Most Touching Missing You Messages for Boyfriend

2023 Most Touching Missing You Messages for Boyfriend

Sometimes, relationships are about craving and desiring each other.

Perhaps, your boyfriend has been away on a trip or you are both in a long distance relationship.

Being away from the person you love can make you feel lonely even when in the midst of a crowd. It might be more hurtful if the relationship is new.

One of the best ways to express your sincere longing for your boyfriend is through a text message.

We have compiled the best of text messages to make him feel mushy and bring you two closer.

Heart Touching I Miss You Messages for Him

Romantic I Miss You Text Messages for Boyfriend from the Heart. The best of sweet missing you love text messages to send to him when he’s far away from you.

1. I can’t even try to divert my heart from thinking about you. You’re worth all the tears that wet my pillow. I miss you, honey.

2. The pain of missing a friend is bad. It’s harder when it’s your best friend. It’s unexplainable when the person doubles as the man you love. I miss you, baby.

3. I miss the moments of walking and holding hands. I miss the moments you whisper sweet nothings into my ear. I miss every moment we spent together. Be back soon ’cause I’m missing you badly.

4. I have dreams of talking with you all night long, but when I wake up you’re gone. How it breaks my heart! I miss you so much.

5. When I shut my eyes, I see you here. But when I open them, I see you nowhere. It dawns on me that I have to see you right away. I miss you so much, dear.

6. It hurts that other persons see you daily but I can’t. I’m homesick. Can’t wait to see you.

7. I miss the smile on your face. I miss the warmth of your hugs. I miss the melody in your voice. Do you miss me as much as I do you?

8. I would have thought that I can withstand being physically apart from you. It’s more difficult than I imagined. I miss you too much baby.

9. Often times, I see things that remind me of you. Sometimes my brain brings memories if your cologne. Sometimes, I catch myself mutter your name. That’s how much I miss you baby.

10. If I get a rose for each moment I miss you, I’d be sleeping on a bed of roses right now. I miss you love.

11. Missing can be so difficult. Pretending not to, is outrightly impossible. I can’t wait to see you, you know.

12. Do you know that I miss you too often with each passing day? And somehow too much, the next? Do you know that I miss you more often? Now you know!

13. You may not be right here sitting next to me. But you’re always right here sitting in my heart. And there you’ll always be. I miss you.

14. Guess the first thought in my heart, every morning? You, of course. Guess the last thought​ before I zoom off to Dreamland? Only you. That’s how much I miss you.

15. Sometimes when I miss you I, I find myself shedding tears. Tonight it’s a pool already. I miss you, honey.

16. Whether you are still next to me or miles away, don’t forget that you are always in my heart. There you’ll always be.

17. There’s an empty space inside of me because you took my heart with you. Come fill me, baby. I miss you.

18. I miss your eyes and everything they speak of. How you effortlessly make me giggle is everything. I miss you.

19. The miles between us make no difference because you are still a substantial part of. I love you.

20. My heart is filled with lots of things I want to tell you. Let me summarize it. “I miss you too much”.

21. Confession time! I can’t remember missing anyone this much. To the extent that it’s difficult to admit it. You got me, baby.

22. Even though we’re not holding hands right now, I know you will always hold me dear to your heart. Just like I do. I miss those sweet memories.

23. My heart always reminds me that I love you by missing you. My heart aches for you right now.

24. The only thing that can console me right now, is that you should come here or I should come there. I miss you.

25. The worst feeling in the world is, missing you and not being able to do anything about it. See you soon baby.

26. A day with you feels like it’s ten minutes. A day without you feels like it’s ten days. Time seems very slow when you’re away. In other words, I miss you.

27. My heart can’t stop missing about you because you’ve given me lots of memories to ruminate on. So, I can’t stop missing you.

28. I miss you just a little. I mean a just a little too much, a little too badly. And I want to see you as soon as possible.

29. I prefer remaining in my dreams, to waking up to the realize the one dear to my heart is a thousand kilometres away. I miss you too much baby.

30. Missing you is a hobby I’m forcing myself to enjoy. I won’t stop loving and missing you till forever.

31. Sometimes I try to get the thoughts of you off my mind. But the more I try, the harder. Maybe you’re meant to stay there after all. In short, I miss you very badly.

32. I have no words to describe how I feel right now. “I miss you” can’t capture it. You don’t have an idea of how badly I miss you.

33. I’m dying to receive that sweet hug of yours such that I don’t want to live without you. I miss you, darling.

34. Is there a remedy for not missing you? I think I need it, missing you is killing me. Come to me soon baby.

35. Not seeing you for a day feels like I’ve not seen you for decades. Show up for me Darling.

36. Consider it an emergency to show up for me. It’s killing me that I miss you too much.

37. I can’t wait to have you back, to hug you and see all the colours of your vibrance. I miss you so much.

38. Imagine a day without the sun or a night without the moon. It feels exactly the same way without you. I miss you.

39. How do I put how I feel into words? Maybe you took my heart with you when you went away. Maybe I’m falling in love with you with each passing day. Or let me I just say I miss you.

40. Being yours makes me feel on top of the world, that’s sweet. Missing you is the hard part that’s difficult to overcome. I miss you, my sweet charming Prince.

41. Every moment spent with you were beautiful memories. We need to make many more. See you soon. I miss you.

42. I woke up weak today. I need your hugs to receive strength and your smile to brighten my day. I am going to spend the whole day missing you.

43. I am going through our previous chats on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat. Now I’m tired of stalking you, I want to talk to you in real time. I miss you.

44. Let this message remind that you have a darling that’s having a hard not seeing you. Missing you very much.

45. Receive this text as my hugs. Let it bring sweet warmth to your heart. Let it remind you of how much I love and miss you.

46. I’m the apple of your eyes and you are the love of my life. I miss you a million times more than you can ever miss me. Kisses.

47. You are my beautiful boyfriend of life and I love having beautiful things around me. So come back and make me fall in love over and again. I can’t stop missing you though.

48. Each heartbeat of mine rings “I want my love back right now”. Lots of love.

49. Imagine someone’s hand were chopped off, that’s how it feels when I Miss you. Because you are already a part of my body and soul.

50. There is something I don’t like about this relationship. It’s something terrible and I’ve always wanted to tell you that not seeing you everyday hurts. I’m dying to see you, my love. I’m still missing you this moment.

51. The passion in my heart, it’s like a wildfire that can never be doused. I love you and I miss you so much.

52. When I’m with you, a day feels like few minutes, when you are away time seems to be extremely slow. You make living worthwhile, honey. I miss you.

53. Distance can never separate my heart from yours. Our hearts are irreversibly intertwined. My heart is with you right there. I miss you.

54. How can I stop thinking about my object of affection?! Even when I try to, your thoughts still occupy my heart. Tell me how to stop missing you.

55. You took my heart with you. It’s your possession, so take proper care of it. I miss you.

56. I wish you can miss me half as much as I do. The sky does not seem bright while you are away. Come back with your colorful splendor. I miss you.

57. Memories of the sweet moments we shared are what’s still keeping my body and soul together. I can’t wait to listen to your heartbeat again. I’m sure you can’t wait to see me, your heartbeat. I miss you.

58. I feel vulnerable when you’re gone. You are my safe haven. Come back, my love.

59. My heart has been wandering and wondering. My heart feels homeless. I miss you too much.

60. I look at the calendar more often nowadays because I can’t wait to feast on the pleasure your smiles give. I miss you.

61. You are my very special personal person whom I can’t stop missing.

62. I’ve gotten so used to being with such that I can’t just organize myself anymore. I feel really incomplete. I miss you, my perfection.

63. Your last goodbye broke my heart into pieces. Come back and fix it, Darling. I miss you.

64. Don’t you know that life is meaningless with you? The next time I set my eyes on you will be the last you will ever go away from me. I’ll never ever let you go, my heart. I miss you.

65. Sugar does not seem sweet when you are away. You are my sweetness. I miss you.

66. My day seems not so bright while you are away. You are an important part of my day. I miss you.

67. Dear, I’ve not been so lively because a part of me became inactive when you waved me goodbye. I can’t wait to see the liveliness your hug brings. I miss you.

68. Your face that I see in the picture can’t be compared to seeing you live. Why should I keep gazing at a shadow when I can have the real thing? In short, I want to see you again. I miss you .

69. I know I was lacking in treating you right. But when you come back, I promise to make it up in double folds. I miss you.

70. What do I miss about you? Your smile, our lovely giggles…our… The list is endless. Truthfully, I miss everything about you.

71. My heart beats in the melody of your name. You’re my song and I miss you.

72. I find it so hard being without you. Most nights I have to wet my pillow with tears. I miss you real bad.

73. Being alone has made me realise that you are important as life itself. I value you more. I miss you.

74. I appreciate your zeal to work and achieve more. I feel lucky to have you yet I feel sad that I can’t have you every time. I miss the times we shared. I miss you.

75. Beau of life. I miss the way you look out for me, I miss your giggly face, your mischief face, I miss your soothing voice. I miss everything about you.

76. I know if you were here you would have been a comforting hand and shoulder to me. I miss my lovely knight.

77. Though we are miles apart, the unseen bond between us gets stronger. You’re my favorite person and I miss you, my man.

78. I feel safe when I’m with you. It feels like I’m under a heavenly protection. Please come back to me and hold me tight.

79. I have mixed feelings for you. The special feeling of being yours mixed with the painful feeling of not having to see you for so long.. Please come over baby.

80. Every beat of my heart sings “I miss you, my love”.

81. Nights seem never-ending when I’ve not seen you for a while. Seeing our pictures together gives me nostalgia. I can not wait to see you soon, like very soon.

82. Your girlfriend is designed to be at her best when she has received a thousand hugs from you or you have to give a money back in form of gifts. I miss you.

83. I’ve been hallucinating. I see your face everywhere I go. I hear your name in every music. The only thing left is to see your physical self and hug you. Missing you.

84. I can’t get myself to do anything else, missing you has become my occupation. See you soon.

85. I’m craving for your attention and I there’s nothing I can do to fill the void you left in my heart when you left. I miss you.

86. You’re safely guarded in my heart till when I will be privileged to behold your comeliness again. I miss you.

87. It’s a new day again and not seeing you gets more painful each passing day. I wish to have you around soonest. I miss you.

88. I miss you right now. All I can do now is just to listen to our favourite song and give in to fantasizing about the next time we shall be together. Love you.

89. I’m here wondering if you miss me as I miss you. I keep longing for the day I will see you again.

90. I’m not sure there is a moment when I don’t think about you. Your absence makes the loudest scream such that I can’t hear anything else. I miss you that badly.

91. I’m dying as a result of your absence. I have all the reasons in the world to miss you. I want you to know that I miss you very much.

92. Missing you can be sweet and sour. The sweetness gives me the strength to carry on through the days of painfully missing you.

93. I’m wearing your shirt you gave me. Then I sleep fantasizing the next time I’m going to see you

94. It’s hard to survive without you. I miss the wonderful person you are to me.

95. Missing each other is an inevitable part of every wonderful relationship like ours. But it’s the most annoying thing to go through and I can’t wait to receive your warm embrace again.

96. Even when you’re not physically with me, I take you with me every step I take. I love and miss you so much.

97. Being your girlfriend is the most wonderful feeling while missing you can be a nightmare sometimes. I know you miss as well.

98. During the lonely nights, I hug my teddy bear. But it can’t be the same as being in your arms. I miss you, darling.

99. The last time you told me “goodbye”, my heart broke into pieces. I will never be fixed until you come back to me. My heart is missing you.

100. I remember the beautiful moments we shared. They give me both joy and pain. The joy of being yours and the pain of having to miss you over and over.

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