100+ Long Love Letters for Him from the Heart

Long Love Letters for Him

Most times, when one talks about expressing feelings, the general perception is that guys aren't as involved as women in these issues.

However, the general perception has been proved false over the years. Research has proven that a large per cent of guys love receiving letters from loved ones.

Taking note of that, we have prepared 100 Long Love Letters for Him from the Heart, all to make him feel specially loved by you.

This should help keep your relationship spiced up and generally improve communication between you.

A Long Love Letter to My Boyfriend from the Heart

Send these long love letters to yur boyfriend from your heart, expressing how you feel about him and the relationship.

1. My Love,
When I think about the first time we met, I wonder why I ever thought our meeting was so inconsequential. There was no spark to indicate how you will make me feel, no trumpets to signify the breaking of the walls in my heart. There was a calm peace around you that should have informed me of the storm about to rock my cup. I looked deep into your eyes that day, they were full of pain, they were filled with love. Instinctively, I knew I'd met someone who had known hurt and will never hurt me intentionally. Someone who knew love, and gave me all I deserved.

2. You appeared in my dreams before I knew who you were. The crazy thing is that I knew your scent before I knew you. You smelled like home, a comfortable place I belong. With time, I came to appreciate every single thing about you. Your strength that you portrayed with a humbling meekness. I feel safe in your hands, that's why I snuggle as close as I can to you. Feeling your body next to mine, makes me feel like I've finally gotten a home I can keep and call mine.

3. I am writing this to you because I can hardly express my feelings with your eyes boring into me. Whenever you look at me, I can't seem to think of any other thing but snuggling up to you and kissing your beautiful lips. You make me feel like a Queen, this is only possible because you were raised as a King by a Queen. I thank your mother every day for nurturing one who will nurture others.

4. I woke up this morning excited about life, I was so happy I had to ask myself why. I remembered it was our anniversary, just then, I got your text, as if you were sharing the same moment miles apart. When I saw your face when you video called, I burst out in tears. You were shocked, I know. You see, I never really knew how it felt to be loved. I've not known love until I met you, it took me knowing you to recognise what love is. Thank you so much.

5. Hello, it's me again. I have been wondering if after all these hours you'd love to meet. Let's grab lunch at our favourite spot. Let me buy you your favourite food and watch you smile as you devour it. You make my life a better place just by being around me and I want to thank you so much for your love and attention. I promise to keep doing my best to shower you with all the love that is in me. For now, I wish you a beautiful morning. See you at lunch darling.

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6. I want you to think of me as you read this. Remember the last thing I told you before you went to work last night. You are the one that matters most in my life. You are not just handsome but beautiful. I love the way you dress, like a casual man on his way to see the Queen of England. Your heart is what draws me even closer to you for it's a heart of gold. I just wanted you to think of my kisses as you work.

7. Cover me with kisses and hugs, touch me with your soft hands. Whisper words of love and merriment into my ears. Draw me closer to you and promise you'd never let go. If you don't, I'd do all that to you and even more. I'd show you just how much you mean to me. I will wrap my love around you like a shawl. I was alone, now I am all one with you, that is the best I could ask for. Remember me whenever I am away from you beloved.

8. Writing has never come easily to me. I have always preferred airing my views in person, watching the emotions on the face responding and gauging my words according to the play of emotions on the face I am observing. With you, I have come to appreciate a different side of things. Your face is as inscrutable as a rock and most times I'm left floundering with my thoughts. I love you with a deepness that startles me whenever I am forced to come face to face with it. I want you to know that you will always mean the world to me, I hope we can communicate better with time, may this be a beginning to many more words between us.

9. You know what they say, everyone remembers their first. You are not the exception. I remember you with a fondness that fills my inner being with moistness. My heart overflows with love and at times tears follow through, yarning telltale signs of a watery descent. I am writing this letter because I remembered you one more time. Now that you're away, I don't know what to do with myself anymore. I miss having you around me, miss your body and every part of you. I'm counting the days until you're back with breathlessness. Take care of yourself, my love, come home to the love that waits for its fulfilment with yours.

10. Watching and waiting became a pastime for me these past days. Waiting to see you walk down the road as you always did, knowing you won't be back anytime soon. Still, waiting to catch a glimpse of you. I'm going to move my table and chair to that window so I can spend as much time as possible waiting for you. I am eager to see your face again, I know you've only been gone for a couple of days but it feels like my soul is missing. We've not been away from each other for this long and I can assure you it won't happen again. Wherever you go, I will go. I am writing a bunch of letters to keep for you when you return, I want you to see how long I thought of you.

11. Dear,
Waking up today, I am happy to let you know that you're the apple of my eyes, the rib I was missing from. I am giving my all to you and will love you even in the clutches of death. I love you.

12. You saved me when I needed a hero. I believe you are God sent. Thanks for loving me.

13. I opened my eyes one day and realised I had the best friend anyone could possibly ask for in you.

14. Kisses are going to flood your cheeks and lips once I get you. Hope you had a lovely day honey. I miss you.

15. You're very special to me because of the way you make me feel. I've never felt so alive in my whole life.

Romantic Love Letters for Him - Love Letters for Boyfriend or Husband

16. My love for you is like a train, it speeds along the track in you and works only in you.

17. Desires run through me whenever I see you. I look at you and smile, you don't realise I'm just eager to have you all to me.

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18. I want you to know this, I will kneel and ask for your hand in marriage if you ever delay asking for mine.

19. Your smile is like the golden sun rising over the river Euphrates. I'm laughing really hard right now because I am sure you're wondering what's up. Love you, honey.

20. Family means love, love means giving of yourself to others. You are the love of my life Darling.

21. Freedom is an illusion under the strict hands of an autocrat. Freedom is bliss under the hands of my lover.

22. I will love you until the end of times, and when they come, love you until they are no more.

23. I searched for a long time for someone that will make my heart flutter again. You make my heart boom.

24. Relationships are filled with rules that are hard to maintain. The easiest thing about the rules is that I get to be under you.

25. Good morning lover, I woke up next to my most favourite person in the world. It's fun having you as a partner.

Romantic Love Letters for Him from the Heart

26. Let me tell you a secret beloved, you make me feel like the most beautiful woman on earth.

27. I hope to always love you and support you in everything you do. I want to love you so much so you never have to feel alone again.

28. Where will we go from here? What will change between us? I assure you, though a lot may happen, I'd always be by your side.

29. It is your birthday and I am just wondering the best possible way to celebrate the most important man in my life.

30. I will kiss you under the lights of a million stars darling. Keep shining brightly.

31. Without you in my life, I'm like a rudderless ship.

32. I followed you until I knew your location. I searched for you until I found where you his your soul.

33. Let my love warm your heart. Let my life be a life of joy and happiness with you.

34. Your heart has captured mine effortlessly. Every part of you calls to mine.

35. The night draws itself upon my dawn, you seek me through it all.

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36. Anoint my hair with your fragrance. Let my essence draw you nearer.

37. Following you everywhere you go is a pastime I enjoy tremendously.

38. How many days will go by without your smile lighting mine? Come see me soon beloved.

39. Your warmth beside mine is a heavenly reminder.

40. Love is true to me because I know you.

41. You are amazing, you have the heart of gold, you're a lovely father and a caring husband. I love you.

42. Walking with you in this journey we called life has been exciting and crazy. I won't have it any other way.

43. You let me drown my cries in your shoulders, you are my Knight in shining armour.

44. What is simple and true is the feeling of joy I have when I see your face.

45. You remind me of the knights I used to read in novels. Strong, brave, handsome and dashing.

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46. Reading romance novels, I always thought I'd find someone as romantic as I am. I found you.

47. I thought I was full of love until I met you, you deepened my love and showed me more of love.

48. When I say you mean the world to me, I mean every word of it.

49. I will love you to be the father of my child. You have all the qualities I've always wanted my future husband to have.

50. I chiselled you and formed you with my thoughts, now my dreams have come to reality.

51. Verified and tested, dependable and sure. Sounds like the qualities of your company.

52. Determine in your heart to always love life as you love me.

53. Follow me to the road I shall take home. I'd love your company tonight.

54. Falling asleep next to you is like sleeping in a ship. The water as cooling as your fingers on me.

55. Follow me to the address I'll send you later. I want to take you to the masseuse.

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56. Love is an act of continuous giving. Thank you for your gift.

57. Feel my breath in yours as we merge under the umbrella of a kiss.

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58. Fold my hands in yours, walk with me beloved.

59. Whisper sweet words to me, let me croon a song of love for you my lover.

60. I love the way your voice sounds every morning.

61.Good morning, lover. I pray the universe puts everything in place to make you happy the way you make me happy. Have a nice day.

62. Did you know that Eros is a mischievous child that shoots his arrows for fun? Little did he know that his little joke will turn out to be the best thing that's happened to me.

63. Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Sunsets feel like home
And so do you.

64. If multiverses do exist, truly, then I hope that all the infinite number of me and all the infinite numbers of you find themselves and love each other the way we do.

65. Loving you is a bliss I've come to enjoy with every kiss.

100+ Love Letters for Him from the Heart

66. I will shower you with gifts and bless you with presents.

67. I think of you every time I'm in the shower. The water reminds me of you.

68. You treat everyone around you like royalty, you're a blessing to humanity.

69. I asked God for an angel and He sent you.

70. Dreams come true, of that you are proof.

71. True love is giving your best for the pleasure of pleasing your partner. You're perfect at that.

72. Loving you was the best decision I ever made. Thank you for being there.

73. Heaven will be perfect when we have each other to ourselves forever.

74. Your words of wisdom always comfort me in my trying times.

75. One thing you taught me that I cherish deeply, is that love is always the answer.

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76. I sent you a bouquet of flowers, my love for you will never fade.

77. If I was an artist I'd draw millions of pictures of you my love.

78. Life is more meaningful when it's shared with a beautiful soul like yours.

79. I treasure every time spent with you. You make living joyfully.

80. Every day spent with you is a reminder that love changes people.

81. Before I met you I didn't believe in happiness. You showed me it exists within.

82. Falling for you was like going for a swim in the ocean. I can't swim yet.

83. After I faced my fears, I realised you were the one pushing me to achieve my dreams.

84. Letting love flow into me made me respond to you in a deeper way. You're my King.

85. Your fragrance is a fresh scent that draws me to you like a bee to pollen.

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86. I will forever look for you in every face I pass. You're my journey.

87. Let me film your heart in pictures of love. You will always have a picture in me.

88. No one can affect my heart as you do. You make my life full of love.

89. May you always find peace and happiness in everything you do.

90. Pardon all my wrongs, forgive all my misdemeanours. Take care beloved.

91. You are the music my flute plays. I dance to your tune.

92. What I love most about you is your ability to give every part of yourself.

93. Miracles have been an everyday affair since you stepped into my life.

94. Your eyes are like fire and ice, they melt me and cool me at the same time.

95. I will pour my love on you. I want you to know you will always have me to rely on.

96. When next we meet, I shall remind you of all the things I missed about you today.

97. Thank you for allowing me to be a huge part of your life.

98. Your patience and understanding have enamoured me to you forever. Thank you, beloved.

99. Just like oxygen rekindles a glowing splint so does my heart beat for you.

100. Meeting you, getting to know you, getting to love you, everything in between, the most perfect experience of my life. Thank you so much for being there for me. I love you with all my heart.

Written By Homer Mbamalu.

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