Birthday Wishes to My Best Friends Boyfriend

Birthday Wishes to My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

Best friends are such an integral part of our lives; we can barely do anything without them. They are the ones that look out for us, outside our family and other friends. No one else loves you like a best friend, and you have got to support and love them in return, including those who love them too.

Anyone who loves your best friend should be a part of your life. It could be their boyfriend or other friends or any other person. But, most times, boyfriends are the reason your best friend is happy and feels great.

Their birthday is the best time to let them know that you’re aware of everything they do to your best friend. You need to appreciate them for their presence in your friend’s life. Either you have a cordial relationship with them or not, the birthday wishes below are perfect for making your mind known to them.

Let them know that you appreciate and wish them well. Just read through these happy birthday wishes to my best friend’s boyfriend and pick as many as you want. Don’t worry, they are perfectly put together to suit your needs.

Birthday Messages for Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend

I don’t have a big gift to present to you on your birthday, but I know that a birthday message will go a long way in making my best friend’s boyfriend happy on his day. Happy birthday to you

Gift ideas for friend’s boyfriend on his birthday.

1. Ever since you came into my friend’s life, it’s been pure bliss. You give her the joy and happiness that is unquantifiable. I really can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful boyfriend to my best friend. Happy birthday, dear.

2. You really outdid yourself in bringing so much happiness into my friend’s life, and for that may you always be blessed and highly favoured. Thank you is all I can say. Have a happy birthday, dear.

3. My friend hasn’t been this happy in years. Her life drastically changed for the better the moment you walked she met you. She can’t stop blushing when talking about you. You are indeed the best thing to have ever happened to her. Happy birthday.

4. Because of you, my friend is a happy woman. All thanks to God who made your paths cross. I’m wishing you both the very best in your relationship. Happy birthday, and may God never stop blessing your life.

5. I totally love how you bless my friend with your undivided attention. I love how she grins when she talks about you. You’re truly a good man, and I wish you both a lasting relationship. Happy birthday, dear.

6. I love how you claim my friend wherever you are. You talk about her with smiles on your face. To be honest, she hasn’t been lucky with love, but with you, everything is beautiful again. Happy birthday to you.

7. On the occasion of your birthday, I want to thank you for all the emotional support, love and care you have shown my friend all these years. You guys are the perfect match, and I wish you all the best in life. Happy birthday, dear.

8. You’re my best friend’s friend, and you’re also my friend. I love our clique a lot. I love the fact that you’ve been friends with her before making your feelings known to her. I wish you guys more sweet and enviable love. Happy birthday to you.

9. No doubts, you’re a great guy, because if not, you’re definitely going to find it difficult to cope with my friend. Thank you for staying true to her, and cherishing what you both share. Happy birthday, dear.

10. Real men are hard to find, they say, but I am the happiest friend because my best friend caught a very sweet guy. Dear, I have so much regard for you, and I wish you heaven’s best as you celebrate your birthday.

11. You have brought priceless happiness into my friend’s life, enough to last a lifetime. She’s so lucky to have you as a boyfriend, but you are even luckier to have her as your girlfriend. Happy birthday, great guy.

12. Kudos for being such a great and solid pillar of strength and support to my friend. She tells me how much you support her and this means a lot to someone who never believed she could find true love. Thank you so much. Have a happy birthday.

13. Honestly, you are a very great guy. You’re charming, responsible, tall, focused, just name it. To cap it all up, you’re such a lover boy. Thank you for all you do for my friend. God bless you. Happy birthday to you.

14. For all that you do for my best friend, may the good Lord bless you with long life and an abundance of happiness today and forevermore. Please don’t stop loving my friend. If she does anything wrong, report her to me. Happy birthday.

15. The day my friend agreed to be your girlfriend remains the biggest day of her life. She has never been able to make such a beautiful decision. I am glad she’s happy with you. May you never lose your relevance. Happy birthday, dear.

16. It’s your birthday, and I will do all I can to celebrate with you the perfect way. You have blessed me by making my friend happy, in case you don’t know. I will forever remain grateful to you. Happy birthday.

17. Yes, it’s you that you find love in the weirdest places. The friend I had will never have a short guy as her boyfriend, but I am glad she’s seeing life differently, and now realized that love is all that matters. May you remain happy and blessed for as long as you live. Happy birthday.

18. You have never left my friend’s side, despite her health issues. Truth be told, I have never seen a boyfriend like you. Never have I heard of a husband like you. You are everything she has ever prayed to have. Thank you for being by her side. Happy birthday, great man.

19. I love how y’all complement each other. I love how you don’t control my friend. Guys are known for always ordering their significant others around, but I am glad you came to change this narrative. Happy birthday to you dear. God bless you.

20. I know keeping up with my friend’s stubbornness is not an easy thing. Thank you for managing her bad habits in the best way. I am sure she will change for the better soon. You have my love and support forever. Happy birthday to you.

21. If I tell you I don’t see all you do for my friend, then I am a liar and I have no iota of truth in me. Guy, you overdo it, most times. Thank you for always going out of your way to make her happy. May you never lack anything good. Happy birthday.

22. You are always by my friend’s side through thick and thin, you have never left her all to herself, even when you know she has a friend. You’re such a sweet boyfriend, and you deserve all the love you can get. Happy birthday to you.

23. Even though you’re my friend’s boyfriend, I can’t stop loving you. You’re the perfect example of a gentleman. You’ve got goals and you achieve them silently with no noise. Thank you for influencing my friend in the best way. Happy birthday to you.

24. You have always been there for my friend, evening for me as her friend. I can’t thank you enough for all you do for us. May God also always be there for you wherever you may find yourself. Happy birthday.

25. My friend can’t stop glowing because of you. I guess your love is the perfect medicine for her and the secret behind her beauty. I hope you know you’re loved and highly respected. Happy birthday, great guy.

Best Friend Boyfriend Birthday Quotes

Here’s wishing my best friend’s boyfriend a happy birthday with the best birthday quotes. I wish you a wonderful birthday filled with all the things you love in life. Happy birthday to you.

26. Since you came into my friend’s life, it’s been one great thing to another. You have given her nothing short of an amazing journey. I just want to seize the opportunity of your birthday to thank you. Have a blissful year ahead.

27. Really, what would my friend have done without a guy like you. Like, you’re a total and complete package. You’re all she has always prayed to have. Thank God you are here, and doing great with her. I want this to last a lifetime. Happy birthday, my guy.

28. Sometimes I wonder what my friend thinks about that get her smiling sheepishly. Well, I asked her, and she said it’s the fact that she still finds it difficult to wrap her head around finding a guy like you. Now, this is what we call grace. Happy birthday, dear.

29. It’s not an easy thing to keep up with mood swings every time. I really must thank you for being so strong and supportive of my friend. Thank you for always putting a smile on her face. She told me she will treasure you forever. Happy birthday, lucky man.

30. Love happens, life happens. Love has never happened to me, and when I see the kind of love between you and my friend, I just can’t stop thanking God for how lucky she is. I pray love finds me soon enough before I give up. Happy birthday to the sugar in my friend’s tea.

31. Sometimes I wonder what my friend would have done if she had missed a blessing like you. Thanks for always being a shoulder she can lean on. We both appreciate your presence in her life. Happy birthday.

32. Never play a prank on my friend by saying you are going to leave her. That makes you a murderer because she might just be dying slowly. She loves you a lot, and I can say the same for you too. Thank you for all that you are. Happy birthday.

33. It’s a big day for a big man. You have a really good heart, not just towards my friend, but towards everyone, that’s been fortunate to meet you. Thank you for being a blessing to us all. Happy birthday to you.

34. As a man, I still can’t believe that any man can act the way you do. Some other men would have flared up and demanded that their girlfriend calls it quits with her male best friend. Sometimes, I feel I can’t accept half of what you condone. I can see you love my friend so much. Happy birthday, guy.

35. My friend’s life kinda had no direction before you came into the picture. I have talked sense into her in the best, but all to no avail. I guess she was only waiting for you. Thank you for teaching her how best to live life. Happy birthday, dear.

36. Without your presence in my friend’s life, I am sure she wouldn’t have gotten to where she is today. Your effect on her life is crystal-clear, that even the blind can see. Thank you for making it easy for her to achieve great things. Happy birthday.

37. Through all these years, you have showered my friend with so much love. You have stayed with her through the good, bad and ugly. You’re a real man, and no other man could have done it better.
Happy birthday.

38. You have been a very good boyfriend to my friend. You gave her the relationship of her dreams. I’m sure you guys will eventually get married. I am happy for you both because you guys are great, but I am happier for my friend. Happy birthday to you.

39. As you have always deemed it fit to make my friend happy, may you have nothing but joy and happiness on this great day of yours and all the days of your wonderful life. Happy birthday, darling.

40. Sometimes I just feel like blowing your trumpet, but that’s like crying more than the bereaved. You love my friend the best way, the effect is even telling on me. Thank you for being so loving, caring and supportive of her. Happy birthday to you.

41. People like you make the world the best place to be. With you, there are. No regrets at all. Thank you for correcting all the wrongs her ex-boyfriends made in her life. We will forever be happy to have you. Happy birthday.

42. A great job you’ve done, and you deserve to be celebrated forever. Making my friend happy is one of the hardest things to do because no one can please her. But you came, and the story changed. I’m grateful, from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday, dear.

43. Today is your birthday, and I am going to celebrate you like the king that you are. I’m very grateful for the love you show my friend. My friend now finds it so easy to smile and mix with people. You’re such a great influence on her life. Thank you so much, and have a happy birthday.

44. It’s your birthday, and all I have chosen to do is to thank you for all you do for my friend. You’re such a responsible and humble guy. Thank you for keeping up with her naughtiness too. Happy birthday.

45. I’m very certain you have no idea how much you make my friend happy. Forget that she doesn’t show it, she loves you very much, and it will be a sad experience to lose someone like you. Don’t tell her I told you this. Happy birthday to you.

46. For being such a wonderful boyfriend to my best friend, you deserve to be celebrated from today till the end of your life. You bring her so much joy. Thank you for proving that true love still exists. Happy birthday to you.

47. You deserve all the happiness this world can offer and more. Never have I seen or heard of a guy like you. To even think that you’re a boyfriend, what if you’re a husband? This is why you must marry my friend because y’all deserve one another. Happy birthday.

48. The day my friend met you was the day God decides to answer her long-awaited prayer. She’s been praying for a great man, ever since we became friends. It’s so sad that she cries day and night for this, but thank God you came. Happy birthday to you.

49. The love of God surpasses all others, but your love for my friend is great too. I have never seen such kind of love, and it makes me happy that my best friend is a partaker of this love. Thank you for making loving someone easy. Happy birthday to you.

50. You are the kind of man my friend has always dreamed of having. You’re brilliant and humble. Thank you for being who you are and no one else. May you have a wonderful celebration today. Happy birthday.

Birthday Prayers for Best Friend’s Boyfriend

Everyone needs prayers and that’s why I am praying for you on your birthday. Thank you for being the best boyfriend to my best friend. May God continue to make you bigger. Happy birthday to you.

How to plan a get-together party for your friend’s boyfriend on his birthday.

51. Making my friend happy is one of the hardest things to do. It amazes me how you do this so effortlessly. May the happiness from above never depart from your life. Happy birthday, and thank you for being a good boyfriend.

52. Today, I am filled with great gratitude. I have watched my friend cry and cry because of heartbreaks from different men. At that point, she wanted to end her life, but I stopped her. Thank you for featuring in her beautiful love life. May you be blessed. Happy birthday to you.

53. It hasn’t been a rosy one for my friend, talking about love. She has been disappointed times and times again. You don’t want to know what she went through. I thank you for not giving up on her despite the switches in her attitude. God bless you. Have a happy birthday.

54. I have been friends with my best friend like forever, but never have I seen her as happy as she is, since she met you. Much more than the happiness you bring into her life is what God will bless you with. Happy birthday.

55. I know my friend is happy that she chose you, but I’m happier. This means that you bring so much happiness into our lives. Thank you for the late-night movies we all have together courtesy of you. May God keep elevating you. Happy birthday.

56. On your birthday, I just want to thank you for being there for my friend. I feel like you’re not being appreciated enough, and today, I am going to appreciate you the best way. God bless you too much. Happy birthday to you.

57. With you by my friend’s side, I know she is secured for life. I love how you have her back both in her presence and absence. I will tell my boyfriend to come to learn how to do these things from you. May you be celebrated forever. Happy birthday, dear.

58. My friend is one lucky lady; I know this because she tells me how lucky she is to have you. As her best friend, I agree with her, because she hasn’t felt this good in a long time. May you be highly lifted. Happy birthday, my best friend’s boyfriend.

59. Sometimes I feel like you guys are married already, with the way you do. Lord knows you will make a perfect couple. I can’t wait for your wedding day, though. Happy birthday to the only man that makes my friend blush hard. God bless you.

60. I won’t lie, when I noticed the extent of the love you have for my friend, I had to tell her to hold you tightly. You are a very great guy, and I’m proud of my friend for meeting a guy like you. May God keep moving you forward. Happy birthday to you.

61. No amount of thanks will be enough for all you do for my friend. You have been a great boyfriend to her, and you don’t even seem uninterested in what concerns her. Thank you for letting her be her. God bless you. Happy birthday to you.

62. My friend is a very good lady, and she deserves the best. I’m happy that the best she deserves came in human form. Thank you for grinding hard for her. You rock! Happy birthday to you, and please, never change your ways.

63. You are the best and perfect half a woman can ever have. I’m glad my friend got someone as loyal and loving as you. I just hope you won’t turn out to be like those guys. May God increase you on all sides. Happy birthday.

64. I can’t but thank God for bringing you into my friend’s life. She was always very sad due to the trauma she has had to go through with her ex-boyfriends. You came, and the story changes. May your story change forever. Happy birthday.

65. Yes, the birthday boy is my best friend’s boyfriend. I just want to thank you for your love and support to my friend, over the years. You have made it easy for her to heal from past hurts and regrets. May your love last forever. Happy birthday.

66. No guy has ever complimented my friend as you do. She’s now more beautiful, more mature, more focused than ever. I must thank you for making all these happen within a short period. God bless you, dear. Happy birthday.

67. You deserve an award for the best boyfriend of the century for always putting a smile on my friend’s face. I truly appreciate you. Thank you so much, dear. Happy birthday to you.

68. I wish I can shout and sing your praises for the world to hear and know the kind of person you truly are. Behind your very strong face is a man that has a very pure heart. May God bless you abundantly for being a sweetheart to my friend. Happy birthday.

69. I just want to seize this golden opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the good things you have done in my friend’s life. May you always have true happiness in your heart. Happy birthday to you.

70. God is the rewarder of everything good, and only Him can reward you for everything you do for my friend. You try as much as you can to see that she’s always very happy. Happiness is yours forever. Happy birthday.

71. My friends have always had dreams and expectations of how she wants her man to be. We are thankful to God that you are all she’s ever dreamed of. Thank you for being a light on her path. May your light keep shining bright. Happy birthday.

72. Your love looks so good on my friend; I am sure that’s all she needs. Thank you for bringing some much love and happiness into her life. God bless you. May you have a wonderful birthday celebration. Happy birthday.

73. To be very candid, you are the perfect guy for my friend. I love and appreciate the kindness and love you give to her. May God thank you for everything you do. Happy birthday to you.

74. The unconditional love that you show my friend has made her a changed person. I now get to enjoy great times with my friend, without having to deal with her excess complaints. You’re indeed a Godsent to her. May God bless you all the days of your life. Happy birthday to you.

75. How you guys met remains a mystery to me. Loving you has been the best thing that has ever happened to her. I pray every day for you guys to get married if it’s the will of God. May God grant you exceptional peace. Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to My Bestie’s Boyfriend

Sending a happy birthday message to my lovely bestie’s boyfriend isn’t the best I can do, but it’s one of the best ways to express how important you’re to my darling friend. Happy birthday to you.

76. I just want to let you know that knowing you has made me realize that there are still good men out there. You are different from what we see before we met you. Thank you for showing love to my best friend. Happy birthday to you.

77. Knowing you made me realize that true love comes to the best people. My friend prayed and waited for moments like this before you eventually showed up. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday on her behalf.

78. I have always prayed for you and my friend. I see you guys going places. Love is not enough, but I know y’all have what it takes. Thank you for the priceless moments you bring to my friend’s life. Happy birthday to you.

79. Truth be told, you’re too wise for your age. You settle things like you’re already married. All you do speaks class, and this makes you and my friend. Happy birthday, darling. Keep excelling.

80. I won’t even lie, sometimes I feel jealous. I even ask my friend what she did to have a man like you. I guess we attract different lucks. I’m glad I met you, dear. Happy birthday to you. Keep making my friend happy.

81. We are all proud of you. You’re not just my friend’s boyfriend anymore, but my friend and brother. I’m grateful for your friendship, and I hope that you have a beautiful birthday celebration.

82. We have been good friends before you met my friend, and I’m the happiest person for matchmaking you guys. You make me very proud of how you treat her. Thank you for being so gentlemanly. Happy birthday to you.

83. Thank you for always standing by my friend through thick and thin. I never knew we still had men like you. Thank you for giving me hope, at least. Happy birthday, dear. Keep doing us proud.

84. You’re not just a year older, but wiser and stronger. You’re the most successful young man I have seen, you’re also successful in your relationship. I can’t be prouder, dear. Happy birthday to you. Many more records to break.

85. You deserve the most beautiful birthday celebration, and that’s why I will be taking you and my friend out; all bills on me. You deserve even more. God keep you, dear. Happy birthday to you.

86. I hope you know that your birthday isn’t complete without a wish from me. You have been a pillar of support and encouragement to my best friend, and this has made me the happiest friend. Thank you so much. Happy birthday to you.

87. I want to thank you for being a faithful partner to my friend. I know this because she has tested you so many times, and you never failed; not once. Happy birthday to you. Keep being true to yourself.

88. I am glad that your love story wouldn’t be complete without me being in it. Thank you for not making me being labelled a bad friend. Thank you for making my friend happy at every opportunity you get. Happy birthday to you.

89. I need to be sincere with you, I am inspired by the maturity you display when things aren’t rosy between you and my friend. You’re a great guy, and your love for her is so true. Happy birthday to you.

90. You two were in love at the first glance. I never knew love, at first sight, was possible, but here I am testifying to your beautiful love. I’m happy for you two. Happy birthday to you.

91. You’re such a peaceful guy with no record of drama at all. I love how you make things happen for you both. My friend has never looked stressed since y’all started your relationship. Thank you for giving her the peace she wants. Happy birthday to you.

92. You have always been her dream man, that’s why she didn’t even think twice before accepting to be your girlfriend. I’m glad there have been no regrets whatsoever. Thank you for making her happy. Happy birthday to you.

93. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s boyfriend. I have watched you for a long time now. You stand up for your lady at every opportunity you get. You don’t allow any disrespect on her from whoever. You’re a good one. Happy birthday to you.

94. You have been the best boyfriend to my best friend. Always doing stuff with her, no matter what anyone has to say. Thank you for not listening to the naysayers. You’re her happy place. Happy birthday to you.

95. From the day I witnessed how you stood up for my friend in a public space, I have had nothing but maximum respect for you. I was so proud of my friend that day because she made a good choice by choosing you. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday to you.

96. Oh, I love your company a lot, you are always dishing out premium values. You’re so focused, and I’m sure that’s what made you go for my friend. Happy birthday to you, dear.

97. My friend’s boyfriend is also my friend. Thank you for placing my friend above everyone in your life. The love you have for her is too much. Thank you for being a part of her life. Happy birthday to you.

98. May the love you shower on my friend come back to you in multiple folds. You live for my friend’s happiness, while you rarely care about yours. I’m glad she lives you as much as you do. Happy birthday to you.

99. To be very honest, you are my kind of man too. My friend and I have been praying for men like you. I’m glad my friend is the first to experience this. Thank you for loving her. Happy birthday to you.

100. To think that we were all friends before you made your intentions known to her. I’m glad you made the right choice. Thank you for making her the happiest lady. May you have a happy birthday.

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