Best Happy Birthday Wishes for My Pastor

Unlike other days to your pastor, today is a great, memorable and exciting day to your pastor. And the best way to show your appreciation, good wishes and prayers are by sending him some happy birthday wishes or messages.

Now, if you really want to send some pastor birthday wishes, happy birthday pastor quotes, happy birthday wishes for my pastor or some birthday quotes offline or online using any of the social media networks he is using.

Then, you are lucky because it will be very easy for you to use any of these happy birthday quotes and send to our pastor to make him feel happy and excited about his born day.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Priest on His Birthday

Even if you’re going to buy the costliest of gifts to celebrate your pastor’s birthday, words of love and gratitude will still help to add more layers of happiness to whatever feelings he or she will have on that day. As you’ll see, these happy birthday wishes for a priest on his birthday with quotes are the best of birthday wishes for your pastor on his or her birthday.

1. If I were to sit down and begin to count the blessings I have. The number one blessing after my sweet husband is you. You have indeed being a great source of compassion to us. I’m wishing you a happy birthday, pastor.

2. As a member of your congregation, I sometimes feel like you are always in front of the congregation for my sake. I mean, you tend to talk and address a lot of things pertaining my family issues. And it has been helping me, a lot. And as you celebrate your birthday, may you soar higher than you’ve ever imagined.

3. I pray that you don’t only get to celebrate your birthday and add more years to your current age. But, keep going from grace to grace in your ministry. Happy Birthday my hardworking pastor.

4. You teach, guide, inspire, motivate, advice and also part for us to become better and serious followers of God. My pastor, as you celebrate your birthday. May you find comfort and peace of mind.

5. The Lord has really given us a reliable and trustworthy man of God that anyone can look up to. And as you celebrate your born day, may you gain more wisdom and insight to carry out your duties as the “captain” of our church. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

6. You have shown how to be a true servant of God in his vineyard. You have been a role model whom I look up to, in terms of morals. Although, you are still human. Your ways are pure and I admire you. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

7. Happy Birthday, my caring pastor. I have heard about how some “men of God” ignore their congregation but have time for other things. But, you do come to my house to check up on me. Honestly, I really appreciate you, my pastor.

8. You have been so very supportive to us as a family from the time we were in deep pains after our father’s death. Up till date, you still find time despite your busy schedule to call us. Truly, you are a man of God in actions. May you continue to soar higher than ever before.

9. Happy Birthday, my hardworking pastor, you have always been very supportive to our family. I somehow feel indebted to you as I scroll over facebook and keep seeing our church members talking about how you have been of great impact to their lives. Happy Birthday my selfless pastor.

10. Happy Birthday my selfless pastor. Thank you for being so caring, truthful, honest and understanding too. I’m just wondering how uneasy life would have been if not because I’ve met you.

11. You have always shown true concern to my family over the past few years that we’ve known each other. My pastor, as you add another year to your age. May you increase in wisdom and all you do.

12. Tonight is indeed a blessed one. The hardworking man who oversees our church is plus one. May he continue to progress in all his endeavours. Happy Birthday, our pastor.

13. My dear pastor, may you be blessed more than you ever thought of. May you continue to soar higher in all your endeavours. I’m wishing you a happy birthday.

14. Happy Birthday to our pastor. May you never suffer from lack of poverty. May you continue to progress in all that you find yourself in. I’m wishing you all the best, sir.

15. On this special day, may all that you have done for others be added onto you too. May you receive a thousand fold of all that you’ve done for others. Happy Birthday my pastor.

16. My prayer for you today, tomorrow and continuously is for you to continue to progress in all areas of your life. And may the time you take to pray for others not go in vain. Happy Birthday my selfless pastor.

17. You have always admonished us to be good people, to care for others, to ensure the safety kg our neighbours too, in as much as we care about ourselves. I appreciate your advice a lot and it has helped me to build good relationships with people around me. Thank you pastor, and may you have a sweet birthday celebration.

18. You are meek and humble as Christ expects us to live based on the Bible. I admire and look up to you as a role model. May you continue to live such a true Christian life. Happy Birthday my pastor.

19. Happy Birthday our pastor. The man of God who ensures his congregation members are always moving forward. I really appreciate your selflessness. May you be strengthened than you used to be. Happy Birthday our amiable pastor.

20. Happy Birthday our amiable pastor. You have always made sure we are living based on the biblical teaching of Christ. We celebrate you today as you another year to your age.

21. Just as you love to say; “In all that we do, may we care about the ones who don’t have”. And anytime I think of your words it makes me remember about the fact that I can still do more to help others. Pastor, I really appreciate your honest advice to us. Happy Birthday to you.

22. In all that you put your time, energy, resources or anything into. May you succeed in it and even get to the peak of its achievement. Happy Birthday my pastor.

23. I’m wishing you all the best in all kinds of hustles or work you find yourself in. May any obstacle that is standing in your way of succeeding be removed, in Jesus name. Happy Birthday.

24. May you not only be able to crush your goals this year. May you continue to soar higher and progress in your endeavours consistently, all the days of your life. Happy Birthday my hardworking pastor.

25. I lack words to say or explain how helpful and inspiring your words are to me. They always guide me on how to live my life the way I’m supposed to. Happy Birthday to you my pastor.

26. Happy Birthday my selfless pastor. I thank you for being by our side, all these years. Since the very first month, you opened your ministry. May you go places than you’ve ever thought you could.

27. May the good Lord you are serving and admonishing us to serve consistently, even if we are finding things difficult. Dear pastor, as you celebrate the addition in your age, may you soar high.

28. You have really made us understand what it means to be committed to God’s word. You have also made us understand what it means to be caring about others. Happy Birthday our amiable pastor.

29. It may sometimes tend to seem like we don’t appreciate your effort to seeing us prosper in all we are doing, pastor. As you add one more year to your initial age, may you continue to be a blessing to our generation and the ones yet unborn.

30. Thank you for all your help, advice and prayers too. As you add another year to your age. May you continue to delight in his word, pastor. Happy Birthday to you.

31. We really appreciate you for being the one who always takes his time to read and understand the word of God to explain to us. As you add another year to your age, may you grow in wisdom, knowledge, and your ability to make us understand and live by the word, better. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

32. For the times we have spent with you, you have shown your self to be a true servant of God and a good example to us. May you continue to progress in your endeavours to see that you bring and win more souls to Christ. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

33. We wish you another and even more years to the one you’re about to add to your age. Happy Birthday to my great pastor, I’m wishing you more happiness and progress in advance.

34. Happy Birthday, my pastor. I’m wishing you a sweet and lovely celebration as you clock another year today. You inspire me a lot with your preaching and sermons. Enjoy your day.

35. It’s a great privilege to have you as my pastor. You have always been a great source of inspiration and motivation to me. I’m using this celebration to wish you many more years of prosperity ahead. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

36. Whenever we have a problem in terms of faith, we all look up to you and always run to you to get words of advice. And you have always tried your best to assist. I really appreciate your kindness and selfless lifestyle. Happy Birthday, pastor.

36. Happy Birthday, pastor. I’m wishing you all the best for your sacrifices to ensure that we are living by God’s word. May your efforts not go in vain, at the end of it all.

37. My earnest wish for you on your birthday is that may God in his unending power and abilities continue to shield you away from your enemies and backstabbers. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

38. For all the miracles you’ve done in the Christendom and all the souls, you have brought into the faith. May God continue to reward you even here on earth and also make you prosper in ways that you’ve never expected. Happy Birthday, pastor.

39. May the Lord’s name continue to shine its rays in you. May all your enemies attempts to bring you down be a wasted effort. Happy Birthday unto him, my pastor.

40. For all that I’ve achieved through your prayers, for all the obstacles that you’ve helped me scale through, through your selfless efforts. May the Lord bless you in ways you can’t even estimate. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

41. We thank you for giving us all those honest and sincere sermons that are usually touching and very inspiring. May you gain more strength than you have exhausted all these years that you’ve spent in your ministry. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

42. My hardworking pastor, I’m wishing you another year full of progress, bliss, prosperity, soul-winning and success in all that you are doing. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

43. Your sermons are always different, you are either telling us the truth in an honest way, performing miracles, winning souls to the kingdom or ensuring the welfare of the less privileged is taken care of. Happy Birthday to our selfless pastor.

44. We really appreciate your efforts to see that we are growing spiritually. Your ways have always been a spiritual mentor to us. May God continue to help you to succeed in all your endeavours. Happy Birthday our pastor.

45. Until the day the that God wishes to take you away from us and keep you by his feet, may you continue to prosper and excel in everything that you intend to do. Happy Birthday, my hardworking pastor.

46. Even as you use this day to celebrate your birthday and also count the blessings and appreciate the powers he has bestowed on you. May you be more blessed than ever before. Happy born day, my hardworking pastor.

47. As you add another year to our initial age today. May his blessings manifest more in your life and may you get to attract more and lots of new converts to the house of the Lord, amen. Happy Birthday, my amazing pastor.

48. I am wishing you more strength and wisdom in your life. May you keep on progressing in all that you do. Whether in terms of health, family, ministry, finance and business too.

49. Happy Birthday, my caring pastor. May all that you gave ever given to those who are in need like me, be returned to you in ways you don’t even expect.

50. What a beautiful day to be alive. My amazing pastor is plus one. May his ministry continue to excel and help as many who are lost to find salvation. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

51. I’m wishing a blissful and happy Birthday to you, my pastor. May you stay long in the ministry and continue to prosper in it.

52. May God give you the needed strength to celebrate every single moment you have on this day, and may you also be strong enough to continue doing God’s work, from today, henceforth. Happy Birthday to you, my pastor.

56. You have been with us, both through our blissful and trying times too. May our friendship become stronger than it used to be, happy Birthday my pastor.

57. May God continue to keep and protect you from all forms of hatred and weapons fashioned against you. Happy Birthday, pastor.

58. Since the very day that I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and saviour, my life has never been like it used to be. I’m so grateful for showing me the only true treat of salvation.

59. I really can’t even be able to count my blessings and the sort of opportunities that the simple an act of giving has opened for me. I really appreciate your efforts to see that I also imbibe that habit too. Happy Birthday, my caring pastor.

60. Your entire lifestyle is an inspiration to us all. From your words, deeds to actions too. Happy Birthday to you, my inspirational pastor.

61. We have always looked up to you whenever we need assistance or advice in our faith. I want to use this opportunity to say thank you for always being there for me. Happy Birthday, pastor.

62. We thank you for always being there to assist us in going in one right direction. Especially in living the Christian life that God expects us to. Happy Birthday, my amazing pastor.

63. It’s indeed a very big and memorable day to this true man of God. May you continue to excel and progress in your efforts to bring us closer to God. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

64. Thank you our pastor, for always encouraging us to never give up so soon on our spiritual journey to everlasting happiness. There are times I just feel like letting go of the whole thing. But, you are always there to cheer me up. On this day, as you celebrate your birthday, may all the strength that you have lost be replenished. Happy Birthday, pastor.

65. Our spiritual mentor, may you continue to be strong and uptight in his ways, that we, the sheep will not be led astray too. Happy Birthday my selfless pastor.

66. You have always preached about the habit of giving thanks and how the Lord blesses those who do. On this day, pastor. I wish you many more happy years ahead. Happy Birthday, pastor.

67. I count myself as one of the most lucky sets of people on earth for being a member of your congregation. Happy Birthday, my pastor.

68. You have contributed a lot to our growth in our spiritual journey. We would have not been able to know God if not because of your honest sermons and sincere preachings that touches the heart. Happy birthday to my pastor.

69. When it comes to prayers, we sometimes even forget to commit you in our prayers. But, almost every single day, I hear you wake up and pray for us. Honestly, we really appreciate your selflessness. Happy birthday to you my pastor.

70. You are almost always there whenever your church member needs assistance from his or her fellow church member. Honestly, if baskets could hold water too, may all your jars, bags, stores, pockets and even baskets are needed to store up your blessings. Happy birthday, my pastor.

71. I appreciate your selflessness to ensure that I really know the Bible and keep to the principles of my faith. As you add another year to your age, may you age with grace, dear. Happy birthday, our pastor.

72. You have always kept to your words, since the very day that I know you. You hardly change your words, unnecessarily. Happy birthday to the most honest man I’ve ever seen, beside my husband and dad.

73. I appreciate you for being my spiritual leader. May you continue to soar higher and higher. From grace to grace and a life of fulfilment dear. Happy birthday my pastor.

74. If I’m to count all my blessings in life, it will be hard for me to even recall all the things that I’ve gotten from God. Talk less of the goodies I’ve received or have been able to get because if your assistance and help. Happy birthday my amazing pastor.

75. The way you preach the words is different and I appreciate the way you take time to explain it in a way that even a primary school pupil can understand. I admire your simple lifestyle. Happy Birthday to you, my pastor.

76. When I look around me and begin to count or think about the kind of blessings the Lord has done for me, I feel so happy and even surprised. Because, ever since you taught me how to give, things have never been the same for me. My life has progressed so much. Happy birthday to my wise pastor.

77. Glory, honour, adoration and praises go to the king of kings for his mercies upon our lives. Especially you for adding one more year to your age. Happy birthday our pastor.

78. All praises goes to the king of kings and the lord of lords for his mercies and divine protection in ensuring that we all live to see this day. Happy birthday to you, our pastor.

79. I always feel inspired by your words and actions too. From the way you make promises and go all out to ensure you keep to your words, to the way you spent time in praying for others. Happy birthday to you, our pastor.

80. On this special, I want to celebrate the man who cares a lot about his congregation’s spiritual growth almost more than anything else. We appreciate your selfless lifestyle and wish you all the best. Happy birthday my dear.

81. The Lord has really blessed us with a very great and powerful pastor who has been contributing immensely to the Christendom. Someone who has converted a lot of unbelievers to the christian faith. Happy birthday to you, man of God.

82. Happy birthday to our daddy. May God continue to make you prosper and succeed in ways you can’t even imagine. Happy birthday to you, my pastor.

83. Although, he is still human. Our pastor is such a person that almost anyone will like to have as his or her spiritual mentor. We really appreciate your selflessness and humble lifestyle. Happy birthday in advance, our pastor.

84. Happy birthday to you in advance. May all that the Lord has already planned for you to achieve this year, no matter the hurdles be achieved in Jesus name.

85. Happy birthday to the man who showed me the way of the Lord and made me realize that I have to adjust my life before God will accept me as his own. It was a hard decision but, it’s worth it. Happy birthday to you my spiritual leader.

86. In all that you do, as you begin this year may you soar higher than you have ever imagined. Happy birthday to you our pastor.

87. Which ever form of arm or weapon the devil is using to make your enemies triumph over you shall fall asunder. Happy birthday to you our amiable pastor.

88. As you continue to age in grace and favour with God and man, may you have more and more strength to preach his word to as many unbelievers as possible. Happy birthday to you, our pastor.

89. I wish you good health, growth in finance, your business, your ministry and in all that you do. Happy birthday my hardworking pastor.

90. May the Lord give you the strength to embark upon this journey into a new age. Happy birthday to you, the hardworking man of God I have ever seen.

91. As you celebrate this day, pastor, may you restore all the energy you have exhausted in trying to contribute your effort into making the gospel move forward. Happy birthday to you, my pastor.

92. We are really blessed to have you as our pastor. Happy birthday to one of the most committed, reliable, hardworking and responsible men I’ve seen. Age with grace.

93. May you age in wisdom and understanding of the universe and in spiritual matters too. Happy birthday to you and may you cause more souls to be converted into the faith.

94. I really admire your courage and dedication to your calling sir. As you celebrate your birthday, may all that you crave for be given unto you. Happy born day.

95. In all that you do, may you continue to move forward, continuously. Happy birthday to you sir.

96. You are one of the few folks, especially men of God that I personally look up to. Happy birthday to you, my pastor and role model.

97. Happy birthday to my amazing spiritual mentor who keeps motivating, encouraging and inspiring me to keep pushing and believing in God’s word no matter how stressful and energy-draining it seems. Pastor, it’s because of you that I still keep to his word and hope to meet him in paradise, someday.

98. You almost always remind me of Jesus and life and times. From the way you used to talk gently to people, the manner in which you approach people and how understanding, accommodating and humble your lifestyle is. Happy birthday my mentor.

99. Happy birthday to you, my amazing spiritual mentor. May God continue to bless and see you through in all your endeavors.

100. Happy birthday in advance to my dedicated and hardworking pastor. May you be blessed and rewarded for every single time and effort you put into making sure we all grow in his word.

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