Happy Birthday Wishes and Greetings for My Nephew

Happy Birthday Wishes and Greetings for My Nephew

Most nephews are sweet, and they can be close to you more than other family members. They could make you fall in love with them even more than your actual siblings. They just love being treated right by their uncles and aunts. And in turn, you will definitely want to make them happy.

Truly they will appreciate gifts from you on their birthday, but a little wish professing your love to them won’t be a bad idea. You just need to make them feel more loved on their birthday, unlike every other day.

On your nephew’s birthday, he might be expecting something special from you; his uncle or aunt, not a disappointment. So, you have to go all out on his birthday.

The happy birthday wishes and greetings for my nephew below are perfect for this cause. They will help deliver exactly what you have in mind, they’ll even make your nephew appreciate you more. Please read through, and make sure you get the best for your lovely nephew.

Birthday Wishes for Your Nephew Boy

You are now a very big boy, even taller than I am. Isn’t that sweet? It’s your birthday, and I have lots of wonderful wishes for you, but first, I hope that you stop eating too much. Happy birthday, nephew.

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1. I can’t even wrap my head around how much you’ve grown. You’ve grown so fast and you make me very proud of you. It’s my wish that you continue to flourish in life. Happy birthday, dear nephew.

2. For you, I will do anything. I will keep spoiling you with whatever you need, you just keep calling me. It’s my pleasure to have such a cute and adorable nephew like you. Happy birthday, little one. I love you.

3. I want you to know that we all are blessed and lucky to have you in our lives. You’re the evidence that God exists, and we’re thankful for you. Keep being awesome, dear. I wish you a happy birthday.

4. Thank you for making me so happy and full of smiles every time. I can’t do without your presence in my life. Thank you for making me have the feeling of being a parent, before being an actual parent. Happy birthday to you.

5. Every passing year reminds me of how important you are to this family, and how blessed we are to have you in our lives. As we celebrate your birthday, we are thankful to God for keeping you for us, and we hope that His blessings will rest on you forever. Happy birthday.

6. If only everyone has a nephew like you, the population of the people in the world will be so few, because they wouldn’t want to bother themselves to have kids. I love you, dear nephew. Happy birthday to you.

7. Sometimes I feel so safe around you. I just want to talk to you because no one understands how I feel like you do. I’m even more thankful than your parents. Thank you for always releasing yourself to me. Happy birthday to you.

8. I’m sure your parents think I want to take you from them, most times. That’s not the case, I’m just happy that I have a nephew as brilliant and sweet as you. Thank you for being so sweet. Happy birthday to you, dear.

9. You are so special to me. I’m happy to see how much you’ve grown, little man. I hope that all your wishes come to pass, today and forever. Always remember that you are loved. Happy birthday dear nephew. All my love.

10. I love you more than your mom who is my sister. You’re just an amazingly great guy. Don’t forget to keep working hard and believe in yourself. The sky is definitely your starting point. Enjoy your birthday and have fun, dear.

Blessing Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Ever since you were born, I haven’t stopped blessing you. It’s your birthday and I wish brand new things to happen in your life. Happy birthday, dear nephew.

11. I know I am not your mom, but I just can’t get over a sweet nephew like you. With you, things are always in order. You run errands for me without complaining. Thank you for all you do. It’s going to be a happy birthday for you.

12. I’m sure you still realize that we are best of friends. So please, remember that I am someone whom you can always count on, no matter what you go through. I will never stop being there for you. Happy birthday, dear.

13. Your mom and I have gone through so many obstacles together, and here we are. One of her obstacles in life was birthing you. It took her a very long process, but we thank God that you’re here, making us proud. Happy birthday to you.

14. Whatever life throws at you now will only be a thing of the past if you work hard to make it so. I hope that while you work hard, God increases and enlarges you. May you live long. Birthday blessings, my darling.

15. You’re a very smart boy. I love how you start conversations and interact with people intelligently. I’m so sure you have a lot in store for us, so keep doing great. You know I love you, right? Happy birthday.

16. When I look at you, my heart beats beautifully. I just feel and have true peace. Your birth was a miraculous one, that drew me closer to God. I’m never going to stop taking care of you. May you grow to be an amazing man. Happy birthday.

17. Hey little man, from the deepest part of my heart I just want to let you know that you mean so much to me. I can’t wait to have my kids so y’all can do things together. I wish you a great birthday. I love you.

18. People think I do too much when I’m around you, but I’m sure they don’t understand, probably because they’ve never felt this kind of love. I love you too much, and I can’t help but show it off. Happy birthday, my best part.

19. I thank God for you every day. Your mom had to go through it all for you, and I’m glad I was beside her all through. Now look how beautiful you’ve turned. I’ll forever be thankful to God. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Aunt

Thank you for making me a proud aunt, sweet nephew. Like I promised you, I won’t stop making you happy. I will always have your back. I wish that you be more successful than me. Happy birthday to you.

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20. Yes, I did a lot when you were little. Ran errands for your mom, changed your diapers, fed you, carried you on my back, but importantly, I have never stopped loving you despite all of these. I’m ready to keep making you happy. Have a blast, darling.

21. Years ago, you were just a little boy. But look at you now, you’re all grown and matured, even taller than I am. I’m grateful to God for making your growth so easy for you. Now, you have to be very strong and responsible. Happy birthday, baby.

22. No matter how old you get, you will always be a baby to me, because I took care of you when you were little. Even though I wasn’t enjoying it all then, your birth only prepared me to brace myself for my kids. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. God bless you.

23. I wish that we were together today. I can’t stop staring at your pictures. You have grown so well, and soon you might just bring your girlfriend home. I’m just joking, keep facing your studies. Happy birthday, dear.

24. You are not just a nephew to me but a son, because your birth got me prepared for motherhood. I’m happy to be your aunt. I love you so much and you know it. What do you want for your birthday? Happy birthday, dear.

25. I love how responsible and resilient you are. You accord respect to everyone. You’re not proud, Despite all you’ve achieved. I must say, I am proud of you. You have all my support and love, every time. Happy birthday to you.

26. You have been one of our sources of joy in this family. You’re the nicest and the most amazing person too. Thank you for bringing us things that money can’t buy. We will love you forever. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

27. You are very brave and courageous. I love how you achieve whatever you want to achieve without stopping or making excuses. This will make you go far in life, trust me. I’ll always be here to support you. Happy birthday, nephew.

28. Heavens know I am the happiest aunt in the world because I have the most determined and goal-oriented nephew in the world. You’re just 15, yet you’re unstoppable. I love you with all my heart and I wish you a happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Uncle

No matter how tall you grow, I am and will always be your uncle, let that sink. My wishes for you is that you grow shorter than I am, though and that you stop being a rude nephew. Happy birthday to you.

29. One thing I love about you is how fearless you are when you’re with me. Another thing I love about myself is that I don’t scare you away. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday celebration. Please, enjoy yourself.

30. I don’t only see you as my nephew, but my best friend. You are always very free with me. You prefer to tell me when things are not going right than to tell your parents. I’m thanking you for always trusting me. I won’t take this love for granted. Happy birthday to you.

31. Very soon, you will start talking about women. Well, it’s good, but I will advise that you focus on your studies squarely, so you can make something great out of it. Thank you for being so amazing, dear. Happy birthday to you.

32. No matter what the problem is, always call on me. Even though your parents are always there for me, I have promised to have your back, with or without your parents. I hope you enjoy your birthday. Love you.

33. As your uncle, I am so very proud of how far you have come, and how you’ve been able to gather all your accomplishments. I am very certain that go very far in your life. Happy birthday, dear nephew.

34. Thank you for always treating me like a dad, by always asking me for money. I will gladly keep doing all that’s in my power to see that you are always happy. Just like every one of us, may you have a wonderful life.

35. I love and cherish the relationship between us. We are closer to each other than to the rest of the family. If you weren’t my nephew, maybe you’d have been my son. You’re still the best. Happy birthday to you.

36. It’s my pleasure to always solve your problems in my little way. I feel so happy and lucky whenever you ask me for things. It’s been a sweet journey being your uncle. The least you can do is make me proud. Happy birthday, dear.

37. You are such a brave person. Your heart is so wide and pure. I’m super proud of the man you’re becoming; it’s so good to see. Do not let go of your dreams for anything. Happy birthday to you, God bless you.

Birthday Greetings for Nephew

I wish I could do more than birthday greetings, because you’ve been truly wonderful, but please make do with this. I will make it up to you. Happy birthday, nephew.

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38. I am undoubtedly the best in the world for having a nephew so brilliant and intelligent like you. You are everything we prayed to have, and even more. I see you doing great already. Keep it up, sweetheart.

39. With you, it’s always from one fun to another. It’s always good to have you around. Thanks for blessing us with your wisdom and for being the answer to our prayers in so many ways. God bless you and cause you to have a great celebration.

40. Whenever you are down, don’t forget that I will always have your back. You’re the only one I see in good and bad times. I will do anything for you, dear. Enjoy your special day.

41. Happy birthday to the only footballer in my family. Dear nephew, I love your niche and how you try to make things right always. Your career will be greater than what you’ve seen. Happy birthday to you, once again. Enjoy.

42. I want to thank you for being me ride or die. Thank you for finding me worthy of keeping your secrets. You’re a great guy, and with God on your side, everything will be just as planned. Happy birthday to you.

43. You are a source of joy and happiness together us. You’re very intelligent, you make us proud and you are the coolest boy ever. I join the rest of the world to wish you a happy birthday. I love you, and I will continue to prove it.

44. Today, you will experience joy as you’ve never done before. You will be blessed and highly favoured. You will be greater than your mates. I love your work ethics, so please keep it up. Happy birthday to you.

45. I know your birthday means a lot to you. I’m happy that you are happy. Thank God for keeping you for us. You’re the one who makes family meetings fun and enjoyable. God bless your existence, dear. Happy birthday to you.

46. You deserve God’s protection and love. I love how you go through situations without having to disturb anyone in the family. Thank you for being a good guy and not joining the bandwagon. God will continue to spare you. Happy birthday to you.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Nephew

I think you have more than enough inspirational writings already, so I’m not going to bore you with mine. My wish for you is that you keep on excelling in life. Happy birthday, nephew.

47. You are a very respectful and responsible boy. Your future is very bright, and with all the works you put in, it will be even brighter. I will continue to cheer you on. Happy birthday to you. Where’s the party at?

48. I see how you long and yearn for success. You’re such a goal-driven young man. I’m sure you can’t wait to start making it. Soon, all of these and more will be your reality. Happy birthday, my hardworking nephew. God bless you.

49. I just want to congratulate you for making it into another year. This year, dare to make a difference. Do not limit yourself. Break forth! May the Lord make it easy for you. Happy birthday, darling. You’re loved.

50. Yes, you made it! I’m grateful to God on your behalf. If you keep pressing on, things will continue to be easy for you. You’re a huge part of my life, and I will keep celebrating you. Happy birthday to you, dear. Enjoy.

51. Happy birthday to the most beautiful part of my life. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. Ever since we had you, I can’t stop blushing whenever I set my eyes on you. You’re a dream come true to us. Thanks to God for blessing us with you. Enjoy.

52. Whatever your plans are in life, I will always be here to support you. I won’t relent in making you happy. I’m sure with God on your side, you will be successful in life. Happy birthday to you, my dear. The sky is your starting point.

53. If you’re failing now, it’s just a sign of better things to come. I failed so many times before I became successful today. Success is nothing without failure. Failure must be part of the process. So please, don’t beat yourself up. Go out and enjoy yourself today. Happy birthday.

54. Nothing is impossible; even the word itself says “I’m possible”. Learn to see deeper than your challenges. Learn to figure out solutions to every problem. You won’t be beneath forever, better days are ahead of you. Cheer up, dear. Happy birthday.

55. What more can you ask God for? You have almost everything you want in life. I’m so happy that you figured out what’s best for you because things go bad. May you keep excelling in your endeavours. Happy birthday, dear nephew.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Nephew

I love how you make me come around with your not-so-funny jokes. You just have a way of talking me out of my problems. I deeply appreciate your presence in my life. I wish you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday, nephew.

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56. If I were to count the number of times I had to change your diapers when you were small, I’m sure I will lose count. You were such a messy little boy. Now you’re grown and claiming to be a big boy. It’s fine. Happy birthday to you. Learn to be less stubborn, though.

57. I ran different errands for your mom when you were little. I had to do all of those because of you. Now you’re taller than me, and you don’t even want to respect me as your uncle. Don’t worry, I will only send half of your allowance this month. Happy birthday.

58. Sometimes, I can’t just believe my eyes. Like, you’ve grown so big and fine. Well, I can now say that I’m proud to have done all I did when you were little. You need to be married soon so you can start sending me money too. Happy birthday.

59. What did I not do for you when you were little? I even washed your clothes. Now that you’ve grown up, you still ask me for things. When exactly will you stop disturbing me? I’m almost fed up with your demands. It’s just a joke, anyways. Happy birthday to you. What do you want for your birthday?

60. You cried so much when you were little. You loved disturbing the whole house with your cry. Breast milk was your only food. No wonder you turned out to be a very big boy. Have fun, dear. Happy birthday.

61. No matter how old or tall you think you are, I am still your aunt. You can’t even repay all I did when you were still small. So please, you’ve got to start respecting that. Don’t you ever disturb me again. Anyways, happy birthday to you.

62. Indeed, kids grow so fast. I mean, look how much you’ve grown. I don’t even want to recognize you again. In all of these, I’m proud of your progress and how sweet you are. Keep being great. Happy birthday.

63. You’re one nephew I love being around. I love how you crack me up with your dry jokes. I just love having you around. So, when next are you coming here? Make sure you have a wonderful birthday. I love you.

64. Because you now have a girlfriend, you don’t want to respect the person who cleaned your smelly faeces anymore. Don’t worry, the next time your girlfriend comes here, I will tell her about your childhood days. Happy birthday to you.

Special Birthday Wishes for Nephew

You’re too special to me, and that explains why I love you so much. My wish for you today is that all your heart’s wishes come true. Amen. Happy birthday, nephew.

65. You are a rare gem. I’m happy that I get to call you my nephew. Though you’re more than that to me, I can’t just but thank you for handling things so maturely, without the intervention of anyone. It shows how much you’ve grown. Happy birthday to you.

66. If you continue this way, trust me, you will be a hot cake in the industry. I see how you put in the required works in your crafts. Wherever I go, I hear people talk great things about you. I’m a proud aunt. Happy birthday to you.

67. This new age is going to be good for you. It will cause the desires of your heart to be met. Hey nephew, you work so hard. I know you want us to be proud, but please, take it easy on yourself. It’s the little things that matter. Happy birthday to you.

68. You know what? Right now, I want to show you off to the world. I want the world to see how great my nephew is. But I’m just going to chill and let your works speak for you. How about that? Happy birthday, darling. All the best.

69. You make me so proud to be a part of your life and success. You make me want to do more for you. Don’t worry, as long as you keep making me proud, I will keep supporting you. A better life awaits you, trust me. Happy birthday to you.

70. You are the luckiest in the family. Or should I say the most favoured? You discovered what you were good at and leveraged on it when you were just growing. You must be such a genius. I’m your uncle, and I’m proud of you. Happy birthday to you.

71. Your progress is so sweet to see. You have an inspiring story. I’m glad you get to make something out of your life, at a very tender age. Now, look how your decisions are paying off. I’m super proud. Happy birthday, my dear.

72. I see how set you are to conquer the world. They’re not even ready for you yet! I trust you will hit the world with full force. As your aunt, I will be ever ready. Make it a habit not to relent. The world will bow! Happy birthday to you, great guy.

73. Thank you for bringing smiles to my face. At times, when I see you on my screen, I shed tears. You have wowed us all with your growth. Even some thought you would never amount to anything. I’m the happiest aunt now. Keep breaking grounds. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Elder Nephew

I’m really taking after you, as an elderly. I have learnt a lot from you and I still keep learning. Thanks for being an awesome nephew. I wish you a better life ahead. Birthday blessings, sir.

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74. I appreciate the fact that you’re in my life. As an older nephew, you have done a whole lot for me. You have made things possible for me. I can’t be more grateful to have you. May God keep blessing you. Have a happy birthday.

75. You keep making the family closely knitted. You’re an elder with a great style of leadership. All your labour of love on me will never go in vain. I won’t stop until you’re proud of the seed you planted in me. Happy birthday.

76. My older nephew, I’m happy that family brought us together because I wouldn’t have amounted to anything without you. Almost everyone in the family has the same thing to say about you. You’re just a naturally great person. God keeps increasing you. Happy birthday.

77. You strife so hard to bring the best out of me. I never thought my life could be this sweet. Thank you for all the years of teaching me to see how I can be better. They’re paying off now. I’m grateful. Happy birthday to you.

78. You have been a source of inspiration and motivation to me. Some nephews don’t care, but that’s not your case. Thank you for always carrying me along. You make my success your priority. I can’t be more thankful. I wish you a happy birthday.

79. Dear nephew, I know things haven’t been going fine with you. You have taught me how to grow a thick skin for my problems. You have taught me to see beyond them all. Please, it’s time to practice what you’ve been preaching to me. It is well with you. Happy birthday.

80. Everything I own in my life was only possible with you. I’d always thought that only siblings love themselves this much until I got close to you. Thank you for changing my life. Happy birthday to you.

81. A great inspiration you are! You are never hoarding the knowledge that you have; always willing to share as much as possible. Thank you for being such a great older nephew. I love you, always. Happy birthday to you boss.

82. On your birthday, I just want to appreciate you for being a great older nephew. You taught me everything I know about family today. You taught me how to be resilient and responsible. I respect you a lot. Happy birthday, great man.

Birthday Wishes for Favourite Nephew

There’s something about you that makes you my favourite nephew. Well, I won’t tell you. May all your wishes come to pass, on your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

83. You are my favourite nephew. I just love being around you and talking to you about things. I think it’s because we share some beliefs. Whatever it is, I love and wish you well. Happy birthday to you.

84. I never knew one could be so close to a nephew like this. I’m even closer to you than my siblings. I’m sure there’s something about you that makes me like you. It’s your birthday, make sure you have a swell time.

85. I will always treat you as my own son, because since when you were little, you have been enjoying the benefits of a mother from me. If you want to know, ask your mom. Happy birthday, dear. Be good.

86. You grew so fast that I could not recognize the little boy who runs around, many years ago. You’re also more mature now. Your growth is impressive. Happy birthday, nephew. Keep being awesome. With love from your aunt.

87. What makes you my favourite nephew is how much you love me. You love me so much, I can’t but reciprocate. I’m sure you’re going places, and whatever it will take you to get there, you will be equipped to achieve. Happy birthday, dear.

88. If not for anything, I want God to bless and keep you for your parents. I won’t say much, but they’ve been through a lot for your sake. Please, don’t join the bandwagon. Keep doing your thing. Happy birthday, champ.

89. I know you have all it takes to make the world a better place. You have all it takes to make this family proud. You have all it takes you to change bad people’s orientation of you. In all, don’t bend to dance to anyone’s tune. You will be fine. Happy birthday, my favourite nephew.

90. I won’t let the day pass without wishing you a happy birthday. You’re my favourite nephew, and I’m proud of how far you’ve come within a very little time. I hope you know you’re going to be greater than your parents, so keep putting in the works. Happy birthday to you.

91. The whole family is proud of you, nephew. Thank you for not bringing us shame and reproach, instead, you keep the family’s name on everyone’s lips with the great works you do. I’m beyond proud, to be very honest. Thank you. Happy birthday to you.

92. You’re one of the world’s most celebrated entrepreneur. I can see all my counsels and advice didn’t go to waste. You have made me proud, and I have no regrets about making you my favourite nephew. Happy birthday, genius.

Birthday Wishes for Great Nephew

I wish that great things happen to you, as you celebrate your birthday today. You’re a great person, no wonder your wishes keep coming true. Happy birthday to you, my nephew.

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93. I have only wished for the best on you, no wonder you’re always been singled out for greatness. Today is your birthday, and so I want you to know that I am a proud uncle. Happy birthday to you.

94. I have always known that you will be a great man. The zeal and push have always been there. You have always been extra in carrying out your tasks. Saying that I’m proud is an understatement. Happy birthday, great nephew.

95. This family is blessed because we produced an outstanding personality like you. You have brought us nothing but joy. I’m so happy for you, and I hope that you keep excelling. Do enjoy your birthday. Regards.

96. I still find it somehow unbelievable that you are now this great nephew I am proud of. You never seemed to be interested in all my counsels and advice, back then. I’m happy that you made use of them. Happy birthday to you.

97. I heard you’re now in Highschool, that’s great. I just want to wish you a happy birthday, and remind you that being a good person pays. Just take a look at your father, I’m sure you want to be greater than him. Then, don’t relent. Take care of yourself.

98. My darling, my love for you is unquantifiable. You make me so happy. I just want to remind you that I love you. I also want you to make your parents proud of you, please. Be a good boy. Happy birthday to you.

99. I feel so lucky and fulfilled to have a nephew as brilliant as you. I know your future is bright, but if you don’t work towards achieving success, it will not come to you. Please, don’t relent. Keep moving, so your future can be bright. Happy birthday.

100. You’re such a wonderful person to me. Thanks for all the years of guidance and support. I’m making you proud already, and I will keep doing more. I just wanted to thank you and wish you a happy birthday. I love you.

Birthday Wishes for Young Man Nephew

You’re now a grown young man, it’s so pleasing to the eyes. I’m proud of how you make us proud. May all your wishes in life come to pass before your eyes. Happy birthday, nephew.

101. Growing up was a whole lot of fun and enjoyable with you. You made childhood so beautiful for me. We have come a long way, and I won’t stop being there for you. Happy birthday, nephew.

102. Is there anyone else who has my back like you do? Definitely none. I want you to know that, even if I don’t show or say it, I’m super grateful for all you have done for me. I wish I can pay you back, but it’s priceless. Happy birthday, dear.

103. Hey young man, you have contributed so much to my happiness. You’ve sacrificed so much for me. I just want you to know that I’m thankful to you for everything. Having you as my nephew is the best thing. Happy birthday to you.

104. The day you were born, your first smile sparked up my interest in you. The feeling was surreal. You were a very beautiful little boy. Then when I held you in my arms, I felt love like I have never done. Just look at you now. Happy birthday. I love you forever.

105. You remind me so much of myself when I was younger. Though I was taller and more handsome than you. Well, it’s your birthday. We all have to thank God for how far He has helped you. One more thing, never lose focus in life. Happy birthday, dear.

106. I needed to send this right on time before going to work, in case you’re wondering why it’s too early. Young man, I am super proud of you. Your growth is commendable. To even think that you decided to work on yourself by yourself. Keep keeping up. Happy birthday, dear.

107. The family is gathering in your honour today. This is because of the extent to which you have made us all proud. Thank you for choosing to follow the right path. I’m certain it’s just the beginning of greater things to come. Happy birthday to you.

108. I’m sure that you will attain greater heights than we all did if you keep going the right way. With a little push from us all, you will be right on track. Good luck to you. Happy birthday, young man. Long shall you live.

109. The most important thing is to be alive. Once there’s life, there’s hope. So young man, quit thinking about what tomorrow holds, it definitely will take care of itself. Happy birthday to you.

110. Great nephews are scarce, but I am thankful that I have you, anyways. You have been a very strong pillar of strength and courage for me. Thanks for always holding it down for me. Happy birthday to you.

Religious Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Forget about being religious, you are such a respectful nephew. You keep doing things that will make me forget what you did to me when you were young. That’s a good one. I wish you keep getting more mature. Happy birthday, dear nephew.

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111. Your birthday is a continuous reminder of how God has blessed us in this family. You came at the time we needed breakthroughs. May the purpose of your birth keep manifesting in your life. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

112. You are not only my nephew, you are like my son. Whatever I wish for my son, is what I wish for you. May God continue to keep you safe from harm. May you grow up and be great. Amen. I hope you enjoy your birthday.

113. Hey nephew, I would do anything for you, just ask. Today, I want to congratulate you on your new age. I also want to pray that God blesses you all the days of your life. May evil not befall you. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

114. I want you to know that you are a star and you will keep shinning on. Your light will never go dim. You will grow and flourish. God will expose every evil agenda against you. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

115. I have always known that you will be an ambitious and vibrant young man, it’s always been in you. I can’t but talk about how you messed me up with your faeces when you were little. It’s all a story now. Happy birthday, young man. Keep making waves.

116. Your success story is impressive. I love how you made use of the available resources to help yourself to where you are today. You’re such a brilliant young man. It’s your birthday, so enjoy yourself. God bless you.

117. You make me so happy, and you have no idea how much. You have only come this far because of your resilient spirit; you’re never giving up. That’s one great thing about you. I wish you more success ahead. Happy birthday.

118. You are a blessing to this family and the world at large. I pray that you continue to be a blessing to all those around you. Amen. Happy birthday, and continue to be safe.

119. I always look forward to your birthday get-together, it’s always fun having everyone talk about you. It’s your birthday again, and I want to wish you a long, prosperous and fruitful life. Happy birthday to you.

120. In all you do, you have always found luck. God just loves you a lot, and that’s because you’re never far from Him. As you keep going in life, may He continue to make things easy for you. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

Hello there! I’m sure that you had a good time going through the happy birthday wishes and greetings for my nephew. With just one of the wishes up there, your nephew’s energy is renewed for the new year, trust me.

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