I Miss You on My Birthday Quotes

I Miss You on My Birthday Quotes

You can’t but have persons (lovers, friends or relatives alike) who are so significant in your life and seem to be far away from you. The reason for their absence – be it for a moment or a long time – may be germane and excusable, but the pain caused by that absence is something you’ve been struggling to cope with.

Because of the significant roles they play in your life, you miss them and cannot deny the fact. And now that your birthday is here, you’re already imagining what value their presence could have brought you and the significant contributions they can make to make your day ecstatic.

As it appears, they may not have been able to reach out to you constantly as you’d expect. But you can rise above your feeling by reaching out to them first. Make them realise how much you miss them and how much you love and value them despite the distance between you two. And you will be thrilled at the magic of having to see them show up for you when you surely need them.

You can reach them with these cute and heart touching I miss you on my birthday quotes.

Touching I Miss You on My Birthday Quotes

My birthday is today and there’s so much ecstasy in the air. It’s always been fun because I always have you around me. But now that you’re miles away from me, I wouldn’t want anything to spoil my day. I will just sit back, relax, pick my phone while I proceed to make you know how much I’m missing you.

1. The gifts you presented to me on my last birthday was the best I’d ever received so far. I miss that you’re not around now to celebrate this new age with me.

2. It’s my birthday today. I’ve searched everywhere for you hoping you’d be my right-hand man. But now that you’re absent, I must confess that I miss you so dearly.

3. As you have so graciously been my event planner for last year’s party, I really wish you can be for this year’s. It’s a great pleasure meeting someone as great as you. I really miss you today.

4. You’ve touched my heart in significant ways, and your absence for today being my birthday is greatly felt. I’d manage to have a great birthday without you. But I know it would have been better with you.

5. I wonder why I often beam with a smile anytime your thought comes to my mind. You left me with a beautiful and humorous memory of which I never stop thinking about. I wish I could think less about you, but I just can’t. Today is my birthday. I want to think of you and smile all the way.

6. You are one of a kind as a friend. No year passes without me having a great feel of your touch, especially towards parties.

7. If not for the big contract you won, I wouldn’t have allowed you to miss my birthday party just like that. You’ve got so many roles to play, but I’m hoping you will plan a special hangout as compensation once you return.

8. Since you left me, I wish I could forget you, but the more I try the more difficult it becomes. Now that’s my day, I hope to see you again so you can give me the sweet smile and warm hug I deserve for the day.

9. I was really wrong to have thought I could do life without you. Now I realise the worst situation is not having you in my world. It’s my birthday today and your place is truly missing.

10. You rarely saw or count my wrongs while I was busy recounting your flaws. I chased you away with my inconsideration. It’s painful and I really regret my actions. Please come back. It’s my birthday today and I’m seriously missing you.

11. I’d thought of what to do today without you, but I’m yet to wrap my head around anything significant. I could try to keep my calm and just make my day worthwhile. But deep within me, I know it can’t be as it used to be.

12. I’d probably not have known your worth if not for what this separation had caused us. Now that I know better, I wish you could be around me to cheer me on for my birthday and ravish me with good wishes.

13. You may be miles apart but you sure don’t have to be heart apart from me. You’ve been a significant part of my life and I can attest that this year’s birthday would have been sweeter if only you were around.

14. I’ve tried hard to live fine without you but I am only managing to cope. With you, life was sweet. With your absence, life has become an illusion. You’re so important to me. I miss you.

15. Consciously, I chose never to put my life on hold irrespective of what distance has done to our friendship. I’ve learnt to be a better person every blessed day. I’ve realised I can’t keep depending on you all the time. I miss you.

16. Nothing feels the same since your departure. It was as if the whole world has stopped moving. I’ve chosen my birthday to catch some fun so I can stay more lovely and focused. Obviously, I will think less of you just for the day.

17. Remember, we had so many plans and dreams to achieve together. Planning without you seems like a herculean task, much more is celebrating my birthday while you’re far gone from me.

18. Well, I’m learning daily to stay less clingy and be more focused. You may think I’ll miss you as you’ve always boasted. But I’m glad to tell you I rarely think about you these days. I’ve got great plans for my birthday even without you being involved.

19. I’ve long lived all by myself without a relationship. Your presence brought some great vibes and pleasant moments. But now that you’re far, you’ve given me an option of staying more stronger and purposeful with or without a companion.

20. I must confess, I’m more at peace with myself now that you’re far gone. I miss your troubles a little, but I can tell that I’ve stayed out of trouble since you’re far gone. Please don’t come back.

21. You left me feeling nostalgic about the lovely perfumes that often fill up my room anytime you show up. Now I missed you knocking on my door every now and then. Please return soon.

22. If there’s anything I could do now to bring you back, I will surely do. I can only try; but if it still happens to fall beyond my power, then I’d accept everything in good in faith. I miss you, still.

23. Well, I won’t accept this distance as a licence not to send me roses and candies for my birthday. You know the usual routine and how it’s always been with you. I miss you though, but those gifts matter more to me for today.

24. Your absence has caused a great void no one has even been able to fill. But I’m hoping my special birthday will bring in some infilling of fulfilment and wonders than I can ever imagine.

25. Even your absence has taught me so much: to stay strong and lively with or without a companion especially on my birthdays. I’m learning to cope though, and I’ve given myself the best treat ever. But I won’t deny missing you.

26. I will never lie about my feelings. I could pretend like it doesn’t exist, but I’ve missed every bit of you ever since you left. I wish you all the best wherever you are now. Please send me good wishes alongside my birthday gifts.

27. Your absence has made me know the value and essence of having someone in my life. Never will I ever take our friendship for granted. So much you get done whenever you’re around. And now, I’m left with sorting out many things on my own. Please return as soon as possible.

28. Planning life and projecting the future without you has been a misery I’d been seriously fighting. Thinking of life without you is pretty difficult. I know I will cope, just that it will take some more time. I miss you, truly.

29. I remember having to see you off then, it was as if you were leaving me for life. This distance between us is frustrating. I’ve left a part of me with you and that is my unending love and attention. I miss you, dearly.

30. With or without your presence, my birthday gifts matter more to me than anything. I could choose to stay without you for days and even years, but I can’t afford to get the gifts for my birthday.

31. I’m certain the distance cannot truncate the feeling we have for each other. Well, it might have reduced our physical connection, but it cannot quench the fire of our love. I miss you.

32. Being my birthday, I made this special request from God. That He will protect you more for me, keep us closer and guide you more into the bright future He has for us both. I miss your presence but you’re not missing in my heart.

33. It appears more like I can’t do life without your involvement. But I’m glad to tell you that I’m practically doing well here and I’m being stronger day by day. But I cannot deny missing you.

34. I know I gave you the permission to go on vacation and you will return very soon.
But since your departure, things have been at a standstill here. It’s as if life ceases to exist without you in the picture.

35. Every outing we attend especially on our birthday gives us the opportunity to renew our love and commitment to each other. Now, this year will be a whole lot different because you’re a little far away.

36. That you’re away won’t stop me from doing what we always love to do. It was our decision to always be together on every birthday and anniversary. You have to be away today and it’s so much beyond you. I miss you, darling, please come quickly.

37. Hey honey, it’s my birthday as you know already. The table is set with different delicacies, cakes, candles and assorted wine. I’m in my best attire. I’m awaiting your arrival so we can make a toast to long life and more wins. I’m missing you here seriously.

38. We always have plans for my birthday, and everything does work as planned. But this year’s is a whole lot different, all attributed to your absence. It doesn’t matter how far away you are. I will still make the day a fun-filled one. I miss you, darling.

39. I never stopped thinking about you from the moment we had our disagreement. I feel so sorry for everything. I really miss us. I promise to make it up to you today because it’s my birthday.

40. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. Your presence brought so much brightness and colour to my world. I won’t stop talking about our good times together because I miss you every blessed day.

41. It’s sad to let you go. But I’ve been surviving and learning to cope without you. I do miss you no doubt. I’m certain this break-up with help us get better separately. I wish you all the best.

42. I woke up to my birthday feeling almost dry and empty. I realised it’s because you weren’t here to wake me up with a beautiful love song. I hope the day runs smoothly. I will give it my best and catch some fun.

43. Life hasn’t been the same since you left. I tried moving on but it’s been pretty difficult. All I do is to occupy my mind with your pictures and the beautiful memories of us just to keep myself together. And that’s all I’m going to do today to grace my birthday.

44. It was a superb hangout last year. I appreciate your dexterity and wisdom and planning events. I’d wished you come around to plan a bigger and better one this year. A good friend you are and you’re greatly missed.

45. I’d attempted dialling your number severally only to realise it’s no longer how it used to be. I ache to hear your sweet voice for the deprivation hurts more than the breakup. All the same, I miss you and hope this feeling doesn’t linger on this graceful day of mine.

46. Well, I haven’t stopped thinking about you and wouldn’t want to stop for now. I love how the memories of you keep me going anytime I’m down. It doesn’t get me weak as I’d thought it would, it only empowers me to hope in love again. I missed you dearly.

47. I wish you had never embarked on that long trip despite all the appeal and effort made. But you were bent ongoing still. Your son misses you. Telling you isn’t to make you feel so important. It’s just to let you realise that you should have waited to celebrate my birthday with me.

48. I’d thought I would never miss you. But I was mistaken I did after you left, even more than I do when we were together. Once you return from this trip, I will give you all it takes to make you stay for I don’t want to miss you this much again.

49. There was a voice I heard in the backyard yesterday and it was mistaken for yours. Not only did it remind me of you, but it also reminded me of how cool your voice is when it blasts in birthday songs for me. I miss everything about you.

50. I wish I could forget you but it’s just been difficult to do. I wish I could let go and move on but I found no courage to do. I will keep trying. And I know someday, having fully healed, I will have the courage to tell how much I love and miss you, and I never regret meeting you.

Missing You on My Birthday Quotes

It doesn’t matter what I’m feeling right now. It’s my birthday today and realising your absence is almost spoiling my mood and expectations for the day. But I won’t let that happen. Rather than wait till you send me messages and flowers, I’d rather make you realise how much I’m missing you and always thinking about you.

51. Without mincing words, my best birthdays often happen with your presence and involvement. Because you always desire the day to run smoothly, I likewise wish you were available to plan again. I miss you my darling.

52. Because of your liveliness, it’s always fun being around you. Come over and let’s get the party kicking. I can say, no party without you.

53. How you took my affairs with so much interest still baffles me to date, and for even showing support while afar off. I really can’t wait to see you come on the next holiday. So much to gist about already. I miss you, my loyal friend.

54. The last birthday wasn’t as exhilarating as I’d wanted. The reason is that you weren’t available to organise the event. You’ve got no excuse this time. Your presence is crucial. Seriously looking forward to having you around, dearie.

55. It’s my birthday in two weeks and I’m already in great excitement. Do you know why? Your presence always makes a whole lot of difference.

56. I’ve had lots of friends in time past but none has ever supported me as much as you do. I’ve missed you dearly, and I appreciate you for being there for me through thin and thick. Come to my birthday with a special bang.

57. While few trusted persons considered me a difficult person to relate with, you saw me in a different light and have treated me with great esteem and respect. It’s really difficult not to appreciate your return.

58. Ever since I came into the neighbourhood, I’d thought I would be on my own and just live quietly. But your friendship came with a big difference. You’re such a reliable person. Come and celebrate with me on my birthday, friend. Can’t wait to have you around.

59. You may not be here presently to give me the birthday flowers and hugs that I always get from you, but I’ve taken it upon myself to give myself a special treat for the day. Happy birthday to me.

60. For celebrating my little wins in significant ways, for always spurring me on to action, for having my back every now and then, they all mean so much to me, sweetest father/mother. I miss you so much today being my birthday. You are the best mother I can ever pray for.

61. Always grateful to God for the gift of an awesome dad /mum like you. All year long, your love and care have taken me this far, even more than I could ever ask for. Now that it’s my birthday, your love is greatly felt irrespective of the distance.

62. For me, my birthday is always a day of double celebration. It’s a day to celebrate the gift of a wonderful father/mother like you and a day God chose to make me a gift to my family and the world at large. I miss you dearly as you’re presently out of the state.

63. Ever since you travelled out of the country, I’ve only been struggling to cope without you. I am not doing so well, for your absence has affected me a great deal. Make my birthday remarkable by sending me loads of kisses and a bunch of flowers.

64. I never would have known how closely bonded we are if you haven’t gone away for a while. Now that your presence is significantly missed, I strongly hope my birthday will go pleasant and remarkable.

65. Ever since we became friends, it has been a relationship with its own ups and downs. But I’m always confident of this one thing. No matter how bad we seem to have fallen apart, my birthday has been a great avenue for a reunion.

66. I made up my mind long before we started to always be positive about this relationship. No matter what happens or how the relationship may turn out, my birthday will pave the way to reunite and settle all scores. I value our friendship a great deal.

67. For so long now, our communication has been more on the phone. It’s been years without having to see or meet ourselves. Kindly make it a date with me on my birthday. I’ve missed you so much and we’ve got to take our friendship to the next level.

68. I thought to remind you that it’s my birthday today. Though it’s been a while you put a call through, but I understand life has placed us all in tight corners.

69. I really took offence at your departure for no tangible reason. I’d thought you’d be a little considerate that you were leaving a friend behind. I’m willing to forgive you if only you show up on my birthday. I’ve missed your face badly.

70. You sure may have your good reasons for leaving. But no reason is good enough to feel neglected. I deserve the best love and attention in the world for tomorrow is my birthday.

71. I have done all I could to make you stay back. But your mind was made up and you were bent on leaving. I know your departure was all for good and progress. But know also that I have missed our good times together.

72. I find it difficult to forget you and erase the good memories we both shared. Despite you leaving and going so far away, it’s been pretty difficult to stop missing you.

73. Tomorrow is going to be a whole long and boring day for me. My birthday is always colourful and glamorous because of the fun and outings we do share. But now that you’re far from me, you’re surely missed.

74. If I have what it takes to make you stay back, I’d confidently do, at least until my birthday is done. I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you again.

75. I’ve tried to cope with being far from you. But it took me a while before I could take your absence as a reality. I wish you could come back to me because I’m missing you so passionately.

76. You are the only one I have known and loved all my life. I can’t afford to lose you for anything. I know this short distance is to make us value ourselves the more. Can’t wait to have you back. I miss you so dearly.

77. For all I care, I will do everything within my capacity to bring us back together. You’re not forgotten no matter how far away you may be from me. I miss you.

78. Like I do every year that is my birthday, I have these wishes and requests to make; that our love will grow stronger and our joy will get deeper. Remember to send my flowers and candies. I miss you so much.

79. I heard you’re planning to come home soon. Ensure it falls on my birthday so we can have the whole day to ourselves as usual. I can’t wait to have you. I’ve missed you so much, darling.

80. Life became easier as a result of our friendship. You were willing to sacrifice for me and I was also willing to go extra mile for you. Your absence has caused me more than you can ever imagine.

81. I may be tempted to say if you fail to show up on my birthday, I may not be able to forgive you. You can’t dash out like that and still expect me to keep calm and act like all is well.

82. In case you never realise, I’m missing you here big time. I wish I can wake up the next morning and then see you at my doorstep. You mean so much to me.

83. Irrespective of what happened between us, nothing stops me from thinking about you and missing you for our good times together. Remember to wish me well for it’s my birthday.

84. I can’t but reminisce on my last birthday party. It was so thrilling and colourful. The favour I want for this year is to gift me your presence. I’ve missed you badly and I can’t have a sweet birthday without you.

85. The best gift I’ve got in this world afterlife, is the gift of a loveable family like ours. It’s always difficult to do life when you’re so apart. No matter what, know that you’re always missed and loved.

86. Your greatest dream has always been to travel around the world and see places. While I’m happy your dreams are coming true, remember that your absence is painful as you’re always missing my birthdays. You owe me a lot.

87. I’d thought you would take me along on one of your longest trips to mark my birthday for me. Since the last time you left, you haven’t returned still. I just hope you’re fine over there. Just come home.

88. You’re hurting me badly with your constant absenteeism and I must confess that to you. As a penalty, you must send all that’s required to make my birthday a success and I will take care of the rest.

89. You’ve sent me so many flowers for my birthdays. Now it’s my turn to send you one just to let you know how much I love and miss you.

90. Because you’re unavailable for my birthday, you can always make it up anytime you return. With a dinner hangout and a movie at a cinema, it will do just fine. That’s one of my reasons for missing you.

91. I can’t but tell you how happy I am for you, and hope you’re enjoying a new life over there? I do miss you and hope you’ll send me some money for my birthday. Once you’re able to do that, I wouldn’t mind not having you around.

92. Our happiest times together have been so worthwhile and always worth remembering. Will like to host a birthday dinner at my place and I’d like your presence to be registered. I’ve missed seeing your face.

93. No matter how far you are, you’re always remembered for you’ve imprinted yourself in my heart so greatly. It’s my birthday today and will like us to have a great time gisting together again.

94. The distance has really helped to reveal the true friend that you are. Despite the distance, we were never apart. You always keep in touch, just as you’ve done for my birthday. I feel so special because you have a good heart. I miss you.

95. I can’t help not missing you my darling. We’ve both been labelled as jolly friends and partners in crime. Well, it doesn’t matter as long as we always get along.

96. I’ve tried all I could to bring us closer than before. I’d wished my birthday will compel your visitation. But why you keep pulling apart is really disturbing, but wished you could be more expressive about it. I miss you though. Let’s meet and have a good talk.

97. I woke up today and wished to find you at my bedside. While I used to snuggle in your arms, feeling the warmth of your sweet love is one joy I wish should not elude me for this year.

98. My birthday is one good time to catch good fun together. Your journey has posed a great hindrance to that. I’m confident your stay there will bring great reward, while I pray my birthday brings me great fortunes for the years ahead.

99. It’s my birthday and I’m so thrilled. Even if we can’t have time to be together today, I can be assured of getting lots of goodies, cakes and some dough from you. I know those will create loveable memories for my great day.

100. To keep you in mind, I always read through our chats. While doing this, I stumbled on the messages you sent for my birthday last year. I have missed reading from you.

Trust you’re able to get good ways to channel your feelings to your loved one especially when you’re missing them on your birthday.

I’m sure these I miss you on my birthday quotes have served you better. If so, kindly pass your comments so I can know how great you feel about them.

Meanwhile, do well to share with others. Thank you!

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