Romantic Love Letters for Her from the Heart

2023 Romantic Love Letters for Her from the Heart

Liven up her day with a romantic letter from the very depth of your heart. Liven up her moments with terrific letters that will send her emotions spinning out of control.

Any day, anytime, this collection of beautiful letters is here to keep your relationship blooming and booming, and with over 100 of them, you should find what’s perfect for you

Find a letter that will do wonders in your relationship. Truth is: that’s what we present to you.

Romantic I Love You Letters for Her – Girlfriend

Sweet and Romantic love letters for her. Sweet romantic I love you letters for her – your girlfriend.

1. My heart, every moment we spend together reminds me that I want to know you as much as I want to know God and that I want to have you as much as I want to have God. I’ve never been surer than today how God crafted us like puzzles for ourselves and how these pieced have been put together. I am ready to live with you forever and I find it most easy to do things that please you. It’s interesting to do things for you, no matter how hard they are.

2. Sweetheart, you’re an awesome thing that has happened to me, and one of the most awesome of all things that have happened to me that’s from earth. To live for you, there’s no terms and conditions from my side. To be with you, there are no further requirements from my side. Just like Noah, I don’t mind building an ark right now. But since there’s no flood, I’ll let only you in it. I want you in my life now and always.

3. My love, you make me feel like a king, so much that I probably will feel equal to Putin if we meet now. A lot of things it cost me for me to get a lot of things, but I’ve never grieved about anything I lost to get you. With you, I want to achieve a lot. With you, I want to have my biggest gains. With you, I want to be all God made me to be. I don’t know why I love you uncontrollably, but I know God is making me give my best to you. I love you.

4. Darling, how else do I let you know you mean much to me? I’m looking for a lot of ways to show you I love you. God’s branded me as yours and none can take me away. Consider me your loyal brand ambassador. The love I have for you is more than even I can explain. All great men have a story where they say yes and no. I’ve said no to a lot of things as a sacrifice. Saying yes to you is a stepping stone to my greatness. I love you and it’s real.

5. Dearie, everyday needs you in it and every night is boring without you in it. I love you and I’m very very proud to boast of it. If I can build another earth, it will be customised to favour our relationship to the best of my knowledge, while I’ll leave this earth for every other person. I am in love with you and will let even the angels at Christmas know about this. My love for you is bigger than the hype of World Cups. God’s the best, but you are next. My sweetheart.

6. Dear darling, the first time we met I never knew my life will be so beautiful and perfect like you’ve made it. You’ve showered me with so much love that sometimes I get scared that you might run out of it but you never do. You love me with all my faults and all. You love me even when I make you mad and sad. You make me lovesick and yet you’re still the remedy. I promise to love you always even if it’s the only thing I do on earth.

7. She’s a beautiful damsel, great cook, smart and brilliant lady, sweet, loving and caring, dance partner, fun-filled, game partner, party companion, best friend, wife material (1 million yards), goal-getter, hardworking, peaceful and every other thing you could find in a perfect woman, is what I’ve been graced with. She’s all a man needs. She’s all the world needs. She’s the loveliest of all. She’s the pearl sealed in my heart. She’s perfect. She’s the one reading this letter. She’s you. And I love you.

8. Every single day I bless the day I met you. It was the best day of my life. The day I began the best recorded journey in my life. Baby, you’re everything I’ve ever longed for. You’re all I will ever need. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and ever will. You’re the centre of my joy and happiness. You’re the reason I wake every day with a huge smile on my face and glee in my heart. You’re the reason I’m writing this letter. I love you.

9. Sweetheart, I’m addicted to you like a bee to honey. Like a peacock to pride. Like an addict to a drug. Like a magnet to iron. Like ant to sugar. Like a writer to the pen. Like a user to a social media. Like a child to the cartoon. Like boys to soccer. Like girls to pictures. Like a shopaholic to shopping. Like Catholic to hymns. Like Police officers to checkpoints. Like me to you. I love you, darling.

10. Dear Darling, if I could write “I love you (her name)” on every wall in the world for you, I will. If I could climb the Mount Kilimanjaro to shout at the top of my voice that I love you, I will. If I could catch a grenade for you, I will (but I know you won’t let me do that). If I could pick all the flowers in the world and bring it in the morning just to say good morning to you, I will. That’s how special you are to me. I love you, honey.

11. Angel of my soul, I wasn’t for love when I met you…I wasn’t for hate either; I was for something far dangerous, with zero sweetness, and no tolerance for the commitment of the human heart.
You changed me in a way even my spirit cannot understand.
You’ve made me love. Beyond that, you’ve made me love you.

12. Baby, we will get married…
I thought that in a so convinced way today as I savoured the taste of my best food, complete with a chilled drink; movie playing, and fan on—a complete and sweet package.
It all was very pleasurable, and I knew I didn’t want that just for one fleeting day. I want it forever. So, I will marry you; you are my eternal pleasure.

13. Darling, I like the rain for the sweet nothings we whisper to each other when you are here.
The way we switch off the light and let the lightning give us flashes periodically makes your laughter more soothing.
The thunderclaps mirror the thudding of our hearts towards each other.
But, it is the sound of the rain pattering on the roof that does it all. It reminds me of my continuous love for you.

14. Sugar, my mother told me I would find love one day. She said I would know when I did… She was right.
I saw love when I saw you, and I know it was real because I still see love when I see you. I will never stop seeing love through you.

15. Honey, I am sick… Not of malaria or HIV—which I think make a caricature of my illness—but of missing you.
I know we saw last just yesterday, but you can’t blame me—you are my everlasting drug. You are my daily air.

16. My lady, kiss me, and I will be saved.
Touch my heart and body, and I will be whole.
Never leave my side, and I am already in heaven.
Tell me you love me, and I am dead…in a good way, though.
You have stopped my heart, baby. Believe!

17. Your grace, I love you; it’s not just a thought—it’s a fact. I will never stop; I just want you to know that.
Wherever you move to on the surface of the earth, my love will jump on a plane and go too. It will haunt you and capture your heart and bind it to mine forever.
I will never stop “chasing” you like it was when we first met.

18. Love, there are other ladies, but none matches you. It’s not because you are most beautiful or curvy or graceful (for then, my love will have a reason and thus be subject to lustful change) but because I have chosen you, and that makes you all I will ever want in this life. You are more than enough.

19. Apple pie, talk to me of love, my love. Let me hear you say how you feel about me…about us.
Calm the waves in my heart with the assurance that to the moon and back, our love will remain steadfast and unshaken, a special rock formed in heaven.
Tell me of your love, the very one that melts my heart.

20. Crystal, I don’t have everything now, but I have you; somehow, that calms my heart more than you will ever know.
When I think of us and our future together, and the kids that will disturb our once quiet abode, I want to stay on the earth forever. But since dying means “forever”, then I want to die. But then, not until you are ready too so I won’t miss a second with you.
Let’s live and die together—this, indeed, is joy.

21. My dear, I thought you were just a friend to me, but it turns out that you are more than a friend to me. I really love and admire you, you have actually turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me! I love you with all my heart.

22. I am so in love with you, you are so precious to me, the love I have for you is an undying love. I cherish you, if you had a twin I will still choose you because of the love I have for you.

23. My rare gem, nothing in this world can be compared to you. When you came into my life, I knew what love really meant, I promise to stay by your side, I really love you, and I pray to God I don’t lose you.

24. You are the love of my life, these are not mere words, you matter more to me than silver or gold, you are my everything, my one in a million, the one I wish to spend the whole of my days with. I love you so much.

25. I wish my feelings could be put into writing, but if that is actually even possible, I could write a million and one books. You mean the world to me, I promise to stay by your side till the end. I love you.

26. The love I have for you is like a fire no earthly water can quench. You are my all and all, only you have the keys to my heart, and having you in my life has been like a blessing since day one. I love you so much.

27. Anytime I look at you, I see an angel sent to me by God to bless me, the only person I cherish in this life, and you are the love of my life. I love you so much!

28. You are my friend, my best friend, the only one I tell everything, I always want you close to me and never leave me. I really adore you, you are so beautiful and sweet and I pray that God keeps you for me.

29. You are my heart, my only asset, the woman who always dominates my dreams, I want you by my side always and forever, we will go for long walks on the beach, and I will watch the sunrise together with you, I don’t ever want to lose you.

30. Happiness always seemed unattainable to me, that was until I met you. I know I got issues, but you always stood by me and comforted me. I know there is nothing I can ever say to express my true feelings, but I can say, “I need you in my life”.

31. Every second I spend with you is one I will cherish for eternity. You bring joy to my soul and light to my life. You are my sunshine, baby. I love you.

32. Thoughts of you keep me going. I am assured in your love, in your care. When you smile, the day loses its gloom and brightens like a painting. I love you.

33. Texting you is one of my favorite things in life. I just can’t stop even when I think I’ve said all I need to. With you, I am never at a loss for words. You inspire me.

34. Words fail me when I think of all I want to paint in words. How do I describe your smile, or how the whole world is beautified by your words? Baby, you’re the definition of perfection.

35. I wish I could draw, so I can spend each minute away from you sketching your beautiful hair, your eyes and your perfect smile to keep you close to me. You are my world. I wouldn’t last a minute without you.

36. You are beautiful. I just can’t stop thinking about how graceful you are, how your words inspire me to be better each day, how thoughts of you keep me going when we’re apart. Baby, each day, I fall in love with you again and again. I love you, always.

37. It’s been an hour and I’m yet to type a word. Life had lost meaning before I met you. I never thought I would have a reason to keep going. Now, everytime I wake, the reassurance of you beside me is enough to colour my day brightly.

38. I tried to write a poem just for you, honey. It needed each line to break but I just couldn’t stop my flow of words. I don’t ever want to minimise my words with you. I want to say everything every time. I love you, sweetheart.

39. The day I met you remains the most important and special of my days on earth. That day, I found happiness, peace, love and completeness. I can’t ever stop loving you, hon. I love you so much.

40. I filled a survey today. I needed to fill my hobbies and thought of the activities and times that made me the happiest I’ve been. I realised every second I spend with you, whether talking or in silence gives me the most joy. Thank you, darling.

41. Buttercup, I know these words are not enough…words can never be enough, anyway, to contain the expression of how I feel for you. These words will never be enough to save both of us for ourselves.
Many have tried words; they have failed. So, I give you my heart…it speaks no lies.

42. Queen of my heart, lay your hands on me and bless me forever, for your touch is sweeter than a mother’s love and more potent than a fathers blessing… And, no, I speak no guile.
Here in my heart, where you reign supreme, there is no space for falsehood.
Love, my soul seeks your touch…your everything.

43. Spice, there’s no me without you… I just had to reiterate that again so there will never be a time your mind will fall short of the confidence that you are loved specially by someone—me.
Your love keeps me going daily; how can I not be ever for you? How can I reject life itself by not loving you daily? This love has removed such foolishness far from me.

44. Cutie, you were in my dreams last night. You were playing “queen”, and I, “king”, just the way I want our reality together forever to be.
You can’t end just in my dreams at night… I will marry you, so you will be my daydream and waking reality.

45. Beautiful, you are fairer than them all to me. The world might not think highly of you as I do, but that’s why you aren’t theirs; that’s why you are mine.
You will always be my beauty, even when we are old and frail. You will ever be my fine lady.

46. Babe, I can’t wait for us to be married…
I can’t wait for all those children we have agreed to have, the ones we will tell all these stories to. We will tell them how love called our spirits and merged them as one. We will tell them of this love, this love that will never fail or die.

47. Dearie, my friends are calling me a fool now, because your name manages to creep into our “guy talks” every time. I can’t help it.
If they all want to “de-friend” me because I am yours, then so be it. You are all the friendship a man should need to stay sane, anyway.

48. My Duchess, we will cross over these seeming hurdles against our love…don’t worry. But while the storm rages and the clouds over us are dark, let’s be each other’s soul and spirit. Let’s breathe as one.

49. Fine girl, I have found a purpose with you… It’s a purpose of a better life; one without regrets and any form of doubt.
Life makes more meaning with you.
Your words are sweet, my love, and your touch soothes my heart like ointment. In fact, purpose is personified in you, and you are mine.

50. Heartthrob, I will never fail you, not even if not doing so had a death penalty. Because to die, to die loving you, is a promise I would forever hold dear.
What can separate me from your love? What thing born or unborn, made or unmade, can make me fall short of my promise to cherish you forever? Indeed, it will never be born or made.

51. It is easy to appreciate the simple things of life with you in my life. Now I know that a smile is capable of transforming a day and a kiss is enough to make weariness disappear. I miss you and I’m thinking of you right now, baby.

52. Every casual experience reminds me of you— how you walk, how you drink your coffee, how your smile spreads to your eyes when you’re excited. You’re my high, babe. I can’t wait to be home.

53. How can three words accurately describe what I feel for you right now? I’ll probably say them a couple of times for effect, love. I love you. I love you. I love you. Honey, I love you so much.

54. Working on days like this is like having a new experience on an empty belly, sweetheart. Right now, all I can think of is how I’ll see you again soon and have you in my arms. Kisses*

55. Reading your texts, it’s like getting them newly over again. I’ve been at it a while and just thought to let you know I’ve been thinking of you and I love you so much…

56. I’m intoxicated by your soft laughter. The way you laugh and lose yourself in it brings smiles to my face all the time. I’m in love with everything that involves you. I love you, my Queen.

57. I’m having lunch right now and all I can think about is having it with you. Baby, your presence makes everything better and every food more delicious. Miss you. See you soon.

58. Hi love. I’d have told you to close your eyes right now and imagine me there with you, but then you wouldn’t be able to read this text. Just thinking of you, love. I love you.

59. You are the definition of perfection. You are the symbol of grace. You are the totality of beauty. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I’m glad I have you, baby. I love you

60. Baby, I just thought up a new pet name for you. I’m calling you my ‘heart’. I realise my joy is fullest when you’re around. With you, life truly exists. You’re the reason my heart is glad, hon. I love you so much.

61. Before you came into my life, life was good. I clubbed a lot, hanged out a lot. But then you came and everything changed; you touched my heart in ways I couldn’t imagine, filled my life with true bliss and peace. Now life is perfect with you in it.

62. You’re the reason why there’s always a smile on my face. The reason why I laugh out loud even when there’s no clown in front of me. You’re the reason my heart leaps with joy whenever I think of you. I love you so much that it drives me crazy.

63. Dear darling, I just wanna say thank you for saying hi to me that day. Thanks for ushering me into your world. Thank you for showing me how perfect my life can be with you in it. Thank you for loving me. I love you so much.

64. In you, I’ve found true happiness, peace, fun, love and care. With you, my life is complete, amazing and great. For you, I will go the extra miles to show you how much I love you. It’s just all about you dear. I love you.

65. Eyes like the sunrise. Touch like that of an angel. Smile that brightens my day. Voice that soothes my heart. Care like that of a mother’s. You’re all I could ever wish for. I love you and I always will.

66. Baby, I promise to always be here for you. To never leave your sight. To always adore and cherish. To always put you first before any other thing. I promise that my love for you will never wax cold. But it will keep on burning into eternity. I love you, honey.

67. No matter how bad or stressed out my day can be, I never worry. When I’ve got the best remedy waiting for me at home. That smile of yours can heal the world. I love you darling and I’ll never give up on my mission to love you forever.

68. I can’t wait to go home. Where my heart and soul belong. Where my happiness and peace lies. Where my love lies. With you lies my home. I love you, sweetheart.

69. I wanna be by your side always. I wanna be in your mind always. I wanna hold you and never let go. I wanna love you till my last breath. I just want you to know that nothing will ever change my love for you.

70. You’re beautiful, smart, brilliant, unavoidably sweet, loving, caring and understanding. And I can’t help but ponder on what I might have done right to be blessed with such a perfect damsel like you. I love you, honey.

71. Ever since I met you, it was then I knew I had found true love, I had found the person I couldn’t last a day without, the person that clouded every single thought of mine, the person I fell helplessly for. Remain by my side, my dear.

72. I lost all manner of sleep just thinking of you, the only one that makes me feel complete. My world revolves around you, and if you ain’t there I am so incomplete. I love you so much.

73. You are the one I want to spend endless nights with, the one person capable of holding my heart in one piece. We would sit together and watch the morning break with so much beauty as you. Stay forever with me.

74. You are such a beauty to behold, the sun and moon joined together can’t match your radiance. You glitter more than the stars, the oceans radiance cannot be compared to yours. You are my one and only, I love you.

75. If I had a chance to choose who to be with in the next world, it would be with you. I will never wish to say goodbye to you, cause our love is immortal and undying. Remain by my side so I can live forever. I love you

76. I can’t withstand not staring at you for endless hours. You turned the darkness in my life to light, the sorrow in my heart to joy. You picked up my broken pieces and fixed me up. I don’t know how else to say “I love you, dear”.

77. Every night in my dreams, you are always there, I feel every single bit of you. I never want you to leave my side, you are the one I choose to love for the rest of my life. Please don’t leave me.

78. Love was when I loved you, I never want to leave you. I could my nights kneeling by your bedside just to watch you sleep, and behold the beauty you and everything about you has to offer to my eyes. I pray this never ends.

79. Everywhere I go, I always wish you would be with me, with you, we would travel across the world together, and I, never stopping to profess my undying love to you, so I pray you never leave my side. I love you.

80. If I could, I would go through many difficulties just to make sure you are mine forever. I love you more than the world or anyone can imagine. No ruby or sapphire can be compared to you. Shine on, my love.

81. Babe, slowly you’re making a poet out of me because I see waters of feelings in your eyes, I see a sunrise in your smile, I see a rainbow in the beauty of your laughter, seven shades of music to my soul. Please don’t stop. I love them. I love you.

82. Today’s been magical, and only because thoughts of you have filled my mind with so much love that I can’t wait to see you soon. I can’t wait to see you smile again and the gentle swaying of your hips. I miss you.

83. So I was up a bit last night just thinking about you, how I’m the luckiest man in the world to have such a perfect woman be mine. I just want you to know, baby, that I will never stop loving you. I love you, baby. I love you so much.

84. Time seems so slow when I’m away from you but moves fast when I’m with you. When I’m with you, I need more than 24 hours everyday. I want to be with you for eternity, baby. I love you.

85. You could have chosen a million others. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are like the sun to trees. You bless the earth with your positivity. I’m still thrilled at knowing you chose me. I love you, darling.

86. Every day, I’m at a loss for words— words to describe how much I love you, words to describe how much I miss you, words to describe how I want to spend every minute of every day with you. Baby, you’re the light in my world. I love you.

87. I never believed in happy endings or loving relationships. I felt life couldn’t offer total happiness but with you, I feel total happiness. You’ve given me new eyes, baby. The whole world is suddenly beautiful. I love you.

88. Every night, the sky goes dark and I think, life is full of ups and downs, happy and sad moments. But since I met you, baby, every moment is like daytime. I feel like nights do not exist. I am happy with you. Thank you, baby.

89. Sweetheart, you’ve been on my mind all day. I feel like you were specially made for me and I for you. You make me so happy I wish I had met you earlier. Now that you’re mine, I don’t plan to ever let go. I love you.

90. Your favorite song played on a phone nearby and I just couldn’t but imagine being with you right now, listening to it together as we hold each other and dance. I want to create new memories every minute with you. See you soon, honey.

91. Darling, your love is a sweet wine. Give me more and I will never want…
But, that’s not true; I will continue to want you because I need an overflow of your love. I want you daily.

92. My pineapple, do not be angry when I “metaphorize” you into a fruit, but that’s the only way my brain can process, into words, how sweet you are to me.
When I take pineapple, I leave this earth, but you…you make me soar from heaven to heaven.

93 Pretty angel, you kill me with your beautiful eyes.
When you look at me, I feel like my soul is bared, but in a beautiful, sweet way.
I am not ashamed to be naked with you. I am not scared to be your eyes’ constant view.

94. My gold, my father loves you already, and he hasn’t even seen you. I haven’t even said much about you, but he sees the way I smile. He sees that I am happier, freer, more purposeful…
He sees that a woman has touched me. He can’t wait to know who she is.

95. Sweet pie, don’t be scared about how we feel. It’s awkward, the wave of emotions rushing over us, I know, but it is all real.
We will work things out.
Like the sun, we will never wear out or quit life. We will stay together…I will stay with you.

96. Honeypot, I miss you so.
These talks on the phone are a useless caricature of what we should really be saying and doing to each other.
Every part of my being aches from wanting you. But, my heart…my heart seeks to please everything you are.

97. Sugarplum, Your sweetness is heavenly.
Your smile is my life; it brightens up my whole being.
My heart leaps for joy when I hear your voice, the same one that calms storms and heals wounds.
Your sweetness is beyond compare.

98. Your Eminence,
I know “they” treated you like trash before I came around, but you should know that I have come for good, and all that has changed.
You have me, and I intend forever. I intend “till death”. I intend “undying love”.

99. Pookie Boo,
I don’t know what I am saying anymore these days because your love has stolen both my heart and words.
I don’t just love you; my life is finished without you.

100. Lover, yesterday was great.
You helped me leap peaks, and you took, gladly, what I gave.
The way we became one reminds me again of why it is you; of why it has to be you.
This candle cannot burn out; we most both ever be the lighters.
With you, “love” is an understatement.

101. I’ll walk ten hundred thousand miles,
bare feet in the cruel chill of the night.
I’ll cross the seven seas,
and race with the wolves under the moonlight,
fighting every nerve in me just to beat them.
you know I’ll kiss the sun and curse the heavens
just to show you how much you truly mean to me
and I’ll love you for a thousand years and more.

102. When you ask me, “what is love?”
I don’t really know how to answer it. I think love has a thousand and one definitions, so many that cannot be inked down. Even the dictionary cannot define my love for you. My definition of love is you.

103. I sometimes wonder why they say love is blind because I clearly see it in the colour of your eyes, in the way your cheeks turn red when I whisper,” I love you” and in the way, your lips spell out my name. Love has always had a shade, a form and it’s all obvious in you.

104. How long will I love you?
As long as the stars shine bright above you and a little longer if I can.
How long will I want you?
As long as it never rains in Sahara and a little longer if I may.
How long will I need you?
As long as your father told me to.

105. I want to be your everything. I want to be your cup of coffee on a chilly morning. I want to be your every reflection so you’ll never need a mirror again. I want to be your bad boy fairytale
and fulfill all the fantasies you’ve only dreamt of.

106. If I was a poet.I’d write about you.I’d write about the way your voice sounds like the 14th of February. I’d write about how I die a little when your fingers do a soft salsa on my pale skin. If I was a poet, I’d make a home in my notepad just cos that’s the only way I’d stay close to you.

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