40 years look so perfect on you than anyone else in the world. Cheers to a fresh start.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son

24. You have aged beautifully like a fine wine. Your strength is unmatchable. Your wisdom is rare. Your type is once in a lifetime. Happy 40th birthday, son.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son
Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son

25. Whenever I look at you, son, I am amazed and inspired to be the best version of me. Thank you for being a pacesetter in the family. Happy 40th birthday, son.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son
Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son

26. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I’m happy that over the years, your glory keeps on increasing exponentially. Happy 40th birthday.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son
Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son

27. You are a blessing to everyone around you. May you continue to touch more lives as you attain 40, today. Happy birth anniversary, son.

28. Whatever you do shall be blessed. Wherever you go, ways shall be paved for you to thrive. Happy 40th birthday, son.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son
Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son

29. I am a happy father today because you made sure of it. Happy 40th birthday to my most caring son.

30. May you never lack any good thing, son. You have touched my life countless times, you shall never be stranded in life. Happy 40th birthday, son.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son

31. Many all you do be blessed in many folds because you have arrived at your season of recognition. Happy 40th birthday, son.

32. I pray you find all that your heart truly desires at this point in your life. Happy 40th birthday, son.

33. May your health never fail. May your family never be broken. May your heart never stop beating. Happy 40th birthday, son.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son
Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Son

34. Thank you for taking care of me, son. You have done the best thing a child can do for his parents. Happy 40th birth anniversary.

35. To say that we are proud of you is an understatement. Happy 40th born day to my son. May your path never be obscured but radiant.

36. I pray that your light shall continue to burn. It shall never go die. Happy cake day to my son who clocks 40, today.

37. Son, may this new age be kind to you. May your dreams become reality. Happy 40th birth anniversary to my son. Hey, you ain’t growing old, instead, you are ageing backwards.

38. Like a trophy, we hold you in high esteem, son. It’s such a blessing to see you clock 40. May this new age make your heart warm and your life beautiful.

39. Your kids shall make you proud. Your happiness will never turn sour. May this 40th year of your life bring you the gifts of gold and diamonds.

40. Your blessings shall be outstanding like rare rubies. Happy 40th birthday to my darling son.

Birthday Wishes for 40 Year Old Son

My desire for you is to live happily till your last day. May you never have regrets in life. You shall continue to make yourself proud, son. Have a wonderful 40th birthday celebration, son. I love you more than I can tell you.

41. I love you so much, son. I pray that your life shall be more of a miracle and wonders from this point. Happy 40th birthday.

42. Son, may the courage to pursue and take over be your portion in this new season of your life. Happy 40th birthday, son.

43. I pray that your life shall be decorated with miracles, blessings, and happiness. Enjoy your 40th birthday, son.

44. You are indeed fabulous. May this new age satisfy your taste. Have a wonderful 40th year on earth.

45. I promise you that you’ll never know pain again. This new age shall bring you joy. Happy 40th birth anniversary.

46. Where you experienced nothingness, there shall be a plentiful harvest for you. Happy 40th birthday to my wonderful son.

47. You are the epitome of a good son. Thank you for being committed to our happiness. May this new age be all about your joy.

48. I pray that you’ll only encounter the best things of life. Happy 40th birthday son. May you never die in your prime. Long life is your portion.

49. My son, your life shall become so bright than the stars in the sky. Every season of the year shall bring you happiness and sheer abundance. Happy 40th birthday, son.

50. Thank you for staying in our lives for this long. May you live longer than you have lived. Enjoy the many years ahead of you, son. Wishing you a blissful 40th birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Son Turning 40

I’ve waited and prayed for this day. I’m glad it’s finally here. Let me be the first to wish you a happy 40th birthday. May this new age honour you and make you see every reason to be thankful.

51. Son, tomorrow you’ll clock 40, may you be hit with many blissful wonders that’ll live you in a thankful mood for the rest of your life. Happy 40th birthday, son.

52. As you turn 40, son, your life be transformed into a beautiful story. Happy 40th cake day, my child.

53. I’m so happy to see you strong, healthy and happy. May you inherit all the good things life has to offer as you turn 40, today.

54. Happy 40th birthday to my faithful son. You are going to enjoy the answers to your prayers as you turn a new age, today. Happy 40th birthday.

55. May your mind be renewed. May your fears vanish as you turn 40 today, son. Wishing you many peaceful birthdays.

56. Yay! It’s your 40th birthday, today, son. Your life shall become far better than it has been. Happy 40th birthday, my child.

57. Whenever you look back at your journey in life, you’ll always be thankful and joyful. Happy 40th birthday to my son.

58. It pleases me that no matter how old you get, you’ll always be my son. Thank you for never abandoning us. Happy 40th birthday, son.

59. I am the happiest today because you are alive to see your 40th birthday. May you witness many more years and victories, son. Enjoy your new age.

60. As you turn 40 today your ashes shall turn into beauties. Happy birthday, son.

What to Write in a 40th Birthday Card for Son

This birthday card can never capture the depth of my wishes for you as you clock 40 years today, son. Nonetheless, I wish you nothing but joy and happiness that surpasses all understanding.

61. Son, you hold a better place in my heart than this card can capture. Have a blissful 40th birthday.

62. You are the most precious gemstone in the world. It’s such a beautiful time to be alive because your 40th birthday makes my life worthwhile.

63. You have decorated my life with every good thing you have, son. May you never lack beautiful moments and accomplishments.

64. My words to you will always be to be happy and fulfilled. Happy 40th birthday, my son.

65. I’m super proud of your wins and failures, son cause they’ve all contributed to your overall growth. It’s been 40 awesome years of knowing and loving you.

66. Thank you for making me proud all these years. Happy 40th birthday to my son.

67. My life wouldn’t have been this colourful without you, my son. Thank you for bringing sunshine to my world. Happy 40th birth anniversary.

68. Thank you for never staying mad at me. You are such a gentle soul. May this new age reward you for all your kind acts. Happy 40th birthday to my son.

69. You have bestowed on me, honour and joy. May this new age bring you all the good things money can’t buy. Happy 40th birthday, son.

70. Thank you for coming into my life, son. The years I have known you are the best time of my life. Happy 40th birthday, son.

71. I can never trade you for anything cause you hold an inestimable value in my heart. Happy 40th birthday, son.

72. You are the best gift God gave me. May the heavens send you the best gift as you turn 40 today, son.

73. May you live a more fulfilled life from now till eternity. Happy 40th birthday, son.

74. You shall grow old in strength, health, and happiness. Happy 40th birth anniversary.

75. You are fantastic and have filled our lives with so much laughter. I pray you continue to count your blessings. Happy 40th birthday, son.

76. You are the most important person today because you just clocked a new age. Happy 40th birthday, my son.

77. Your life shall never be void of true happiness. Cheers to many blissful years ahead of you, son.

78. May you never lose the things you hold dear. As you clock 40 today you shall have many more reasons to be thankful.

79. I love you, dear son. Thank you for never dishonouring your parents and family. Happy 40th birthday to you.

80. You are the brightest son in the world. For your kind is rare. You remain second to none, I must say. Happy 40th birth anniversary, son.

Son’s 40th Birthday Quotes

You have lived a fulfilled life, son. I’m so grateful God has given you another chance to do more and be more despite how accomplished you are at this young age. Happy 40th birthday to my beloved son. Wishing you a lifetime of joy.

See these /closing prayers for birthday celebration/.

81. You finally made it to 40, you shall see 80 and then 120. Happy 40th cake day, son.

82. Like a fine wine, you shall age beautifully. Like honey, you shall remain tasteful. Happy 40th birthday, son.

83. The work of your hands shall be more fruitful now more than ever. Happy 40th birthday, son.

84. You shall wake up each day with a reason to live, be happy, and be grateful. Happy 40th birthday, son.

85. I love you, son, more than you’d ever know. On this 40th birthday of yours, I say that I am proud of you.

86. Happy 40th birthday to my amazing son. You turned our lives around when you came into our world and you have continued to do so.

87. Your blessings shall continue to grow exponentially. Happy 40th birthday to the source of my joy.

88. Son, know that all your pains are gone, your sins are forgiven and your past is over. It’s your time to be happy. Happy 40th birthday, son.

89. I pray that happiness shall abide in your heart and home till the end of time. Happy 40th birthday, son.

90. Cheers to a new dawn. This new age shall mark the beginning of growth and accomplishments for you. Happy 40th birthday to my only son.

91. I’m super proud of you, son. May you never diminish in life. Your worth and value shall increase with each passing day. Happy 40th birthday, son.

92. As you step out, from this moment, you shall only know joy and happiness. Enjoy your new age, dear son. Keep in mind that 40 looks fabulous on you.

93. I’m so proud of you, son, cause you keep breaking new ground, overcoming your fears, and staying happy. Thank you for your bravery over the years. You are such an inspiration. Happy 40th birthday, son.

94. From this time henceforth, may your life be full of only beautiful moments. Happy 40th cake day to my adorable son.

95. You have turned 40 in good health, you shall clock 60, 80, 100, and 120 in flourishing health and wholeness. Happy birthday to my son.

96. From this day to your next birthday you shall record tremendous victories and successes. Happy 40th birthday, son.

97. May every moment of your life become beautiful. Happy 40th birthday to my amazing son.

98. You are the biggest thing I achieved with my life. Thank you for making it so, son. Happy 40th birthday, son.

99. I will always love you from now till my dying day, son. Happy 40th birthday to you. Many more shall you witness in good health.

100. Happy 40th birthday, son. You shall continue to beam with joy and happiness for the rest of your life.

I’m happy you made it to the end. If this happy 40th birthday wishes for son post made you elated about your son’s coming birthday, I’d love to know. So kindly tell me what you think of this post in the comment section.

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