I Miss You Dad Quotes and Messages for Great Fathers

I Miss You Dad Quotes and Messages for Great Fathers

Even though some fathers are deadbeats, you will agree with me that there are great fathers too. Fathers should be our covering. A father loves and cares for his children. A father goes the extra mile to make a living for the family. A father is a hero and a blessing to his children.

While fathers are good at sucking things up, making you believe that everything is fine, some are really going through so much. Some fathers die while trying to make ends meet. Some fathers go very far from the family, just to earn a living. Whether your father is just far away or dead, these I miss you dad quotes and messages for great fathers are what to ease up the pain and express how much you miss him.

Dear Dad I Miss You Quotes

Dear dad, this quote doesn’t sum up how much I miss you. I miss us. I miss all the conversations we used to have. I wish you were here with me, honestly. I promise to keep being your sweet little angel. I hope you’re doing well. I love you so much.

1. Dear dad, today, I am thanking God for blessing me with an amazing father like you. All this while, I thought you were only being mean to me. Now that I am far away and alone, I now know that you love me so much to have done all you did. Thank you for everything, dad. I miss you.

2. I’m nothing without you, dad. I have always wanted to tell you how sweet and kind you are, but I couldn’t do that, before leaving the family. Spending my life outside of the family has really opened my eyes to a lot. I now understand how much you care about me. I miss you so much, my dad.

3. With you, everything has never stopped being great. You know and understand everything about life and success, and this has helped me become a great man today. Dad, I owe it all to you, and I honestly can’t wait to make you proud. I miss you so much dad.

4. Dad, you are everything and more. I honestly can’t think of where I would be without your encouragement and support. You literally put your life on hold for your family. I’m grateful to be your daughter. All that’s on my mind is how to make you proud of me. I miss you to stupor.

5. I have never been this far from you. Right from the beginning of my life, I have never stopped feeling your love. Your love is what has kept me going till this moment. You’re a rare gem, dad and I can’t wait for the world to join me in celebrating you. I miss you a lot.

6. My dad; my best friend. You are everything a girl can ever ask for. You make everything available to me, even when I don’t call your attention to it. You’re by far the kindest dad on earth. Your labour of love over me shall never go in vain. Your daughter misses you a lot.

7. I’m successful in life and business because you are my father. If I were a daughter to another man, then the story could’ve been tragic. I won’t stop thanking God for the gift of a supportive and sweet dad. Watch me make you smile. I miss you, my dad.

8. It’s been so long since I last saw you. Honestly, I haven’t been myself. The only thing that keeps me going is your love. I don’t ever want you to be disappointed in me, so I will keep managing till I hit it big. How are you fairing, dad? I miss you so much, and I can’t wait to see you again. I love you.

9. You took it upon yourself to teach me everything I know today. I’m thankful for the reasons to keep making you proud and happy. Honestly, it hasn’t been easy. But then, it could’ve been worse without you. I’m grateful for your words of encouragement; they really helped. I miss you, and you know it.

10. I have never been away from you, for a day! It’s been months without you, dad and I honestly don’t know I managed to make it this far without you. You’re so special to me, dad. Just like I promised, I will keep making effort to make you a proud father. You can count on me on that. I miss you too much.

11. The bond between us is one of the things that keep me going in a world full of evil and unnecessary competition. I’m grateful for a dad like you, who makes life easier for his children. I don’t know about other children, but I know I have the best dad. That alone is enough for me. I miss you, dad.

12. Sometimes, I question myself about how I have been able to cope for all these months without you. Honestly, I don’t know what is happening. I’m just glad that I made your dream of becoming a proud father, come true. And this, I will continue to do. I miss you, sir.

13. You’re my lovely dad and best friend. Life without you will be so hard. I’m thankful for all the lessons I have learnt from your story and experience. Thank you for not holding anything back. I hope I’m making you proud already. I miss you, and I can’t wait to see you. All my love.

14. Mom has always been in the picture, but you’ve always been my favourite. You know exactly how to scold me without making me feel bad. You understand every of my mood. You know when I am happy and when I am not. Honestly, a dad like you is very rare; that’s why I am happy to have you. I miss you so much.

15. Dear dad, I wonder how you’ve been holding up without me. Don’t you miss me at all? I was only kidding, dad. You don’t stop telling me how much you miss me, whenever you call. I miss you, and I just wish I could stop what I am doing here, but that’s not possible. Hoping to see you soon. Do take care of yourself.

I Miss My Dad So Much Quotes

Hey, dad. It just seems as though a part of me left with you. I’m so sad that I have no idea when next we would see. Till then, I want you to keep taking care of yourself. I promise to do that too. I can’t wait to see you. I miss you so much.

16. You’re a man after my heart. You’re the one I first loved, and that hasn’t and will never change. There’s something special about you, dad. And even though I haven’t figured it, I’m sure you deserve to be called the best dad ever. On this note, that’s what I will keep calling you, from today. I miss you, my man.

17. Life without you is so hard, dad. I wish you were here with me. Sometimes, I cry, because I don’t know when next I will ever set my eyes on you. It’s been years already, and I just hope this thing can just end. I promise to keep making you shed tears of joy, dad. I miss you more than you miss me.

18. I have known you before any other man. And on that note, you will continue to come first, even after I get married. I will never allow any other man or person to come between us. I promise to give you cute grandkids. You’re the best, and you deserve more than these. I miss you.

19. It’s no news that you’re the one who made this beautiful life possible for me. Honestly, without you, I have no idea where I would be. You being my dad has really brought me so many blessings. I’m sure you feel blessed to have me as your son, dad. I miss you, and can’t wait to see you.

20. You’re the only one I always long to see. I have never spent more than a few hours apart from you. I don’t know how to feel about this new experience, but I’m sure it’s all for the best. I will keep going round the world, just to let everyone know how supportive and amazing my dad is. I miss you, sir.

21. Just like I promised, wherever I find myself, I won’t stop talking about you. I will keep telling whoever cares to listen. I just wish there were more fathers like you in the world; it would’ve been a better place to be. I’m thankful that my life is attached to you, in a way. I miss you, my dad. Kisses.

22. I might just come home with my fiance, soon. I know you’ve been longing to meet him. Dad, in everything I do, I want to always have your blessings. I don’t ever want to do anything outside of your knowledge or approval. You deserve to know everything happening in my life. I love and miss you so much, dad.

23. Every single day, I go on my knees to thank God for blessing me with the best dad in the world. So many of my friends have bad dads, so they can’t relate. They all wish you were there dad. Thank you for being a good example to other men out there. Thank you for being yourself. Your daughter misses you a lot.

24. Whenever you see me, you’re always happy. Well, the feeling is mutual. I have been so down, ever since I got here. I’m down because I don’t even know the next time I will set my eyes on you. I miss you so much, and if it’s possible, I will fast-forward this program, so I can be with you again. Love you, dad.

25. It’s not your birthday, but being away from you has really made me realize how much you’ve contributed to my growth. I never knew you had such a stronghold on me, until now. Dad, whatever I do in life, I won’t stop making you proud. I will never forget all we discussed. You’re the best in the world. I miss you too much.

26. Being away from you has made me value you more than ever. I never thought it would tell so much on me. I cry, literally every day. I don’t know when to see you again, but I know you will always be strong for me. Please, don’t stop praying for me, as I need prayers to weather this storm. I miss you so much, dad.

27. You’re the only one who has been actively involved in my life, from the very beginning. No matter where I look, I always find you. Dad, I still don’t know why you love me this much. I’m not even close to being the best son. I err, but you’re always quick to forgive me. I love you so much, and can’t wait to see you.

28. The day I was supposed to leave the house, I felt so much pain. I have never been away from you. Up till now, I still feel the same way. Honestly, I wish I could come back home, but I am a man now. I’m looking to settling down here with my family. We will keep coming to check you. Miss you so much, dad.

29. Everything I know about life, I learned from you. You taught me how to know something about everything. You made your life an open book, and you never covered any of your mistakes. Honestly, I have learned so much than money can buy. I promise to keep impacting people. I miss you, my dad.

30. Even though the distance is a very long one, the feeling still remains the same. This journey wouldn’t have been easy without you. You call me every day, just to check on me and make sure that things are going fine. You’re the reason I want to stay here for as long as I can, even though I miss you. Love you, dad.

I Miss You Everyday Dad Quotes

Every day seems like a sad day for me because I do not know when next I will see you. You’ve been a great part of my life, and you’re basically the reason I am doing this. I’m all about making you proud, dad. I love and miss you so much.

31. Having a parent like you is the best thing that can ever happen to a child. I’m all grown now, and everything you taught me hasn’t departed from me. I keep learning from you. I’m very sure my children will be swimming in knowledge when they eventually come. I love and miss you, dad.

32. This holiday is so boring without you, dad. Your grandkids keep crying because they miss you. Even as old as I am, I still miss you. You have always been our hero. Our long conversations are what I miss the most. We all can’t wait to have you around, dad. We love you so much.

33. Today, I am thanking you for being a great father. When others were sleeping, you were always on the grind, just to make sure we don’t starve or beg for anything. Dad, you deserve even more than the love you’re getting from me. I can’t wait to do much more. I miss you, my dad.

34. All I want to keep doing is put a smile on your face. No matter how busy I am, I will keep making time for you. You were there for me when no one else was. I have no reason to neglect you when you need me the most. I hope you’re doing very fine, dad. I miss you so much. See you soon, by God’s grace.

35. There is absolutely nothing in this life. You’re the only encouragement I have that keeps me going. I have promised myself never to disappoint you, and that’s why I keep working hard, so you can be proud of me. I hope you’re doing well, though. I will find time out to see you soon. Love you, dad.

36. As long as I have the best dad in the world, I am sure there would be no problem. Sometimes, I wonder if you really go to work. I’m old enough to take care of myself, but you still find the need to keep calling and asking about my well-being. I’m grateful for the love, dad. Your munchkin misses you.

37. No matter how far I go in life, you will always be that one person, who held me by the hand and showed me all there is to life. You broke everything down to me, and I realized exactly how difficult things can get. Daddy, thank you for being my rock and strength. I appreciate all you do. I miss you, sir.

38. I’m not the best daughter in the world, but because I have the best dad, I have everything. Dad, you have never let me go through anything alone. You’re always there to cheer me on when things go bad. You’re the only one who claps for me when I win. You’re the best, dad. I miss you, and it hurts badly.

39. I don’t know how long I have to stay before I can see you again, dad. I miss you every day, and it hurts because there’s nothing I can do about it. You’re the main reason I am doing this, dad. I want to show you off to the world, so everyone can know how blessed I am. I miss you, sweet dad.

40. My success story will have no meaning if you are not mentioned in it. If not for you, so many things would’ve gone bad. You’re my angel, dad. No matter how many years you spend in life, I will always be with you; loving and caring for you. I miss you badly, dad.

41. Despite my unwillingness, you never gave up on me. You made sure to be there, every step of the way. What would I ever do without you, dad? It’s not your birthday, but I just felt the need to appreciate you for everything. You’re the best, and that’s final. I miss you, daddy.

42. Even though mom always got jealous whenever we were together, you never really cared. You just wanted to be with your daughter. Honestly, dad, that’s exactly how I felt too. I didn’t really care about mom’s feelings. Now that I have left you both, I feel this is the time she’s been waiting for. I miss you, my sweet dad.

43. We always fought, because I was never ready to listen to anything you had to say. I believed you were trying to live my life for me, but now, I can clearly see that you were only making the right choices for me. Thank God I eventually came around. And thank you for not giving up on me. I miss you, dad.

44. My sweet dad, things are not easy without you, but I’m getting along. I really want to make you proud, so I won’t be complaining too much about this experience. You’ve done so much for me, and going through this, just to make it, will only make you a proud dad. I miss you.

I Will Miss You Dad Messages

Life is so hard out here, dad. If not for all the values and morals you instilled in me, there could have been a lot of problems by now. I’m grateful for all you do for me, dad. Even though we’re far from each other, I miss you badly. I hope you read this with a big smile on your face.

45. I’m going on a journey, and I have no idea when I will be back. I’m sure it’s not going to be easy without you, but a girl’s got to do what she’s got to do. Going on this journey to make you proud. By the time I am back, you will be amazed. I’m going to miss you, my dad.

46. With tears in my eyes, I write this message to you. I don’t even know how to feel, knowing that I’m leaving tomorrow. Dad, you’ve been everything to me, and I don’t take any of your kindness for granted. You will be proud of me at the end of this journey; that’s a promise. I will miss you.

47. Life without a dad like you, will be void of meaning. You’re actively involved in my life like you don’t have yours to live. I used to think that you were just being unnecessarily overprotective, but now, I understand it’s all love. I love you too, dad. And I’m missing you already.

48. I’m just a lucky girl. I have great parents who have my back every time. Dad, I have such special love for you. Unlike other dads, you spend time with me, talking about my challenges and how you can put a stop to them. Being here without you is really a tough challenge, but I will get through it. I miss you, dad.

49. You have no idea how much I am missing you already. I just wish you could join me on this journey. My life won’t be the same without you. How do I even cope for such long months without you? I wish there’s something I can do, honestly. But since there’s none, I will just accept it in good faith. Love you, dad.

50. Life is really about what you make it. You’ve made life beautiful and easy for me, dad. You shoulder all my challenges like they are yours. What would I ever do without you? Today, I’m pouring out my mind, because it’s not going to be a rose without you. I know God will help me through it. I’m missing you, dad.

51. Believe me when I say I will miss you, my dad. You’ve been a huge part of my life, and you’ve contributed immensely to my growth. There’s no me without you. As I start a new journey of life, I hope that your words of encouragement never depart from me. It’s just a matter of time; you will be proud of me.

52. I don’t care what others go through in the hands of their dads, all I know is that my dad treats me well, whether or not we are together. We’re both far apart dad, but it still feels like we’re together. I really miss you, though. I miss our long walks and talks. Nothing’s the same without you. I love you.

53. You already know I will miss you, dad. It’s not going to be that easy for me, but I promise to be a strong girl for you. How are you fairing without me, though? Please, don’t be sick, as I will be back before you know it. I miss you so much, and I can’t wait to get back in your arms. Take good care of yourself.

54. I have never lacked anything in this life. Before I ask, you already know what I need. You’ve already got them before I ask. What’s not to love about you, dad? I love the fact that you’re passionate about my progress. I dedicate all of these to you, my dad. I will miss you even more.

55. It’s not easy for me, I’m only trying to be strong. Knowing that I will be leaving you tomorrow, makes me unhappy. You have always been right beside me. There was no time you ever left me alone. How do I cope now? I will miss you too much, dad. Be strong for me. I love you so much.

56. I know it’s not going to be easy for you as well, but then, I’m sure you can manage the situation. Unlike me who can’t. I don’t even know if I’d be able to cope for such a long period of time without you? How about I stay back, dad? I will miss you. In fact, I’m missing you already.

57. I don’t even know how to feel. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. Truth is, I have never left you for a week. This course will take years before I get done. How do I cope? I’m missing you already, dad, and I just wish there’s something I can do. Please, don’t stop taking care of yourself. I love you.

58. I never realized how much you mean to me, until now. It seems like reality is beginning to dawn on me. Very soon, I won’t be seeing you like I always have. I still can’t believe this is happening. I pray for strength through it all. Please, be strong for me, dad. I will miss you.

I Miss You Dad Please Come Back

I wish I could see you again, dad, even if it’s for the last time. You were everything to me, and it’s so sad I have to feel this way. I pray God forgives all your sins and make you have a beautiful stay. I still wish you could come back. I love you.

59. Everyone knows I can barely do anything without you. You’ve always been there; guiding and protecting me. Honestly, I don’t know what will happen after this. Please, be strong for me. I will also try not to think about it too much. The most important thing is to make it worth it. I miss you, dad. Please come back.

60. I have never been so down, in my entire life. Today, I feel like reality is beginning to set in. In a couple of hours, I will be in another country, where I won’t be able to see you and mom. Dad, how do we cope with this? Isn’t this too much? I’m sure it will pass. I miss you, dad.

61. I know you want me to be strong for you, but this is too much than I can ignore. I can’t bring myself to terms that I’m going to be away from you for such a long period of time. How do I cope with life and everything? I pray God helps me through this. I miss you, my sweet dad.

62. No other person is worth my love other than you. There’s nothing I can’t do for you, dad. You’ve always been there, guiding and loving me like you’re being paid for it. I’m about to leave to where I won’t be able to see you, but I find solace in trusting God to keep us both. I miss you too much, my dad. Please come back.

63. Because I have you, I now know how to manage time. I used to be such a time-waster, but now, I am not that type anymore. Dad, thank you for training me with the right resources. Thank you for pouring your heart to me. Thank you for giving me life, literally. I love and miss you. Love, your daughter.

64. People always think we are brothers. Asides from the family, no one knows that you’re my dad. We do things the same way. We are always together. I enjoy spending time with you because I get to learn new things. Honestly, you’ve impacted my life, and I am grateful. I miss you, dad. Please come back.

65. Where do I begin to describe how amazing you are, dad? You’re the most selfless and responsible dad ever. Some things would never have been possible without your love and support. When it’s time to eat the fruit of your labour, I pray you won’t be found wanting. I miss you, dad.

66. You literally gave everything up for me, dad. We were all surprised when you quitted work, just to come to focus on training me. This decision changed my life for good, dad. I’m still standing tall because of you. Don’t you ever leave me, dad? Please, don’t miss me too much. I miss you, though. Take care of yourself.

67. You have a very pleasant nature, and this attracts people to you. A lot of people have learned from you, over the years. You’re a wonderful man who makes his life an open book for others to learn from. God has just started with you, dad. You have no idea what’s coming. I miss you a lot. Kisses.

68. You’re the only one I can’t do without talking to. My problem is your problem like you always say. You’ve taken too many bullets for my sake. I won’t be here today, without you, and everyone knows that. Thank you for always going out of your way. You make it so easy. I miss you, my dad. Please, come back.

69. There’s no amount that’s too big to spend on me. You do not hesitate to spend all the money in your account just to make sure I get what I want. You’re the best dad ever, and that’s just one of the things you’re good at. I can never stop loving you. I hope you can cope with my absence. I miss you.

70. Life happens to everyone, but I feel this punishment is just too much. How do I cope without seeing you for months? I don’t even know how that’s supposed to make me feel. I will just focus on what I’m going over there to do, so you can be proud of me in the long run. Do take care of yourself, dad. I miss you.

71. It all makes sense now. So, I won’t be seeing you for the next couple of months? Dad, how’s this supposed to make me feel. I’m sad already, and I wish you could just come home now. I miss you so much, and I don’t know what to do without you. Please, I am begging you, come back home dad.

72. I have grown so fond of you that I never want to spend a minute without you. You’ve been away for so long and I expect you to be back home, by now
Dad, what do I do so I can have you back? I will do anything, as I’m so desperate to see you. I miss you, dad. Please, come back home.

I Will Always Miss You Dad

No matter what happens, you will always be my number one. You’re the reason I don’t want to stop now. I know you’re no longer in this world, and that’s very fine. But I will always miss you, for all you did while you were here. I love you, my dad.

73. When you were alive, you never wanted to see me sad. Now that you’re gone, I have been sad ever since. This isn’t easy for me, dad. I wish you never had to go. We had so many plans together, and you couldn’t even wait to execute them. I know you’re in a better place. I will always miss you, dad.

74. Death can be very wicked, though. I never knew I would be gathered, by now. The experience hasn’t been easy, but mom keeps helping me. I think I’m getting over it, but I still can’t come to terms that I won’t see you again. I will always miss you, my dad. Rest well in the bosom of God. I love you.

75. The time you spent here on earth was worth it. You spent your life inspiring people, including me. You stood in truth till the very end. I promise to keep to my part of our plans. You will be forced to smile down at me when I start. I will always miss you, my lovely dad.

76. I wish I can see you again, dad. Even if it’s just to hug you and tell you how much I have made you proud. You were everything to me when you were here. Now that you’re no longer here, I don’t even know how to feel. I believe things will be better, with time. I will always miss you.

77. Dear dad, death took you away from me, just when it was time to start eating the fruit of your labour. Honestly, it still hurts till today. As I write this, tears won’t stop running down my cheeks. I know you’re in a better place, and I hope you keep enjoying in the bosom of the Lord. I will always miss you, dad.

78. My love for you knew no bounds, and it still doesn’t. Putting this down makes me feel very sad and empty. I know God has forgiven all your sins because you were a very good person. People still talk about you, till date. Please, keep smiling down on me. I will always miss you, dad.

79. You were my best friend and confidant; I guess that’s why your death came as a rude shock. I never knew your goodbye will be so quick, I would’ve started hustling from a very young age. I will never forget all you taught me, dad. I will always miss you. Till we meet to part no more. I love you.

80. I’m very sure you’re at the right hand of the Lord, dad. You lived your life, pleasing God and humanity. You never had time for yourself. Honestly, I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I wish you spent more time with me. Keep resting in peace, dad. I will always love and miss you.

81. Dealing with the trauma that comes with your death, is actually a very big deal for me. I have never lost a close person, and it hurts so deeply that my dad was the first. No, it’s not been easy without you, but I thank God for mom. She keeps being there for me. I will always miss you, dad. Rest well.

82. Having a good dad like you is everything, so spending time away from you will always be a bad idea. Today, I woke up missing you badly, but there’s nothing I can do. I hope you’re missing me too, dad. Please, reply to this message, as soon as you get it. I will always miss you.

83. Having you was a rare privilege, dad. I’m glad I never took it for granted. Even so many years after you’ve passed, your memories still linger on. How can I forget the one person who was always there for me? I woke up being thankful today, dad. Nothing will ever stop me from missing you. I love you.

84. You trained us all in the way of the Lord. This has always been with us, and we hope it never departs from us. I want to make more impact on the world than you did. I want this family’s name to go far and wide to the ends of the earth. I will make you proud, dad. I will always miss you.

85. Life with you was so great, unlike life without you. Everyone now seems moody all the time. We only go through your pictures, to connect with you. Dad, you were a great husband and father. This family remains nothing without you. I hope you keep resting well. I will always miss you. Mwah!

86. Here I am, thinking about the moments I spent with you and the joy of being your daughter. What a privilege! Even though you’re gone, you will never be forgotten. You will keep living in our hearts. I hope you’re enjoying the company of the angels. I will always miss you, dad.

I Will Forever Miss You Dad

Forever will your love be in my heart. I have eventually summoned the courage to do this, after months of being sad, lonely and depressed. I know you’re in a better place, and that’s all that matters. Keep resting, dad. I will forever miss you.

87. Dear dad, I miss us so much. I miss all that we discussed before you passed. You never told me you were tired of being my father. You just left abruptly. Now, it’s just me, and I don’t know how to go about these things. I know you’re smiling down on me. I hope things get easy, soon. I will forever miss you.

88. The good times we had together can never be forgotten, because there was so much to learn. No one came to you empty and left the same way. You always found it the easiest to impart people. It’s good you’re being remembered for something great. I will forever miss you, my dad. I love you so much.

89. I have never stopped doing well, ever since you passed. I keep breaking grounds and bagging awards. This is all I have always wanted to do. I have always wanted you to be proud of me. Even though it’s now happening in your absence, I’m very sure that you’re still proud. I will forever miss you, dad.

90. It’s not easy to focus without you. You were the only focus I had. Now that you’re gone, it just feels like I am starting all over again. Dear dad, I want you to always smile down at me. I really want to continue from where you stopped. I will always miss and love you, dad.

91. Even though you never waited to reap the benefits of your labour, you did very well, dad. You made my growth an easy one. You made it all worth it for me. You’re not here today, but I’m sure you’re proud of me. In fact, I can see you smiling. I will always miss you, my dad.

92. Here I am, wondering how I got so lucky. Other people’s dads are disciplinarians, but you’re not one. You have never been violent towards me. You correct me with so much love. You break things down for me, just so I can understand. You’re the best dad, and I’m lucky to have you. I will forever miss you.

93. Death really did something bad. How could it have just taken you away from me, just when it was time for you to start reaping the fruits of your hard labour? It’s so tough for me, dad, but I want to keep making you proud. I will always miss and wish you never left.

94. I have no better way to console myself than to put this down. You were a very big part of my life. There was never a time you weren’t there for me. Even though you’re gone, you can never be forgotten. Your memories will always live with me forever. I will forever miss you, dad.

95. For me, life has been really tough, ever since you left. It’s not any better now, because I still miss you. I just wish you never left so early, dad. Things are beginning to look good. I wanted this to happen in your presence. Well, that’s how God has designed it. I will always miss you.

96. There’s no life for me because I have no father. You left too soon, dad. You could’ve just waited for a little. I had so many plans for you, and I can’t even do any of them again, because you’re no longer here. I will always love and miss you, my dad. Love, your beautiful daughter.

97. You were literally all I had, dad. I wanted to make you proud so badly. I thought you were going to be with me forever. I never knew death had its own plans. Now that you’re gone, I’m left with no choice but to keep living with the trauma from your death. I will always miss you, all the same.

98. I had the best dad, but it’s a pity he’s no longer here. Dear dad, I did all you wanted me to do. I took those courses, I went on those adventures. I did every single thing we talked about. Now, you’re no longer here. I wonder why I started in the first place. I hope you’re happy now. I will always miss you.

99. Ever since you left, I haven’t stopped missing you. It seems as though a huge part of me, left with you. Well, that’s just the truth. You had so much to offer, dad. You did your best to give me a good life. Now that the good life is here, you are no more. I’m sure you’re having it good, over there. I will forever miss you.

100. Your legacy lives on, dad. I promise to continue from where you stopped. I promise to never let all your beautiful dreams die. I promise to continue the charity you started. You will be very proud of me, at the end of the day. I miss you so much, and I will forever miss you.

Hey there, I hope this meets you well. I will love to know how you feel about the I miss you dad quotes and messages for great fathers up there. So please, kindly drop your comment(s) below. Also, don’t forget to tell and share with others across all social media platforms. Thank you.

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