sweet things to say to your mom on her birthday

Sweet Things to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday in 2023

Mothers are amazing treasures that are irreplaceable and mustn’t be traded for anything. A mother’s love is like no other and our mom’s important role in our lives can never be overemphasized.

Mom is the one that was there from the beginning of our existence, nurturing us from conception to birth, till adulthood. And I’m sure you’d agree with me that mothers are the only ones who never stop caring, no matter how old we’ve grown, and they never give up on us too.

Is it mom’s birthday and you want her to feel extra special and know you appreciate all her love and labour? Get her an amazing gift and accompany it with any of these Sweet Messages as captions on the birthday cake or card you want to give her, or simply send as texts.

The truth is we can never fully repay or compensate our mothers for all their love and concern, and the troubles we put them through, but we can try to do so as often as we can, especially on their birthdays.

Sweet Birthday Words for Your Mom

Here are amazing and sweet things to say to your mom on her birthday to make her feel special.

1. Happy birthday to the most wonderful woman in the world. I mean it when I say I have the best mother of all, kos you, mum, are the best any child can ever wish for. Thanks for all your sacrifices and sleepless nights. I appreciate and love you greatly.

2. Mother, you’re my pillar, you’re my rock, you’re my strength, I owe all I am today to you. A very Happy birthday to you, sweet mama, long life and prosperity.

3. How do I even begin to express how great a gift my mother is to me, and to her world at large? None can take your place mom, none can be compared to you. I love you and pray you live long to reap all the fruits of your labour on us. Thank you darling mom, happy birthday to you.

4. May God continually keep you for us in health and wealth because this is just the beginning of the best years of your life. I love you greatly mum, you truly deserve a happy birthday, and would get nothing less.

5. Words fail me in expressing how grateful I am to God for blessing me with such a gem as you, cos your love for me, mum, is incomparable. Happy birthday.

6. We don’t get to choose who our mothers would be, so we all got whoever we were given by God. But mum, if that changes, and we can pick who we want, I’d choose you over and over again. You are amazing, thanks for everything. Happy birthday to you.

7. Mum, your prayers have been the bedrock of our lives and successes, and on your birthday today, we pray that God gives you all you deserve and much more. We love you.

Message to Mom on Her Birthday

Best Messages to Mom on Her Birthday.

8. It is indeed going to be a Happy Birthday for a great mom who never ceases to be a pillar of support to her kids. We love you mum and pray you a hundred more years in health and wealth.

9. If I decide to speak of all the amazing things you are to me and have done for me, it would take me more than a century to finish. Happy birthday super mum, I love you.

Message to Mom on Her Birthday

10. Happy birthday sweet mama, you mean the world to me. May this year bring you more joy and happiness. I love you.

11. An amazing mum deserves a super birthday celebration and that’s what you’re gonna get today mum. I’m forever grateful to you for never giving up on me. Happy birthday to you.

12. Mum, I am who and what I am today only because you kept telling me I could be anything I wanted to be. On your special day today, I ask for nothing more than many more years in health to enjoy the fruits of your labour, God bless you for me ma.

What to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday

Fantastic things to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday.

13. You deserve to be celebrated every single day of every month and year, cos you’re a one in a million mother. I wish you many more years mum, happy birthday.

14. Happy birthday to my sweet mummy. I’m super proud to be your child mum, thanks for continually standing by me, I’m grateful.

What to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday

15. Happy birthday to my guardian angel, best friend, and mentor. Enjoy your day mum, you remain my most favourite person on earth.

16. Mum, you’ve been a true model of strength and virtue, and seeing you and all you’ve done makes me know I truly can be successful in anything I’m committed to. Happy birthday, mum, I love you.

17. I understand how much of a gift it is to have a mother who is also your friend and can be confided in. Mum, I don’t take all you are to me for granted, and I love you so much. Happy birthday to you.

Messages to Mother on Her Birthday

Sweet Messages to Mother on Her Birthday.

18. You’re my mother, my superhero, and teacher, and on this special birthday of yours, I pray God blesses you abundantly with fresh strength and vigour.

19. Mum, your love and prayers are what keeps me going. I value and celebrate you highly. Happy birthday to you.

Message to Mother on Her Birthday

20. Mum, I love you and can never trade you for anything. Happy birthday to you ma, many more great years.

21. I know I’m the luckiest child in the world to have been blessed with an amazing mother like you. God bless and keep you for me ma, happy birthday to you.

22. You deserve much more than I can ever give to you, mum. God bless you greatly on your birthday.

Nice Things to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday

Check out these Nice Things to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday.

23. Happy birthday to the only person that truly understands me, and loves me despite my many flaws. Mum, I love you to the moon and back.

24. Mum, no matter how old I get, I’ll never be ashamed to say I’m your baby. I love you ma and want you to know that I’m gonna keep making you proud. Happy birthday.

Nice Things to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday

25. My prayer for you on your birthday today is that you shall never have cause to be sad or to weep for the rest of your life. May we continually bring you nothing but joy and happiness.

26. Happy birthday to the woman of the year, every year. No one can ever take your place in my life mum.

27. Whenever I count my blessings, mum, I count you twice, cos you are the most important person in my life. May this be a very happy birthday for you and a prosperous new year.

Words for Mother’s Birthday

Heart touching Words for Mother’s Birthday.

28. Mum, my heartfelt prayer for you is that the Lord will satisfy you with long life, and perfect all that concerns you this year. Happy birthday, mum, you’re greatly loved.

29. Dear mum, your words to me lighten my path and guides me. Thanks for all your advises, I cherish you greatly, more than your Jollof rice which you know I love so much. Happy birthday, ma.

Words for Mother Birthday

30. All mothers are special, but you, mum, are extra special. You’re in a class of your own, you’ve got no rival. Happy birthday sweet mum, love you deeply.

31. One way I know that God truly loves me is through his gift of a strong and loving mother for me like you. Happy birthday, mum. May this be your best year yet.

32. No one deserves a happy birthday celebration like you do mum. I love you.

Quotes for Mom on Her Birthday

Sweet Quotes for Mom on Her Birthday.

33. The way you go out of your way to make everyone happy, this new year and beyond, I promise to make you happy and proud for the rest of your life.

34. Your inputs in my life are immeasurable, and I want nothing more than for you to continually be happy and pleased. Happy birthday, mum.

Quotes for Mom on Her Birthday

35. May this new year bring you all your desires and may you continually live in perfect health. Happy birthday, mum.

36. Mum, you’re my source of inspiration and encouragement and I’m continually grateful for the gift of you. Have a blessed birthday and an amazing new year.

37. My desire for you today is that the Lord renews your strength as the eagle’s, and as you increase in age, you keep feeling younger. Happy birthday, mum.

Things to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday

Best Things to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday.

38. Dear mum, I never thought I’d say this, but thanks for being strict with me, now I appreciate all the spanking. Happy birthday to my loving mother.

39. As you begin a new year today, I pray you increase in strength, wisdom and wealth. God bless you mum, happy birthday to you.

Things to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday

40. Mum, if your life story was to be written as movie scripts, a million superhero movies would be derived and much more. You’re super amazing, and you deserve an amazing birthday celebration.

41. Mum, I have been young and now I am old, but I have never met anyone with a heart as large as yours. Happy birthday, ma.

42. Happy birthday to you my golden woman, this is just the beginning of life for you, cos I’m gonna shower you with all the love and care you deserve. God bless you richly mum.

Wishes for Mom on Her Birthday

Also see these Amazing Wishes for Mom on Her Birthday.

43. Happy birthday to my priceless gift from above. I love you greatly mum, and I pray God grants you with fresh strength.

44. One of my greatest desires and goals in life is to continually put bright smiles on that pretty face of yours. Happy birthday, mum, I cherish you.

Wishes for Mom on Her Birthday

45. Mum, you’re the one who keeps me going, you’re my energy boost, I love you greatly. Happy birthday to you dearest mum.

46. It’s always refreshing to know you have a special someone who loves you greatly and is always praying for you and would never give up on you. Mum, you are that special someone to me and on this special day of yours, may God bless you with all things bright and beautiful.

47. You are my definition of “home”, kos home to me is wherever my mum is. Happy birthday amazing mum, I love and miss you so much. Wish I was around to throw you the big party you deserve.

Thoughts for Mom on Her Birthday

Best Thoughts for Mom on Her Birthday.

48. Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman on the planet, from which I got my amazing genes from. Mum, you’re beautiful in and out and I adore you.

49. Happy birthday to my role model. I desire to be like you when I grow, kos you’re indeed a huge model of strength and wisdom

Thoughts for Mom on Her Birthday

50. Truth is growing up, I thought you hated me by making me do so many chores, but now that I’m older, I understand you were training me to be a responsible woman. I appreciate all your efforts mum, happy birthday to you.

51. It’s no surprise that you still look so young and beautiful despite your age. It’s simply because you’ve remained young at heart. Happy birthday pretty mama, have a wonderful birthday.

52. Happy birthday mum. I hope you know that nothing can separate me from your unconditional and unending love for me. You’re my special blessing from above, I love you.

Message to My Mom on Her Birthday

Cute Messages to My Mom on Her Birthday.

53. Mum, I know I can never fully repay you for all you’ve done in my life, but I promise to make each and every day of your life far better than the previous one. Happy birthday, mum.

54. Mum, now I understand the weight of all the sacrifices you made for us. What would I do without you? I love you eternally, happy birthday to you.

Message to My Mom on Her Birthday

55. Mum, your life is a standard I desire to reach and surpass, and mustn’t fall short of. I’m super amazed at your strength and courage. Happy birthday, ma. I respect you highly.

56. Sweet mama, you deserve all the credits and glory for the woman I’m becoming, kos I learnt almost everything I know from you. I just want to use your birthday to say a big Thank You for everything.

57. This is definitely going to be your best birthday ever kos I’ve got a lot of surprises in store for you today. Happy birthday mama, be ready to have a great day and year.

Message for a Mother on Her Birthday

See these sweet Message for a Mother on Her Birthday.

58. Mum, I miss you so much, but your amazing cooking much more. I’m just kidding. On your birthday today, I pray God bestows strength, health and vitality upon you bountifully.

59. Happy birthday dearest mom. I pray you the grace and fortitude to achieve all your dreams this year and beyond.

Message for a Mother on Her Birthday

60. You’ve continually been a source of blessing to me and everyone around you, and on your birthday and throughout this year, I pray you reap the fruits of every seed sown in double portions.

61. Mum, I’m yet to meet anyone that can make me laugh as much as you do. I miss and love you deeply, have a very happy birthday and a new year filled with joy and laughter.

62. Mum, you are proof that angels are real and that there’s something called true love. Thanks for being an amazing mother and best friend to me. Happy birthday to you, and cheers to many more years in health and wealth.

Words for Mom on Her Birthday

Touching Words for Mom on Her Birthday.

63. You made being a woman, wife and mother seem very effortless, and now that I’m all that, I realise how strong you are. I celebrate you highly ma, happy 60th birthday.

64. Happy birthday to the amazing woman behind my successes and victories. God bless you more this year and fulfil all your heart desires.

Words for Mom on Her Birthday

65. No best wishes or big gift can fully show my heartfelt appreciation to you for all you are to me, mum. You’re simply the best ever. Happy birthday to you.

66. I miss your warm and reassuring hugs mum. Especially on this special day of yours, wish I could wrap my hands around you and tell you how much you mean to me. Have a great birthday celebration mum, I love you.

67. Thanks for letting your love for me grow deeper even as you increase in age and wisdom. I don’t take your concern and care for granted mum. Happy birthday to you.

Things to Say to Mom on Her Birthday

Wonderful Things to Say to Mom on Her Birthday.

68. Happy birthday to the woman that can annoy me so badly and yet, make me laugh so loudly after. I miss our fights and all the fun we had. Stay beautiful and graceful ma.

69. I want you to know that your best isn’t in your past, and your greater and best years are just here. Have a happy birthday mum, you are greatly loved and cherished.

Things to Say to Mom on Her Birthday

70. Happy birthday to the amazing woman without whom I’d be nonexistent. You’re the superhero in my life’s story mum, I love you.

71. 40 hearty cheers to a great woman of repute, my own personal mother, mentor, sister, and best friend. I love you mum. It’s indeed going to be a happy birthday for you.

72. I’m sending you lots of hugs and kisses through this text mum. Happy birthday to you.

Message to My Mother on Her Birthday

Beautiful Messages to My Mother on Her Birthday.

73. Happy birthday to the most classy and intelligent woman I know. Mother, you’re unique and special in a thousand ways and more.

74. I keep wondering what I did that made me get such a rare gem as you as my mum, and the truth is I don’t deserve you. Happy birthday and new year to you mum, make sure you have fun.

Message to My Mother on Her Birthday

75. I’m just glad I can finally throw you a befitting birthday party today. Happy birthday mum, you rock.

76. Happy birthday to you, my icon of beauty. May this new year be filled with blessings, joy and laughter for you, even as you become more beautiful with age. I love you, mama.

77. I just want you to know today, that I love you so much, and you remain the most important person to me, and nothing can change that. Have a blessed birthday mum, I look forward to the many years we still have together.

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