Most Touching I Miss Us Quotes for Him or Her

2023 Most Touching I Miss Us Quotes for Him or Her

I Miss Us QuotesIt’s often said that change is a constant thing. Especially when for one reason or the other, we find some precious gems slipping out of our hands at some point in our life.

When life happens like that, it’s your duty to find your gem by taking control of the situation.

It may have been ages you communicated with him or her like you used to, or it’s been a while you saw each other even by fluke.

So, the best thing to do is to take the bull by the horn and let them know just how much you miss them and how much you want them back.

Thus, here are heart melting I Miss Us Quotes for Him or Her that would make them feel the same way you do and in no time, crawling back into your arms.

Don’t waste more time, run off with these 2023 I Miss Us Quotes to that special one whom you miss terribly.

Romantic I Miss Us Quotes for Lovers from the Heart

Cute I Miss Us Quotes and Sayings for Him or Her (Husband, Wife, Girlfriend or Boyfriend).

1. Sometimes, I wonder how I let one night turn into weeks without telling you how much I miss you.

2. If you look into my eyes, you’ll see the tears of missing someone special like you.

3. My heart beats for you more than it beats for breath, I miss us so much.

4. I could go a day without a drop of water, but a day without your thought would drop me dead. I miss how we used to be.

5. I’m lost and I’ll only be found if you find my love in your heart, again. I miss you, darling.

6. I shouldn’t have stayed so quiet like a silent night. Now, I’m missing you like never before.

7. The only thing missing in my life is you. It’s costing me my smile and happiness. I miss how we used to be.

8. I wish our laughter weren’t a memory. I wish what remains of our love isn’t mere ashes. How did we get here? I miss you terribly.

9. My greatest guilt is letting you go without a fight. I miss you like you were the only star in my sky.

10. My heart feels so empty, cause you were the only occupant in it. Let’s go back to the way it used to be.

11. I wish you could smile along with me like you used to. I miss you, darling.

12. I look for you in my dreams and daily activities. I’m missing you more than you can imagine.

13. I wish the stars and the moon would stop remembering me of you. I miss you, my heartbeat.

14. The only one I ever missed in my life is you.

15. You’re meant to always hold my hand. I miss how we used to be cocooned in each other’s arm.

16. Tease me, again. Love me, again. I miss you, my darling.

17. We weren’t meant to stop loving each other. Where are you, my love? I miss you.

18. I wanted a break, but not a lifetime separation from you. I miss how we used to be.

19. Can we go back to how we used to be so in love? We’re not like we used to be.

20. I pray, heaven gifts you to me, one more time. I won’t let you go, again. I miss you.

21. What is left in my heart is the unsatisfying remnants of your presence. I want you to come back to me with your wholeness.

22. A kiss from you would wake up my spirit. My heart is dead because of you. I miss you, babe.

23. You’ll always be my epitome of true love no matter how far you may be from me. I miss you.

24. I was once loving you. Now, I’m missing you.

25. I wish heaven would let you see my heart and make you understand how much you’re missed.

26. You’re fondly thought of in every corner of my heart, for I loved you with everything I got. I miss you, babe.

27. You are the light of my life – a delightful lover, you were. I miss you.

28. You lighted up my whole life with love when you were here with me. Now, my heart is benighted because you left. I miss you, my love.

29. You’re my only true love. Little wonder, I miss you in such a unique way.

30. My heart only leads to yours. Hence, I’ll lose my way without you. I miss you.

31. Your soft words linger in my heart. I find it hard to let go off of your memory. I miss how we used to be.

32. I only wish I could turn back the hand of time, you’ll still be here with me. I miss you, honey.

33. You’re the face of love. I want to hold your beautiful face in my hand. I miss you.

34. My heart no longer feels at peace again, cause you’ve taken your love away from me. I miss us, dearie.

35. If darkness befalls the earth both day and night, I wouldn’t miss the sun nor the moon as much as I miss you right now.

36. Breath on me again. I yearn to feel your presence on my skin. I miss you, my love.

37. The greatest thing I miss about you is your love and so far, it’s been irreplaceable.

38. I miss us – the way we loved each other and felt so united and unbreakable.

39. I wish I could buy your love. Alas! It is priceless as you are. I miss you in my life.

40. I’m ready to love you the way I never did before. Give me a second chance, my love. I miss us, together.

41. The sun no longer shines on me, cause you’re not in my life anymore. Come back, my love, I miss us.

42. I want to stop seeing you in my head. I want to start holding you in my arms. Miss you, so much.

43. I wish there was a way I could make you understand, that I never stopped loving you like you assumed. I miss us, my love.

44. If you come back, you’ll be resurrecting me from death. I miss your priceless touch.

45. My heart would keep sinking in darkness for as long as you keep running away from me. I miss you.

46. Our love has become invisible and no longer invincible, all because you’re no longer here with me. I want to see you, again. I miss us being together.

47. If only heaven would smile on me and bring you to me, my love. I miss you, dear.

48. My greatest regret is letting you go. I miss you in all honesty.

49. My name is missing in heaven, cause I wronged you when I didn’t fight for us. I miss you.

50. Tears and sadness have become my company, instead of you. I miss you, my love.

51. Where did I fail with you? I want to know so I can correct myself. I miss us.

52. I yearn for you now and forevermore. Please, come back to me. I miss you.

53. We’re not like we used to be. We were like a hot magical fire burning so passionately.

54. I’ve been dreaming of you even whilst I’m awake. I simply miss you.

55. Don’t go so far. My heart is where you belong. I miss us being together.

56. In case you don’t know, I never stopped loving you, I only stopped holding you in my arms. I miss you so much.

57. One more day without you would take my life away. One more day with you would save my soul. I miss us as one.

58. I’m lost without your love. It is the purpose of my life. Never missed someone as I miss you.

59. My love, the time spent without you has been the most meaningless hour of my life. I miss you in an untold manner.

60. I want to win your love and affection back. Get ready to see me fighting for you with utter audacity. I miss us, terribly.

61. The feeling came rushing back like a fountain of love. I miss us so much, my darling.

62. We used to be like the moon and stars, wherever you went, I did. I want us back, dearie.

63. Regret is the greatest sorrow. Mine lies in letting you go. I want you back, my darling.

64. The treasures of the world wouldn’t be enough. Cause you’re a blessing from above. I miss us together, my love.

65. Wherever you are, I’ll find you. Wherever your heart went, I’ll go look for it. We’re not like we used to be, my love.

66. My heart is heavy when I feel your distance away from me. I miss us, dearie.

67. How can I manage losing a friend? I hope to have you back, sweetest.

68. My heart is void and dark. Bring back your light into it, I plea, my love.

69. Where has your smile gone? Where can I find it? I long for you, my dear.

70. I miss you, my love and even your tender breath on my skin.

71. It’s always refreshing to have you. I still want us back, sweetie.

72. My wish every day and night is to have us back together like we used to. This time, I won’t let go.

73. Your heart is where mine belongs. To you alone, I will read my vows and promises. I miss us, my love.

74. The song of regret sings all day long in my heart. Be merciful upon my hurting heart and return your love to me, my darling.

75. I miss everything about us. Do well to come back to me, my love.

76. I’ll be the best I can if you give us that chance again. I miss you, baby.

77. I wish to share my wine with you and to behold your lovely smile again. Please, make my dream come true. I miss us, my love.

78. No matter where I go, it’s you my heart yearns for.

79. I’ll do everything to see you walk back into my life. Kindly, agree with my desire, my love.

80. Mornings are not as beautiful as they used to be, cause you took the shine away. I miss us, my love.

81. I feel empty and unclad. For your love is gone and so is your warmth. I miss us, baby.

82. Losing all my silver and gold wouldn’t hurt this much. For I lost a true lover in you. I miss you, my darling.

83. I desire you, my darling more than the company of two thousand lovers and friends.

84. You’re special to me. Hence, when you left, so did your grace and love. I miss you terribly, my love.

85. I ask for your forgiveness. Cause I miss you too much to withhold it, my darling.

86. It feels like my breath is being drawn away. For we’re not like we used to be, my darling.

87. There’s nothing we cannot fix if we give it our commitment. We’re not like we used to be, my love. And I hate it so much.

88. I don’t want anyone else but you. I don’t need anything else but your warmth. I miss you, my love.

89. I can feel the distance getting wider and the feelings getting colder. We’re not like we used to be and I hate it so much.

90. My only wish, my love, my only wish is that you come right back into my arms and stay forever in its protection.

91. If only I could, I’d turn back the hands of time and not once would we drift apart. I miss us, dearie.

92. There’s still a chance for us to get back together. Hence, I plead for your forgiveness, my darling.

93. Let’s make new memories of love, for the memory before is fading away.

94. Again, we can make love, the most beautiful thing in the world. I miss us so much, my darling.

95. How else can I say the prayer and how else can I plea? I wonder who else would love me like you. I miss us so much, my darling.

96. The other arms are not familiar. And the other kisses do not feel enchanting. I miss us, my darling.

97. If I lose everything, not you too, my darling. For I can’t bear it!

98. My heart is burdened by your disappearance. I hope you come back to me in no distance time at all. I miss us.

99. I want to hold your hands again and feel your tender kisses one more time. I miss us, my love.

100. No one can recreate your fire. Not a soul can recreate our bond. I miss us, my love.

101. We’re not like we used to be and it shows in our conversation. I miss us, my dearest.

102. Forgive me, if I want you back so badly. I just cannot bear having you so far away anymore, my dear.

103. Truest confession from my heart; I miss you and miss us so terribly.

104. I’d be perfect for you if that’s what it takes to have you back, my love. For I miss you.

105. Dreams snatched. For I can’t feel you near anymore. I miss you, my darling.

106. My mind flashes back to the old times. For the new times feel awful within me. I miss us, sweetie.

107. No one else can take your place. For in this world, only you can be this great in my eyes. I miss you.

108. I want to find my way back into your heart. For I miss your loving arms around my shoulders.

109. I hope you desire me again as much as I do you. For I want us back like never before, my darling.

110. Like a bird that escaped away into the sky, you’re gone. I hope you find your way back into my world. I miss us, dearie.

111. I’ll offer my sacrifices to the wind. Just to have it bring you back into my arms. I miss us, my darling.

112. I really do not need much when I have you. Now I need everything because you’re gone. I miss us, my love.

113. Your voice was my shield. Now I yearn for your cover. I miss you, my love.

114. My love for you has built up to the sky in your absence. I just need you to come back, my darling.

115. There is only a lonely life outside the warmth of your arms. That’s the life I don’t want to live. I miss you, my love.

116. I miss us like the earth misses the sun at night. I hope you bring light into my world again.

117. I can’t let go because I love you. We’re not like we used to be, my darling.

118. You’re still my special one. Little wonder, I miss you so undescribably.

119. What is life without your kisses? Like a sounding cymbal, it is, void of rich melody and harmony.

120. Like a rainbow fading away, I hate to see you go. I miss you, my darling.

It’s a beautiful thing that your expectation has been met.

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