How to Write Touching Love Essay about Her Step by Step Guide

How to Write Touching Love Essay about Her: Step by Step Guide

A love essay might seem very easy, but it’s one of the hardest to write. You want to express your innermost feelings towards her and you are not sure if she will accept your words or reject them. A love essay should express the truth about how you feel in the simplest yet most affectionate words.

If it’s your first time that you want to woo her, your essay should not sound like she has no other choice and if you are already in a relationship, your text must be affirming the relationship and reassuring that she has no competitor.

State the purpose of your letter to her 

The purpose of the letter is like a thesis statement that gives an overview of your essay. Your introduction should be to tell her why you made your mind to write a letter to her. You don’t need to join a hand lettering design course to know how to state your purpose.

Just be sincere and tell her you are writing the letter to appreciate her because of some support she gave you or just to appreciate her love for you. It must be attractive to make her continue reading the rest of your letter with high expectation.

Don’t ignore her personality

Before you begin writing your love letter to her, understand her personality first. Look at it from the perspective of a personal essay where you must consider your audience to determine the tone of your essay. She is the audience in this situation and the tone you use should agree with her personality.

If she is an outgoing, happy and social personality, up your tone and let it be praiseworthy. If she is an unsocial melancholic personality, you might want to tone down and use a language that will not offend her.

Recalling a good experience is important 

There must be that moment that made you fall for her or another moment that you shared time with her and you cannot forget the moment anytime soon. State the moment in your best words and be sincere about it.

Don’t mind fluff because it can help sugarcoat your words and add weight to bringing out your inner feelings about that moment. It must sound as if it happened yesterday because you want to keep it alive.

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How to Write Touching Love Essay about Her Step by Step Guide

List your best reasons why you love her

In other essays, this is where you state your arguments and support them with concrete information such that they cannot be disputed. In the same way, you want to state your reasons for loving her in a way that she cannot dispute or have question marks.

Her looks, of course, come as a priority because that must likely be what you first saw in her. Let every word be positive and don’t mention anything negative about her looks. You might want to mention something about her attention to you anytime you meet. Talk about her strengths and bring out the bigger picture about her and what you envision about your life with her.

Acknowledge her imperfections and declare to her your desire

No one is perfect and everyone has their imperfections which sometimes can make someone avoid relationships. To assure her of her security in love, mention some imperfections but quickly acknowledge that you don’t mind them and you accept her that way. Be point-blank and tell her that you love her and it is her love that you want.

State Your Plans

No woman wants to be in a relationship that has no definite future. You must assure her in your essay that you envision a happy future together and you want to share the good moments with her forever. End with some exciting quotes about love.


For many years, love essays have always been common among adults and the younger generation below 18 years. They are a better way to say I love you when verbal words feel hard to speak. Love essays can be written when someone wants to start a relationship or when they are already in one and want to affirm it. No matter the level of the relationship, a love essay should always be positive and considerate to the woman’s personality.

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