Happy Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

2023 Happy Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Birthdays come once in 365 days. The Birthday of a younger sibling should be a day of thanksgiving to God, prayers/declarations concerning their lives and celebrations with friends.

If you have got a cute younger brother, here are lovely wishes for him on his birthday.

Best Birthday Messages for Younger Brother.

It is time to make your brother know how much you love him. Celebrate his special day with these Happy Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother.

1. Little Brother,
I thank God for bringing you into my life when I needed a sibling. I’m forever grateful for you. I pray that the heavens shall prosper you on this your birthday in Jesus name. Amen. Happy Birthday.

2. I celebrate you, my dear, today and always and I pray that you shall continue to succeed all the days of your life. Happy Birthday, bro.

3. Today,
My younger brother is a year older and I thank You Lord because it’s Your doing. Oh Lord, May this one never fall in the line of ex-champions, because the path of the just shines brighter and brighter. May he shine and outshine shine till we meet You in glory. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

4. Dear little brother,
You may have just been here with us for a year, but I have already gotten so used to you and I bless God for bringing you into our lives.
I pray that on this your first birthday that the Almighty God shall bear you up in His hands. I pray that you shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be your peace. Amen. Happy Birthday to you.

5. Thank You, my King,
For You rule and reign in my life and family.
In Your sovereignty, You gave me a sibling when everyone had lost hope and You’ve kept him for the first decade of his life. I adore You for this. I pray for him that all his needs that can’t be supplied by even the richest guy, and those ones he can’t even tell anyone, please supply for him in Jesus’ name. Amen.

6. I bless the Lord our God for blessing me with a brother like you. I pray that every hunger for God in you, peradventure you’re seeking him more, please may God fill you to an overflow.
Happy Birthday, bro.

7. God is good indeed! He has kept you through these years.
It seems like yesterday when you were just a baby and today you are twenty. I pray that the God that has kept you for the past twenty years will continue to keep you and give you all you need to prosper in this new stage of your life. Happy Birthday, dear.

8. I worship God for how far He has brought you in life. I pray that in the midst of stars may you never lose relevance. Happy Birthday to you.

15. I declare over your life today that the Lord shall bless you with all spiritual blessings. And of your increase, there shall be no end. Happy Birthday baby brother.

9. I join the world to celebrate you and the works of God in your life today. I pray that you shall continue to grow in God’s grace and bask in His glory. May your life always be an expression of worship to the Father. Happy Birthday, brother.

10. Thank you o God the giver of life,
For it is as a result of the truth that “You freely give us all things” that we are alive today. I thank You especially for the life of my younger brother.
Thank You for bringing him this far.
I pray that you fill him with more wisdom, knowledge, understanding and strength.
May his life be ever pleasing to You. Amen.
Happy Birthday to him.

11. Baby brother,
I celebrate God for your life today.
I pray that He shall continue to keep you.
I pray that cut off from the earth before your time.
Happy Birthday.

12. Baby boo,
Words cannot express how happy I am knowing that you are a part of my life. I love you plenty and I’m praying that God shall bless you and abide with you forever. Happy Birthday, brother.

13. May the blessings of the Lord upon your life ever remain on an increase.
May God work incredible things in your life. In the name of Jesus. Amen. Happy Birthday, baby boy.

14. I declare that the glory of the Lord shall encompass you as a shield. I take the counsel of the Lord against every device in the heart of men concerning you. I declare that they shall not stand or come to pass in the name of Jesus. Happy Birthday, brother.

15. Lord Jesus,
I know the thoughts You have for us. Thoughts of good and everything good. Out of the abundance of these thoughts, You have ushered my brother into another year. Please Lord, let there be a manifestation of your thoughts in His life. Amen.

16. Faithful Father,
Thank You because Your faithfulness to us endures through endless ages.
Thank You because, in Your faithfulness, You have kept my brother for the first decade of his life. Please in Your faithfulness, fulfil all your promises to him, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

17. I give You all the praise, merciful God.
You have filled our lives with mercy and blessing. I pray that by your mercy my brother shall live to celebrate more birthdays, just as he is today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

18. Jehovah El-Shaddai, I adore You For adding one more year to the life of your son. I asked that that thing that is in You have purposed to do for him. Do it speedily in the name of Jesus. Amen.

19. I celebrate God for His works which are very evident in your life. I pray that the love of the Lord shall continuously grow in your heart and that you shall serve the Lord with gladness for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday my best little brother.

20. I give You all adoration Lord Jesus, the One who gives life. Your son had found favour in your eyes so You’ve increased him in age. I ask in the name of Jesus, that You keep on keeping him in mercy all the days of his life. Amen. Happy Birthday little brother.

21. Thank You because You’ve made your grace sufficient to my brother and You’ve added a year to his age. I pray today that You shall replace his sorrows with Joy and his mourning with dancing. Grant him a breathtaking birthday surprise in Jesus’ name. Amen.

22. May every day of this new age bring blessings and prosperity to you. May you succeed in all your endeavours in Jesus’ name, Amen. Happy Birthday baby boy.

23. Happy Birthday little brother. As you celebrate a new age today, may you always find cause to celebrate and may you always be celebrated by people and God. Amen.

24. Happy Birthday baby boy. May the blessings of God upon your life make you rich and eradicate sorrows on this day of your birth and beyond, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

25. May God keep, sustain and secure you all the days of your life. May you not be a victim of unpleasant circumstances and may you live to see another birthday in the name of Jesus. Amen.

26. I pray that your life this year shall be way better than it was last year. May all your outstanding be taken care of. Happy Birthday my brother.

27. Thank You Lord for the years You have given to my brother. You’ve done this out of Your love for him. I celebrate this love forever. Amen. I ask that as a birthday present, may Your love work wonders in his life, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

28. Happy Birthday baby brother. May God supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. Amen.

29. I wish you the best of heaven’s blessings and earth’s treasure. Amen. Happy Birthday, dear.

30. May this New Year grant you all round favour and success. May you always find reasons to be happy. Happy Birthday little brother.

31. I pray that you shall experience an increase in every area of your life. Remain blessed forever. Happy Birthday dear brother.

32. I pray that the heavens over your shall remain continuously open. I pray that God shall grant you the hidden treasures of the heathen, in the name of Jesus. Amen. Happy Birthday to you, little brother.

33. I declare that your life shall continuously be on the upward slope. May you experience expedited progress in all you do. Amen. Happy Birthday, brother.

34. May God grant you perfect peace and overwhelming joy all the days of your life. I declare that you shall recover all you’ve lost in the past years. I wish you the best Birthday my darling kid brother.

35. I pray that the Lord shall grant you all your heart desires and answer all your prayers. May you swim in the abundance of His love. Amen. Happy Birthday best brother.

36. I pray for you, that God will keep you close to Himself and be your guide, stay and security. Amen. Happy 25th-anniversary little bro.

37. I wish you a birthday filled with merriment. I pray that God shall cause His face to shine upon you, today and forever.

38. May the blessings of the Lord upon your life be very great, such that it will cause the world to wonder and the heathen to declare God’s greatness. Amen. Happy Birthday handsome boy.

39. Happy Birthday dear brother. I declare this day, that you shall be ever assured of God’s goodness and mercy every day of your life here on earth. I wish you a length of days.

40. I bless Jesus our Savior, For His redemptive work on Calvary is the reason you are alive today. I pray for your life that you shall receive the grace to remain connected to God all the days of your life. Amen. Happy Birthday, brother.

41. Your coming into this family was a thing of great joy.
It could only have been God that gave you to us, and we bless His name forever for your life. On this day, I declare that joy of the Lord shall not cease from your heart.
May God bless you beyond every curse, in Jesus’ name, Amen.
Happy dear brother.

42. Thank You, dear God,
It fills my heart with so much Joy to know that my brother is celebrating another year of his life.
I thank You because it’s You that has kept his for this long. Thank You. I ask that you shall load his every day with benefits, from today till forever. Amen.

43. O Lord of host,
Words have failed in expressing my gratitude to You, especially for all the battles You’ve fought on behalf of my family, for in that You have given us the victory we all are alive to celebrate my brother today.
Thank You for yet another birthday.
May Your name be praised forever, Amen.

44. Oh God, our help in ages past,
May You give strength to my brother and wisdom to deal with all the challenges life brings his way.
May Your blessing stay with him today, being his birthday, and forever.

45. Being Your elder brother is one of the best things that has happened to me, and I’m forever grateful to God for giving me the opportunity.
On this day of your birth anniversary, I pray that God will rain showers of blessings upon you, in Jesus’ name. Amen
Happy Birthday, bro.

46. Happy Birthday baby boy.
May God give you the all it takes to deal with all the challenges you face in life.
Have fun swimming in God’s supplies, today and forever. Love from big sister.

47. Alpha and Omega,
I bless You because You are always ahead of us in knowledge. You know the thoughts You have for the life of my brother before he was even born.
Thank You because You will have equipped Him to fulfil purpose. I wish him a length of days on this his birthday celebration.

48. I bless You, oh Jehovah. I thank You for Your awesomeness and mightiness. Thank You for being all that You are to the family. Thank You most especially for life. I celebrate You forever, Amen. I pray that as my brother marks his birthday today that You help him keep his heart stayed on You. Grant him perfect peace. Amen.

49. May the love of God be on an overflow in your life today and forever. May the Joy of experiencing the dawn of a New age be all yours today and forever. Amen. Happy Birthday to you, little brother.

50. Happy Happy Birthday to you, dear brother. I declare today that you shall live long- a life worth living. You shall be fruitful, you shall multiply and you shall be victorious all the days of your life on earth. Amen.

51. I wish that on this day, and beyond, life will expose us to more love for each other, no matter the situation.
Happy Birthday, dear brother. I love you.

52. You are the best kid brother anyone would ever wish for, and I thank God for giving me a brother like you.
Happy best birthday dear, keep being the best.

53. You are the younger one between us, but you’ve been so loving and protective. I feel so safe with you.
Thanks for always having my back.

54. Happy Birthday finest little brother.
I wish you a great and successful future ahead. Keep soaring.

55. I wish you, on this birthday of yours, the very best life can offer.
I pray that you will excel in all of your endeavours.
Happy Birthday, dear, I love you.

56. You came into my life and loneliness packed out. Over the years, you’ve grown from being just my brother to being a friend and confidant.
I’m really grateful for having you. Happy Birthday, dear.

57. ‎Sometimes, I stopped to wonder how a person can be so annoyingly sweet. But life will definitely be very boring if my baby brother wasn’t so annoying.
Happy Birthday sweet little thing.
I cherish you so much.

58. This is me, wishing my brother a wonderful and fun-filled birthday. You are a star that outshines other stars.
I love you brother and won’t trade you for nought.

59. May you experience peace from every turbulence in your life. May you eat fruits of joy and happiness every day of your life.
Happy Birthday, Brother!

60. This day, in every year since you came, has always been worth celebrating. Other than the fact that it’s your birthday, it’s also a day where a long pending prayer in this home was answered.
We’ll forever be grateful for you in our lives.
Happy Birthday dearest brother.

61. Dear brother,
Your birthday will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s a day I was opportune to have a sibling, after waiting for so long.
Thank you for being the answer to my prayer.

62. The memories of our childhood will forever be pleasant in remembrance. I remember the days of our innocence and the days of our crimes. Thank you for always having my back.
Happy Birthday.

63. May the joy of our God keep you happy always and bless you every day. Happy Birthday, dear.

64. You know you’re blessed when you have a very cute kid brother. As you grow older may you grow finer. Happy Birthday, baby.

65. The worst headache, officially, is having a brother that’s so annoying yet loving. You don’t just know how to hate him.
I don’t even want to say this, but Happy Birthday.

66. May all your heart desires come to reality on this day.
Happy Birthday, brother.

67. Truth is, I never really liked you from the start, because I thought you stole the attention I always got as an only child. But you’ve been the best brother so far and I really really love you. Happy birthday.

68. ‎May distance never separate us brother. I love you.
Happy Birthday.

69. ‎My wishes for you today are a long life worth living, joy, peace and prosperity. Happy Birthday, brother.

70. ‎Happy Birthday, brother. May this year beautify you much more than any other year.

71. ‎May your days be fruitful like a tree by the riverside. May you retain its freshness all the days of your life.

72. ‎Happy Birthday, dear.
May each day of this New age be beautiful for you. I wish you life’s best, brother.

73. May blessings in your life overflow like the rivers of water, and may they never dry up like the river connected to the sea.
Happy Birthday baby brother.

74. I wish you showers of blessings, as against the drops you have been receiving. May it rain on you till you’re void of containers to receive.
Happy Birthday, dear.

75. As you celebrate your birthday today, my wish for you is that you grow taller, bigger and better. Happy birthday best brother.

76. ‎Enjoy all the attention you’ll get today because you only get it once in a year. Wish you a fruitful new age.

77. ‎May the beauty of nature rub off on you, and may you glow daily as you go through this new age.
Happy Birthday, brother.

78. You are only the youngest in age. We all know that your big heart has made you ahead of us all.
Happy Birthday, darling.

79. ‎Happy Birthday, youngie.
I know you’ll say I’m just a few seconds older, but I’m still older.
Let’s have fun together twin.

80. I wish you prosperous success, accelerated promotion and expedited progress.
Happy 20th year, little boy.

81. It’s a joyful thing to have a brother like you. You inspire me daily to take up challenges I usually wouldn’t have and to think you’re younger.
I love you baby boy. Happy birthday.

82. I waited so long for you to grow so I can have a senior gist partner.
My waiting didn’t prove abortive. Happy Birthday.

83. This is me sending you a reminder that I love you and I care for you and I’m always looking out for you and I’ll always have your back.
Happy Birthday, dear.

84. I wish you every good thing you wish yourself, and much more, today and forever.
Happy Birthday, dear.

85. May you receive a hundredfold reward for your kind-heartedness as you celebrate this milestone in your life.
Happy Birthday, cheers.

86. Hurray! I did not forget your birthday.
Thanks for finally growing older. It makes me feel older and matured.
Happy Birthday annoying little brother.

87. I wish you all the strength you need to shoulder the responsibility of being an older sibling, so you can also experience what I experienced all the years I was responsible for you.
Happy Birthday, boo.

88. I wish you a length of days and success in all you do. May you be blessed so much that you become a blessing to others.
Happy Birthday dear brother.

89. May you soar higher than the eagles, above your peers. May you go beyond the peak of your career, and may you be victorious in all of life’s battle.
Happy Birthday my dearest brother.

90. I wish you good health as against all your health issues. May Thai new age heal you perfectly, brother.
I love you tons. Happy Birthday.

91. May the joy that accompanies birthdays not elude you today, or ever.
May every year you live just get better and better for you.
Happy Birthday, darling.

92. I wish you a flourishing life and prosperous days here on earth.
Happy beautiful birthday brother.

93. I’m taking out this time to appreciate you for being, officially, the best younger brother ever liveth. May you keep glowing like the sunshine you are.
Happy Birthday, dear.

94. Hurray! It’s your birthday.
Put on your best clothes and shoes and have a fun blast.
Many cheers!!

95. I wish you riches and strength and good health and sound mind today, being your birthday, and every other day you’ll live on earth.
Happy Birthday dear brother.

96. Today, I pray that your strength shall grow as your years increase. May you live and fulfil your days. Happy Birthday baby boy.

97. May the memories of today be evergreen in your heart, and may it bring smiles to your lips whenever you reminisce.
Have maximum fun on your 20th birthday dear.
Happy Birthday dearest brother.

98. Today, as you gather together with families and friends to celebrate your birthday, may it be all joy and rejoicing throughout.
Happy sweet sixteen, bro.

99. Happy Birthday. May this be your best birthday so far and ones to come better than this. May all your heart desires be granted and may you experience peace.

100. Hurray!
My baby brother is one year old today and I’m wishing him fast growth, and many more years to celebrate and be celebrated.

101. Almighty God,
I pray that You fill the life of my younger brother with Joy and laughter. May He grow in wisdom and favour with You and men.
Happy Birthday, dear.

102. Happy fun-filled and beautiful birthday dear.
As your elder sister, I can testify of your goodheartedness, and I’m praying to God that He shall reward you richly for the love you show to people. I wish you long life and prosperity dear.

103. I bless God for your life today being another birthday celebration for you. I pray that God shall make you a conqueror in every of life’s battle you come in contact with. Happy Birthday sweet little brother.

104. I pray for you that the word of God shall continuously light your path, giving directions to your way all the days of your life. I pray you succeed in all of your endeavours. Happy Birthday, brother.

105. May you step into the morning of joy even as you mark a new age today. May your joy know no end forever. Amen. Happy Birthday, best kid brother.

106. May the grace of God be sufficient for you in every aspect of your life, to grant you favour to succeed. Happy Birthday, my dear brother.

107. As you step into this new age, may you bask in God’s glory as you remain in His presence. May the world celebrate God in you. Happy glorious birthday dear.

108. Having to be responsible for you as your older brother has been fun even though challenging sometimes, and I bless God for how through His love has ushered you into a New Year of your life. I pray that He shall continue to keep you safe and bless you beyond what you can contain. Happy Birthday, bro.

109. May God grant you all round breakthrough and success. May this new age launch you into your season of greatness. Happy Birthday, beloved.

110. God is ever faithful! He has indeed seen you through another 3115 days of your life. May His name be praised forever. Amen.

111. Bless You o Lord forever. Thank You for the privilege You have given my brother to celebrate another birthday. I am grateful forever, Amen. I pray that You load is every day this year with benefits, amen.

112. Thank You, Jesus, for the gift of life. I appreciate you for the journey of my brother’s life so far.
I ask today, that You be gracious to him and hear all his heart cry, and answer them. Grant him a breathtaking birthday present, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

113. May God command kings and princes to rise in your favour. May the heavens and the earth work together to help you. May you never be stranded or frustrated. Amen. Happy Birthday, baby brother.

114. May the blessings of God that makes rich and adds no sorrow be on an increase in your life every day of this New Year, in Jesus’ name. Happy Birthday dear brother.

115. I pray that God shall keep you connected to Him, the fountain of living water. May your life never know dryness and may all your thirst be quenched. I wish you a Happy and prosperous birthday little brother.

116. Dear Jesus,
I pray for my little brother today, that You shall cause him to enter a harvest whereon he bestowed no labour, as a birthday present to him. May he enjoy your favour every day of this new age. Amen.

117. May the Almighty God grant you rest. Complete rest. May he stabilize you, establish you and settle you for the rest of your life. Happy New age brother.

118. I pray supernatural blessing and extraordinary peace and Joy in your life. May this new age favour you. Amen. Happy Birthday baby brother.

119. Jehovah,
The things you do are really awesome. Your hands of salvation and deliverance are really great. Thank You for saving and delivering my brother for the past ten years. I ask that You save and deliver him until the end of his sojourn on earth. Amen.

120. Jesus!
This is me being so grateful for life, especially that of my brother. The life You have exposed him too is a type our money can and will never afford. Thank You for aligning him with Your will, thank You for adding a year to his life. I pray that he shall continuously be aligned with Your will I’ll the days of his life. Amen!.

121. I ask God on your behalf, that His light may illuminate your life and paths for the rest of your life. May your eyes be enlightened so you see life through God’s light. Happy Birthday dear brother. I love you.

122. May it please God, our God to open the windows of heaven over you to rain goodness, peace, joy, success, favour and promotion into your life all the days of this new age. Happy Birthday to you, my best little brother.

123. I love you so much and I consider it a great privilege to be your elder sister. I pray that this day of your birth celebration shall be a landmark of unending celebration in your life. Happy Birthday, brother. Have a blast.

124. May the joy of celebrating birthdays be multiplied in your life today and forever in Jesus’ name. Happy Birthday my kid brother.

125. I pray that God will hide you in His pavilion, and under the shadow of His wings may you find refuge. Stay secured brother.
Happy Birthday.

126. I wish you the happiest and most celebrated birthday today as you turn 18. I pray that you shall not just be legal physically, spiritually and emotionally. May God grant you control over life’s troubles in Jesus’ name. Amen.

127. Beautiful God, Nothing compared to the love you’ve bestowed on us and the promises we have in You. Thank you for another birthday celebration in my brother’s life. I’m grateful. May this new age make him a better person, and help me to be a better sister. Amen.

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