Kindergarten Graduation Wishes for Son from Parents

Kindergarten Graduation Wishes for Son from Parents

How time flies. Isn’t it? It is quite interesting when you think of your little boy that you carried in your arms a few months back who is now a pupil wearing a graduation gown. You can imagine how surprising and happy you would be to see your adorable son. His actions and the number of activities he performs on this beautiful day will make your heart filled with so much pleasure.

When you see him do some recitations and dance to some songs, all you just do is marvel and pride fills your heart because your son is doing so well and you just make a resolution in your heart to always be there for him all the way in his academics and life.

These are just a few of how your glad heart reacts on the day that your male child is a kindergarten graduate.

You can make the day a more colourful one by using any of these precious kindergarten graduation wishes for son from parents filled with beautiful words just for you.

Believe me when I say your son will love all the contents and his heart will be filled with more joy of having you as a parent.

Graduation Messages for Kindergarten Son

Your dad and I are filled with satisfaction as parents to celebrate with you in your first graduation gown which shows that you are finding school interesting. We will do our best to see you through it well. We wish you happy graduation, dear son.

1. Dear son, this graduation shows that you are finding learning easy and I will do all my best to see you move from one level of school to the next. This is just the beginning, son. Happy graduation, my little boy.

2. This is to my dear son who is moving into a higher class. I wish you more glorious heights in all you do. Graduate beautifully well. Congrats! I love you.

3. We can’t forget the day you were given to us. You are a gift of a kind, son. We wish you the best of life on this graduation day of yours. Congrats!

4. What an inestimable soul you possess and we are glad to be your parents. More blessedness in every path of life you take. Congrats, son. We love you.

5. Congratulations on your graduation, son. Believe, me. This is just a stepping stone to more places of honour that awaits you.

6. Can’t believe my adorable little son is graduating for the first time. Hmmm! How time flies. You are beginning to outgrow the babyish look and I am happy to welcome you to this next phase of your life, son. Happy graduation.

7. A million thanks to the creator of life who has put you in our care. Never a day of regret and you have been a contented child. We will always pray to have you over and over again. Congrats and happy graduation to you, dear son.

8. Even at your young age, you have proven to be full of talents, intelligent and good. Having such energy channelled into your academics is amazing. This result is beautiful. We love you always. We celebrate you on this day of your graduation, son.

9. We are proud to see you excel and we promise to always be there for you as God gives us grace. You are blessed and we wish you all the best of everything on this graduation day, son.

10. We are proud parents of a unique boy in this graduation ceremony. Believe it any time we say you have all our attention always and more especially at these formative years of yours. Kisses and hearty congrats to you on your graduation, dear.

11. It is a great opportunity for us to be your parents because we could never have asked for a better blessing than you are. Enjoy your graduation ceremony, son.

12. Sons differ but you are unique, my cute little boy, and I can say that a trillion times. I wish you a swell time at your graduation party and enjoy yourself.

13. Our hearts leap for joy that our baby is now becoming a boy and making great progress in life. Success in every area is yours and the sky is the beginning for you, son. Happy graduation, son.

14. My prince, always remember that we don’t need an occasion to celebrate you because every day of your life is worth celebrating so feel free to enjoy yourself at this graduation party and we wish you all the best. Congrats, son!

15. Every time we have a cause to reminisce, we know your presence in our lives is not just a coincidence because God strategically placed you in our lives as your presence has always birthed lots of positivity in everything that concerns us. Truly, we are grateful you are our son. Happy graduation, dear.

16. We can’t measure the peace that fills our hearts just at the thought of having you. You have made our world better, son, and we are forever grateful for having you. Soar high, son, and be good as you are being celebrated in this graduation ceremony. Congratulations to you.

17. Greatness has always been in you and that you came top of your class is no surprise to us. We are eternally grateful to the Almighty God for giving you to us. Continue to enjoy yourself at this graduation party of yours. We love you always. Happy graduation!

18. The comments I get about you each time I pay a visit to your school gladdens my heart, son. You are one son of a rare kind. Happy graduation, son.

19. Truly speaking, it is such a rare privilege to be your parent. I can boldly say that you are meant for the top and by His grace, you will be no less. So today, just enjoy the party and be good. Have a happy graduation party and I love you so much.

20. Who would have thought that the baby of yesterday is now a student to the extent of doing his first graduation party. I am so happy for you, my handsome prince. My joy knows no bounds on this day of yours, son. Happy graduation.

Best Kindergarten Graduation Wishes for Son

Many celebrations such as this await you, our little boy and we are so proud of you. Happy kindergarten graduation, my son. Lots of love from mum and dad. I wish you a great and bright future. I hope you like the gift.

21. Being a mother comes with so much self-denial and sacrifices and I am so happy that by the grace of God, it has paid off that is why you are amongst those graduating today. Words are not enough to say how super elated I am. Congrats, son.

22. You are a son with a large heart and a lovely smile. I can see every part of your body leaping for joy in this graduation ceremony. Enjoy dear, and have a precious graduation party.

23. It feels good to be part of your life from birth as a father and I have enjoyed it all the way because you deserve to be called a son always. No regrets about having you when I had you. Happy graduation, dear.

24. As you are graduating today, you shall step into more greatness because you are a child of the light of God, dear son. His presence will continually be with you. Happy graduation, son.

25. My dearest son, may you find every level of academics easy and I trust that you would always be the best son we could ever ask for. Nothing will be difficult for you. Happy graduation, son.

26. This is to our little prince in whom we are well pleased. Thanks for bringing so much joy to your father and me by making us proud on this occasion of your graduation ceremony. Enjoy the party and we wish you a lovely graduation party.

27. You are an enormous blessing to the whole family at large because you have made everyone proud. You mean so much to us, son and we love you. Enjoy your graduation party.

28. As you have brought a smile to us, so shall we surprise you with gifts that will make you smile in return. We are glad to have such an amazing son as you. Congrats on your graduation, son.

29. The fact that you are making us elated at this tender age of yours shows you have started well. We pray that you will not depart from this path and you will continually be a good son to us. Happy graduation and we love you.

30. My heart is at peace knowing that you have started on a good note and you will never disappoint me. I know you will continue to be the good boy that you are. Enjoy yourself, dear. Happy graduation.

The joy that fills your heart when your sweet little son is graduating is worth celebrating. Make him know how happy you are by making use of these kindergarten graduation wishes for your son.

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