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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend (2023)

Birthday is a phenomenal day in the life of every human. Therefore, you don’t have to nurse a doubt when it comes to wishing your ex, one or two mushy birthday wishes.

The perfect time to ignite that old fire once again is on her birthday. After all, sentimental words that appeal to her emotions are capable of arousing her desires for you if only you’ll give it a try.

On the other hand, you may simply be on the lookout for a good dose of birthday wishes that do not necessarily wish for a reunion but expressive of your good thoughts. If that be the case, you still are on the right track.

So, do well to suit your need by picking the best 2023 birthday quotes from this repository of heart touching birthday wishes for an ex-girlfriend.

Most Touching Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Ex-Girlfriend

Whether or not you still want her back, these most touching happy birthday wishes and messages for your ex-girlfriend are all you’ll need to make her feel emotional or loved on her birthday. They’re the best heart touching birthday wishes ever for Ex-Girlfriend.

1. Either you’re with me or far away from my reach, your birthday will always bring us closer to each other. Happy birthday to you, my ex-girlfriend. May true happiness find you.

2. I’ll never throw all that we had away, for they’ll make one beautiful memory in my heart. Happy birthday to the girl who once made my heart leap for joy. May this new year of your life be better than you ever envisioned it to be.

3. I want you back. Your departure from my heart marked the arrival of a dry season. I’m weak and without life. Happy birthday to the one my heart craves for. I love you from the beginning and I will till the very end.

4. Your birth anniversary has been ingrained in my heart for a very long time. I waited for today so I may tell you that, ‘I still love you.’ From the debt of my heart, I wish that you give our love another chance on this special day.

5. May your life become fixed. May lines fall into pleasant places for you. Happy birthday to my one time lover.

6. Once again, let me be the reason for your living. Happy birthday, my ex-girlfriend. May this day open your eyes to the opportunities that lie ahead of you.

7. May your beauty never fade away like dying music. May your heart never grow cold like a stone. Happy birthday to you.

8. I hope this message strikes the right cord of love in your heart. I want us back especially on a special day like this. Happy birthday, my forever love.

9. I wish your dreams will take you where our love couldn’t. I hope you find a reason to pick up the shreds of your life. Happy birthday to the lady after my heart.

10. It’s hard to accept the fact that you’re no longer my own, but I hope my wishes to you open your eyes to see just how much I still love you. Happy birthday, my lady. May your heartfelt wishes come true in the split of a second. May you never commit your heart into the wrong hands.

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11. We may not be one at heart again, but my sweetest wishes wouldn’t stop flowing to you like a river of passion. Happy birthday to a queen. May this new age bring you the best version of your self.

12. Because I still love you, I wish that your funny laughter becomes a beautiful reality some day. I pray that your heart becomes a home for true love and I dream that you never make regret a lifestyle. Happy birthday, ex-girlfriend.

13. I love you even if the world is against it. Happy birthday, girl. May you never make an irredeemable mistake. May wisdom become an integral part of you.

14. Happy birthday to my one time love. If I could wish for one thing, I’ll hope that your beautiful life never gets ruined. I’ll pray that you never lose your reason for happiness.

15. The other morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Today has come with the same attitude. Happy birthday, my one time baby. May the joy, love, and abundance you couldn’t find by my side eventually find you.

16. May the heavens pour down blessings on you. May the celestial angels bring you true love. Happiness and joy shall never cease from your home. Happy birthday to a gorgeous ex.

17. The sun shines, but not as bright as you do. The rainbow looks colourful, but not as much as you. May your life become better than everything and everyone around you. Happy birthday, ex-girlfriend.

18. Whether we are a couple or not, I’ll always rejoice with you and bear your pain if the time ever comes. Happy birthday to a gorgeous celebrant. May your wishes become a reality.

19. May you age well like the stars and the sun. Your beauty and strength shall never diminish but wax stronger. Happy birthday, beautiful ex.

20. I hope your present and future beat the good history you’ve made in the past. I hope you choose to be grateful today. Worry less and count your blessings. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul.

21. You know that I’ll always love you and to be where you are. However, may this distance between us bring you the things you ever wished for. Happy birthday, my everyday love.

22. Look up unto heavens and you’ll see the beautiful gifts I requested on your behalf; love, joy, health, peace are all being wrapped for you. I hope you accept my gifts with the whole of your heart.

23. Happy birthday, my ex-girlfriend. Today shall bring you all the good things that are hidden under the sun and beneath the soil. You deserve that and more.

24. True love never dies and for that reason, I’m still hopelessly in love with the things you do. Happy birthday to the ex I want back. May the sun above protect you from harm and be my arm around your waist.

25. It’s indeed your birthday. May you find a hill of gold where the treasures of your desires lie. Wishing you best wishes.

26. Take this day to reflect on your life. Then, you’ll see how blessed you are. I hope you find me irresistible today just as I do you too. Happy birthday to the woman I want back.

27. May the earth fall at your feet today. May the sun shine on you alone. As for the starry night, may it brighten your life. Happy birthday, love.

28. For a moment, I had thought you were mine forever. However, nothing has changed. Happy birthday, ex-girlfriend. I do hope you find it in your heart to give love a chance again.

29. May your night never be soaked with tears. May your day never be drained of strength. Happy birthday, dear ex.

30. My heart goes out to you today. May you never stop believing in your dreams. May the world hearken to your wishes and help you fulfil your dreams. Wishing you a happy birthday, beautiful.

31. May your wings be free to fly. May you never grow timid, but brave in the face of adversity. Happy birthday, my one time, baby love.

32. I wish we would come back today. Happy birthday to the one my heart keeps beating for. May this new year of your life make you great.

33. Happy birthday, sweety. With nothing but joy in my heart, I wish you a stellar new age. May prosperity, happiness and contentment find you.

34. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. But today isn’t for regrets, but the sweetest wishes. Thus, I wish you a beautiful journey ahead as you gallantly mark another new age.

35. That which your heart desires for shall find you in the nick of time. Happy birthday, my ex-girlfriend. You still make me happy.

36. I hope you only cry me a river of joy. I hope you stay happy for today and forevermore. Happy birthday to my beautiful ex.

37. May your health blossom each day of your life. May you never have to be sick and bedridden. Long life and prosperity are all yours. Happy birthday, my love.

38. With my whole heart, I wish you another beautiful chapter of your life. May your happiness be new every morning. Happy birthday, ex-girlfriend.

39. I’m happy for you, knowing fully well you share the air that I breath and you grace the surface of the earth like the stars gracing the sky. Happy birthday, beautiful.

40. Make the most of this new age of your life, for you’ll never be this young ever again. Happy birthday to a wise young lady.

41. Your kisses healed me. Your embraces took my shivers away. Happy birthday, my love. I hope you find me lovable once again. Do have the best birthday in the world.

42. Make a wish and you’ll see it coming to pass. Happy birthday to the one after my heart. May you never be overwhelmed with the circumstances of life. May the strength to go on be given to you.

43. Happy birthday to a beautiful ex. My wish still remains the same; I hope you find love and joy in place of dismay and sadness.

44. Happy birthday to a happy ex. May you never stop growing in all aspects of your life. Stay blessed.

45. Walk like a Majesty today. Let your hair flip from side to side in sheer joy and excitement. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul.

46. If you ever get a special gift today, it comes from my bosom. I wish you all the priceless blessings of life.

47. May your value never diminish. May your happiness never be a facade. Happy birthday, ex-girlfriend.

48. As you age today, may you never fail in strength. May your years be full of life and vigour. Happy birthday, my lady.

49. Wishing you a special birthday, one filled with unthinkable blessings. May this new age favour you in a manner you’ve never known before.

50. Happy birthday, ex-girlfriend. I hope today takes you higher and make you feel special than everyone around you. Enjoy your new age.

51. Happy birthday to the one my heart beats for. Surely, it’s hard letting you go like a bird into space. On this new chapter of your life, may you encounter everything great and blissful. And may your wishes come true.

52. On this day, I can feel my heart still pounding for you, and my eyes itching to see you. But wherever you are, be sure to have a swell time. Happy birthday, darling. May your wishes come true for the new year and beyond.

53. Happy birthday, sweetheart. With all my heart, I wish you favour and mercy, joy and health, wealth and gratitude. May this year be your best so far.

54. It’s tough to be far away from you at this time. I hope I get another chance to cut the cake with you someday. Happy birthday, deary. Like the mountains, may your joy be eternal.

55. In my heart is where you live on. And in my mind is where your thoughts thrive. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Whether or not we are lovers, I hope joy never eludes you.

56. To the one who kept my heart safe; happy birthday, deary. I’m amazed at your beauty and essence. I hope you enjoy many answered prayers. My wishes for you will never cease and will always be kind.

57. What a year it’ll be without you by me. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May the odds continually be in your favour. May your joy never cease to flow undisturbed like the rivers.

58. My heart may have walked away, but my good wishes for you still stay. Happy birthday, angel. May you always be happy and fulfilled. With good health, I hope you see your dreams come true.

59. It’s hard to not still want you. I hope this new age makes a way for us. Happy birthday, beautiful. May your joy be full and flourishing.

60. In happiness shall you live the days of your life. And in wealth shall you spend your years on earth. Happy birthday, my dear. I hope you find love and bliss in your way.

61. Things can only get better. So, I hope you experience the love your heart longs for and the peace your mind craves for. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I’ll always have your back till I’m old.

62. Grow in grace and love. Bask in prosperity and mercy. Happy birthday, my darling. I may not be the one to hold your hand, but I hope it never swings alone.

63. Love was when I found you, happiness was when I had you. Sadness was when you left me. Happy birthday, my darling. On this new age, I hope we fix us and I pray you have it all.

64. Your happiness is my joy. So, on this day, I wish you gaiety and prosperity, good health and joyful wealth. Happy birthday, my dear. I’ll always remember you on this day.

65. The coldness of being by my lonesome is overwhelming. I need you to cover me with the warmth of your love. Happy birthday, deary. I hope we have a future together and great happiness to share.

66. I wish you’d be back with the stars in the sky tonight. I wish you’d desire me like the earth does the sun. Happy birthday, beautiful. May your days be just as amazing as you are. I can’t get my mind off of you.

67. Our ways may have found separation along the line, and our hearts may have found their beats in other melodies. But still, I wish you joy till eternity, prosperity that never fails and happiness that gives beautiful wrinkles. Happy birthday, deary. Please, accept my wishes.

68. The past is gone with my love. But I hope you enjoy the present and future more than you did the past. Happy birthday, darling. May your days be colourful and bright.

69. Not a day has gone by without your thoughts in my mind. Not a night have I experienced without desiring your kisses. Your shoes are hard to fill, so, I hope you’d rather wear them once again. Happy birthday, sweety. May you live life like a beautiful fantasy.

70. Your love may not be my love, but your joy remains my happiness. So, I wish you all the joy in the world, may your days be as beautiful as you can ever imagine. Happy birthday, dear angel.

71. Happy birthday, deary. It’s hard to see this day and not remember you. Just like the galaxies, I hope everything works for your good, sweetheart.

72. I want to be a part of your birthday, cause it was a privilege to know you, and it’s always an honour to have had your love and gaze. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May your dreams come true this season.

73. Forever is where I want to be with you, eternity is where I’d rather go with you. Happy birthday, my love. Until this day, my heart still wants you. These are my wishes for you; joy like a river, health that cannot be bought and peace that passes understanding. Enjoy your day, my love.

74. I want to see each day through your eyes and to feel the sun through your warmth. Happy birthday, my love. I can’t help but still love you.

75. May you experience joy all the days of your life, may you enjoy peace just as you breathe. Happy birthday, angel. May your dwelling be with the one who loves you truly.

76. If heavens do answer my prayers, you’d be mine. If my wishes are granted, you’d be these and more; happy, prosperous, peaceful and hopeful. Happy birthday, my dear love.

77. If I have you again, I’ll never let you go. Happy birthday, dear angel. You’re still the best I ever had. I hope you come wear the crown of my heart again someday.

78. I’ll choose you over everything, cause now that you’re gone, it’s like I have nothing without you. Happy birthday, beautiful. I hope you see many more happy years by my side.

79. A new season has come; I hope with joy and love, prosperity and peace, health and wealth. Happy birthday, superwoman. May your days be full of awesomeness.

80. I can’t love you lesser than I ever did, nor desire you lesser than in the past. So, I hope you come live this life with me. Happy birthday, my love. May your dreams come true, sweetheart.

81. Happy birthday to the one whose smile still matters to me, whose happiness fills my heart with joy. I pray all your dreams come true. My heart may not be yours anymore, but my kind wishes will always be for you.

82. I wish with a kiss, I can scream; happy birthday to you. For by your side I’d rather be on this day. Happy birthday, sweety. I hope our hearts find a way to stick together again.

83. You can always call on me, you can forever depend on me. Happy birthday, beautiful. In my heart, you’ll always have a special place.

84. Just be happy, that is all I want and wish you on this day. Remain healthy, for that also is my prayer for you. Happy birthday, my dear.

85. Happy birthday to the one whose love I knew and still desire. I hope your days are colourful, I hope your dreams become your reality. May your days be many as the sea sands. Please, let me dwell in your arms once again.

86. This love I cannot give up. For it’s you, I cannot live without. Happy birthday, angel. I hope you consider a home with me someday.

87. May the angels arrive with your blessings. May the rains that pour bring you good tidings. Happy birthday, deary. May the days ahead of you be great.

88. Love and light to you, angel. Happiness and peace for you till forever. Happy birthday, deary. I hope you have all that you desire.

89. I’ll never fail to make a wish for you even when my kisses are impossible to give. Happy birthday, beautiful. May you experience life’s kindness and beauty to the fullest.

90. I pray grace finds you and joy hits you. Happy birthday, darling. I may not be yours anymore, but I’ll always be there for you. Enjoy your day, darling.

91. I hope you live this chapter with the kind of happiness you deserve. I hope each day comes with the sort of news you yearn for. Happy birthday, my once sweetheart.

92. Loving you was my joy. Desiring you now is how I feel. Happy birthday, my love. I hope this day makes a way for me inside of your heart. Be mine again, sweetheart.

93. I could never forget you on this day. For it is itched in the core of my heart like the sun. Happy birthday, my darling. May your blessings be many as the sea sands.

94. May you be dressed in the apparels of honour and favour. May your heart beabnt to the melody of health and prosperity. Happy birthday, my dear. I’ll forever remember you on this day.

95. May the clouds be filled with your blessings, may they pour down as the rains. Happy birthday, beautiful. In the centre of my heart, you’ll always be.

96. There’s nothing more I desire than you. There’s no greater joy I’ll feel than with you. Happy birthday, my dearest. May your days be long and blissful.

97. To the one who once had my heart bond with love; happy birthday to you. From now till eternity, I hope you experience joy and love.

98. I miss your kisses and caresses. And all day long I desire them. Happy birthday, dear love. May you always be at the right places at the right times.

99. May your praises be sung with joy at every corner of the world. May your life be an expression of God’s grace. Happy birthday, beautiful. I confess that I miss you.

100. You’re everything special and everything special is you. Happy birthday, my darling. May your world never go down crashing.

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