Best Heart Touching Love Letters for Him from the Heart

2023 Best Heart Touching Love Letters for Him from the Heart

When last did you write your man a love letter? I guess it’s been a really long while. You can do same again and in a more loved-up way. That’s what I’ve helped you with.

This is taking you back to the old letter-writing love style. Old indeed but definitely romantic and effective. Beautiful and breath-taking love letters have been composed here for him.

Send as a text, read them out to him or do it in any lovely way you can think of. Just let him know you love him so much!

Most Touching Romantic Love Letters for Him – Boyfriend

Heart Touching Romantic Love Notes for Boyfriend.

1. Baby,
You’re the sun that shines by the day and the twinkle of the stars at night. The day is filled with love and the expression of it. You’re the love that I see and the hope that comes with the day, you’re love personified and I can’t get over your love. I love you eternally!

2. Boyfriend,
From the first time I set my eyes on you, I know you’re the full expression of the love I ever wanted and when we got to talk, I knew you were the one I ever wanted, I never knew love could be so true and pure until I fell in love with you. I couldn’t have asked for a better lover because only you complete me!

3. Honey,
This day is to remind you of how much I love you and what you mean to me, I’m not going to just show you love on this day, but my silent vow is to love you till my last breath. You’re the definition of love defined and expressed and I can’t imagine a life without you and so if there’s another life, it’ll be you and I stuck together!

4. Hey love,
Sometimes I ask myself if I’ll still be this way if our paths never crossed and the sincere answer my heart always give is that nothing can ever be right without you. Your love makes all things right as if there’s never negativity, with you is my world complete and with you by my side is a reality I can never deny, I’ll forever love you because you are the man of my future!

5. My love,
When I look into your eyes, all I see is a gentle soul and a calm spirit, full of love and affection. You do not love only in words but also in actions, I’ve seen you love me in a number of ways I couldn’t have loved myself and I’m glad I’m stuck with a lover like you who understands me even in my down moments, you made love easy in the most beautiful way and when I look back to where we started from, I’m glad I had the opportunity of having to live my life with you, I love you now and I’ll always do!

6. My perfect lover,
I might not be perfect in most of my deeds but what makes me perfect is a perfect lover who sees perfection in all that I do. You’ve helped me grow in love and made me see love in all situations that come our way. You’re true to your words of love and commitment and all that I see behind all your actions is the intent of love. Truth be told, there’s no love without you and without you, there’s no life. I want to live the whole of my life committed to loving you and paying the dues of love. I love and cherish you forever!

7. Hey Romeo,
I hope this note will pass the intent of my heart in the simplest way because love is an expression of one’s feeling in all its simplicity. You’re the true definition of love read in books and even your simplest deeds and words speak of your love in a beautiful way. There’s no better feeling than knowing that I’m stuck with you on this journey forever because that is life made easier for me! I couldn’t have asked for a better love complement, because only you complete me.

8. My love,
I’ve always known love is a beautiful thing but You’ve taught me over time that love could be more beautiful and more practicable than I ever imagined. You’re love in person and that’s why your love is felt with ease. Your love, I can say is the best thing that has ever happened to me because there are no better moments, days than the ones spent by your side. I want to wish you on this occasion of love that all that you’ll feel now and forever is much love, harmony and sweetness!

9. Sweetheart,
It’s another occasion of love but I’m glad to tell you that my love for you isn’t in seasons, I love you both in and out of season. I love you each and every day and the thought of you is the reason behind my smile. You’re one person in my life who understands all of my feelings and the intents behind my actions. On this day, I want to express my love in action to you and tell you how devoted I am to loving you!

10. My love,
This day is special just like all of the days I’ve known you, to tell you how much I love you and how special you are to me. You’re the glow that gladdens my heart and the joy I feel every day. Words will be too weak to tell you how much I love you and how I badly want to live the rest of my life with you, I just want you to know that you’ll always have someone who will always be there for you and who will love you till the end of the ages

11. I know of someone who loves selflessly and with the whole of the heart, I’ve never seen anyone as selfless as you are concerning the issues of the heart, you are one great lover who deserves a medal on a day like this!

12. Have I ever told you that you are the one who rules my heart and the one who brings out the smile and the glow on my face?, you’ve made me beautiful in the most amazing way and I’ll forever be grateful for having a lover like you, all I wish for you is love immeasurable on this day!.

13. There’s always this sweet feeling when the thought of how loved I am, pops out of my heart, my mind is rest assured of your love even when every other thing fails.

14. With someone like you, life is worth living and love is worth expressing, you’re the one I love forever!

15. Talking about love, I’ve seen it in words and in expression, you’re my love forever!

16. I want you to know that I’m the happiest person on earth because I have someone like you to love me, no matter the age and distance, you’ll forever be my sweetheart!

17. Love is a beautiful thing, but it’s more beautiful if it’s from you as I can’t get over the love you profess and express, I love you till the end of the ages!

18. I’ve seen love but yours is special as its meant for only my heart to feel and anything I’m far away from you, I feel my heart tearing out because only you are my breath!

19. The day I met you, I never had an idea how important you’ll be to me but deep in my heart, I felt a spark and till now, that spark illuminates my days!

20. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and make you part of my childhood coz life would have been more fun if I knew you earlier, but since I can’t, I’m feeling double love, one for my childhood you were never part of and one for the now, I love you from now till forever!

21. You’re the love I’ve ever wanted and the life I’ve dreamt of, living a life without you would be an illusion because your love is what makes life beautiful!

22. This day is to talk love as well as express it, you’re the soulmate I’ve always prayed for and you’re my prayer answered, so let’s talk love today and beyond!

23. You’re a million dream come true and my hope come alive, you’re the one I live for and you’re the only one my heart beats for. I love you on today’s occasion and beyond!

24. Every time I think about you, I feel a spark in my heart and that’s to tell you that my heart belongs to you alone!

25. I am the luckiest girl on earth and do you know why? Its because you’re one important part of my life!

26. Today we can have a break from the hustles and bustles of the street, have some time to ourselves, talk love over a glass of champagne, consume ourselves in the emotions of love because we’re the duo who deserves the atmosphere of love!

27. My love, you’re the shield to my heart and you’ve always guarded it jealously in such a way that no one else can, my heart belongs to you now and always!

28. I can scream of my love to you and yours to me over the mountains because that’s one the things I’m so sure of, I love you regardless of the ages!

29. Before I met you, my life was not so sure, the future seems bleak and blur, but you came to my life and brought so much clarity in the most amazing way, I couldn’t have asked for a better lover!

30. You’re everything I ever wanted, you’re the love from heaven right on me descend, when I was still alone, my life was not so sure, you’re the only one who completes me, I love you eternally!

31. The day I met you, I met someone who I can tell all of my secrets, fears, strengths and weaknesses and I think love is best expressed this way because you know every little detail about me!

32. You’ve always been my crush right from time and even till now, I can’t stop gushing over your sweet love!

33. We’ve celebrated days like this over the years but what amazes me is how the years have strengthened our love and made it seem as if we just met a day before, indeed, we’re meant for each other!

34. The day has a special place in my heart, just like you do and this day won’t pass without the expression of my love to you!

35. From the first time I set my eyes on you, I knew we were meant for each other and I wasn’t wrong when you told me to be your girl, coz since then, the bond we share keeps getting stronger!

36. You’re the king that rules the domains of my heart, and nothing else fills those domains except the love you’ve shown!

37. My silent vow is to love you forever, stand by you forever and be your girl forever, this is just for you to know!

38. You came into my life at a time I’ve closed my heart to love, but you opened my heart up and poured immeasurable love into it, you loved me and made me love and now, I can’t stop loving you!

39. Putting my thoughts into writing isn’t my thing but because I just want you to know how special you are to me, I’m documenting my thoughts now and sending them to you!

40. I promise to love you this day on the occasion of love and even on days when the air isn’t filled with love for the world!

41. The air is filled with love this season but much more, my heart is filled with your love now and always!

42. My heart beats for you in accordance to the rhythm of love, I can hear the beats and I’m glad to hear the sweetest love song ever!

43. I met love in person, an angel in human form the day I met you and I thought of a world of just you and I in it, I can’t express the feeling of the thought but all I know is that it refreshes my spirit, you’re the one I love, forever!

44. Saying you mean more than this world to me means you’re my world and that nothing else matters, your love is all I need for life!

45. My mind is made for your love and my heart for its expression, as much as I love you, as much as I’ll express it now and forever!

46. With you by my side, my hands are held high and I can walk with my shoulders up in the sky, with you by my side, I can make a better one!

47. The most amazing and life-changing decision I ever made was to be your girl when you asked me to, to tell you the truth, I’ve waited all years long for you to ask me that because only you complete my puzzle!

48. I want to be your girl forever, your woman till eternity and your love till the end of the ages, you’re my wish come true!

49. I want to see you glow on this day with love, smile and laugh so hard because you know that someone here loves you!

50. Nothing can bar my love for you, not even the ages or the seasons, they can only be reasons for me to love you more!.

51. I want to live for your love and give full expression to my love for you because all you deserve is utmost love!

52. You know that this feeling, I can’t define, but this feeling of love is what I want forever!

53. I long to know what happens in the afterlife because I just want to see you holding my hands and telling me you love me!

54. Anyone might be catching to the eyes, but only few to the heart, out of the few I’ve chosen you and I’ve chosen you to love you forever!

55. My heart is opened, but only to your love and affection, my arms are opened but opened only to your warmth and my lips are opened, but just for your kisses, I love you today and always!

56. I have never felt living until the day I met you and the day you chose to love me, the whole of my being came alive, you’re the spark that I feel every day of my life!

57. The day I found you, I knew I found the one who’s for me and who will forever be by my side, only your love sticks more than blood!

58. I promise I will never stop loving you, against all odds, our love remain undaunted!

59. I’m undeterred in my commitment of love to you, it’s you and I together forever!

60. You made me understand the true meaning of love and that is selfless commitment even in times not so convenient, you’re love personified and love expressed!

61. On this occasion of love, I want you to know that someone loves you and care so much about you and that’s me and to say the least, you mean more than the whole world to me!

62. You’re a core part of my life I can’t do without, only you form the nucleus of my being!

63. I found out that love could be beautiful and at the same time sweet! Your love is what brings beauty and sweetness to me!

64. Dear husband, your love sets my heart into flames and bring out the beautiful smile you see every day, just know that you’re the secret behind my smiles!

65. If I tell you how much I love you all day, it’s still not enough to express what I feel for you, just remember that I love you with every passing moment!.

66. All I want to do today is to stare into your eyes and tell you how much I love you till you get consumed in the reality of it!

67. Let the days pass and the ages come, the love I have for you is never changing and never fading, I’ll love you till forever!

68. I’ve never had a day of regret with you, I’m glad I made the decision to stick with you and that decision stands forever!

69. Dear handsome, I want to tell you a secret of the heart that secret is the vow I made years back to love you till my last breath!

70. Let me give you the best loving wishes today and just for you to know, these wishes stands forever, never ageing but ever refreshing!

71. As long as the sun shines and the stars twinkle, as long as I’ll love you, and even if they cease to do so, I’ll still love you still!

72. Over the years, all I’ve felt from you is love and utmost fulfilment and that kept me wondering, what if I never met you?, that’ll be a lifetime of too many dark moments, I just want to say thank you for shining light into my heart when I needed it most!

73. Nothing ever brings joy than the thought of loving and be loved in return, I love you with my whole being!

74. A soulmate was who I found when I found you, you made me know how much I can love and can be loved, I won’t trade you for anything else!

75. I could sing of your love forever, scream it loud and clear till my last breath because you’re the one who rules my heart!

76. You’re love in action, love expressed and loved revealed, you’re my dream come true!

77. You’re my silent prayers come true, my forever wish in person and the love I’ve ever wanted!

78. You gave me everything I ever wanted, you’re my angel in person and my love in expression!

79. All I see is red in the air, the colour of love and the atmosphere of warmth to compliment it. I just want to spend the whole of the day gushing about your love!

80. If this feeling is called love, then I’m sure love is the most beautiful thing one can feel, all I feel for you is love this day and always!

81. From my heart of hearts, I want you to know I cherish you greatly.

82. You are my reason for living. If you’re out of my life, then that’s the end of me. Love you.

83. Love of my life, you’re simply the best!

84. Among the best men on earth, you’re still the best. I’m glad I chose you.

85. Thank you for loving me and for teaching me to live myself. You are love to me.

86. I couldn’t have asked for a better man in my life. You are my perfect match!

87. My heart is filled with so much love for you. You’re mine forever.

88. My man, my everything. Love you loads.

89. Guess what? My heart beats for you forever, only you!

90. You’re my first and best. After you in my life, be sure it’s still you. Love you, honey.

92. My baby boo, I love you too much for words to express.

93. Every minute of every day, my heart beats for you. You are like breath to me. Love you, my king.

94. I’ll shout it out to the whole world that you are the best! Love you, my boyfriend.

95. I want you to come upstage for your award. Do you know what award you won?; The best husband in the world!

96. In not exaggerating or trying to make you happy, you are the best decision I’ll ever make! Love you, dear husband.

97. I love you more than I can explain. Glad to be your girlfriend.

98. You’re not just another guy, you mean so much to me and I love you real big.

99. I can’t overemphasize my love for you. You’re just too much, baby.

100. Much love I’ve got for you, my one and only chocolate! I adore you.

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