70 Happy Birthday Wishes for a Godly Woman

It's a great task to be godly and have people see you as one. When you find someone with this attribute, chances are that you want to honour and reference them. And on the occasion of her birthday, you can use these awesomely written happy birthday wishes for a Godly woman for them.

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for a Godly Woman

1. May God bless you for being such a wonderful woman of God. May your days on earth be filled with peace and prosperity. Happy birthday and many more blessed years to celebrate.

2. I celebrate a godly woman today, a woman with a good heart. I pray that God fills your days with goodness, warmth and heart full of joy and hope. Happy birthday, keep living the gospel.

3. May God bless you abundantly and with his blessings may you overtake all the hurdles and difficulties. May your life portray God's goodness. Happy birthday to you.

4. May you keep sharing the message of God in your lifetime. Keep being the example of true love that you preach. Wishing you a blessed Birthday.

5. As you celebrate today, every day of your life will bring glory to the name of Jesus. May you continue to live in the light of His gospel. Happy birthday!

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6.Wishing you encounter all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Happy birthday to a woman of faith. Keep spreading the good news. Happy birthday!

7. You are one of God’s most beautiful masterpieces. We are celebrating His works and a gift to us all. Thank you for the affection you have brought to our lives. May you have a birthday full of God’s blessings.

8. Christ's love is abundant for us all. May the abundance of the Love of Christ fill all the days of your life. Have a wonderful birthday.

9. As you celebrate today, do not forget that Christ sees His Son’s blood on the mercy seat. You have a perfect standing before Him forever. Happy birthday to a woman of God.

10. To the woman of substance, an example of a virtuous woman. Here's wishing you many years of God's blessings. May you keep shining in God's vineyard. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Inspirational Woman Wishes Quotes

Since a godly woman will equally inspire you, use these happy birthday inspirational woman wishes quotes for her on her birthday.

11.You're a flower blooming in the Garden of God. To your more days on earth, may you be fruitful. Happy birthday.

12. To the woman with God's heart, an epitome of godliness. may your lights ignite the world. Happy birthday, Long life and prosperity.

13. You're the candle burning on the altar of God, a fair replica of God's angels. May your light never melt out into darkness. May your days on earth be to the glory of God. Happy birthday.

14. To a woman of faith and virtue. May your life continue to be a blessing to the world. Do have a happy birthday. Wish you long life and prosperity.

15. You're a prayer answered. A song of blessing. A hymn of worship. You're a woman after God's heart. Here's wishing you days filled with joyful songs as you clock a new age.

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16. Here's to the woman walking with God's word in her heart, and speaking with God's words in her mouth, and offering herself to God's work. Heavenly blessings are my wishes. Happy birthday.

17. May your reward be great in heaven. For your good work in God's vineyard, may you know no lack. May your days on earth proclaim the glory of God. Happy birthday.

18. You're a hymn on the lips of angels. You are a prayer spoken softly. You're a song rising up to God. Here is wishing you more of God's blessings. May his love continue speaking life in all you do. Happy birthday.

19. You're a woman of glory. May your life continue to be a tool for winning souls to God. Happy birthday and many more blessed years to celebrate.

20. To the woman of spirit and godliness. An epitome of faith and truthfulness. May you continue to grow in God's house. Happy birthday.

21. You're a conqueror in Christ. A woman of perseverance and strength. May you continue to prosper in the works of salvation. Happy birthday to you.

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22. You're a rose planted by the altar of God, precious and beautiful as God's Words.I pray that you continue to grow in his goodness. Many more years to celebrate. Happy birthday.

23. Happy birthday to a woman who preaches the love of Christ. May you continue to bloom in God's vineyard. Here is wishing you a birthday filled with joy and happiness.

24. You're a burning incense reaching out to God. You're the prayer of the Faithful. Keep living the godly life. You're a heavenly candidate. Happy birthday to you.

25. To a wonderful woman of virtue. May you sing long the praises of God. May his blessings take you to greater heights. Happy birthday to you.

Written By Ebubedike Irene.

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