I Miss You My Cousin Quotes and Messages

I Miss You My Cousin Quotes and Messages

Sometimes, the bond between cousins is stronger than that of siblings, and this all starts from childhood. Some cousins are even more of friends than actual friends; they are very close, share moments and the likes.

Meanwhile, life happens and we all get to move on, as we may not have the same plan for the future. This might take a toll on you and your cousin because you both need to focus on your lives. One might even be willing to communicate, while the other doesn’t have the time.

Either way, these I miss you my cousin quotes and messages can help express how much you have missed your cousin. This compilation comprises quotes and messages you can send to your cousin when you’re missing them. You can use it to express how much you love and want them around.

You can send it as a text message or via other social media platforms. They will appreciate it.

I Miss You Cousin Quotes for Your Cousin

Dear cousin, the experience I have had with you is more than anything, trust me. You are the most amazing human ever and I consider you a sister. I’m sending this quote to let you know how much I miss you. I hope we meet up soon.

1. Hey cousin, you honestly don’t have an idea how much I miss you. It’s been so long since we last saw. I want us to meet up soon, as I would love to see you again. How are things over there? I hope you’re getting along pretty well. I wish you all the best. Stay safe, till we meet again.

2. Childhood with you was so awesome and interesting. I never thought there’d be a time when we would be far apart to this extent. Honestly, I have really missed you. I really hope to see you soon, so we can at least catch up on all the things we’ve missed about each other. I love you.

3. You have been a part of my life, since the beginning. We have never been far from each other for this long. I honestly don’t know how I feel without you here. I miss you; I miss us. I know you’re there to be better, but I hope you know there’s someone who misses you, day and night.

4. Dear cousin, how are you coping with life? I don’t want you to start brooding over little things, as experiences make us go far in life. At the end of the day, all these struggles will be worth it. You just need to remain focused and determined through it all. I miss you so much.

5. Ever since you left for where you are, things have never been the same. I miss you every single day. Honestly, I have been moody since you left. Everywhere is just boring, and nothing seems to make sense to me. When exactly are you thinking of coming back? I miss you too much.

6. You are that one person who has always been fully involved in my entire life and affairs. There’s nothing you don’t know about me. Unlike my siblings, you’re always there for me. Even in your absence, you still find a way to make sure everything is well with me. I’m thankful for an amazing cousin like you. Cheers to the good life.

7. Honestly, you won’t understand exactly how I feel, until you walk in my shoes. I don’t seem to get myself. How are you managing over there without me, though? I need the address of where you are, so I can at least, come to check on you. How are you, dear cousin? I miss you.

8. There’s never a dull moment with you, as you have a unique way of lighting up the whole place. You’re the closest person to me, and it feels really weird not to have you around. I would love for us to see pretty soon, though. I miss you, and I bet you have no idea. Take care.

9. You’re the most brilliant cousin ever; always ready to sink in my problems like they are yours. You’ve always been very helpful to me and my crafts. There’s no how I’d have gotten here without you. It’s good to know that you’re doing well in life. While I’m seriously missing you, I wish you all the best. Love.

10. You’re the only one who understands the pain behind my smiles. You know so much about me than I know about myself. You’re always particular about my well-being and happiness. What would I have done without you? I see all you do, even though you’re not here. May our next meeting be colourful. I miss you.

11. We all aspire to be great people in life, so I’m not mad that you’re over there; it’s all for good, anyways. But what is making me unhappy is that I don’t know when next we would see. Honestly, I have been a shadow of myself, ever since you left. I can trust no one like I trust you. I miss you, my cousin.

12. Apart from being family, you are my best friend. No one understands me like you do. You constantly make sure to check up on me, even though you’re far away. I miss you so much, and I don’t know what to do about it. If you can come up with anything, kindly let me know. All my love.

13. People will always think we are siblings, because of how close we are. We are two mature minds that understand how the family sector works. You have always been in my corner. You know when to come in, and when not to. What’s not to love about you? I miss you too much. See you soon.

14. I know you can’t really cope without me, and sadly, it’s the same for me. I haven’t been myself, ever since you left. Everyone keeps telling me you would be back soon, but I never get to see you. I want you to call or text back, immediately you get this message. I can’t wait to hear from you. I love you.

15. We have such a very strong bond. We can literally do nothing without each other, even now that we’re very far apart. You’re so intentional about how I feel, that you consider me in everything you do. Thank you for loving me this much. I want us to see, very soon. I miss you.

16. There’s no conversation as sweet as the one with you. You understand what it means to love and be loved. You’ve always been there for me, not minding who’s watching. Today, I think about you, and I’m glad you’re in a better place. I wish we could hang out soon. I miss you a lot.

17. You’ve always been the only one who is genuinely interested in how I feel. You have never joked with my emotions. You love me deeply and root for me like I’m your mother’s child. I can’t thank you enough for being so amazing. I’m certain that you will keep doing well. I miss you.

18. You are my cousin, sister and friend. Honestly, no one comes close to how sweet and kind you are. All of my life’s successes came to life because you were involved. You fully took my dreams as though they were yours, and you helped in achieving them all. For us, distance is not a barrier, as our hearts are always connected. I miss you, all the same.

19. I’m glad that we have a great shot at life. Even though we are both married, we still have that connection. You’re the best cousin ever, and I thank God for blessing me with you. Sometimes, I feel like you should come into this world as my sister, but then, this isn’t bad at all. I miss you, sweetheart. I can’t wait to see you.

20. There are so many things to be learning from you. You’re really an island. You know a thing about everything. Your brilliance tells on me, sometimes, even though I’m not as brilliant as you are. Having you in my life is a blessing I won’t stop being grateful for. I miss you too much, my cousin. Be safe as always.

21. You are a very good person, cousin. You’re the kindest human I have ever met, and I’m super thankful that you’re my cousin. This relationship with you has been one of a kind. You constantly remind me of how much I have to offer the world, and you support me with all you have. How else can I thank you? I miss you, hence, this message.

22. You have always been in my corner; loving, caring and supporting me. You’re not concerned about what the other family members think. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for affecting my life positively. It’s so good to see how you’re doing. I miss you, anyways. Love.

23. Without you, I would’ve ended up a failure. You’re always ready to help, even when I decide not to disturb you. You always figure things out, without stressing me out. You are the greatest blessing in my life, and I hope I don’t ever lose you. I miss you, cousin. When is our next meeting?

24. It’s so wonderful to see how great our lives turned out. Whenever I see our kids playing, I thank God over and over again. We have been best friends from way back, and I’m glad the feeling is still the same, even after so many years. I want us like this forever. Are you game? I miss you, sweetheart.

25. In my heart, there’s a permanent place for you. You’re the best in the whole wide world. No one ever comes close to you. Thank you for pushing me to greatness. Your advice and encouragement didn’t go to waste. I wish we could celebrate this now, but you’re very far away. Till we meet again. Love.

26. You’re like a sister to me. In fact, you are my sister. We have too many things in common, and this is one of the reasons people will never believe we are cousins. I just hope we can continue this way, so no one will ever come between us. How are things over there? I miss everything about our friendship. Take care of yourself.

27. We all get to a point in life, where things seem extremely difficult, and we have no time to check on the closest people to us. We are both at that point, cousin. I’m hoping that the best happens to us, so we can at least celebrate ourselves. I miss you, my darling.

28. You have no idea how much I love your family. You have the best family, and I’m not even flattering you. Sometimes, I wish I could have the things you have, but then, God’s time is the best. God is never late, so I will keep believing Him for a miracle. How are you and your family? Your cousin misses you badly.

29. My life paused for a while when you decided you were going to relocate. I started thinking of how to mix with other people, as it has always been you and I, from the beginning. Up till now, I still haven’t found it easy to relate with people. You’re the only one I know. I miss you so much and wish we would see soon.

30. I want you to know that text messages can never be enough. I mean, we’ve always been close. We’ve always been in the same place, until a few years ago. I keep trying not to think about this, so I can at least focus on my job, but I won’t just stop. I think you’re doing very fine. Kindly hint me on how you did yours. I miss you.

31. We are more like brothers than cousins. You’re a real one; always looking out for me. If only you know how amazing you are. Thank you for always having my back when no one else cares. It means so much to me, my cousin brother. I really wish that we see soon. I miss you.

32. Right now, saying I miss you is an understatement. If it’s possible to get myself to where you are right now, then I’d be left with no choice but to do that. You’ve been missing in action for a very long time. I honestly don’t know where else to search for you. Kindly reach me, when you get this message. I miss you.

33. Our friendship means everything to me. Without you, I’d still be friends with people who don’t love nor value me. I’m glad to have you in my corner. That is where you belong, and I hope you don’t ever feel the need to leave. I hope you’re good, anyways. I miss you too much, brother.

34. Missing you has taken a toll on me. I’m a married woman with kids, and whenever I think about you, I cry. We have lost touch for too long, cousin. I don’t even know what’s happening in your life anymore. This wasn’t how we planned it. I thought we were ready to always be there for each other. What happened? I miss you.

35. Life can be somehow unfair on the best people. We didn’t plan for things to turn out this way, but life happens and we have to move on. Honestly, I wish I could hear from you soon. How are your husband and children? Please, say me well to them. I hope to see you guys as soon as possible. I love you all.

36. I thought we promised to be there for each other, so what happened? Ever since you left, I haven’t felt my real self. It feels like I’m now living in denial. I don’t even know myself anymore, and yet, you haven’t reached out. I have tried getting through to you so many times, but no luck. I’m hoping you’d get this message. If you do, please call me. I miss you.

37. The effect you have on my life is much more than my parents. Without you, things will be extremely hard. Having you in my life has opened so many doors of blessings and opportunities. It will be so sad not to hear from you like before. Please, let things go back to the way they used to be. I miss you.

38. I have no good luck without you, and that’s just the truth. So many times, I have been confused as to what to do with my life, but you always come up with wonderful strategies to help me. You don’t know the extent of my happiness, right now. Thank you for everything you did and still doing. I miss you.

39. You are a heaven-sent blessing to me, and nothing will work out without you. You’re the best cousin sister ever. You’re the one who hasn’t made it easy for me to fail in life. You’re always about my success and happiness. I’m nothing without you, and I hope we continue like this till the end of time. I miss you.

40. If only you know how much I miss you, maybe you’d board the next available flight down here. I finally understand what it means not to have a good person around. Trust me, the experience is a very bad one. I just wish we could be in the same space again. Till then, I miss you too much.

41. You have a very sweet way of supporting and going all out for the people that matter to you. When it comes to supporting people, you are never tired. I wonder how you do it so effortlessly. It’s so amazing to see how much you’ve grown, dear cousin. May the odds keep playing in your favour. I miss you.

42. We could fight from morning till night, but we still remain best of friends. No one compliments and gingers me like you do. You always clap for me, even when I’m not winning. How can someone be so selfless and loving? Thank you for being a real one. I hope things are going well, over there. I miss you.

43. Even though you’re the greatest bully ever, I still love you. I love you because there’s more to you than just being a bully. You’re a hard worker and an amazing human. You’re humble to the core. I’m thankful to God for making you family. How’s it going over there? You’re greatly missed. Love.

44. You’re the best of your kind, dear cousin. You’re so unique and special. You’re one of the reasons I haven’t given up on life. Whenever I watch your life, I’m gingered to keep pressing on. In short, you inspire me to do more. Whether you’re far or near, all I want to do is to make you feel the excitement, each time I win. I miss you much.

45. Everything about you is absolutely special and beautiful. You’re a humble human. You’re always there for everyone, not minding how negatively it could tell on you. I’m not surprised that things keep working in your favour; it’s evidence that God loves you. Keep being a great person. I miss you.

46. If I start to mention how nice you’ve been to me, I won’t stop talking, for years to come. You’re an absolutely amazing person with a great sense of humour. Everyone loves to be around you because you always bring something to the table. I just hope that life experiences don’t change who you are. I miss you.

47. You are my best friend for life. Sometimes, I wish you had come into this world through my parents. You’re like the sister I never had. Well, I thank God for giving me the most beautiful cousin. You are loved and missed greatly. Let’s pick a date, so we can see soon. Mwah!

48. I can’t even remember the last time we hugged. I can’t remember the last time we sat to talk at length. Honestly, I miss everything about our conversations. It’s always lively with you around. When do I get to see you again? Trust me, I don’t mind coming around. I miss you so badly.

49. I always love to fight with you, because you’re a very interesting person. Everything done with you is always worth it. It feels so sad that I have not been able to have another fight buddy, ever since you left. Who have you been fighting with? I miss you so much, cousin.

50. I’m not even going to lie; I miss you too much. Things are not the same without you here. My day has moved from being very lively to be extremely boring, and I have no idea what to do. I suggest you come to spend a couple of days here. I also don’t mind coming around. I miss you.

I Will Miss You Cousin Messages

You have no idea how much I will miss you, dear cousin. You’ve been the best and the only real one I have. I will be gone for too long, but who knows, I might just be back earlier than planned because I’m going to miss you.

51. Asides from my parents, you’re the only one who has truly shown me, love. You have no problem with me, as long as I am there for you. Truth is, you make it so easy to be there for you. You’re a very selfless person, so I have no reason to be selfish to you. We have come a long way, cousin. Let’s link up soon.

52. Everyone is now busy with one or two things. Everyone now has what they channel their energies on. While it’s good to know that you’re doing well, it breaks my heart to know that there might be no luck in seeing you soon. I have really missed you, and I wished I wasn’t writing this message. I love you.

53. We could pass as siblings. Have you ever heard that? That’s what everyone says, each time I post your picture on my status. I feel like we’re siblings already, though. How are things going over there? I miss you so much, dear cousin. How about we plan a hangout? I love you.

54. There’s nothing more beautiful than your presence; it’s everything to those who truly know the value. You have been away for too long, cousin. Do you even think about how I might be feeling at all? It’s not easy for me. I wish I could see you soon. I miss you so much.

55. Knowing that I might not hear from you for a very long time, breaks my fragile heart. Without you, there’s nothing to do. I feed on your love and care for me. You’re the most understanding person ever. I can’t do this without you. Please, reach out to me. I miss you too much.

56. Love is the only thing I feel for you. You’re even more amazing than you know, cousin. Everyone wants to be associated with you, because of how sweet you are. Your personality is so amazing, and I’m loving your new self all the way. I hope you keep being the best. I miss you.

57. I don’t know how best to show how much I miss you, cousin. It’s been years without you. It’s been so long since you left to search for greener pastures. How are you doing? I hope things are going as you planned. I’m here, wishing you all the best life has to offer. Keep prospering.

58. What can I say other than to thank you? For holding such a great position in my life, even when you’re very far from me, I’m saying thank you. Your love and support mean so much to me. If I could, I would call the world for a meeting, just to appreciate your kindness. I miss you.

59. You’ve always held it down for me. What more can I ask for in a cousin? Even though people don’t understand how we do our thing, the goal is to keep confusing them. I am very sure things are going well with you. I wish we could see soon, so we can continue from where we stopped. I miss you, my dear cousin.

60. You’re such a hard worker, no wonder things keep working out for your good. You’ve paid your dues, my cousin. You not only make people happy; you support them too. I’m just grateful to God for giving me the best cousin. Kindly keep being an inspiration. I miss you, and you know it. All my love.

61. What do you suggest we do about the long-distance between us? I think it’s weighing things down. Personally, I feel we should talk about this, so we can reach a compromise. It hurts me to see that you’re almost always unreachable. I hope you’re fine, though. I miss you, my dear cousin sister.

62. I love everything about you, especially your tenaciousness when it comes to working. I have really learned so much from you, and I’m glad to be putting them all to good use. The world is crowded already, but I hope this will never be a problem for you. Whatever it is, you have my love and support forever. I miss you.

63. School days were fun, because of you. Each time I was hungry, you brought food for me. Each time I had no money on me, you gave me enough. Without you, maybe I would’ve had a spillover. Even with the distance between us, you still find a way of keeping in touch. You’re the best, my dear. I miss you a whole lot.

64. Whatever happens between us, stays between us, and it has been like this for years. We don’t kiss and tell, and this is one of the things to consider when getting close to anyone. You make everything worth it, my cousin. Cheers to more blessings and love. I miss you like the world is about to end.

65. Sometimes, I go to bed, sad, because I have no idea where you are or how you’re feeling. A part of me left with you, the day you left this house. I haven’t stopped missing you, ever since. I wonder if you miss me as much as I do, though. I just thought to check on you, my cousin. Take care of yourself.

66. You don’t joke with people’s well-being. You’re always making people happy. Sometimes, I have no choice but to feel you don’t belong in this world. I don’t know how easy it is for you to be good to everyone. I wish to be like you, though. I miss you so much, cousin.

67. It’s always all fun and happiness, whenever you are around. The energy is always unmatched. For a few months, it’s been so boring without you. The whole family misses you, and won’t stop talking about you. Trust me, we can’t wait to have you back. I hope you’re doing well, though. I miss you most.

68. We are just like sisters, and I think this explains why I am always thinking of you. I hope you’re good wherever you are. I also hope this thing isn’t one-sided thingy. I mean, do you miss me at all? I wish we get together and chat like we always did, soon enough. I love you, cousin.

69. Ever since you left, I haven’t stopped disturbing your parents’ phones, because that’s the only way to be sure you’re fine. I’m very sure they’re tired of me, at this point. I hope you always remember that I love you. Keep staying focused, as you keep crushing your goals. I miss you so much, dear. All the best.

70. I miss your presence in my life. I love how you always treat me like I’m your younger sister. You warn and correct me with love. Your presence means so much to me, but I’m not going to be selfish, by saying you shouldn’t do what you ought to do. I hope you are well and that you do not forget about me. I love you.

71. Whenever I think of the day we’re likely to see again, I jump for joy. It’s been really long since we last saw, and I’m sure I have missed so many things. I can’t wait to catch up with you, trust me. I hope you have more to talk about than I do. I miss you so much. Take care of yourself.

72. Wherever love is being shown, people think that the people involved are doing too much. At this point, I don’t care what people think; I care less about their feelings. You’re my cousin, and nothing will ever make me stop looking out for you. I will always love you, no matter what. I miss you, dear.

73. I don’t know, but it feels like I know nothing about your life anymore. This is happening because we have lost touch. Honestly, I don’t know where we will begin to fix this, because it’s going to take a very long time. Well, the fact remains that, I miss you so much. I also can’t wait to see you.

74. You have no idea how much I anticipate our next meeting. The anxiety of you telling me everything that has happened in your life is killing me. You’re a great storyteller, so I can’t wait to have the juice from you. I still don’t know the exact day we’re seeing. I miss you, though, and that’s all that matters.

75. I have so many cousins, but you’re the best. Both young and old, none of them comes close to how amazing you are. You’re always intentional about making me happy. You always want to help out with everything. What else can I do than love you with all of me? I miss you, my darling cousin.

76. I don’t care who wants to be like us or who’s jealous of us, all I know is that we’re the best cousins ever. We are always there for each other. You’ve never left me to do anything alone. I thought this was going to change when you relocated, but it only keeps getting better. I love and miss you so much.

77. We understand each other and get along so well. This can only happen between two sisters. You’re not my cousin, dear. You’re a very good sister to me. Always know that I want the best for you, even though the distance might not permit me to show it. You mean so much to me. I miss you.

78. I know that we’ve missed a lot of things about each other, but I am sure we will get together in no time because we’re best friends and we understand how these things work. Once you get back now, please don’t ever disappear for this long again. I miss you, my cousin.

79. The best cousins’ award goes to us, my dear. We’re the best ever, and the world doesn’t even dispute that. We clearly understand what it means to be a cousin, and we’ve never stopped doing what’s expected of us. I love that God paired me with you, my dear. I miss you.

80. You’re the most thoughtful cousin ever. I don’t know how you do these things, though. No matter how busy you are, you always find time for your people. You’re just so selfless. Honestly, I really want to be like you, and I hope you’d be kind enough to allow me. I miss you, baby.

81. You’re the only one I always want to share my things with because you are the neatest person ever. Lord knows I’m thankful that you’re my cousin. If it were to be someone else, I won’t be composing this message today. Thank you for being who you are. I love you with every breath of me. I miss you too.

82. Life can be very unfair, but we have to be able to move on quickly. I had to understand that we all can’t be in the same place for years; that will only mean that progress is absent. I’m glad about this stage of your life, my cousin. I can only wish you the best. I miss you so much. See you when I see you.

83. I have come to understand that, things happen for a reason. Us being in different places happened for a reason; a good one at that. We’re both doing well, and I think that’s all that should matter. But no matter how long this distance gets, you have my love and loyalty forever. I miss you.

84. Nothing will ever make me forget my childhood days with you. We have come a very long way, my cousin. We’ve been best friends, right from time. Even though life has positioned us in different places, it will only make the love wax stronger. I miss you too much, dear.

85. I don’t know about you, but I miss you so much. It’s been months without seeing you. I honestly am tired of just hearing your voice. We need to get physical, at this point. Or what do you think? How are you, though? I hope things are going on smoothly. I miss everything about you.

86. I will not stop telling you how much I miss you. We’ve lost touch, and the aftermath of this hasn’t been a good experience. If I am permitted, I could come to your place, just to know how you’re fairing. Please, send me your address, as I really want to come to check on you. I doubt you miss me as much as I do. Take care of yourself, anyways.

87. Our childhood days were filled with so many sweet memories. I loved how we played around with our toys, back then. Now, it’s our children doing the same. It’s so beautiful to see how much of the strong women we are. The purpose of this message is, I miss you so much. Now, give me a date for our meeting.

88. Even though we no longer talk as we used to, I’m sure the love will always be there. Our activities do not have to determine how we feel about each other. Work and family are two different things, and each will have the attention it wants. I’m sure we will see each other, soon. I miss you.

89. I’m sorry for just doing this now. I see your calls, most times, but I can’t pick because of work. I had to squeeze time out to send you this message. How are you fairing? Once again, I’m sorry for not checking on you like I should. Work has really been hectic. I promise to see you soon. I miss you more than you know.

90. I can wait to sit with you, while you tell me everything that happened in your life since I went on this long break. This time, I will be back for good; I will make sure to never leave you anymore, my cousin. Please, pardon me. I have really missed you. Let’s catch up soon.

91. I cross my heart; I will make it up to you. I know I have been a jerk of late, but it’s all work. And you know I have to work, so I don’t lack. I’m very sorry for not keeping in touch. Very soon, I will come around, just to see you. This time, I will never leave you again. I miss you.

92. We haven’t seen each other in such a long time. I want you to know that, I think of you every time. You always pop up in my thoughts. I hope you are doing very well, though. You’ve always been like a sister to me, so I hope you pardon me for being away. I have so much to tell you when we eventually see. I miss you.

93. You are my best friend, and saying I miss you is an understatement. I want to be with you very badly; I want to catch up on all the gist from where we stopped. But honestly, I hope you’re doing well, though. We will get together as soon as possible; trust me on that. I miss you.

94. I finally got through to you. Where have you been all this while? I have searched everywhere for you, including all social media platforms. I had to take a break when I discovered that luck wasn’t forthcoming. Now that you’re back, let’s continue from where we stopped. Shall we?

95. Nothing will ever make me put you aside. You’re my sister from another mother. You’ve been so good to me, and a little break between us will never break us up. I think it is time that we make some time to get together once again. How about that? I miss you so much.

96. Experiencing life outside of our friendship, was really hard. Every day, I thought about you. If I could, I would’ve stopped all I was doing, just to be with you. I’m glad it’s all over now. Where do we go from here? Sending you many hugs and kisses. I miss you so much.

97. I haven’t contacted you for months, and that’s really bad of me. I take all the blame because you always call, but I don’t ever pick, because of workload. I promise to start calling you, from henceforth. Please, forgive me. It won’t happen again. I miss you, even though you won’t believe me.

98. We haven’t seen in a very long time. You won’t believe I have so much to tell you. We need to fix a date as soon as possible because I personally can’t wait to see you. I hope everything is fine with you. I hope you are happy and that we see each other soon. I love and miss you.

99. I know you’re very mad at me, and that’s understandable. I have been gone for too long, without even looking back. I hope you accept me back because you mean so much to me. This time, I promise not to hurt you ever again. Let’s leave the past behind us. I miss you, baby.

100. I didn’t do well, for not coming to visit you like I promised. Believe me, I have had so much to do, lately. I’m trying my best to make sure that we see very soon. I will let you know the date and time for our meeting. Till then, please be good. I miss you. I love you.

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