Heartfelt I Am Grateful to Have You in My Life Quotes

2023 Heartfelt I Am Grateful to Have You in My Life Quotes

Diamonds and gold are not just the treasures that brighten our day, true buddies and lover are what we also need to enjoy life to the fullest.

Having faced the challenges of life, you can attest to the need for genuine friends and lover. And having had one, appreciation and gratitude should be your attitude.

When you have shoulders to lean on in times of despair and a worthy heart to share a glass of wine with in times of victory, heartfelt quotes of gratitude shouldn’t be found wanting in your bosom.

Keeping your friends closer and your lover at heart have been made easier with these 2023 Heartfelt I Am Grateful to Have You in My Life Quotes. So, show someone how grateful you are to have them in your life with a couple of genuine words and see what the attitude of appreciation can do for you.

Simply, pick from this collection and go soothe their loving hearts. Appreciation will do the magic.

I Am Lucky and Happy to Have You in My Life

Gratitude is a blessing to any relationship, whether platonic or romantic. And when you’re the one who can look back to see how much blessings have come your way since you met the other person, you’re a blessing yourself. And to make your gratitude thick, since you’re lucky and happy to have him or her in your life, I’ve decided to help you with these I am grateful to have you in my life quotes and wishes. Best appreciation quotes for friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.

1. True friends are like rainbows, with love they come with hope and colors. I’m grateful to have you in my life.

2. The taste of love is incomparable to the finest wine. That, you have given me. I am grateful to have you in my life, sweetheart.

3. Every step towards you led me straight into your tender heart. Gratitude is what I feel seeing adoration in your eyes.

4. Love is the magical strength we need to become perfect humans. Thank you for giving me the magic, my love.

5. I’ll swim the deepest oceans with you, cause oxygen lies in the bottom of your heart where I dwell. Grateful to have you, my darling.

6. Friends forever till the dawn of eternity. Gratitude do I feel for heaven’s generosity towards me.

7. Appreciative of your kind gestures. Your friendship, I wouldn’t take for granted. With a heart of gold, I’ll return love for love.

8. On this day, I promise to love you until the day I stand before heaven’s gate. I am grateful to have you in my life, my darling.

9. The sound of our love is like the rhythm of the blues; soothing and surreal.

10. When our eyes met, our hearts got stuck forever. With my whole heart, I appreciate that day.

11. Your smiles have brightened my day as your jokes have brightened my face. Grateful to have you in my life, sweetheart.

12. I’ll be the one to protect you from the hurt of lonesome and regrets. I’ll be your love forever, cause you’re the one for me.

13. I’ve rested upon your shoulders more than I do my pillows. A good friend have you been to me without a doubt. You’re appreciated!

14. I wish my warm kisses could show my appreciation of you, I wish I could spend eternity adoring you, cause I’m grateful to have you in my life, dearest one.

15. At some point in life, friends become family. Gratitude flows downward my heart to you, cause I do have your support in my life.

16. Expect me to come through for you, for your heart is deserving of my unconditional love.

17. Even if unbreakable bars separate us, I’ll give you all that I can cause your love has redeemed my heart.

18. I’ll appreciate you from the appearance of the moon to the disappearance of the sun. A friend indeed you have been.

19. I’m appreciative of the support you give to me just when I need it. I love you, dear friend.

20. You’ve cared more than a friend, and loved more than a brother. I’m appreciative of your presence in my life, sweetheart.

21. I wouldn’t let you go, cause you are the diamond I once sought dearly in the sky. I’m grateful to have you in my life, my love.

22. The countless smiles you bring, the unspeakable joy you let flow into my heart makes me appreciate you just the way I love you, my darling.

23. You deserve all the gaiety in the world, cause my heart you have let leap for joy, my darling.

24. I’ll revel in your love and throw thanksgiving in your name all day long, for I love what your love does to me, my darling.

25. You’ve stung me with love. Now my heart is consumed with joy. I’m grateful to have you in my life, sweetie.

26. Like a thick cloud of water, my heart is filled with appreciation for your loving kindness.

27. You’ve filled my heart from the jar of love and held my hand with the bond of patience. I love you, sweetheart.

28. As every new day starts to drift towards its end, I realise how much I am blessed to have you in my life, angel.

29. If you need a friend even in the discomfort of hell, I’ll be there to love and ease your pain. Cause I’m grateful to have you.

30. When I stare into your eyes, I’m wondering how accurately I can appreciate your presence in my life. Your love has turned everything around, my darling.

31. I savor the tiniest prove of your love for me, I see the faintest shade of your kindness to me. Happy to have you, my love.

32. My way of appreciating you is loving you back, my darling.

33. When I see the light of a new day, I get excited to feel the warmth of your love. I am grateful to have you in my life, sweetheart.

34. You help make many sweet memories of love and you spring the hope of a blissful tomorrow. How blessed am I to have you!

35. Nothing breaks my heart like seeing you cry, I’ll please you with every oxygen in me, for you have captured my heart.

36. It’s like I’m in a new world void of troubles and pain because you walked right in with the glitz of peace and love.

37. My gratitude belongs to you as I owe my happiness to you, my darling.

38. Friends till the end of the world. Yours is indispensable and true.

39. Cold snows of love fall upon me from the clouds of your loving heart. I feel good knowing that you love me, my darling.

40. I count you as a blessing, I’m appreciative of the seconds we spend together either under the rain or sun.

41. Love is enough when we act like it. I’m glad you’ve shown me the true meaning of love, my darling.

42. The sound of your walk is bliss to me, for I know joy is about to walk in.

43. Grateful for every kiss from your lips and hungry for even more.

44. As the earth rotates round and round, my heart wonders how to make you glad. I’m grateful to have you in my life.

45. As the clock ticks, I wonder what I may have done to deserve your love even in a cold world like this.

46. You’ve protected my feet from the thorns of life and adorned my ground with reddish petals of love. I’m grateful to you, my love.

47. You’ve done the impossible for me. And ceaselessly, you went on to love me. I am grateful to have you in my life, sweetheart.

48. Your words of encouragement are seeds of hope breeding life in me. I love you, angel.

49. The sun is no longer light to me, but you are, my darling. Grateful to have you in my life.

50. We still have a long way to go, but be sure it’ll be a worthy ride with me. For I’ll do everything to show you, how appreciated your presence is to me, my love.

51. I’m grateful for one thing; it’s your warm touch to my life, for it feels like spring water that never gets cold.

52. It’s not the end of the year, nor the beginning of a new one, yet I’m prompted to let you know that, you’re appreciated.

53. You make everything seem fine. You bring peace and take away chaos. You are the angel I’ll live to appreciate.

54. I may not owe you my life, but I owe you my deepest appreciation. I am grateful to have you in my world.

55. Once I look into your eyes, my worries take flight and my joy comes alive like a scorching sun. I’ll live to appreciate your presence in my life.

56. I see all the sacrifices you make. I taste the love you continuously serve on a platter. I witness your grace and sheer humility. You’re the blessing that I’m grateful for.

57. I sing because I’m happy. I pour you accolades because I’m grateful.

58. Dear friend, I’ll appreciate you for as long as the time keeps ticking and the day keeps going.

59. It goes without saying that I do love you and would appreciate you for as long as I take my breath.

60. I’ll take you with me to the most pleasant surface of the earth. It’s my way of showing you my gratitude.

61. I appreciate what we do have and thus, have no reason to wish for more.

62. You make me feel worthy. It’s because you’ve shown me your sincere gratitude. You’re equally appreciated.

63. Your smile is a blessing that gives me hope in times of despair. May I appreciate you for owning such a pleasant gift.

64. I love how you lift me up with the words of your mouth and make sure I don’t fall. I am grateful to have you in my life.

65. You look graceful even in your low moments. Your beauty never fades even when life isn’t colourful. I’ll live to appreciate you.

66. Your smile is contagious. Your joy is like a beautiful river that spreads across many borders. You came into my world and suddenly, everything seemed right. I’m grateful.

67. I’ll thank the angels for bringing you my way. I’ll remain grateful to you for giving me your kind of joy.

68. I’ll never fail to appreciate you, for you never failed to love me unconditionally.

69. I’ll set aside the whole of today just to let you know how grateful I am to have you with me.

70. My whole life will be an expression of my deepest gratitude to you.

71. I’ve confessed my love to you. I’ve communicated my fears to you. However, I’m yet to pour out my gratitude to you. You’re appreciated, honey.

72. Something about you makes me want to thank you for as long as I breathe.

73. I’m yet to find anyone who carries the kind of heart that you do. You deserve all the praises.

74. Instead of telling you how much I love you, I’ll write you a song about how grateful I am to have you.

75. I’ll appreciate it when you give and even when you don’t. So, thank you, dear.

76. I’ll be grateful to you even when the going isn’t all good, cause you have always been good to me.

77. I cannot turn back the hands of time, but I can live to thank you for the future we have together.

78. More than gold and diamond, I’ll value you. And more than a royalty, I’ll appreciate you.

79. I have both unconditional love and gratitude for you. Hence, I love and appreciate you under all circumstances, my love.

80. A relationship devoid of appreciation is bound to collapse, but one full of it is bound to blossom. I appreciate you, my love.

81. The glory of the sun by the day reminds me of your love. The beauty of the starry night brings me to appreciate what you are to me. I am grateful.

82. You’re more than the world to me. Thus, my gratitude will always be laid at your precious feet.

83. No matter where I go, I’ll always speak of your loving kindness to me. A day will never go without my profound gratitude to you.

84. My gratitude to you will go as far as the width of the sky and as much as the sands by the sea. You’re appreciated, my love.

85. I’ll thank you beyond my words. I’ll thank you beyond my promises. My ultimate gratitude will be my sacrifices to you.

86. For all that you’ve done and you’ll do, I’ll never take it for granted. My heart appreciates who you are to me.

87. Take all of my love, for it’s the greatest way to express my gratitude to you.

88. I’ll surround you with gratitude. I’ll uphold you with my love.

89. If I keep my soul and body for you but fail to confess my deepest gratitude to you, I’m not different from the man who cheats on his woman. You’re appreciated, my queen.

90. No matter how much I say it, it can never be enough; you’re the joy my world has been waiting for. Forever, will this be my song of gratitude.

91. Every step I take, every move I make, I’ll take a moment to look into your eyes just to thank you for having stayed wia me.

92. Look into my eyes, and you’ll see my deepest feelings. Read my lips and you’ll understand my unspoken gratitude to you.

93. You’re the one whom my heart will never fault, but be grateful to.

94. I see all that you do for me. Hence, I’ll take my time to appreciate each and every one of them, my dear.

95. I am grateful to have you in my life, for you could have been anywhere else in the world, but you chose to be by my side.

96. Love iced with appreciation makes the heart melt faster than a fiercely burning candle. Not only do I love you, I also appreciate you, baby.

97. If I fail to tell you how much I appreciate you, then I’ll only be an enemy in disguise. My heart totally appreciates you.

98. Love is beautiful because it appreciates what the other has to offer. I do not only love what you give to me, but I also appreciate them.

99. I’ll build our love on the rock of gratitude. It’s the safest spot to stand on. Thank you, my baby.

100. You make me melt into your warm embrace. I’ll be grateful for this for as long as I live.

A couple of appreciative words can keep your friends closer than you can imagine and your lover more interested than kisses would.

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