Best Birthday Wishes for Cousin Female

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Cousin Brother or Sister

A cousin is actually similar to a sibling in many ways, just that we don’t get to live in the same house with them. Though, some of us do.

For many of us, we only get to see and spend time with our cousins during holidays and special family vacations or reunions.

But the bond ought to go beyond this once in a while catch up moments, and we must remain part of each other’s lives from childhood to adulthood. Especially for those of us who are an only child, and the closest we have as siblings are our cousins.

One way to let your special, favourite, and even annoying cousin know you care about her, and she’s dear to your heart even out of sight, is by sending warm messages as often as you can.

But we all know it is not easy to keep up with that. But sending a heartfelt message, on her birthday, even if that’s all you send in a year, will go a long way in fostering the bond between you two.

Choose any of the happy birthday wishes for my cousin sister or brother, letting her know she’s beautiful, special, loved, and you wish her the best of life’s blessings.

Birthday Messages for Female Cousin

Celebrate your lovely female cousin with these Best Birthday Wishes for Cousin Female.

1. Your heart is kind, your heart is large, your kind, hard to find. Not only were you gifted to me as a cousin, but also as a best friend forever. A very happy birthday to you darling.

2. I still remember very clearly, the day you were born, and how excited we all were to receive the newest addition to the family. You haven’t ceased to bring smiles to our faces, and joy to our hearts since then. A very happy birthday to you, little cousin. Have fun.

3. Since the first day we met and were introduced to each other as cousins, I knew I had found my best friend and sister. Happy birthday, dearie, God bless you.

4. I am still waiting for the day our parents will sit us down and tell us the truth about us being twin sisters, and not cousins. Have the best birthday ever darling, I love you super much.

5. You know beyond reasonable doubt that you are my favourite cousin. That is simply because you are super amazing and awesome. Happy birthday to you dearie. Stay awesome.

6. Thanks for not only being an amazing cousin, but also a friend, confidant, and special adviser. Happy birthday to you. God bless and continually keep you.

7. I just want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my custom made, heaven sent sister and friend, in a package called Cousin. I love and value you so much. May your years be long and beautiful.

8. Our parents made us cousins without our consent, but, I am glad we both chose to be best pals instead. Happy birthday dearest cousin. Keep growing in grace and splendour. I love you.

9. It has been amazing growing and evolving with you, and I know this year is going to be super amazing for you. Happy birthday dearest cousin.

10. I have watched you grow from a little baby into an amazing young lady, and I am super proud of you, and all you have achieved. Happy birthday, cuz, enjoy your day.

11. My childhood stories and memories are incomplete without you. You played a huge role, not just as a cousin, but also as sister and best friend. Happy birthday to you dearie, God’s best gifts are yours.

12. I try to imagine how my childhood would have been without you, and I just know it would have been boring. You added so much colour and fun to my life, and I pray you all the joy and happiness in the world. Happy birthday sweet cousin.

13. I look at you, and I see the type of woman I aspire to be. Thanks for being a source of inspiration to me dearest cousin. A happy birthday to you today.

14. Have a super and amazing birthday celebration, and a prosperous new year, darling cousin. I love you to the moon and back.

15. Weird and crazy friends like you are very rare, and I am lucky to have you double as a cousin. Happy birthday to the weirdest but best cousin in the world. You know I love you.

16. Moments shared with you are definitely the best ever. You are indeed a great gift and best friend to me. Happy birthday dearest cousin.

17. I am super proud of you dear cousin. Keep rocking your world and making us proud. Have a fantastic birthday celebration.

18. Keep being beautiful, keep being awesome, keep being my cousin. You deserve the very best dear, have a wonderful birthday celebration.

19. I know I am the luckiest girl ever to have a sister, best friend, confidant, and cousin, all in one person. Happy birthday to you dear, this is your best year yet.

20. Get your party shoes on, and get ready to dance into the wonderful things this year has in store for you. Happy birthday, cousin.

21. God knew that I needed a sister, and since my parents were not able to give me one, he made sure I got a sweet cousin like you to fill that gap. I wish you the best birthday ever.

22. I am super proud of the woman you are becoming, and to be your big cousin too. Happy birthday, baby.

23. Happy birthday to the world’s best cousin. I pray you continually grow in grace, wisdom, and beauty. Much love.

24. Dear cousin, you are beautiful beyond description and I am truly blessed to have grown up with you, and still have you in my life. Happy birthday to you, and welcome to your best year yet.

25. You are an epitome of beauty and character, and I am blessed to have you in my life as a cousin, sister, and best friend. Happy birthday sweetie, long life and prosperity.

26. I love you loads and look forward to many more years with you, not just as cousins, but as best friends forever. Happy birthday, dear.

27. Happy birthday to the world’s best cousin. This is definitely going to be your best year yet.

28. Having you as a cousin covers up for not having a sister, and I am super lucky to have gotten such an amazing personality in a cousin. Happy birthday to you dear cousin, I love you.

29. You have been a great source of inspiration and blessing to me. On this special day of yours, I wish you nothing but a very happy birthday indeed. Live long and prosper cuz.

30. May you be abundantly blessed today and always, sweet cousin. Have a very happy birthday and new year full of happiness and joy.

31. Thanks for always being there for me. I appreciate your love and care, dear cousin, happy birthday to you.

32. If you were not my cousin, my deepest desire would be to make you my wife. You’re beautiful in and out, and my best friend ever. Happy birthday, dear, have fun.

33. Dear cousin, I pray this new year ushers you into a brand new chapter, level, and season of greatness. Happy birthday to you, God bless you.

34. May all you touch and do prosper, as God causes you to find favour before all, this new year and beyond. Happy birthday to you dearest cousin and friend.

35. For all you have been to me, for all you have done for me, for teaching and inspiring me positively, I want to say a very big thank you. Happy birthday dear cousin, long life and prosperity.

36. You are the best cousin anyone could ever wish or ask for. Happy birthday to you sis, long life and prosperity.

37. May you be blessed with long life, prosperity, and in all the good things of life as you become older today, and for the rest of your life. Happy birthday dear cousin.

38. You have been a source of blessing to me in many ways, and I am grateful to God for the gift of you in my life. Happy birthday to you, my sweet cousin.

39. Happy birthday to you, my amazing cousin and sister from my extended family. I wish you long life and prosperity. Have fun.

40. I am happy I get to be part of another amazing year of your life. Happy birthday dear cousin. I wish you the very best of all life has to offer.

41. Thanks for being amazing, thanks for believing in me. I love you plenty dear cousin. A very special happy birthday to you.

42. Happy birthday to my very beautiful and intelligent cousin. Enjoy your new age. I love you very much.

43. I wish you were my sister but being your cousin is just as perfect as that. I am blessed to have you in my life. I wish you a very happy birthday dear cousin.

44. It is another year for you and I pray it be filled with much joy and happiness. Happy birthday beloved cousin. Enjoy your day.

45. I pray your growth in all things nice and beautiful, including love for me, so I can come pack more of your clothes and shoes for myself. That’s what cousins do right? Have a happy birthday dearie.

46. It has been fun and wonderful having you as my cousin turned best friend. Happy birthday, sis, let us go have the kind of fun you deserve.

47. I pray this new year brings you closer to purpose, and the fulfilment of your dreams. Happy birthday to you, my amazing cousin, I love you.

48. You are the best cousin ever, and I wish you the best birthday ever. Have fun darling.

49. Happy birthday to a very special cousin. Thanks for being amazing, and bringing joy and fun to my life. I wish you God’s blessings now and always.

50. 20 hearty cheers to you, my dearest cousin. I pray you increase in all areas of your life. Happy birthday to you.

51. Have a fun filled birthday darling. May your life be sweet, long and prosperous. I super love being your cousin, and especially your BFF.

52. As you grow into a more beautiful and matured young lady, I pray you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to make the best of choices. Happy birthday Lil cousin, live long and prosper.

53. May all your dreams come true, and may your life continually be a blessing to the family, and your generation. Happy birthday dear cousin, you are greatly loved.

54. Thanks for being an amazing cousin. I value and appreciate you, and celebrate all that you are today. Happy birthday to you.

55. Happy birthday to you, cousin. I love all that you are, and are becoming. Cheers to many more years ahead. Enjoy your day.

56. I am grateful to God for giving me such a kind-hearted and wonderful sister like you as my cousin. Happy birthday to you, and I wish you many more years in health and wealth.

57. A cheerful cousin like you deserves all the joy, happiness, and fun in life. I wish you all that and much more this new year and always. Happy birthday to you.

58. My main wish for you today is that you have a super cool birthday that is as awesome as you are, and a beautiful new year as beautiful as I am. Hope you’ve finally agreed that I am finer than you.

59. I love and cherish you so much dear cousin, and I especially welcome you into your new year of greater achievements. Happy birthday to you.

60. All glory and thanks to God for ushering you into a brand new year and season of your life. I pray you bliss, joy, and an abundance of heaven’s best blessings. Happy birthday, cuz.

61. I wish you a happy birthday and pray you get much more amazing things that you want and desire this year. Have fun dear cousin.

62. May the best of birthday wishes be granted you today, and may your increase be not only in age, but also in wisdom, grace, and knowledge of the great potential in you. Enjoy your day cuz.

63. Thanks for always being there and not giving up on me. You are very special to me, and I value you greatly. Happy birthday dearest cousin. Bigger you I pray.

64. We are cousins, and also birthday mates. Are we sure our parents are not hiding something from us? Lol. It has been amazing getting to know you. Happy birthday, cousin, live long and prosper.

65. I wish you a happy birthday cousin, and I pray you receive the best of gifts because you deserve the very best.

66. I just want to say thanks for making me better, stronger, and wiser. A great cousin like you deserves all the accolades, and I give you nothing less. Happy birthday to you.

67. Thanks for setting a good example for us all to follow. We are blessed to have you as not just a cousin, but also as a mentor. Have a very happy birthday dear cousin.

68. May the deepest of your heart desires be granted especially today, even as you step into a fresh new season of abundance. Happy birthday dear cousin.

69. There is never a dull moment with you cuz. As you grow older in age, I pray joy and laughter will forever grow and multiply in your life. Happy birthday to you.

70. It is your 21st birthday darling. Be happy, be beautiful, be you. I love the woman you are becoming. Happy birthday, baby cuz, hope you liked the gift I sent?

71. Happy birthday, baby. May all your big dreams be fulfilled this new year. Don’t stop growing into an amazing young lady. Much love from your big cousin.

72. May today be full of fun and happy memories, and the new year, of abundant blessings for you. Happy birthday to you, my beautiful cousin.

73. You have enriched and brightened my life in many ways, and on your birthday today, I pray God opens heaven’s windows and doors to pour your blessings. Have a wonderful birthday cousin.

74. My dress is ironed, shoe and bag, set, hair and makeup done, just because I’m ready to come and celebrate with the coolest cousin ever. Happy birthday, sis, live long and prosper.

75. You are smart, you are beautiful, kind and jovial, and popular. What else could anyone wish for in a sibling? I am super proud to be your, Lil cousin dear. Happy birthday to you.

76. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but cuz, not only did you just grow older in age, you also just went a step closer to getting wrinkles. But don’t worry, you are, and will still be beautiful. Happy birthday to you.

77. Have a wonderful birthday celebration and a very awesome and prosperous new year. I love you dearest cousin. Stay beautiful.

78. A lot of hugs and kisses to my incredible cousin on her birthday. Have a fun-filled day and a splendid new year Darling.

79. No matter how far away we are from each other, you are still very close to my heart. Happy birthday to you dear cousin, long life and prosperity are yours.

80. Thanks for taking me as your sister and best friend. I love and appreciate you greatly. Happy birthday to you, dear cousin, have a fun-filled celebration.

81. The bond between us is definitely beyond just being cousins. You are more than a sister to me, and that makes you my best friend ever. Happy birthday sweet cousin. I love you.

82. May love, joy, peace, favour, and happiness overshadow you this year and always. Happy birthday to you, my lovely cousin.

83. Happy birthday to my beautiful and intelligent cousin. Make sure you enjoy your day and have fun. I wish you a memorable new year, and the best yet.

84. I am sending you the best of birthday wishes, and I pray every evil in this new year be removed from your path. Happy birthday dearest cousin.

85. I want you to know that I really love you, and you are dear and special to my heart. Happy birthday to you, dear cousin, have fun.

86. I don’t know why we fought a lot while growing up, but now that we’re adults, I see and appreciate all that you are to me. Happy birthday dear cousin. Have a prosperous new year.

87. I remembered some of the crazy stuff we did as kids, and some ridiculous things we quarrelled about, and all I can say is I love you much more now. I won’t trade our friendship for anything. Please have a happy birthday dear cousin.

88. Growing up with you was awesome. We were actually more like sisters, and I remember some people even thinking we were twins. I am glad we maintained our friendship, and I look forward to many more years with you. Happy birthday dear cousin.

89. Happy birthday to you cuz. I thank God for the grace given to you to see another year. I wish you all that you desire, in a million folds. Stay blessed.

90. Happy birthday to you, my wonderful cousin, sister, and friend. Enjoy the blessings of growing older, an increase in all things beautiful too. I love you.

91. How can I forget to wish my most favourite cousin a happy birthday? Of course, I can’t, because you are very special and dear to my heart. Have a prosperous new year darling.

92. Dear cousin, you were the extra to my ordinary childhood, and I value the memories of great moments shared with you. On your birthday today, I wish you much joy and happiness.

93. I sincerely can’t imagine how my life would have turned out without you. I learnt almost everything I know from you, I’m the better for it. Happy birthday to you dearest cousin and sister, have all the fun and happiness you deserve.

94. Thanks for never making me feel lonely nor alone. Your presence in my life has truly been a great blessing. Happy birthday sweet cousin, I love you.

95. Happy birthday, cousin. I wish you many more years full of wins and successes. You are awesome, and I celebrate you today. Enjoy your day.

96. Happy birthday darling cuz. I am so sorry I won’t be there to celebrate with you this year. You know I love you so much right? Have fun and enjoy the new year.

97. You are the best sibling anyone could wish for. A very happy birthday to you dear cousin. I wish you the very best life has to offer.

98. Happy birthday to the coolest cousin ever. You deserve an awesome celebration, and that is what we are going to have.

99. Today is a special day to celebrate a special friend and sister. Happy birthday to you, my dearest cousin. I love you to the moon and back. Stay awesome.

100. I miss you so much dear, and I miss all the fun we used to have together. Happy birthday dear cousin, I hope we get to hang out soon and have our own special celebration.

101. I just want my wonderful cousin to have a wonderful birthday celebration and a wonderful new year. God bless you, dear.

102. Dearest cousin, I especially want to tell you that growing older doesn’t mean you should let go of your childhood dreams. Let them grow with you and find expression. Happy birthday to you dear.

103. A very happy birthday to you as you explore your world and make more great discoveries about yourself. You are amazing cuz, have fun.

104. May this birthday and new age also be a beginning of new things in your life. You are unique and outstanding, keep being you, darling cousin.

105. Happy birthday to my playmate, pal, gist and gossip partner. I have really missed you, darling cousin. I pray this New year ushers you into greatness. Enjoy.

106. Happy birthday to the craziest young lady I know: My cousin! May your day and new year be filled with awesome wonders, and may your dreams come true.

107. Have a fantastic birthday celebration, just because you deserve it and much more. I am proud of all you have achieved dear cousin, happy birthday to you.

108. We might not have seen each other in a long while, but memories of all the fun we used to have remained fresh in my mind. I wish you a very happy birthday, and more happiness and joy. Have fun cuz.

109. It is a new day, a new age, a new year, a new life, filled with new blessings and opportunities for you. Make great use of them all. Happy birthday sweet cousin.

110. It is super cool having you as my cousin, and I enjoy showing you off. Happy birthday to you, pretty lady, keep flying high.

111. Thoughts of you always bring smiles to my face and happy memories to my heart. Happy birthday dear cousin. Have a great celebration.

112. I wish you a very happy birthday and pray you receive the greatest of all gifts. Happy birthday dearest cousin, you deserve the best.

113. Dear cousin, I pray your days and years be very long, and filled with beauty and joy. Happy birthday to you as you age gracefully.

114. I celebrate with you today, and I wish you the warmest birthday wishes. Enjoy this new phase of your life. Happy birthday to you cuz.

115. The warmest of birthday wishes for my darling cousin with a large heart. Grow in grace, beauty, and splendour. Enjoy your birthday cake.

116. Beloved cousin, you have been an integral part of my life, and who I have become. I appreciate all you have done and wish you a happy birthday. Much love, joy, and unlimited blessings are yours.

117. Happy birthday to you, cousin. Thanks for teaching me how to be a gentleman, and the importance of treating ladies right. You are a rare gem cousin, and my best friend too.

118. Happy birthday wonderful cousin of mine. Keep inspiring and impacting your world. May smiles never cease in your life, and peace from your heart. Happy birthday, dear.

119. Happy birthday sweet cousin. You know I don’t have time to write long sweet epistles about you. Just cut your cake and send my share asap. Enjoy your day, I love you.

120. You mean so much to me dear cousin. I know I don’t say this so much, but I love you deeply. I pray you have the best birthday ever. Hope you liked my gifts?

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